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This weekend we made our monthly trip to Costco. We all like to go and pick our groceries together.  It is a nice family outing for us.  We also took our son to the birthday party of our friends' child.  We had a good time skating and sledding at a nearby school.  We enjoyed hot chocolate and cake a
wardandmelissa · 59 days ago

  I've started this post several times but some how never ended up posting it.     January has has been flying by.  I can't believe it's already 2017!  We celebrated my birthday this month and it had me thinking about what birthdays were like growing up.  When I was younger we did a family and frien
kevinandabby · 62 days ago

With the Lunar New Year coming up this weekend, our family has been getting ready for the celebration. We have new haircuts. We've been cleaning our home to usher in the New Year, and we're preparing a magnificent feast for New Year's Eve, a tradition in our home. The festivities for the Lunar New Y
derekandjim · 63 days ago

Happy 2017 everyone!! I wanted to start off this year a bit more wordy than the past two months - so please excuse the long post! At the end of the year, I had these moments where everything in the house was quiet, lighting dimmed as the Christmas tree twinkled brightly in the background. I laid on
JillPhil7186 · 63 days ago

We are looking forward to planning a vacation, so to get some ideas we went to the Travel and Adventure show for some inspiration.  We're not sure what kind of trip we want to take, but we always like to incorporate some adventure and acitvity on our vacations... Some of the things we love are hikin
mitchandheather · 64 days ago

  Thinking of summer and hanging out on the beach building sandcastles with a little one. YouTube txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 64 days ago

Hello.  This is Chad writing for our journal.  Krista and I are anxiously awaiting news that one day a Birth Mom will pick us to add to our family.  We have decided that we should be ready if a Birth Mom does decide to choose us that we are ready.  We brought up our bassonet from our basement (the o
chadandkrista · 65 days ago

Last week, we both had a week of from work. We spend our free time with some nice activities. We went to Amsterdam to visit some musea and a light festival, we went to the beach to have a nice walk along the sea and we went to a wellness centre for the ultimate relaxation. We enjoyed some nice meals
vincentandjos · 65 days ago

We had a nice weekend and got a lot done.  Melissa went shopping for some sewing projects and Ward worked on some plans for updating the basement.  We were also able to take our son skating at a local rink where we were joined by Melissa's brother.
wardandmelissa · 66 days ago

We hope to read lots of fairy tales after we #adopt. Considering an adoption plan we would love to hear from you. YouTube txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 68 days ago

It's been raining in Los Angeles a lot recently, and it's been so refreshing. The grass is green and the skies are clear after several hours of rainfall. Rainy days are a great time for us to stay inside the house and use our imaginations while also learning! Recently, we've transformed our home int
derekandjim · 69 days ago

    Merry Christmas!To be honest...I can honestly tell you I have been feeling so peaceful for over a month now. Something clicked in me - maybe finally my prayers for peace have come through! Maybe this is just the feeling of peace before our match and if that is the case then YAY! Happy New Year!!
JillPhil7186 · 69 days ago

  Hi Everyone!   This will be a short blog today!!   We had a great ending to October - with Halloween! Here is just a preview of our costumes! We always get excited and this was 1/2 costumes we had for the weekend! We went as Zelda and Link as well. Happy National Adoption Month!!! All of our f
JillPhil7186 · 69 days ago

  Happy two years in waiting! Sadly, there will be no balloons or parties for this adoption anniversary. However, I decided to do something different for a change! This will be our look back...the good, the bad, the ugly and all the in-between. Thoughts: The random, exciting, GOOD moments we have h
JillPhil7186 · 69 days ago

      Hello again and welcome to our 23rd month blog! The number is becoming increasingly hard to look at but we are here and in the full swing of things again!Phil and I had been talking about what we want this blog to look like and well, it often feels more of the same. So let me just get this par
JillPhil7186 · 69 days ago

Hi All! We have been blogging since the very beginning of our process back in 2014 and the best way to read back is to go to our site: ! Thanks for joining us on this adventure! I will add some of the current ones here and keep everyone up to date!! <3
JillPhil7186 · 69 days ago

