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Christmas Holidays   Happy Holidays to everyone! We have been so blessed to be able to share the holiday season with so many loved ones. Between having get togethers with our friends, having Brian's brother home for the holidays, and getting to spend quality time with family, we have definatley felt
brianandkerri · 58 days ago

  Words to live by and what we’ll teach to a child after we adopt. YouTube txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 59 days ago

When we sing The Twelve Days of Christmas, we celebrate beginning December 25 and ending January 5 (twelve days after Christmas Day). This year, Hanukkah coincides with the Christmas season beginning the evening of December 24 and ending the evening of January 1. Since our family is comprised of cul
derekandjim · 59 days ago

Merry Christmas! What a fun time we had celebrating with our families in Minnesota! Some of the highlights included Sophie's first piano lesson with Grandma Lois (Ben's mom), sledding and lots of playing with cousin Ollie, enjoying some new Christmas toys like Sophie's basketball hoop, and of course
benandkatie · 60 days ago

We had a lovely two days of Christmas with both families! 
timandjosine · 60 days ago

We love celebrating the holidays because it means lots of quality time with family - especially our niece and nephew. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us!  
gautamandandrew · 61 days ago

Summer Dreaming We are so ready for the summer. Hoping to have a little to bring to the beach.
micheleandsteven · 61 days ago

Merry Christmas Everyone!  We spent the day having fun with family and friends.  We cannot wait to bring another bundle of joy into our lives and share our next Christmas with!                
jimandlaurinda · 61 days ago

  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!   Kevin's parents and little sister(as well as her dog) all came up to visit us on friday the 23rd.  We are blessed to have them with us for just over a week this year.  Christmas eve was spent together watching christmas movies (and of course the Packers game this year since Kev
kevinandabby · 62 days ago

We had a great Christmas!  Susan sounded beautiful as she sang her solo "Do you Hear What I Hear" in church on Christmas Eve.  The freezing rain on Christmas Day made driving a bit tricky to go to church on Sunday morning.  We cannot remember ever seeing lightning before on Christmas Day.  We spent
kevinandsusan · 62 days ago

Merry Christmas!  We had a nice Christmas at home.  Ward's parents joined us for Christmas Eve and Melissa's joined us for Christmas Day.  We surpised our son with a Christmas stocking this morning, which he enjoyed, and this evening we visted a Christmas light display.  Despite the cold weather, we
wardandmelissa · 62 days ago

Annual tradition of opening a few presents on Christmas Eve!  
jimandlaurinda · 63 days ago

It is officially Christmas Eve. I woke up early this morning thinking of the wonderful time we had yesterday. We had a Christmas gathering at our home and it was such a peaceful time. We had my uncles, aunts, cousins and second cousins over and we made vegetable beef stew, cornbread, fruit salad, ka
tonyandjenny · 64 days ago

We enjoyed this past weekend in the beautiful town of Natchitoches. We did some shopping, then walked down by the river and enjoyed the Christmas lights. Each afternoon I have been in the kitchen baking up goodies for Christmas. I can not wait for our family to try the turtle cheesecake.
jacobandmandy · 64 days ago

Jim and Laurinda celebrating at Jim's Work Christmas Party.  Good food, friends, band, and door prizes make for a very fun night with each other.  We enjoy being together.        
jimandlaurinda · 65 days ago

Mom and Chandler at The Christian Academy's Christmas Program.  
jimandlaurinda · 65 days ago

Our winter break has begun! We have time off from work for two weeks so we went to see Star Wars: Rogue One and loved it. We appreciated how Jyn's love for her birth-parents never wavered but she also had a deep love for the man who raised her. The droid in Rogue One was hilarious and the action was
derekandjim · 65 days ago

  Steve and I believe in treating people with love and respect. These are just some of the values we will teach a child after we adopt. YouTube email txt/call 646-650-8634  
micheleandsteven · 66 days ago

  We all go through things for reasons are unknown to us but there is a reason for everything. Dreaming of big things to happen in 2017. YouTube email txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 67 days ago

