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This past week Ben picked up some beads and string to make bracelets. He thought a "family art night" would be a fun new tradition. The best part was seeing Sophie's look of determination as she tried to get the beads on her string. We plan to continue having family art nights and are excited to sha
benandkatie · 59 days ago

The night we arrived we had s'mores at a campground outside of Rexburg. It was Carson and Maci's first s'mores, and needless to say, they wanted s'more! The next morning we played at the Rexburg city park. They have a nice big splash pad and a full size carousel! After that we went to Yellowstone B
davidandsadie · 59 days ago

We spent the last two weekends camping in Frisco, Colorado.  Frisco is one of our favorite places to travel to because of the hiking, biking, snowshoeing, and the quaintness of the cute little town. We recently purchased stand-up paddle boards, and now we can take advantage of the enourmous lake too
dustinandangannette · 60 days ago

So our adoptive family profile went live a couple of days now we start the process of waiting.  We have read so many articles on how to manage the wait of the adoption process and we have started taking a few things to heart.  We have started taking small steps to adapt for this big change.
ryanandkhara · 61 days ago

We are a diverse household with many interests. Derek is Chinese and speaks conversational Cantonese. Jim was an Eagle Scout, the highest recognition in Boy Scouts. Our parents taught us to work hard, set expectations and achieve our dreams. We were both honors students in high school and college, a
derekandjim · 62 days ago

We've had a Great summer but now it is time for the school year to start.  The kids were excited for their first day of school, while Nyla and Haley are looking forward to spending some time together.  We are also looking forward to fall sports and activities.  We always love spending time with fami
chrisandhaley · 62 days ago

    This past weekend Katie was able to fly back to Minnesota for her college roommate's wedding. It was a wonderful day filled with laughter and joy, but extra special because the groom is from India.  To honor his culture, many of us wore sarees. We enjoyed Bollywood music, a delicious Indian buf
benandkatie · 63 days ago

Made a new friend at Costco. We would love to bring him home to meet the new edition of our family after we adopt. Considering adoption as an option we’d love to hear from you. email txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 63 days ago

Hello again! Brayden's interests are constantly evolving.  Recently, he introduced us to SnapChat.  I know what you're thinking..."what took you so long?!?"  Well the answer to that is simple...I don't know!  But better late than never!  For what it's worth, though, I'm glad we decided to give it a
AmitandNatalie · 64 days ago

This weekend we had brunch with Ward's parents to celebrate his dad's birthday and then took a walk to feed some ducks before they fly south for winter.
wardandmelissa · 64 days ago

Today was a beautiful day. There really is no other way to put it. Simply beautiful. It was both sunny and cloudy, and a comfortable 75 degrees. What could be better than going to a baseball game?! As fate would have it today was 'kids day' and all the kids got a free lunch, and got to run the bases
kentandrachelle · 64 days ago

Today was a beautiful day. There really is no other way to put it. Simply beautiful. It was both sunny and cloudy, and a comfortable 75 degrees. What could be better than going to a baseball game?! As fate would have it today was 'kids day' and all the kids got a free lunch, and got to run the bases
kentandrachelle · 64 days ago

This week on social media there were some posts about a mom taking the traditional back to school pictures of her kids, but she was the one that was overly excited for her kids to go back to school, and her kids were less than thrilled at their embarrassing mom! (
jonathananderica · 64 days ago

We had a great few days as a family when we joined our brother and his family during his holiday on a little island. We do this every year; sun, sea, camping; having fun together! We play with our nieces, grandma's dog, swim in the sea, eat ice creams :-) and take walks and bike rides around the isl
marcusandjane · 65 days ago

Dinner at our house. Love trying new dishes this was a big hit. Hummus crusted chicken with rice pilaf. email txt/call 646-650-8634  
micheleandsteven · 66 days ago

Taking an adventure to Disneyland monthly may sound like a lot to some people, but it would be amiss to not drive down often when we live less than an hour away as we are annual passholders. Each trip to Disneyland is never the same as we create adventures for each trip. Whether it’s going with the
derekandjim · 68 days ago

We took Tony's Dad to another one of our favorite spots.  We camped on the Blue Mesa Reservoir.  To us, it's a little bit of heaven on earth.  We cannot wait to share this place with our child one day!                                  
tonyandjess · 68 days ago

The past few weeks have been crazy filled with a lot of emotion. We met with a birth family that is not capable of taking care of their baby. The whole process was surreal. You meet these people, not knowing what to expect, and then after the meeting, you still don't know what you are feeling. It ha
jonathanandjessica · 69 days ago

