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Father's Day-Wonderful weekend spent with both of our Father's and families. Looking forward to when Kevin will be a Father because I know he will be an AMAZING one!  Praying for all of you birth mother's and father's out there. You are making the most ama
kevinandamy · 40 days ago

When David was asked what his favorite gift that he's ever received, he said, "does getting Carmen count?" with a smile on his face. After that answer was deemed to easy and cheesy, he said his GameBoy. He got it for Christmas when he was about 12 from his
DavidandCarmen · 41 days ago

Celebrate our first anniversary! One year later, we dressed up secretly our wedding clothing . Tonight we will celebrate our first anniversary with a nice dinner at Ruiterhuys in Castricum were we married last year.  
timandjosine · 41 days ago

Yesterday was Father's Day!  Since both of our fathers were travelling this weekend, we could only Skype with them but it was so wonderful to see their faces and tell them how much they mean to us.  We were both so lucky to have loving, caring, and hard-wo
davidandlora · 41 days ago

With so many gifts we've given over the years, it's hard to pick out just one gift. Carmen's favorite gift was a birthday card she made David out of candy... she always knows the way to his heart. ;-) It was an adorable card that she got an idea from on Pi
DavidandCarmen · 41 days ago

As part of our Father's Day weekend celebration we visited a local dairy farm. Today we were surprised with the opportunity to feed baby cows their afternoon bottle!  One calf was just one week old!  It was a fun activity before we indulged in the world's
PeteandSarah · 41 days ago

When we moved into our house a few years ago, I discovered that I actually enjoyed gardening.  For the last several years, I've been excited as spring and summer approach, as I am able to add to our landscaping just a little bit more.  Last summer, I added
darrellandjoshua · 41 days ago

We just got back from a week of walking in France; in the Pyrenees. Those are mountains of around 9.000 (!) feet between France and Spain. We walked a lot in beautiful nature! There even was some snow left. We talked a lot about how our live would look lik
marcusandjane · 42 days ago

Pete has earned every bit of the love Evan gives!  He is such a fun, hands-on dad. He teaches and guides, he encourages and soothes. He is a great dad and I am so blessed to have him as a partner  in parenting!  Happy Father's Day!  
PeteandSarah · 42 days ago

Carmen's favorite vacation was when we used my timeshare week in Florida a couple years ago as we were able to invite our entire family to come. It was a great time and we all had fun!David's favorite vacation was when we went to Italy in 2011. Between exc
DavidandCarmen · 42 days ago

Today was an exciting day for Mary at the hospital where she volunteers - it was our annual send-off party for our pediatric oncology patients attending Camp Boggy Creek! Every year, we plan an early morning party with activities, food and fun to get our p
chadandmary · 43 days ago

  Such a great way to celebrate the finalization of an adoption. Everyone lols so excited. We would love to share a special day like this after we adopt. Considering
micheleandsteven · 44 days ago

This was actually a tough one for us as we don't usually like to brag or draw attention to ourselves by showing off. David is more of a "Jack of All Trades" as he's good at a lot of things but doesn't greatly excel at any one of them... he's pretty mechani
DavidandCarmen · 44 days ago

Summer is my favorite time of year. I get to pull weeds and plant new flowers, though the weeds seemed a bit out of control this year! We opened our pool and are now looking into making a few improvements around the house. We started redoing the floor in o
ryanandlauri · 44 days ago

Favorite color is a tough one with so many good ones to choose from. Among all of them, David's favorite color is red and Carmen's is purple. We're hoping to share the multitude of colors with a little one soon. :-) #adoption #birthmom #birthmomsrock #Hopi
DavidandCarmen · 45 days ago

We have lived in our home since our wedding in 2008, and it's time for a facelift.  Evan was very excited to give us a hand when it came to painting the dining room & kitchen!  We love doing "things" as a family!  
PeteandSarah · 45 days ago