For weeks Vincent has been busy organising activities for children to celebrate the Saint Nicolas feast. He organised 12 shows, 2 big celebrations and a lot of other activities. More then 45.000 people came to one of the events with a lot of happy children as result. Now it's time to prepare for chr
vincentandjos · 67 days ago

Christmas is mine and Matt's favorite holiday and we are officially in countdown mode!  Chrstmas music has been playing since the day after Thanksgiving, cookies have been baked, and we're watching our favorite movies.  Most of all we are so excited to see Kinley's reaction this year. Last year Kinl
mattandmariah · 68 days ago

Spotted these while doing some holiday shopping would love to get one for a little one after we adopt. email txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 68 days ago

Andy and I had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with our family. We got a chance to spend quality time with our nieces and nephews. We visited museums, played fetch with our dog Roxy, and got lots of snuggle time in watching movies. At the end of the Thanksgiving weekend we threw a birthday
andrewandhilary · 68 days ago

The holiday season is in full swing!  We celebrated this weekend at Heather's work holiday party as well as hosting our family for a pre-Hanukkah dinner.  We are also doing our best to brave the cold for a few more days (it's 1 out right now!) and get through the week before we get to head to the wa
mitchandheather · 69 days ago

This weekend we celebrated an early Christmas with Melissa's parents, brother and sister-in-law. We gathered for a cozy weekend of visting. Unfortunately, everyone had a cold but we still mangaged to have a pretty good time.  We exchanged gifts in the morning after Santa had filled our stockings. We
wardandmelissa · 69 days ago

We spent the weekend down in Indiana to visit Kate's family and celebrate Christmas with them at her parents' house in northern Indiana. We weren't sure that the travels were going to be able to work out, because of the winter weather Friday night, but we made the drive safely on Saturday morning. K
spencerandkate · 70 days ago

Last year around this time I started a quilt for my nephew.  I'd just learned a new technique in quilting and found a series of Lego Star Wars patterns.  Since my nephew loves both Star Wars and Lego, I decided to give it a go.  It's been coming along slowly, but I now have a full set of blocks and
sarah_adopts · 71 days ago

With so many nieces and nephews, the holidays can get overwhelming with trying to find the perfect gift for all the little ones. While the family grown-ups have decided years ago to not exchange materialistic gifts with each other, we changed the tradition when the kids were born. For us, we enjoy g
derekandjim · 74 days ago

Got out of the rain for a week with my mom (Nana) and Jasper and had the best time swimming, jumping waves, and searching for lizards. Jasper met lots of friends from all over the USA and Canada. We spent HOURS in the pool.  Every afternoon, the ocean air got the best of Jasper and he fell asleep fo
michelleadopts · 74 days ago

As we are approaching this busy holiday season we sit back and think how greatful we are to be blessed with our daughter and can't wait for another child to share the holiday season with..We are very busy this xmas with xmas parties and several family gatherings over the holidays and can't wait to s
trevorandtracey · 75 days ago

This weekend we had a great time hosting our friends for an annual Christmas party! We spent much of the week planning and prepping for the party, and a few friends came over early to help get things set up. Including us, we had 19 people over to celebrate! We had three games that Kate found online
spencerandkate · 75 days ago

We had a wonderful time this weekend enjoying the outdoors. We took our camper out for the weekend. It was so relaxing listening to all the different birds, especially all of the owls. We made a camp fire and roasted marshmallows.
jacobandmandy · 76 days ago

The Christmas season is so full of so many emotions. Joy, peace, excitment, and more. But I also think it's a season of waiting. Waiting for family and loved ones to gather around the dinner table together. Waiting to see your children's faces when they open their presents. Waiting to see if you hea
mattandstephanie · 76 days ago

We had another busy weekend.  Melissa's brother and his wife bought their first house!  We spent the weekend helping them move and get settled.  We are all very excited for their new home.
wardandmelissa · 76 days ago

Thanksgiving has always held a special place in our family's heart. It is a wonderful time with great food, laughs and spending quality time with family, and friends. Kerri's dad hosted this year, and we had 18 people total! Two turkeys (One fried), stuffing, bread, potatoes and desserts were everyw
brianandkerri · 76 days ago

