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Ever sense we bought our house we have talked about getting a bigger table so we can have more family over for dinner and holidays.  We have been waiting until we found the perfect one for us and we finally did.  We are getting a rustic barnwood table spec
paulandamanda · 61 days ago

John went to Sophie's school and did a presentation for her and her friends on Dental Health! Sophie thought it was AMAZING! She loves her daddy!
JohnandLaura · 62 days ago

Today's Super Tuesday, which means it's primary day here in our home state.  We had a fun time voting - and getting our "I voted" stickers! - this morning before a quick date at Starbucks and then it was off to work!
toddandtracy · 62 days ago

First Avalanche outside game And the Avs won!!!!!!!!!
mattandtricia · 62 days ago

What a royal evening!  Daddy and Sloane had so much fun at thier first Daddy/Princess Ball.  Besides dancing the night away to all the greatest Disney songs, they also got to decorate thier own cupcakes!  Sloane's favorite part by far was bringing home her
JasonandAmy · 62 days ago

We recently traveled to Dallas, TX on a mini vacation. While there, we visited Dealey Plaza, Reunion Tower, Pioneer Park, and several museums. We had a fun time exploring Dallas together and are looking forward to many more weekend excursions with our chil
brianandbreanna · 62 days ago

  We are Steven and Michele a loving couple from NYC. These are life lessons we would love to share after we #adoptababy. If you or you know someone who is thinking of an adoption plan we would love to hear from you and get to know you. Please go to www.m
micheleandsteven · 63 days ago

Tonight we came back from a weekend up north with some old friends of ours.  We had such a great time and we got to ride snowmobiles for the first time which was so much fun.  It was great just to get away for little bit and enjoy being outside and away fr
paulandamanda · 63 days ago

I went on a short ski trip last week with my sister and a mutual childhood friend.  We all had a great time!  The conditions were really good and got some really good exercise in. 
nicolleb01 · 63 days ago

                  Going on a family vacation every year has always been a very important tradition for us. Whether it's camping in our beautiful province or jumping on a plane, spending 2 or 3 weeks together is something we look forward to each year.      
andrewandholly · 63 days ago

Since Josh was spending the day training to be a judge for a children's creativity competition, I thought this was a perfect time to run a few errands.  I decided to run out today to the local craft store to pick up some buttons in order to replace those t
darrellandjoshua · 64 days ago

  If you want to see more about James and Jennifer, PLEASE check out our facebook site:
jamesandjennifer · 65 days ago

It is Saturday and the Millenium Falcon is FINALLY DONE! Kent and James (dad) spent two weeks doing this.  I must say it is pretty cool!    
jamesandjennifer · 65 days ago

We spoiled Sophie and got a fun pedicure!  Laura's mom, John's Aunt Mary and Laura took Sophie for this fun girl's day!  She was so cute when they were scrubing her feet!  
JohnandLaura · 65 days ago

Last week we were able to get away for a little ski trip in the mountains with several friends! We really enjoyed our time enjoying this beautiful scenery. Kali was able to try skiing for the first time too! Her favorite part of the trip was skiing and wat
travisandshannon · 65 days ago

Winter sure has been filled with unpredictable weather this year! Today was a snow day for us! As teachers, we obviously LOVE school...but you can't beat a snow day! We took the boys out for breakfast and are enjoying a day with a slower pace. I can't help
davidandnicole · 67 days ago

  Steve and I love to entertain family and friends. We dream of adding a baby to the celebrations after we adopt. We will support and cherish a child and ensure all their dreams come true.
micheleandsteven · 68 days ago

It has been an absolutely gorgeous February, and it's been too nice to stay inside! Last Friday, Chase and I decided to get out and enjoy the blue skies, so we went to the zoo. It was such a great day - it's so much fun for us to watch as Chase can name so
johnandsara · 69 days ago

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we decided to say a lot with our picture video. We chose a love song about finding the right person to share your life with, and on so many levels the words speak to us about meeting an expectant mother and
jamieandkristy · 69 days ago

As we wait for baby, we're enjoying setting up the nursery. Since our nusery theme is, "Oh, The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss, we've been using maps to decorate the room. I found a map with wonderful yellows, blues, and oranges, and wanted to create a fra
ryanandashley · 70 days ago