No School equals time to build LEGOs.  Both of our kids enjoy building things and doing arts and crafts.  We cannot wait to add another bundle of joy to our family and the kids cannot wait to introduce their new sibling to LEGOs.    
jimandlaurinda · 70 days ago

Just the Two of Us having a car noodle date while the kids are at Mimi and Papa's.    
jimandlaurinda · 70 days ago

Kerri and I had the pleasure of being able to volunteer for MLK Day the last two years now through Kerri's work.  We helped out at the Detroit Calvary Methodist Church, which was opened in the 1920's. The church is a huge positive location for a neighborhood that is so tightly knit. In the years to
brianandkerri · 71 days ago

We just got back from a two week hiking holiday to Israel & Palestine. We celebrated New Year in beautiful nature and made long walks every day. We slept with local families and they gave us the beste food. Many, warm local people we met asked why we did not have childeren. We told them all the
marcusandjane · 71 days ago

New year has arrived! And our web site has just been set up – a great beginning for the new year 2017! Happy holidays to all! We had a delightful holiday season. For Christmas - a wonderfully quiet family time: baked lots of different cookies, had friends over for a full spread of Christmas Eve dinn
darrenandnatasha · 72 days ago

  So sad the circus is closing. Great childhood memories going to the circus with my family.  Hope to create other memories after we #adopt.
micheleandsteven · 72 days ago

  Great book about adoption friendly movie need to get this after we #adopt and make sure we see all these wonderful movies.
micheleandsteven · 72 days ago

The winter weather has warmed up a little this weekend.  We are still a ways away from spring but it was nice to have a break from the cold.  We were able to get out skating at a local rink.  It was a nice afternoon.
wardandmelissa · 73 days ago

We had a great Christmas and new year's eve with family and friends. We uploaded some pictures that we took this winter to our profile.
chrisandtobias · 73 days ago

Saturday play dates have become part of our weekend routine in the family. These are outings every weekend dedicated to exercise and socialization with other families. Play dates can take place at locations like the park, Disneyland, a museum, or the zoo. It's time for our little one to run around a
derekandjim · 77 days ago

We are just starting our blog and this is the first post. So exciting! We are naming our blog "Home-Thoughts, from Abroad" after the poem by Englishman Robert Brown. This phrase perfectly describes our life in four words: we are a military family, we live overseas now (and for the most of our marrie
darrenandnatasha · 77 days ago

When we began the adoption journey almost two years ago, we were told to "live our lives" while we waited.  That was great advice!  While I admit I checked the adoption website almost daily to see if any families had been "matched" or "placed," I would like to think that we continued to live our liv
dustinandangannette · 77 days ago

Thanksmas Eve went very well!  Everyone stepped up and filled in for me when I was dealing with a shoulder injury.  Now I'm okay :)  Our gift exchange was great!  We took a train downtown and met with more family and had a great italian dinner :) Mmmm.... We made many goodies to share.  This year w
joshandsusan · 78 days ago

Hi everyone We are right in the middle of another beautiful snow storm.  Yes, I said "beautiful" and "snow storm" in the same sentence!  I love everything about snow...apart from having to drive on it.  Growing up in Canada, some of my happiest memories involve cold, snowy days.  As children, my bro
AmitandNatalie · 78 days ago

I am well overdue for posting about our Christmas, we've just been so busy!  We took trips to visit family for both Christmas and New Years, so we're now getting back into our regular routine and I am so excited to share our holiday with you! For Christmas this year we spent time with both of our fa
mattandmariah · 78 days ago

A few weeks ago we were hanging out with family when our nephew started crying. The only person he wanted was Uncle Erik. It melted my heart seeing our adorable little nephew cuddle up to Erik!! It's moments like this when I know Erik is going to be an amazing dad.
erikandkamilyn · 79 days ago

We had an amazing holiday season. We spent Christmas enjoying time with my side of the family. We had a wonderful Christmas eve meal and then enjoyed watching my little cousins run down the stairs Christmas morning to see what they got from santa. The next weekend we went to Jacob's family and enjoy
jacobandmandy · 79 days ago