Holidays in NYC Visiting Rockefeller Center. And enjoying the holiday decorations. YouTube txt/call 646-650-8634   About This Diary Steven and I are so excited to bec
micheleandsteven · 76 days ago

We have a great celebration; a new baby niece is born in our family! It is a wonderfull baby girl and we rushed over to meet her. That resulted ofcourse in a sleep over from our other two nieces (who got a doll to celebrate :-) ) to give the parents some rest. We enjoyed cooking together and had a l
marcusandjane · 77 days ago

Recently Travis and I were able to spend one night away, just the two of us. Iit is important to us to take care of our marriage and spend some quality time with just the two of us.  I was able to spend the morning making gingerbread houses with Kali at school. So much fun! 
travisandshannon · 79 days ago

Here are a few photos of our kiddos and dogs having fun with Turkeys at Thanksgiving this year.
jimandlaurinda · 79 days ago

Watched Steve’s cousin on #hairspraylive last night so excited to see dreams coming true. We would love to support a child with all their dreams after we #adopt.
micheleandsteven · 79 days ago

We went to Greenfield Village's Holiday Nights on Friday night with our friends, Chris and Melissa. We'd never been before, and it was really fun! Greenfield Village (if you don't already know) is an outdoor museum that consists of historic structures spanning 300 years of American history (got that
spencerandkate · 80 days ago

We spent our Thanksgiving weekend cooking, enjoying lots of time with friends, and seeing the latest Harry Potter movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.        
elizabethandmarna · 80 days ago

I am a sucker for snow! I just had to share my excitement when I looked out the window this morning to see the snow falling for the first time since our move back to Kansas. It isn't enough snow for snow angels or sledding, but when the time comes, you better believe I'll be ready!  - Kelli
kevinandkelli · 81 days ago

Now that we are in the midst of the holiday season, it seems like the hustle and bustle of the season is at an all time high ... so, it's so important for our family to take some time to slow down, to breathe, and to cherish every moment. What ways do we do this? Jim participates in yoga regularly a
derekandjim · 81 days ago

I love decorating for Christmas! This year my (Katie's) mom was out visiting with my dad for an early Thanksgiving so she helped me set things up that night after we had celebrated our Thanksgiving dinner. We had a lot of fun looking at old ornaments that Ben and I have collected over the years. It
benandkatie · 81 days ago

We did it! As we start to expand our family, we felt it was the perfect time to move back home to Kansas from Florida to be near our own families. You might say we're crazy for choosing to move back in the WINTER. I had to buy a coat for the first time in a long time... I'm still getting used to it
kevinandkelli · 81 days ago

Music makes the world go round Music is always in our house and love going to concerts. Had a blast at the Cyndi Lauper and friends concert last night. When we adopt we will share our love of music with a child.
micheleandsteven · 82 days ago

Melissa's parents dropped in this weekend to take our son Christmas shopping and treated him to lunch.  They look forward to having another grandchild to spend time with.  At home, we adopted some new pets: two gerbils who we have named Capatin Kirk and Spock. They are quite adorable.
wardandmelissa · 83 days ago

We just got back from a Thanksgiving cruise with David's family -- 6 of us went altogether: David & Anne (of course!), David's parents, David's brother and girlfriend, Karen. The trip was absolutely amazing!  We went on the Oasis of the Seas.  Fun Fact -- there are only two larger ships in the e
davidandanne · 83 days ago

Wrapping up a relaxing weekend on the couch. We spent the day at home yesterday and I finally finished making a scrapbook from our West Coast trip we took back in April, nice to relive the sunshine and awesome experiences we had in San Francisco, Yosemite and Grand Canyon. Today we went and supporte
edwinandliz · 83 days ago

We had a wonderful weekend enjoying Christmas activities. We started the weekend going to the holiday light safari. The lights were beautiful and all of the big cats were very active. Saturaday afternoon we had my department unit party, we had a wonderful meal, then all the children made gingerbread
jacobandmandy · 84 days ago