There are quite a few games that we enjoy playing and have a large shelf of games (all of which are stored in boxes during remodeling so we couldn't take a picture of that), not to mention video games, but Ticket To Ride has got to be our favorite! We don'
DavidandCarmen · 46 days ago

We are so excited that summer is here! It is definitely a favorite season of ours.  We have been going to baseball games, visiting the pool, spending time on the beach and enjoying grilling outside.  We love to just get out of the house on a warm summer da
garyandandrea · 46 days ago

First and foremost, we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We can’t begin to imagine your thoughts and emotions but the decision you have made shows courage and the love you have for your child. We hope that as you learn about us you w
micheleandsteven · 46 days ago

We just got back from a disney cruise with the whole family. Jessica's parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary by taking all of us on a disney cruise for a few days. It was so much fun having all 19 of us running around the Bahamas together
jonathanandjessica · 47 days ago

We have embraced the loveliness that is the Crock Pot/Slow Cooker!  We use our crock pot on a weekly basis and sometimes more than once per week.  Carmen spent one Saturday last fall creating freezer meals that could be pulled out and put in the crock pot
DavidandCarmen · 47 days ago

A new project I just finished. We found this doll at the goodwill outlet awhile back. She was kind of tired and well-loved and her hair was a bit manky. So I got some track hair and a rooting tool and started learning how to make her feel/look a little bet
sarah_adopts · 47 days ago

Welcome to our profile and our first blog post!  Karen and I just recently returned from our trip to Ireland, where we spent time on both the East and West coast.  We love travelling together, and experiencing new cultures and new places.  It seemed that e
wesandkaren · 47 days ago

We are currently finishing our basement... and by "we," we mean David. :D A bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, and living room will be the final product. Everything that was stored down there has made its way to the main floor and upstairs. We cannot WAIT to
DavidandCarmen · 48 days ago

We live in Central Florida.  We woke up yesterday to the news that Christina Grimes, of The Voice fame had been killed at an event in Florida the night before.  When Anne lived in Atlanta, she and her mom used to watch The Voice together and Christina was
davidandanne · 48 days ago

As I am writing this I am thinking of the people in Orlando and everyone who has been affected by the terrible act of violence this morning. Just devastating. On a more positive note, Last week we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary! We decided to celeb
travisandshannon · 48 days ago

Having fun at Henry ‘s birthday day. Dreaming of planning birthday parties for alittle one of our own some day. Thinking of creating an adoption plan would love to hear from you. email tx
micheleandsteven · 48 days ago

Carmen has two sisters – Heather is the oldest and Natalie is the youngest.  Heather is married to Freddie and they live in North Carolina.  Heather and Freddie are waiting to adopt through the Foster Care program in NC.  Natalie lives in Colorado with her
DavidandCarmen · 49 days ago

Our favorite place in town is the ice cream place in our little town.  We went to lunch there for the first time yesterday afternoon.  This has been on our "to do" list for quite some time.  The food was delicious!  We were pleasantly suprised with this!  
DavidandCarmen · 50 days ago

One of the things Ryan and I love most about where we live are the family-friendly festivals held throughout the year. We love that our town puts such an emphasis on families spending time together and making memories!    One of my favorites festivals is t
ryanandashley · 51 days ago

We live on the edge of a smaller development so we get a nice view of trees outside of our door. There's a farm on the other side so I'd hardly call it a forest, but there are a lot of birds and other small Wildlife creatures to watch throughout the day.
DavidandCarmen · 51 days ago

Hi there! We are Carmen and David and we are looking to adopt... as should seem apparent from our profile on ParentFinder. ;-)We have been married almost 7 years & together for 8. We met on Yahoo! Personals and instantly clicked. Our first date was at
DavidandCarmen · 52 days ago

On Memorial Day weekend, Jeff's family threw his mom a surprise retirement party. Jeff's mom is the hardest working person we know, a value we hope to impart onto our child, and she retired after 32 years with the same company. The best part of the party w
ethanandjeff · 52 days ago