Tonight we made an obstacle course in our back yard. You see, the kids have become somewhat obsessed with American Ninja Warrior and the Olympics. We had a balance beam, long jumps, a rope swing and a belly crawl. To put in simply, we had so much fun! We cheered each other on and timed each other to
kentandrachelle · 70 days ago

Last week we enjoyed an end of summer vacation with Matt's parents, brother, and sister and her family.  We went to King's Island and the new Ark Encounter in Kentucky.  Kinley rode her first ride in the kiddie park with her cousin, but her favorite part was the water park, of course!!  She went on
mattandmariah · 70 days ago

  We celebrated our 5th anniversary at the end of July! It was a beautiful sunny day and perfect for some sightseeing around the Puget Sound area. Brian's mom made us an anniversary cake and we enjoyed sharing it with family and friends. As we wait for a baby to be part of our lives, we look forward
brianandbreanna · 70 days ago

We had a busy week this week.  Melissa and our son Jack spent a few days with her parents at their house.  We had lots of fun and pie.  This weekend Ward's mother came to our house to babysit Jack so that we could go out for dinner and a movie.
wardandmelissa · 71 days ago

Early in the summer Jon and I spent a week in California with my family.  True to our tradition of visiting Disneyland almost every time we go to California, we went a few days early so we could spend time in the park!  We got to ride all the "big kid" rides like California Screamin' and the Matterh
jonathananderica · 71 days ago

Summertime is really for fun!  We felt like this was a quieter week, and in some regards it was, but still busy!   One of Jon's friends from junior high and high school has been living in Brazil for the last 10 years with his family and has recently moved back to the United States.  We got together
jonathananderica · 71 days ago

Jon and I are both work with the youth in our church congregation and every summer we spend a week going camping with them, helping them learn that life without cell phones and iPods (and in this case flushing toilets and showers) is possible, and in some cases even desirable.  The last week of July
jonathananderica · 71 days ago

This summer seems to have flown by. Only a few weeks left until my favorite season is behind us once again. It has been a wonderful summer with family and friends. Ryan and I spent four days along the west coast of Michigan on a mini-vacation, swimming in the lake. We had a few days with his mom's e
ryanandlauri · 72 days ago

Darrell and I recently had to say goodbye to our beloved cat, Tye.  Tye had been with Darrell for 16 years and a part of my life for the last six. While I'd never grown up around cats, he'd come with Darrell when we moved in together and I'd come to see him as part of the family.  It was a devastati
darrellandjoshua · 72 days ago

It's been a busy couple of weeks preparing for our niece's wedding.  Anne is a bridesmaid -- well techincally, I suppose she's a "brides matron" since she's married to me, but I don't think they make a distinction like that anymore. Anne is preparing for the bridal shower, bachelorette party and of
davidandanne · 72 days ago

  To everybody’s best friend happy birthday snoopy. Remembering watching the Peanuts when I was young. Can’t wait to watch it with a little one after we adopt.  
micheleandsteven · 74 days ago

WE DID IT!!! Thanks to everyone who stuck with us through this blogging challenge. It was a lot of fun and some very thought-provoking topics. On to our answer. I was thinking about a funny answer (about changing the toilet paper roll, about the next Star Wars movie coming out sooner, etc) but I tho
DavidandCarmen · 74 days ago

I don't think we can say it often enough: we love being outside. It's what refreshes and inspires us, and this summer, we've tried to soak up the sun as often as we could.    After borrowing Stand Up Paddle Boards from our friends earlier in the summer, we decided we couldn't live without them and e
ryanandashley · 74 days ago

Every morning, our day begins with reading. We have numerous shelves of books. As a couple, we have - what we call - our own "mini-bookclub." By reading the same literature, we’ve enhanced the bond with have with each other. We read both fiction and nonfiction. Some titles have included “The Hunger
derekandjim · 75 days ago

Last Saturday we took Tony's Dad up Bear Peak in Boulder.  We always share lots of laughs together, and it was great getting to the top!                 
tonyandjess · 75 days ago

Hi everyone Several months ago we learned that our oldest dog, Hunter, likely has a brain tumor.  Thankfully Natalie was there when he had his first seizure!  What a scary experience.  We are happy to report, though, that although he's slowed down dramatically, he's stable, happy, and for the most p
AmitandNatalie · 75 days ago

David's favorite beverage is water... between the better hydration, simplicity, and low cost, it's a perfect option. ;-) For a less generic drink, he likes Mountain Dew once in a while.Carmen's favorite drink is Diet Sierra Mist. It's no longer made and the "new version" that they made to replace it
DavidandCarmen · 76 days ago

Mark and Paulus go on summer holiday It's summer time! Well, in the Netherlands it's not always sunny in the summer months so we planned a trip to a continent where the sunshine is in abundance. We're going down under to Australia! First Stop: Hong Kong As the flight would take more than 20 hours al
markandpaulus · 76 days ago