Around Sophie's birthday in July, and Christmas time, we send Sophie's birthmom an update package. This usually includes some recent art projects, a bunch of photos of Sophie and a detailed letter all about the child she brought into the world and gave us the priveledge of parenting. I enjoy putting
benandkatie · 84 days ago

As I look at this approaching season, there is so much joy and appreciation in the air!  It seems that life is busy and we have a lot of shopping to do (not one of our favorite things), but I also feel it's so important to enjoy the little moments and create moments with your family. Each year Kevin
kevinandabby · 85 days ago

  We are Steven and Michele looking to start our family through adoption. Things don’t happen by accident there is always a reason. If you are thinking of creating an adoption please consider us. Thanks. YouTube
micheleandsteven · 85 days ago

We absolutely love going to the movies - especially animated movies like "The Trolls" and "Peanuts."  We cannot wait to have another bundle of joy to share in the fun with!!!
jimandlaurinda · 85 days ago

It has been a little while since we last posted so there is a lot to catch up on.  Jon went camping a couple of weeks ago with the boy scouts to Arches National Park.  Jon hadn't been to Arches in a long time so it was fun for him to go back.  He camped overnight with and then spent a beautiful Nove
jonathananderica · 86 days ago

Annual Tradition time: Locate Christmas tree, Ed cuts it down while Liz takes pictures. Bring Christmas tree home, decorate and attempt to get a family photo with a timer...  Gracie looks ashamed to be in our photo this year 
edwinandliz · 87 days ago

We are back in home in Burbank, and it feels so good to be settled again. We don't plan on traveling for the rest of the year and spend the December holidays in California. Thanksgiving was very special as we spent time with our grandmother, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, niece and nephews. It was
derekandjim · 87 days ago

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving celebrating with Mitch's extended family!  We had aunts, uncles, and cousins in from out of town to celebrate the holiday as well as Mitch's parents' 50th wedding anniversary - so fun to get together and of course so much eating.  Now we start the busy holiday season
mitchandheather · 88 days ago

Spent thanksgiving with our family, enjoying a wonderful meal and watching LSU football at night. The ladies did some Christmas shopping the next day. Over the weekend we decorated for Christmas. 
jacobandmandy · 88 days ago

Over the weekend, we had the chance to meet one of our closest friend's newborn son. We couldn't get enough of him!  
gautamandandrew · 88 days ago

We uploaded pictures from the fall of 2016. The pictures include: - pictures from Chris' jazz concert - Our thanksgiving celebration with friends in our hometown that also adopted from the US. Tobi once again made a great Turkey! - Pictures with our friends Katrin and Malte that visited us - Picture
chrisandtobias · 88 days ago

Oops, we have gotten a little behind on blogging! After our trip to Niagara, Spencer's mom and aunt spent the rest of the week with us. Kate had to work (to save up time for a baby). But Spencer, his mom and aunt enjoyed the sights that were closer to home. They spent a day in Ann Arbor, visiting th
spencerandkate · 89 days ago

Just got back from our annual family thanksgiving trip out west. missing everyone already . Hope to add to the table next year after we adopt. 
micheleandsteven · 90 days ago

Hi everyone Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite holidays.  It's great!  This is the one day that we take time from our crazy, hectic lives to reflect on all the reasons why life is worth living.  We don't have to worry about gifts, costumes, or any of that commercial stuff.  All we have to
AmitandNatalie · 90 days ago

Ward and our son went to visit Ward's parents and other family at their farm this weekend. Melissa stayed home to complete a sewing project for a friend. The boys got to play and explore the farm and Melissa enjoyed some creative time.
wardandmelissa · 90 days ago

Thanksgiving is such a special time for us, one we just are so excited to share with a child and build a family.  It's Damion's favorite~  he had made a special pumpkin cheesecake the day before, what a treat!  We always do our turkey on the old Webber bbq, a special tradition along with his home ma
damionandamy · 91 days ago

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving. We attended Church in the morning, went home so Coop could take a nap, then went to Dave's Parents house for dinner. It was such a wonderful time with family. Cooper loved playing with his cousins.  We have so much to be thankful for. I pray you had a wonderful T
davidandjaime · 92 days ago