Lora is a teacher at an elementary school and one of their annual traditions is "Field Day."  It is one of the most fun days of the year!  The students make sidewalk art with chalk, do fun science experiments, play volleyball, and this year there was a kic
davidandlora · 53 days ago

We found this challenge on Instagram and thought it'd be fun to share here. We will post everyday for the next 60 days. :)      
DavidandCarmen · 53 days ago

Attended our nephew’s first piano recital. He was so amazing. I remember my first recital as being nerve racking but exciting.
micheleandsteven · 53 days ago

Hello, We wanted to provide you with some exciting updates from our last year.  On December 31st, 2014 we were enjoying dinner at one of our close friend's house for New Year's Eve.  After dinner they shared the news that they decided to build their dream
JasonandHolly · 54 days ago

We attended an event through Carmen's work and had this AWESOME caricature created!  It is SO fun and we had no idea the artist was being SO creative!  We love it!  
DavidandCarmen · 54 days ago

The time for summer fun has arrived!  Camping, beaches, parks, playdates. We are ready to get our summer underway!  
PeteandSarah · 54 days ago

The time for summer fun has arrived!  Camping, beaches, parks, playdates. We are ready to get our summer underway!  
PeteandSarah · 54 days ago

We feel so blessed to have been chosen to parent Evan. We celebrate not only the joy of his birth, but also the privelege of parenting. He is funny and strong willed and adventurous. He has been so healthy and strong. He talks about his birth story and his
PeteandSarah · 54 days ago

What a great weekend Mary had celebrating with her family. Friday was Mary's Grandma's 90th Birthday! We celebrated with a surprise dinner attended by much of the family and some of Grandma's friends. Unfortunately, Chadwick had to stay home to tend to our
chadandmary · 55 days ago

Hey y'all. It's summer and I haven't posted much lately, 'cause I'm working on the house and planting a new garden. Our yard was a bit of a wilderness when we moved in. The woman who lived there was kind of older and wasn't interested in the yard at all. S
sarah_adopts · 55 days ago

Considering Adoption? Fun, loving couple dreams of adopting Look forward to getting to know you. Website: You Tube: Call/Text 646-650-8634 Email: Micheleandstevenado
micheleandsteven · 55 days ago

Now that David's parents have returned from their 7-week cross country trip, we decided it's time to start planning our next family vacation. We had such fun on our last family cruise that we are thinking that another cruise is in order. I can't help think
davidandanne · 55 days ago

We had a great weekend! Jane’s father turned 70. He is in great health and still working as a teacher. We had a party with the whole family and lots of friends in Reggae theme. Everybody had a lot of fun, danced and ate great food. My father made a real Ca
marcusandjane · 55 days ago

When we moved to our new town a couple years ago, I realized that I wanted to get involved in some local community activities. So, this year I decided to volunteer as a coach for our local Girls on the Run (GOTR) chapter. I love the message behind GOTR and
jamieandkristy · 56 days ago

One of our favorite days each year is the annual Washington Post Hunt, a free sort-of-scavenger hunt across downtown DC hosted by the great Dave Barry and the Washington Post. Hundreds of teams compete, only one wins, and it is never us.  This doesn't matt
darrellandjoshua · 57 days ago

Summer has sure come here in Michigan.  It has been alot warmer temperatures and with that comes being outside alot more.  This past week we were able to celebrate Memorial Day with friends and family.  We started out the day by helping with a local parade
bvanstrien · 58 days ago

This time of year, the spring semester at my university comes to an end.  Although I love having a summer vacation and all the opportunities it provides for spending time with family members and going on various adventures, I truly cherish my job in higher
davidandlora · 58 days ago

Every year for our anniversary we like to try something new. That might involve a new restaurant, new activity, or (our favorite) a new place. This year for our 7 year anniversary we decided to take a road trip to Utah and visit Bryce Canyon National Park
ryanandashley · 58 days ago