Christmas is one of our favorite times of year. We look forward to the traditions and spending lots of time with family. A few of the things we did during the holidays are: made Christmas ornaments, saw the lights, visited with Santa at family parties, etc. We can't wait to share these traditions an
erikandkamilyn · 80 days ago

Our Niece and Nephew came to spend the night with us. We had a lot of fun making and flying paper airplanes, watching movies and going to see Christmas lights! We always have some much fun playing with our nieces and nephews. They are some of our favorite people to be with!  
erikandkamilyn · 80 days ago

It's always a party when Erik goes to the store! He's always figuring out some way to have fun!
erikandkamilyn · 80 days ago

This weekend it was Melissa's father's birthday.  We had a family dinner at Melissa's brother's house.  Melissa's brother and his wife baked buns, cooked ribs and vegetables.   We celebrated with ice cream cake.
wardandmelissa · 80 days ago

Chad and I decided that we really wanted to journal during our waiting process.  There will be weeks that I (Krista) am writing and others that Chad will write.  Our adopotion profile has been active for about two weeks now.  We are so excited to be at this step in the process.  Our son Ben asks abo
chadandkrista · 80 days ago

  I can’t wait to see him as a dad. I know he’ll be amazingly wonderful. YouTube txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 80 days ago

After the holiday this year, we were able to spend time with our little nephew, John.  So much fun, Amy and John loved watching a little movie together, sharing a hug here in January 2017. John loves to watch videos of himself on the computer also.  John is soon to be a big brother, and he's gong to
damionandamy · 81 days ago

Our christmas tree is such a special thing in our home, decorating and enjoying the holiday spirit.  We had such cold weather and lots of beautiful snow around the Christmas holiday this year, only adding to the special time upstairs by our tree. We just can't wait to share with a child hopefully so
damionandamy · 81 days ago

We had such a wonderful christmas in Sacramento with our family, cooking together, sharing joy and presents.  Here we are together peacefully on Christmas morning at Damion's Mom and Dad's house.  Cuddled in!  
damionandamy · 81 days ago

More than words Dreaming of sharing our love and home with a child.
micheleandsteven · 82 days ago

New Years eve was so much fun!  Kevin's family unfortunately had to get back on the road to Texas that morning so they didn't get to join us.  We got together with Abby's mom and step dad along with some friends and played games until the ball dropped at midnight.  Even after midnight we were having
kevinandabby · 83 days ago

The past two weeks we celebrated Christmas with our families. Vincents family don't celebrate just two christmas days but three! We made great dishes and had some nice quality time with the ones we love. On New Years Eve we organised a little party for our friends and family. We celebrated the endin
vincentandjos · 83 days ago

Happy New Year! As 2017 begins, it's an exciting chapter in our lives. While it's technically just another day, we're thrilled for all the new adventures that this year may bring. We had a wonderful couple of weeks off from work for the holidays, and looking forward to all the new projects we will e
derekandjim · 84 days ago

Happy New Year!  I can hardly believe it is already 2017! I feel like I just got used to writing 2016 on everything, but here we are, at a new beginning.  Quite a bit has changed for us during the holiday season, the biggest being that we MOVED! As a military family, we have had the chance to live i
evanandkelly · 85 days ago

Happy New Year from Washington, D.C.! We had a wonderful holiday with friends and family - and now are excited to see what 2017 brings. -Gautam and Andy
gautamandandrew · 85 days ago

Hello, It is the 3rd of January and we have had a fun and eventful last week. It was a week with a lot of fun with friends and family. On Christmas Eve and New Year's night we were with a large group of friends eating good food and dancing fun.   A funny picture with our friends on Christmas Eve On
frankandjoy · 85 days ago

How can it be 2017 already?? We celebrated NYE with family and festivities after a relaxing holiday break and warm and sunny trip to Florida.  We are excited to kick off the new year, one where we hope to be able to fulfill our dream of becoming parents.  Here's to a new year and ongoing hope. 
mitchandheather · 85 days ago