With Thanksgiving approaching, we are so thrilled to be seeing family. It's become a tradition to visit with family in Pennsylvania. We house-hop to several homes and have meals all day. Our grandmother and parents all join in on the fun, and our cousins host a junior talent show where they perform
derekandjim · 95 days ago

One of the hardest decisions some one may have to make, not only affects your family, but someone else’s. The anxiety that you feel to make the right decision can be excruciating. We were contacted about, what we think, was a lovely family who needed some help. They loved their children enough to kn
jonathanandjessica · 95 days ago

We spent the weekend with friends at a car show. It was very interesting to see all the old cars and hear the history behind them. Looking forward to having Thanksgiving dinner with the family this week.
jacobandmandy · 96 days ago

From our home, to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! This past weekend my (Katie's) parents flew in for an early Thanksgiving visit. We had a great time playing in the unexpected snow, finding new books at our library, and celebrating a fun Thanksgiving meal with our family that lives in Denver.  We have a
benandkatie · 96 days ago

One of our favorite things to do is spend time with our 5-year old nephew and 2-year old niece! We spent the entire weekend with them - and of course, that means lots of selfies!  
gautamandandrew · 97 days ago

We had a busy week with the weather getting colder.  This put us in the mind to get ready for Christmas.  Melissa put up some holiday lights in the backyard.  The whole family put up and decorated our Christmas tree.  We have it decorated with paper trains that Melissa constructed last year because
wardandmelissa · 97 days ago

We made a last minute, impromptu trip to see Matt's family Friday night and Saturday.  The purpose of this trip?  To see Matt's little brother Carson perform in his first musical as the lead character in The Music Man.  It was absolutely fantastic!!  Kinley enjoyed going over to play with her cousin
mattandmariah · 97 days ago

This year we are doing something new to us.  With our families spread out.  We have to coordinate spending holidays together.  Two years ago, I had a epiphany...Why don't we get together two years from now for Thanksgiving, exchange gifts for Christmas and party like New Years Eve :) . So... we're d
joshandsusan · 98 days ago

We went to the Bar J wranglers. We took Gwen's parents with us. We should of taken a group picture with all of us but we had seats apart from each other. 
thomasandgwen · 99 days ago

Our Family loves to play games together - especially all of the new Monopoly Games such as Monopoly Empire.  Cambrie happened to win this game :)  We cannot wait to add another child to our family and get him or her in on the fun!!!       
jimandlaurinda · 100 days ago

With all the craziness that is going on in the world, we find it important to remember the good things we have in our lives and all the happy memories we are blessed with. This picture represents an important time to us. It was our first major trip as a couple to Austin, TX.  While we had so much un
brianandkerri · 100 days ago

After a week at The Most Magical Place on Earth at the Walt Disney World Resort, we have retuned home and back into our daily routines. The trip to Orlando, Florida will always be so memorable for us. It was our son's first trip, so it was so thrilling to see him experience all the attractions at th
derekandjim · 101 days ago

I found myself today longing to hold a precious little one. Cooper enjoys playing with his "cousins" so much, I know he'll love being a big brother. Some days the wait seems like an eternity. To my baby's birth mom. You are amazing and I cannot wait to meet you. 
davidandjaime · 101 days ago

One of Matt's favorite traditions growing up that has turned into a family tradition for us too, is going to his Aunt and Uncle's house for Thanksgiving.  They have a beautiful house out in the country with plenty of room for everyone to enjoy a delicious meal inside and the kids have a wonderful ti
mattandmariah · 102 days ago

  Love the peanuts and love the holidays. Hope to watch the show with a little one some day. email txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 102 days ago

A staple for huntin' camp are Michael's beef sticks. Grayson is a huge help from turning the handle or watching the smoker. It's a team effort. Michael loves making beef sticks for up north or co-workers that want him to make some. They always turn out delicious!    
michaelandsarah · 102 days ago