We always knew we wanted to have children. So, when growing our family became more difficult than expected with several miscarriages, we continued to keep hope alive that our family would grow in ways beyond our imagination.  Many people think that adoptio
jamieandkristy · 59 days ago

Back from our Memorial Day weekend away. Hampton Beach NH was tons of fun. We look forward to brining alittle one on a road trip after we adopt. These tips will come in handy  Thinking of ad
micheleandsteven · 59 days ago

Summer has arrived! With all the warm temperatures and the beautiful Memorial Day weekend, summer is officially here (in my book). Where is the time going?? Hard to believe it will be June tomorrow. We've been officially waiting at Adoption Associates now
kevinandamy · 60 days ago

With the Memorial Day holiday weekend upon us, we headed north to get the family cottage ready for the summer.  The weather was absolutely perfect for sprucing up the flower beds, mowing the lawn, putting the dock in, and taking our first pontoon ride of t
jamieandkristy · 61 days ago

On Memorial Day today, as we remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, I am also so lucky to celebrate my Grandpa. He is 91 years old and still marches every year in the Memorial Day Parade for the town where he lived most of his
chadandmary · 62 days ago

Yesterday Mary got a visit from her Mom, Aunt Laura and Uncle Ralph. Aunt Laura and Uncle Ralph were in town for the afternoon to meet up with some of Uncle Ralph's cousins visiting from California, so Mary's Mom tagged along to enjoy a quick visit also! M
chadandmary · 62 days ago

We feel so blessed to have such a strong bond with our Texas family!  This week we traveled to Texas to celebrate with our family's newest high school graduate. We are also celebrating Evan's fourth birthday. It is hard to believe that we were called to be
PeteandSarah · 62 days ago

Yesterday we found a stellar deal on a coffee French press and took the plunge. Chadwick is not a huge coffee drinker, but he likes French press coffee so we decided to give it a try. Well, it was a success - strong, delicious coffee on our first try. The
chadandmary · 63 days ago

We recently took Gautam's parents to Mexico City to celebrate his mother's birthday. We love to travel, and Gautam's parents love to travel too, so it was a lot of fun. We visited ancient ruins (see the photo below), walked all over the city, and had amazi
gautamandandrew · 65 days ago

With all the hot weather lately it is clear that summer has arrived!  This summer, we plan to do some exploring around the Northeast and enjoying all the beautiful nature that surrounds us.  From the sandy beaches of Cape Cod, to the mountains of New Hamps
davidandlora · 65 days ago

  We took a walk on the wild side to say the least! A few weeks ago, Kevin and I met my cousins at Animal Kingdom and had an absolute blast. It's still fun to feel like a kid in our 30s. Not to mention, when there are animals involved, we are all about it.
kevinandkelli · 65 days ago

  Our little friend Jake asked about making plans June4-5. He said he misses us. We look forward to him having a new playmate after we adopt a child. If you or some one you know is thinking of an adoption plan we would love to hear from you. Www.michelean
micheleandsteven · 66 days ago

We had such a nice camping trip in Sequim, WA (near Seattle) with Danny's brother. We had camp fires every night and spent some good quality time together by the water. Loved it!  
danielandmaria · 68 days ago

We're so excited that our room remodel upstairs is almost complete! Travis is working on installing the flooring as I type! This will be a playroom for our daughter (for now), and will hopefully soon become her bedroom when she gets evicted from her downst
travisandlaura · 68 days ago

Sophie absolutely loves insects! She catches ants, adores roly polys and she cries when a friend steps on anything with six legs.  Of all the insects, the butterfly is the most prized of all!  Sophie watched metamorphosis again this spring and enjoyed a bu
JohnandLaura · 69 days ago

Enjoyed some some canoeing last night right here at home! One of the benefits of country living! Lots of ducks, geese, and birds to see! We even found a couple of duck nests! 
travisandshannon · 69 days ago