Cousin Quentin came over this weekend to play with us!  He is such a cutie.  John, Sophie and Quentin played Ring Around the Rosie until they were dizzy, but the kids loved it.  
JohnandLaura · 70 days ago

Last night, Paulie and I went to another great adoption training at the agency.  It has been so nice the amount of help and support they have given us.  Everytime we leave a training we not only feel more informed and ready to become parents, but also it j
paulandamanda · 74 days ago

All three of us, but especially Evan, are happy to be sledding again!  We celebrated Valentines Day and Presidents Day and Tuesday all with snowy fun. We have discovered a great sledding hill not far from home for daytime thrills, and our backyard is perfe
PeteandSarah · 75 days ago

  Great ideas for when we become parents after we #adoptababy. We will provide a lifetime of love and support to a child if you are thinking of an adoption plan we would love to hear from you
micheleandsteven · 75 days ago

Our Valentine’s Day was filled with a date night to dinner and a movie. Our daughter got to play with friends and make heart shaped cookies while we were out. Nate made me a coatrack out of a boat paddle (he is super crafty). I got him a captain’s hat (sat
nathananderin · 75 days ago

We celebrated the Broncos win with several friends and their children on Super Bowl Sunday!  
tonyandjess · 76 days ago

Christmas was so much fun. We made cookies for Santa and set out Carrots for the Reindeer.  Rebecca couldn't wait to see if they had eaten the cookies in the morning. It was the first thing she looked at. I think her favorite present was sparkly purple cro
BobandKarin · 76 days ago

I can't get this picture to rotate, but it's so darling I needed to put it in the journal. I don't know if Bob or Pooh Bear was more shocked to find out they had dressed the same that day.  It was so funny!  we loved Disneyland.  
BobandKarin · 76 days ago

One of our favorite times of the day is the evening after dinner. We spend our time relaxing together either watching TV, movies, or reading on our computers. Talking about our day and unplugging from our phones allows us to reconnect and listen to each ot
jamieandkristy · 77 days ago

We had a wonderful trip to Florida this year.  We were able to spend a couple of days with Brandon's cousin and see Naples Fl.  He took us to a small BBQ place which was really good along with showing us the sunset in Naples.  After spending a few days wit
bvanstrien · 77 days ago

  It’s cold outside but our hearts are warm and filled with love. We dream of sharing this with a child after we #adoptababy Please if you are thinking of an adoption plan we would love to hear from you and get to know you as you get to know us. Www.miche
micheleandsteven · 77 days ago

Laura and Sophie had fun at Soph's Valentine's Day party at school!  Both girls arrived home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and chocolates!  John is the best husband and daddy! 
JohnandLaura · 77 days ago

This week winter returned to metro-Detroit!  Evan has been so excited to be out in the snow sledding and using his "snowblower."  When he turned two his aunt and uncle got him a toy lawnmower, and he loves using it in all seasons!  Even though Evan loves t
PeteandSarah · 79 days ago

Hello, this is Ryan. A week ago, one of my best friends and his wife had a baby boy. Ashley and I brought dinner over to their house one night, and we got a chance to meet Elliot. Apparently babies born in the mountains are much smaller than lower-altitude
ryanandashley · 79 days ago

MarkLetty · 81 days ago

Laura's parents are up for a visit this week! We are all enjoying spending time with them!  Sophie couldn't be more spoiled this week.  She got to spend time playing games with them.  We blew up balloons and we all played a fun game tonight.  They will be
JohnandLaura · 81 days ago

  Believing is so important. We believe that we will meet that special person who will help our dreams come true. like our favorite journey song says don’t stop believing hold on to that feeling. We will teach this to our child after we adopt.
micheleandsteven · 81 days ago

This past weekend we went Up North with a group of friends. Enjoyed the company and activities of the weekend.          
MichaelandKristi · 81 days ago

On Saturday, we got to celebrate our Godchild's 1st birthday! There were lots of toys, games, and food for all the guests. And it wouldn't be a birthday party without a cake! Her parents had a "smash cake" for her to dig into. She didn't really eat the cak
kevinandchristopher · 82 days ago

We just got home from a wonderful week in Maui, Hawaii.     Paul and I went to Maui 10 years ago before we started the adoption process in hopes of having a family one day - it was amazing to see how much God has blessed us with during these past 10 years
paulandmissy · 82 days ago