Living in a well established neighborhood if there is something we have is are a ton of leaves! From October to mid November we are always playing and picking up leaves. One afternoon I was out picking up the leaves while Grayson was taking a nap. Well I thought he was taking a nap. 45 minutes later
michaelandsarah · 102 days ago

It's our first blog post!  Welcome to this little window into our family, and thank you so much for checking it out! I am thrilled, thankful, and humbled to have a chance to know you and reach out to you through this little space. Evan and I have spent months praying for you and the child that you a
evanandkelly · 103 days ago

We had a little bit diffferent Halloween this that sure epitomizes what parenting is all about. The day before Halloween, we carved pumpkins. Chase LOVED helping dig out the "guts" and helping us figure out what sort of faces we'd put on our pumpkins. But then the following day, little m
johnandsara · 103 days ago

Dear baby, I am Aurora, your big sister. I am now six years I love Paw Patrol and I will teach you all about it. I really like Chase. I am praying for you! ~ Aurora
kentandrachelle · 103 days ago

Spencer's mom and aunt came in town to visit for a week! His mom came in from Portland, Oregon, and his aunt from Olympia, Washington. During their visit, we traveled to Canada to visit Niagara Falls and Toronto. It was the first time for all of us to visit Niagara Falls. It was beautiful, especiall
spencerandkate · 103 days ago

This weekend we visited Matt's parents for a birthday celebration and had fun visitng with family. We also had a lot of fun playing on the new play set that his dad has been making for the grandkids.  Kinley is really getting excited about climbing and going down slides, so it was perfect for her to
mattandmariah · 103 days ago

Hi Everyone As I am quite sure you've figured out by now, we love our dogs very much.  So when one of them has a birthday, it's a cause for celebration in our house!   We have a family tradition where the birthday boy (or girl) gets to go with us to the pet store and pick one treat for himself, and
AmitandNatalie · 103 days ago

Our Children Absolutely LOVE babies and cannot wait to be a Big Brother and Big Sister to a new bundle of joy!  Here, they are getting some practice at Church.
jimandlaurinda · 104 days ago

Had a wonderful weekend enjoying the outdoors, Listening to the birds sing and watching the squirrels play. Went hiking on a few trails the area had. We hope one day we will be able to share this with a child.
jacobandmandy · 104 days ago

The holiday season has started in the Netherlands. The whole country is preparing for sint Nicolaas' birthday party. (the Dutch version of santa claus) Vincent does volunteer work for the saint Nicolas committee and this takes up most of his spare time for a few weeks in a row. The smiles of the lit
vincentandjos · 104 days ago

This week saw a new niece come into our family.  Jon's sister Emily had a baby girl named Olivia that everyone was excited to welcome into our family.  Olivia had an eventful birth by being delivered at Emily's house instead of at the hospital.  Emily's husband Bruce kept a cool head and helped deli
jonathananderica · 104 days ago

On November 11th, we celebrated Remembrance day in Canada, which is what we call our Veteran's Day.  It was a beautiful, warm November weekend to remember all those who have served our countries. 
wardandmelissa · 104 days ago

Had a relaxing weekend. Starting to get excited about our thanksgiving visit with my family. Missing them especially my nieces and nephews. Hope to one day bring a child of our own. YouTube micheleands
micheleandsteven · 104 days ago

We are leaving today on a family cruise - Mitch's parents, Heather's parents, and Heather's sister, brother in law, and the nephews!  We are celebrating Mitch's parents 50th anniversary - quite an accomplishment! - and Heather's sister and brother in law's 10th anniversary - not to shabby either!  W
mitchandheather · 105 days ago

Today is November 11 Remberance Day we have so much to be thankful for our freedom, our marriage, our jobs, our adoptive daughter, being able to adopt another child one day soon and so much more...As we sit here today we are thinking more and more about our family growing and can't wait for our fami
trevorandtracey · 106 days ago

This month is National Adoption Awareness Month and we have been doing our best to shine positive awareness with our story and our hopes! We treasure the experience we have had with adoption and what an amazing blessing it is. Adoption has touched so many lives and illustrates such unconditional lov
brianandbeth · 106 days ago

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