Last week, Andy's dad and step-mom happened to be driving through town - so they stopped by for an evening with us! It was nice to have some time together to catch up, have dinner, and play board games. As you can see, Penny was excited to spend some time
gautamandandrew · 69 days ago

Hanging out with our little friend Jake at a local street fair. We look forward to bringing a little one here after we #adoptababy. If you or some one you know is thinking of adoption we would love to hear from you. email mic
micheleandsteven · 69 days ago

Anne's two youngest nephews graduated from high school this weekend.  One of them was doing a dual enrollment program with the local community college so he got his high school diploma and his Associate's degree awarded to him.  Best of all, since Anne's b
davidandanne · 69 days ago

Last year, I decided to challenge myself and start running. Running and I never really mixed while I was growing up despite how hard I tried.  However, I needed to find a stress reliever and so many of my friends told me to try running. So, I decided to se
jamieandkristy · 69 days ago

  We celebrated Mother's day a couple weeks ago by taking Kathy's mother to try a Yemeni restaurant. It was the first time for all of us to try this cuisine. We had a delicious fava bean dip called foul, a dish of white beans called fasolia, and an egg dis
howardandkathy · 70 days ago

Last week was a joyful week for us as Paulus' family came to visit us from Indonesia.The weather was very nice for the time of the year so we did a lot of activities outside. We rented bikes and showed them all the nice places in Rotterdam. We also went to
markandpaulus · 70 days ago

We finally had beautiful and warm-enough weather for an afternoon at the beach. Of course we went to play in the sand, but someone really wanted to swim.  The water was too cold for more than a quick dip, but it made Evan so happy!  We're looking forward t
PeteandSarah · 70 days ago

Last weekend, I (Ryan) went to Washington, D.C. for my nephew's baptism. I was honored that my sister had asked if I could be his Godfather! I count it as such a blessing to be able to help guide and nurture my nephew in faith and family as he grows up. To
ryanandashley · 72 days ago

  We love living in NYC and look forward to sharing and experiencing it with a child one day. This is a place where anything is possible. We want to help a child experience all life has to
micheleandsteven · 72 days ago

One of the things David and I love doing on weekends during the spring and summer is going for bicycle rides. We are lucky to have a number of bike paths near our home, one of which takes you through forests and past beautiful lakes and ponds.  David has a
davidandlora · 73 days ago

We are so excited to share Jamie's new job adventure! He has been selected to work with our local intermediate school district overseeing a variety of student organizations, such as vocational training, Future Farmers of America (FFA), and career preparati
jamieandkristy · 73 days ago

Just got back from a week-long road trip to go to one of Sara's cousin's wedding in Milwaukee. We had such a great time, and Chase did great on the long drive. We traveled with Sara's siblings and their families and enjoyed getting to spend a lot of time t
johnandsara · 73 days ago

  Such a beautiful weekend.  We went blueberry picking with friends on Saturday morning and had a lot of fun.  Presley picked over a pound all by herself.  We went for a hayride from the parking lot back to the blueberry fields.  The blueberries were so bi
charlesandchristine · 73 days ago

  Summer is almost here and who doesn’t love ice cream. As a kid I remember running to the ice cream truck. Now kids can create their own ice cream. This place looks amazing
micheleandsteven · 73 days ago

We celebrated the recent beautiful weather by taking a family bike ride along the Charles River.  It was gorgeous!  We mostly took it easy to enjoy the views, but there were definitely a couple of friendly competitive races!  Todd won and Tracy blamed her
toddandtracy · 75 days ago

This weekend, we had friends and family over to celebrate Andy's birthday - with dinosaurs! As you can see here, our nephew was very excited about Andy's birthday cake for two reasons: (1) it was chocolate! and (2) the dinosaur candle.
gautamandandrew · 76 days ago