All of our friends and family are so excited that we're in the process of adopting, and we've already started receiving gifts for baby. One of our friends gave us this jumper that you hang in the doorway. After we showed the jumper to our parents, both of
ryanandashley · 83 days ago

  Preparing for yesterday’s big game. We look forward to a lifetime of cheers and celebrations with a little one after we #adoptababy
micheleandsteven · 83 days ago

Sophie and Laura went to the Home Depot Kid's Workshop this month! Sophie LOVES to build. We made a Valentine's Day mailbox and painted it blue and red.  The fun continued at home as we put stickers all over it and made Valentine Cards.  
JohnandLaura · 85 days ago

It was Dad's Day at Sophie's school! Sophie prepared a beautiful portrait of her and daddy along with a write up about John.  Her teachers served hot dogs, baked beans and root beer.  Luckily mommy was able to sneak in and take a photo of the two cuties! I
JohnandLaura · 86 days ago

We love easy weekends!  Last weekend Evan & I spent some time with Grandma & Papa. The weather was so mild, El Niño is treating us well!  Evan helped gather sticks and limbs for a campfire, and he was determined to use big ones.  He wanted a "great
PeteandSarah · 86 days ago

Sesame Street Live was well worth it again this year! Sophie enjoyed the dancing and mommy and daddy enjoyed the food.  We wound up in a the box seats at The Fox Theatre, which was something pretty special for all three of us! 
JohnandLaura · 87 days ago

    Test blog Test blog Test blog Test blog Test blog   
· 88 days ago

Lately it seems Paulie and I have been having a lot of conversations with our friends that have little ones, and getting to learn all their parent "life hacks." I know we can't wait to be able to use them in our own lives when we get to become parents.  Th
paulandamanda · 88 days ago

Today I have been thinking about our adoption journey, and just thought I would share a little with you. Travis and I are truly excited and anticipate a child/or children to join our family, and we know that God has guided us on our adoption journey. I gue
travisandshannon · 88 days ago

January and February have been a full month for us.  We had the opportunity to go on a youth retreat with our youth group.  We had 34 youth attend this year.  I stayed in a house with all middle school girls and had a blast. and Brandon stayed in a room wi
bvanstrien · 89 days ago

Despite getting a bit wet from the rain, we enjoyed spending time together and with Mother Nature during our walk in the woods last night. In all honesty, we wish there was more snow to trek through but we managed with the slightly frozen and muddy ground,
jamieandkristy · 89 days ago

Do you find inspiration in quotes?  I definitely do! Whether I see a quote on Facebook, Instagram, or the internet, it is not unusual for me to write it down or save the picture to add to my inspirational treasure trove.  The quote and picture below truly
jamieandkristy · 89 days ago

Groundhogs Day…I am not sure if the myth is true, but most Michiganders are always grateful for an early spring. For those downstate it has been a pretty mild winter. As for northern Michigan, we have a couple feet on the ground and more coming tonight. Fr
nathananderin · 89 days ago

A snow day! We are all celebrating a snow day! Yay!!! There were HUGE smiles at the announcement! Everyone slept in! The boys shoveled for neighbors, played in the snow with the dogs, and came in for a French toast feast. We are feeling thankful to all be
steveandjana · 89 days ago

Meet Lucy! She is a rescue that comes to us with a little bit of vision problems and was diagnosed with heartworms but should be just fine after treatment! She is a perfect addition to our family and the   best birthday present for Maria's father!  
danielandmaria · 90 days ago

In just a few weeks, I am taking a couple of days off and going skiing with my sister.  We did this last year and had such a blast! I posted a picture from last year and am looking forward to taking more pictures this year.   
nicolleb01 · 90 days ago

We were excited this weekend to start getting the nursery ready!  We painted the room, put up a new ceiling light, and even ordered the crib!  We can't wait for it to all come together!
garyandandrea · 90 days ago

One of the coolest things about living in the mounains of Colorado is the wildlife we get to see on a pretty regular basis. Last night we received 11" of snow, which means all the local elk have come down off the mountain to enjoy the cooler weather.  I (R
ryanandashley · 91 days ago

I just cut my hair 9 inches! This is the second time I've been able to donate my hair to Beautiful Lengths- a program through Pantene that collects hair to make wigs for women who are going through chemotherapy.  I count it as such an honor to be able to d
ryanandashley · 91 days ago