Hello All! 2016 was a great year with many wonderful trips, memories created with family and friends, and having good health. We got to see various parts of the country (Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas), and also went to Jamaica! So many trips, and quality time spent with family and friends,
brianandkerri · 86 days ago

We went down to California for a week to spend some time with Erica's family the week of Christmas.  This was the first time all of Erica's siblings have been together for Christmas in a few years and it was really fun!  Her brother Matt, that lives in Boise, surprised most of us and showed up at he
jonathananderica · 86 days ago

Erica took full advantage of her Christmas break to check some things off her to do list.  We have some black IKEA shelves in our living room that I have been wanting to paint since we moved in to our house two years ago.  Other things kept coming up on my breaks from school and I never got them don
jonathananderica · 86 days ago

Enjoyed lunch today with the family and Mimi and Papa at Lamberts. Got our good luck New Year's meal in - hog jowl, turnip greens, and black eyed peas LOL. It was delicious! #jimandlaurindasadoptionsearch#hopetoadopt#adoption      
jimandlaurinda · 87 days ago

We celebrated Christmas early with Jon's family, because this is the off year where all the kids spend Christmas with their spouses family...aka Christmas would be with Erica's family this year.   We got together for a delicious Christmas dinner of ham and potatoes with all of Jon's family. Jon's mo
jonathananderica · 87 days ago

Early in December Jon told me he had a surprise for me on Friday night that I needed to be prepared for.  All he would tell me was that we were going outside, and while I had my suspicions, he wouldn't give me any more details.  Jon is TERRIBLE at keeping secrets, so I was really surprised that he c
jonathananderica · 87 days ago

Erica LOVES Christmas!  She loves decorating the house, seeing the lights all lit up, buying gifts to put under the tree and send them to other people, singing Christmas carols, drinking hot chocolate, buying a Christmas tree, really everything having to do with Christmas.   Growing up, Erica's chur
jonathananderica · 87 days ago

Ward's brother, his wife and son were visiting Ward's parents' farm this weekend for New Year's.  Our family joined them to bring in 2017.  We had a balloon party for this kids and enjoyed a turkey dinner with Melissa's homemade apple pie.  The weather was mild and it was a great winter weekend.
wardandmelissa · 87 days ago

Fun With Friends at Chuck-E-Cheese in Kentucky...    
jimandlaurinda · 88 days ago

Another year is almost over.  When I look back on 2016, I like to focus on the good memories.  Last fall, we went to Paisley Park and saw where Prince lived.  Three new babies were born into our extended family.  On the flip side, there are memories I'd rather forget like getting sick on the airplan
kevinandsusan · 88 days ago

We've had a busy holiday of travel! On Thursday, December 22nd, we went over to Kyle and Allie's to hang out and exchange Christmas gifts. We got their son Rowan a sports goal play set that includes a basketball hoop and a soccer goal. He loved it! Mostly he likes pulling down on a lever that makes
spencerandkate · 89 days ago

Christmas Holidays   Happy Holidays to everyone! We have been so blessed to be able to share the holiday season with so many loved ones. Between having get togethers with our friends, having Brian's brother home for the holidays, and getting to spend quality time with family, we have definatley felt
brianandkerri · 90 days ago

  Words to live by and what we’ll teach to a child after we adopt. YouTube txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 90 days ago

When we sing The Twelve Days of Christmas, we celebrate beginning December 25 and ending January 5 (twelve days after Christmas Day). This year, Hanukkah coincides with the Christmas season beginning the evening of December 24 and ending the evening of January 1. Since our family is comprised of cul
derekandjim · 91 days ago

Merry Christmas! What a fun time we had celebrating with our families in Minnesota! Some of the highlights included Sophie's first piano lesson with Grandma Lois (Ben's mom), sledding and lots of playing with cousin Ollie, enjoying some new Christmas toys like Sophie's basketball hoop, and of course
benandkatie · 91 days ago

 We had a lovely two days of Christmas with both families!     
timandjosine · 91 days ago