It gets pretty hot here in Virginia!  We love staying cool in the summer by being in or around water as much as we can.  A few times this summer, we've been lucky enough to take a breezy ride on a friend's boat, play at the beach, or go for a cooling canoe ride down a lazy river.  When we stick aro
arinanddarcy · 76 days ago

We're almost to the end and this is the topic? You'd think this would have been one of the first ones. LOL!David doesn't really have any good nicknames... Dave, David, "hey you"... but nothing that really identifies him.Carmen has several cute nicknames... Carmie, Caramel, Becky (after the other nam
DavidandCarmen · 77 days ago

We just got back from a wonderful week up at the lake!  We spent the week with friends and had a great time boating, swimming, hiking, watching amazing sunsets and just relaxing.  We talked about how great of a place it is for a family trip.  We are so looking forward to one day go to the same lake
garyandandrea · 77 days ago

Carmen's biggest deal breakers are cruelty and exclusion. Because of her Treachers Collins Syndrome, she was commonly overlooked or excluded so she likes to make sure that others don't feel the way that she did.David's biggest deal breaker is a lack of communication. With all the problems and bad th
DavidandCarmen · 77 days ago

Saturday was a good day.  Brandon and I were able to spend the day with my dad at Gilmore Car Museum.  There were over 700 antique cars that we were able to look at and hear the stories behind some of them.  It was really nice to see the heritage that they left behind to their children.  It was also
bvanstrien · 77 days ago

In this post, which we hope to turn into a series, we want to introduce you to our hobbies. Let's start with Marna's love of gardening. We have a big yard with a couple of garden plots in the back and a garden in the front. While Marna specifically plants certain items, our garden can also lead to s
elizabethandmarna · 78 days ago

  Loved going to amusement parks as a child. Here are a few smaller ones in and around NYC that we would love to bring a little one. YouTube
micheleandsteven · 78 days ago

Real life cannot be summarized to a nice blog post or Tweet. Real life is the messy stuff that many of us NEVER post on social media. Real life is a messy house. This has been our “real life” for the past 6 months. Can't wait for the basement to be done so it's safe and clean for our little one to p
DavidandCarmen · 78 days ago

We had a great time Saturday visiting family at a nearby lake.  It was a beautiful, warm sunny day and the water was perfect.  Our son Jack recently decided that he likes fishing and was able to practice casting off the dock. 
wardandmelissa · 78 days ago

We moved Chase into his "big boy" room a while ago, and I decided to get in and clean up the nursery a bit this weekend. Long before Chase's birthmom decided on us, we had decided that we wanted to do a yellow and grey/elephants theme in the nursery. We bought the first stuffed elephant literally ye
johnandsara · 79 days ago

Hands down – Carmen’s favorite dessert is ice cream. She says she always has room for ice cream. ;-)David has a hard time narrowing it down to just one, but will typically go for anything that's not chocolate as he's sensitive to chocolate. Can't wait to share our desserts with our little one! :-)#a
DavidandCarmen · 79 days ago

Kevin and I have been enjoying spending time with our nieces and nephews this summer. We decided that while we await the adoption process and wait to be placed, that we wanted to really spend time with the other kids in our life. Let me tell you that tt has been a joy and so much fun being able to s
kevinandamy · 80 days ago

Last weekend we camped at Turquoise Lake with our friends, their children, and Tony's Dad.  It was a fun, relaxing time!         Jess, Tony's Dad, and our dogs     Tony, Tony's Dad, and Jess spent some time on Sunday walking around the lake.      We took turns paddling our kayak on the lake.  Ou
tonyandjess · 80 days ago

Carmen would probably try to rescue all of her scrapbooks. They hold so many memories and took a lot of time and effort to create. David has thought about this over the years and would probably save his computer. Between the pictures and writings on it, there's also quite a bit of memories and month
DavidandCarmen · 81 days ago

  I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream NYC opens up the first ice cream museum.  Now that’s our kind of museum. YouTu
micheleandsteven · 81 days ago

  Listening to music with Steve’s dad and a friend at our local park. YouTube email txt/call 646-650-8634  
micheleandsteven · 81 days ago

Carmen would choose the ability to fly. She is afraid of heights so she feels that if she could fly, the fear of heights would go out the window. David would choose the power of duplication... it sure would have helped the basement to go faster. ;-)#adoption #birthmom #birthmomsrock #HopingToAdopt60
DavidandCarmen · 82 days ago