Christmas for us is always a wonderful time.  We start decorating right after Thanksgiving.  We decorate both outside and inside, and we always have a lot of fun together.  Every year I buy some new decorations.  I love decoration shopping.  When I get hom
marcinandkasia · 91 days ago

Out celebrating Steve's birth. One day we dream of having birthday celebrations for a child of our own. We will love and support a child in all that they do and help to have their dreams come true. micheleandstevenadopt@gmail
micheleandsteven · 93 days ago

Hi everyone   This is always an exciting time of year for me, because it's the time of year when I begin planning our next family adventure.  We take an awesome family trip every October, and this year, we are looking forward to our first trip to Europe (h
AmitandNatalie · 93 days ago

· 94 days ago

Test blog #1
· 94 days ago

So since Christmas we've been working on new skills and routines.  Evan has learned how to make his bed and help clean up the kitchen after breakfast.  (He also loves to help crack and scramble his eggs!)  And Pete and I have been learning, too.  Pete is w
PeteandSarah · 94 days ago

Hello there little person,Daddies have been waiting for you.  You wouldn't know it, but we've traveled a long to get to now.  Though this trek has been long, arduous, and up & down, it has always been a hopeful path.We can't wait until you're here to t
johnanddane · 95 days ago

We had a HUGE snowstorm in Washington, DC this past weekend. After shoveling ourselves out of our home, we ventured around the neighborhood. While the sidewalks weren’t exactly clear, there were tons of people outside. Everyone was carrying sleds and were
toddandjennifer · 95 days ago

The beginning of school after winter break is always fun and hectic.  The students are back (and trying hard to shake off the cobwebs from their break), we're trying to get them all organized and put back together again (and teach them basic sewing skills)
sarah_adopts · 96 days ago

Winter here can be long and chilly, so we try to find fun indoor things to do.  Yesterday we went to see the Harlem Globetrotters with Jodi's parents.  The Globetrotters put on a great show!  We laughed and were amazed at their ball handling and dunking sk
thomasandjodi · 97 days ago

Dave and I have a positive outlook on life, happiness and the future!  Everything seems to be falling into place and we are feeling really positive about the direction that our life is headed.  We can't wait to hear the joy and laughter of a little one, fe
daveandkristal · 98 days ago

  Our weekend started off by meeting Matt’s college roommate and his wife for dinner at a new Italian restaurant called Bar Dough in the Highlands. It was great catching up with old friends that we don’t see nearly enough. After Lindsay went to work and M
mattandlindsay · 98 days ago

  We had a wonderful Christmas holiday this year.  Christmas Eve we spent in Boulder with Matt’s sister’s family.  Our amazing niece, Delaney, was in the Christmas program as the lead Sheppard.  She had her own solo and was the star of the show!  The play
mattandlindsay · 98 days ago

Fun snow day in NYC. We dream of bringing a child of our own to the park after we #adoptababy to build snowmen, snow angels and sledding.
micheleandsteven · 98 days ago

The holidays were fun and included some of our family traditions.  The kids open a new ornament for the tree each year that they will get to keep for their own.  (My mom started that tradition for me when I was a baby!) We also play a game where Carter hid
dustinandangannette · 98 days ago

We made breakfast in bed for daddy!  Sophie helped make the toast and put the "sugar" on the toast (cinnamon toast). Yum!
JohnandLaura · 100 days ago

  Words to live by. We dream of the day when we become parents through adoption.
micheleandsteven · 100 days ago

I celebrated my 29th birthday on Wednesday! We always try to make birthdays a big deal at our house with signs all over the house, balloons, and of course something sweet to eat! This year, Ryan took me to Russell's, one of our favorite restaurants in Vail
ryanandashley · 101 days ago

One of our hopes for Evan is that he finds ways to be adventurous and active throughout his life. Right now he's taking swimming and skating lessons, and has a sports exploration class once a week. For us it isn't that he picks a specific sport or activity
PeteandSarah · 101 days ago

This popped up on my facebook feed. Although we aren't quite to the point where we have been chosen for a child (whether a girl or a boy), most of this still rings true! We have been praying so much for our birth mom and birth father. You are in our prayer
travisandshannon · 101 days ago

Being teachers, we were always finding ways to support students both in and out of the classroom. One of the things that we started doing early in our teaching careers was chaperoning dances and proms at the high school we worked at.  Seeing our students a
jamieandkristy · 102 days ago