We love celebrating the holidays because it means lots of quality time with family - especially our niece and nephew. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us!  
gautamandandrew · 92 days ago

Summer Dreaming We are so ready for the summer. Hoping to have a little to bring to the beach.
micheleandsteven · 92 days ago

Merry Christmas Everyone!  We spent the day having fun with family and friends.  We cannot wait to bring another bundle of joy into our lives and share our next Christmas with!                
jimandlaurinda · 93 days ago

  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!   Kevin's parents and little sister(as well as her dog) all came up to visit us on friday the 23rd.  We are blessed to have them with us for just over a week this year.  Christmas eve was spent together watching christmas movies (and of course the Packers game this year since Kev
kevinandabby · 93 days ago

We had a great Christmas!  Susan sounded beautiful as she sang her solo "Do you Hear What I Hear" in church on Christmas Eve.  The freezing rain on Christmas Day made driving a bit tricky to go to church on Sunday morning.  We cannot remember ever seeing lightning before on Christmas Day.  We spent
kevinandsusan · 94 days ago

Merry Christmas!  We had a nice Christmas at home.  Ward's parents joined us for Christmas Eve and Melissa's joined us for Christmas Day.  We surpised our son with a Christmas stocking this morning, which he enjoyed, and this evening we visted a Christmas light display.  Despite the cold weather, we
wardandmelissa · 94 days ago

Annual tradition of opening a few presents on Christmas Eve!  
jimandlaurinda · 95 days ago

It is officially Christmas Eve. I woke up early this morning thinking of the wonderful time we had yesterday. We had a Christmas gathering at our home and it was such a peaceful time. We had my uncles, aunts, cousins and second cousins over and we made vegetable beef stew, cornbread, fruit salad, ka
tonyandjenny · 95 days ago

We enjoyed this past weekend in the beautiful town of Natchitoches. We did some shopping, then walked down by the river and enjoyed the Christmas lights. Each afternoon I have been in the kitchen baking up goodies for Christmas. I can not wait for our family to try the turtle cheesecake.
jacobandmandy · 96 days ago

Jim and Laurinda celebrating at Jim's Work Christmas Party.  Good food, friends, band, and door prizes make for a very fun night with each other.  We enjoy being together.        
jimandlaurinda · 97 days ago

Mom and Chandler at The Christian Academy's Christmas Program.  
jimandlaurinda · 97 days ago

Our winter break has begun! We have time off from work for two weeks so we went to see Star Wars: Rogue One and loved it. We appreciated how Jyn's love for her birth-parents never wavered but she also had a deep love for the man who raised her. The droid in Rogue One was hilarious and the action was
derekandjim · 97 days ago

  Steve and I believe in treating people with love and respect. These are just some of the values we will teach a child after we adopt. YouTube email txt/call 646-650-8634  
micheleandsteven · 97 days ago

  We all go through things for reasons are unknown to us but there is a reason for everything. Dreaming of big things to happen in 2017. YouTube email txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 98 days ago

For weeks Vincent has been busy organising activities for children to celebrate the Saint Nicolas feast. He organised 12 shows, 2 big celebrations and a lot of other activities. More then 45.000 people came to one of the events with a lot of happy children as result. Now it's time to prepare for chr
vincentandjos · 98 days ago

Christmas is mine and Matt's favorite holiday and we are officially in countdown mode!  Chrstmas music has been playing since the day after Thanksgiving, cookies have been baked, and we're watching our favorite movies.  Most of all we are so excited to see Kinley's reaction this year. Last year Kinl
mattandmariah · 100 days ago

Spotted these while doing some holiday shopping would love to get one for a little one after we adopt. email txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 100 days ago

Andy and I had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with our family. We got a chance to spend quality time with our nieces and nephews. We visited museums, played fetch with our dog Roxy, and got lots of snuggle time in watching movies. At the end of the Thanksgiving weekend we threw a birthday
andrewandhilary · 100 days ago