Last weekend, we took Angela's Mom to an event called Paint Nite. It was Mother's Day, and a beautiful afternoon for creativity. At the end of the day, Angela and her Mom had beautiful pieces of art to hang on our walls. We are so excited for the day we ca
darrenandangela · 76 days ago

Drew turned 7 this month and to celebrate we went golfing! The weather was beautiful and we all had a great time. 
steveandrhonda · 76 days ago

This weekend I got to spend some time with my cute and adorably funny nephew. He just started walking a couple of weeks ago and nothing is slowing this little guy down! He has also learned some basic sign language. This is a great way for him to communicat
kelli_adopts · 76 days ago

Ryan and I lost his father last week. This has been a tough moment for us, as we so wanted to have his father experience time with our child. During all of the years struggling with infertility and taking our steps toward adoption, one of our biggest hopes
ryanandlauri · 76 days ago

Enjoyed spending time with Sister and nephews this weekend playing outside and inside :).  Cold weekend for the middle of May; there was even snow on our patio! It was a good week at work as well. I've been at my current job 5 years already. It's hard to b
kevinandamy · 77 days ago

  While the adoption journey can be long and challenging, when our family is blessed with a child, we will be able to tell them the story of how much we prayed for them, how much we loved them from before they were even born, how much this child holds our
micheleandsteven · 77 days ago

Today we had a nice, peaceful family hike.  We look forward to one day taking our child on these hikes and enjoying the outdoors together!            
tonyandjess · 77 days ago

In a few short hours, I will be hopping on a plane to visit my best friend who I have known since we were sixteen years old and sang in a community choir together.  Since then, we have followed each other through the journey of life, and it is hard to imag
darrellandjoshua · 78 days ago

We had a really nice trip to Florida this spring! We took a boat ride in honor of Sophie's adoption day celebration.  We celebrate this special day every year.  It was fun to celebrate in Florida this year! 
JohnandLaura · 78 days ago

Getting ready to plant tomatoes!  Seems like it's the best time to plant since overnight freezes are probably unlikely from here on.  Last year, we thought we wouldn't get very many but happily there was a bumper crop in the early Fall!  This year, we're p
davidandlora · 79 days ago

So for the past 2 months I have not been able to upload any pictures onto the blog. Thought it was just my phone being silly. Well, I discovered today I can add pictures to our all our profile pictures! Yay! Feel free to check them out!  
travisandshannon · 80 days ago

So, let's be straight up honest: Cross-stitching is for old people. Right??? If that's the case, it makes this next statement pretty embarressing: I like it. Yup, that's embarressing. My mom had convinced me to try cross-stiching to make a saying I wanted
ryanandashley · 81 days ago

We had a very fun weekend honoring the moms in our lives. On Friday we had a park date and lunch with my sister, mom to four of Evan's cousins. Then we spent the rest of the weekend with Grandma and Papa. Their home is our scond home, and full of fun &
PeteandSarah · 81 days ago

The other morning we were admiring the beatuiful sunrise and all of sudden Brandon said "Hey look right over there, about 300' from our yard we saw one deer.  As we went out on our back deck to take a closer look we saw three more.  It was a beautiful site
bvanstrien · 82 days ago

Enjoying watching the Americas Cup on a beautiful day in NYC. Can’t wait to make wonderful memories like these with a child one day thinking of an adoption plan we would love to hear from you. email micheleandstevenadopt@gma
micheleandsteven · 82 days ago

As someone who has been unable to have biological kids, Mother's Day has always been a difficult day.  So I really appreciate the kids' mom who has been so thoughtful in including me in this bittersweet day.  Last year I enjoyed a Mother's Day tea with Ste
dustinandangannette · 83 days ago

Happy Mother's Day! (Sorry it's a day late). Enjoyed spending time with my family this weekend, especially my mom.  We wanted to say Thank you to all the birth mom's out there who are choosing life for their baby! This is your day too as you will always be
kevinandamy · 83 days ago

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