Some how destiny comes into play.... These children end up with you and you end up with them........ Nicole Kidman    
ToddandKristy · 102 days ago

Christmas lights came down and winter lights went up.     
MichaelandKristi · 103 days ago

We are very active and love to be outside as much as possible. In the winter, that means we're skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling as often as we can!  Colorado is awe-inspiring, and we love the wild beauty of it. We can't wait to share our love of outdo
ryanandashley · 104 days ago

  Great websites to help kids learn. Fun loving couple who will provide a life filled of love and support to help fulfill a child’s dreams. Hoping to start our family through adopting a child.
micheleandsteven · 105 days ago

Time sure does fliy!! Two years ago this weekend, we welcomed Cleo into our home. After losing our first beloved dog, Josie, we debated getting another dog right away. However, a few short months later we found Cleo's adorable face online, connected with h
jamieandkristy · 105 days ago

  Yesterday we attended Danny's brother's wedding. What a beautiful day full of love and happiness. The entire family was able to attend the wedding and we all had so much fun. The food was delicious and we all danced the night away to celebrate our new fa
danielandmaria · 105 days ago

Laura and Sophie got a ton of books and fun puppents from the library this week.  We are spending a lazy Sunday reading in Sophie's tent. Every now and then we all need a lazy Sunday!  
JohnandLaura · 105 days ago

Today we took lunch and spent time with Pete's Grandma. She lives in a nursing home, but is sharp as a whip!  We had such a good visit. She had a puzzle for Evan and we took playing cards. It is so special to spend time with someone who loves us so well, a
PeteandSarah · 105 days ago

Evan has started a new adventure at the YMCA!  He has a 2-1/2 hour class that includes swimming, playing games in the gym, crafts and lunch with friends. It was his first time, and he had so much fun. He was nervous and yet brave!  It is so fun watching hi
PeteandSarah · 105 days ago

This week we welcomed Kalissa's newest little cousin, Vienna, to our family! Kali was fascinated by her tiny little fingers! Wanted to upload a very sweet picture of them but having computer issues at the moment. Looking forward to meeting another 2 nieces
travisandshannon · 107 days ago

It is a beautiful day here in our little town.  The sun is shining, people are outside walking their dogs, there are even little birds finding seeds on our trees. I am sitting in our front room, basking in the sunlight and dreaming about spring!     I've
patandelisa · 107 days ago

The reward for an hour out in the snow?  Hot cocoa with marshmallows!
PeteandSarah · 109 days ago

We had so much fun over the holidays!  We always have an annual Christmas party with our family and friends.  It is such a nice time to spend time with the people closest to us at this time of year.  We also enjoyed cutting down our Christmas tree (another
garyandandrea · 109 days ago

This sweet puppy is the very best reason to get all bundled up and take a coooold winter walk!  She is so gentle and loving to our family and we couldn't imagine life without her.  
JohnandLaura · 109 days ago

I love birthdays. I love to celebrate other people- buying special gifts and making special desserts. I want everyone to know that their day is special and so are they. Nate's birthday fell on a day he was on his mission trip in Ecuador. So we get to celeb
nathananderin · 109 days ago

Baking has always beeng something that I loved to do.  From my early experiences of baking chocolate chip cookies for my dad and aunt to my excitement at trying more challenging recipes like baking and decorating a friend's wedding shower cake, I find enjo
jamieandkristy · 110 days ago

The weekend kicked off with a great snow storm (which has continued each day)!  Two of Evan's highlights were Grandma Ginny (my mom) sledding down the hill in our backyard on Saturday morning, and an after-dark sledding party with Pete and I on Sunday. We
PeteandSarah · 110 days ago

We will offer a safe fun and supportive home after we adopt. 
micheleandsteven · 110 days ago

We went ice skating this weekend! Sophie was having an aboslute blast with the whole thing. Laura spent a good portion of the time on the wall, but eventually it all came back and she was able to skate pretty well.  John loved taking Sophie around really f
JohnandLaura · 110 days ago

Staying home full time was something we both knew we wanted for our family. I had been working fulltime with young children & families for 15 years when we adopted Evan. Being with him all day every day has been such a joy. Motherhood is the focus of m
PeteandSarah · 111 days ago

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