The holiday season is in full swing!  We celebrated this weekend at Heather's work holiday party as well as hosting our family for a pre-Hanukkah dinner.  We are also doing our best to brave the cold for a few more days (it's 1 out right now!) and get through the week before we get to head to the wa
mitchandheather · 100 days ago

This weekend we celebrated an early Christmas with Melissa's parents, brother and sister-in-law. We gathered for a cozy weekend of visting. Unfortunately, everyone had a cold but we still mangaged to have a pretty good time.  We exchanged gifts in the morning after Santa had filled our stockings. We
wardandmelissa · 101 days ago

We spent the weekend down in Indiana to visit Kate's family and celebrate Christmas with them at her parents' house in northern Indiana. We weren't sure that the travels were going to be able to work out, because of the winter weather Friday night, but we made the drive safely on Saturday morning. K
spencerandkate · 101 days ago

Last year around this time I started a quilt for my nephew.  I'd just learned a new technique in quilting and found a series of Lego Star Wars patterns.  Since my nephew loves both Star Wars and Lego, I decided to give it a go.  It's been coming along slowly, but I now have a full set of blocks and
sarah_adopts · 102 days ago

With so many nieces and nephews, the holidays can get overwhelming with trying to find the perfect gift for all the little ones. While the family grown-ups have decided years ago to not exchange materialistic gifts with each other, we changed the tradition when the kids were born. For us, we enjoy g
derekandjim · 105 days ago

Got out of the rain for a week with my mom (Nana) and Jasper and had the best time swimming, jumping waves, and searching for lizards. Jasper met lots of friends from all over the USA and Canada. We spent HOURS in the pool.  Every afternoon, the ocean air got the best of Jasper and he fell asleep fo
michelleadopts · 106 days ago

As we are approaching this busy holiday season we sit back and think how greatful we are to be blessed with our daughter and can't wait for another child to share the holiday season with..We are very busy this xmas with xmas parties and several family gatherings over the holidays and can't wait to s
trevorandtracey · 106 days ago

This weekend we had a great time hosting our friends for an annual Christmas party! We spent much of the week planning and prepping for the party, and a few friends came over early to help get things set up. Including us, we had 19 people over to celebrate! We had three games that Kate found online
spencerandkate · 107 days ago

We had a wonderful time this weekend enjoying the outdoors. We took our camper out for the weekend. It was so relaxing listening to all the different birds, especially all of the owls. We made a camp fire and roasted marshmallows.
jacobandmandy · 107 days ago

The Christmas season is so full of so many emotions. Joy, peace, excitment, and more. But I also think it's a season of waiting. Waiting for family and loved ones to gather around the dinner table together. Waiting to see your children's faces when they open their presents. Waiting to see if you hea
mattandstephanie · 107 days ago

We had another busy weekend.  Melissa's brother and his wife bought their first house!  We spent the weekend helping them move and get settled.  We are all very excited for their new home.
wardandmelissa · 108 days ago

Thanksgiving has always held a special place in our family's heart. It is a wonderful time with great food, laughs and spending quality time with family, and friends. Kerri's dad hosted this year, and we had 18 people total! Two turkeys (One fried), stuffing, bread, potatoes and desserts were everyw
brianandkerri · 108 days ago

Holidays in NYC Visiting Rockefeller Center. And enjoying the holiday decorations. YouTube txt/call 646-650-8634   About This Diary Steven and I are so excited to bec
micheleandsteven · 108 days ago

We have a great celebration; a new baby niece is born in our family! It is a wonderfull baby girl and we rushed over to meet her. That resulted ofcourse in a sleep over from our other two nieces (who got a doll to celebrate :-) ) to give the parents some rest. We enjoyed cooking together and had a l
marcusandjane · 108 days ago

Recently Travis and I were able to spend one night away, just the two of us. Iit is important to us to take care of our marriage and spend some quality time with just the two of us.  I was able to spend the morning making gingerbread houses with Kali at school. So much fun! 
travisandshannon · 111 days ago

Here are a few photos of our kiddos and dogs having fun with Turkeys at Thanksgiving this year.
jimandlaurinda · 111 days ago

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