Yesterday we had a wonderful day.  We met our neighbors across the street from us who just moved in.  They are a wonderful couple.  They have three kids, 13 year old girl, 10 year old boy, and a seven month old boy.  We had a nice conversation with them and getting to know them.  Their 13 year old g
bvanstrien · 82 days ago

We love to have adventures, and the DC area, where we live, always has something to offer. When we heard that the U.S. Botanical Garden's corpse flower, which only blooms every few years at most, was in blossom this week, we knew we had to go. Since the corpse flower peaks for only about 24 hours be
elizabethandmarna · 82 days ago

The journey and memories that we experience in the adoption process will be something we share with our children. We believe our kids should grow up knowing that their biological parent(s) loved them so much to make the courageous decision to consider adoption. We come from big families so it's impo
derekandjim · 82 days ago

Carmen would just like to travel more – Iceland is the most recent place on her list along with California, Outerbanks in NC, Niagra Falls, Ireland, England….Lots of travel!David thinks this will be another trite answer considering where we're posting it, but his has been to have and raise a child f
DavidandCarmen · 83 days ago

There are so many people we admire that it's hard to narrow it down to just one choice. We both admire people like the Olympians who spend countless hours devoted to working hard to better themselves and work towards a greater goal. David's added that he admires anyone who is willing to put themselv
DavidandCarmen · 84 days ago

Last week we were in France - we enjoyed the food so much! We were accompanied by friends and their children, it was lovely! 
karstenandwienke · 84 days ago

We had fun this weekend creating a video in which we tell more about ourselves, which you can watch on our profile. Chris also uploaded two videos in which he sings (and dances) with his singing groups.
chrisandtobias · 85 days ago

When Carmen was younger, she wanted to be either a teacher or something in the medical field. She got her degree in Early Childhood Education but never really went into that field. She enjoys her current career but has found herself being pulled back to education. She loves helping others learn new
DavidandCarmen · 85 days ago

We had so much fun hosting Ethan’s older sister – who’s 8 months pregnant – for 10 days at our home. With Jeff’s cooking, Ethan’s brotherly support, and Ziva’s company, we took great care of the mother-to-be. We can’t wait to meet her little one soon and she can’t wait for her baby to have a little
ethanandjeff · 85 days ago

Well we did it! We made another long trip to and from Iowa to visit grandpa, grandma, auntie and uncles. We swam everyday, played games, and hung out all together until late in the evening. In the morning we made waffles and sausages to prepare for another day of swimming and fun. We couldn't help b
kentandrachelle · 85 days ago

We went to our first baseball game since Evan was just a baby. We went to the Dow Diamond and saw the Great Lakes Loons with his cousins. It was on our 8th anniversary and my niece had our name put on the scoreboard!  It was such a fun day!  
PeteandSarah · 86 days ago

We had the great opportunity to attend a family with over 170 people invited!  Pete's grandmother had 12 siblings and every few years they all get together at the family farm. What a fun day with good food, fun memories and waterballoons!    
PeteandSarah · 86 days ago

And just like that, July is almost over.   We've been enjoying a summer on-the-go.  We were in New Orleans in the first part of the month, taking in the sights of a city that is a fantastic blend of so many different cultures.  From museums to river walks, impromptu street parades to the streetcars,
darrellandjoshua · 87 days ago

This summer we are spending a lot of time thinking about our future as dads. We noticed that in our profile book we did not comment on how we are planning to spend our time at home. We will both spend significant time as "stay at home daddies". We uploaded a letter about this on our main profile.  
chrisandtobias · 87 days ago

July has been a busy fun month! We were able to spend 5 days at the lake with many of our friends! Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and we had lots of rain, so not very much beach time. It was well worth it to watch Kalissa have fun though, despite the weather. We did have a little bit of
travisandshannon · 87 days ago

One of the things we really love about our community is that the people enjoy getting together and being outside. Each summer, our town hosts "ShowDown Town Concerts in the Park". It's a great time to catch up with friends and neighbors as we listen to music and watch kids play.    The picture below
ryanandashley · 88 days ago

MarkLetty · 88 days ago

MarkLetty · 88 days ago

For the past week I have went outside in the morning and look out in the field and see geese.  As the week has gone by the geese have been growing in numbers.  Today there looked to be around 25 geese.  Also this week, Beth and her parents went blueberry picking.  Beth picked two icecream buckets of
bvanstrien · 88 days ago

We're going on a fun camping trip with our church and we found out that there is no Wi-Fi on the site so we're going to have a few day break from blogging. See you soon!
DavidandCarmen · 89 days ago

Our little man wants to be like his daddy so much. I thought this was a sweet snapshot of my boys "at work"... :)
johnandsara · 89 days ago

In the process of writing my portfolio, I found that it was hard to describe typical days of my life. I'm excited about this blog as a place to show that my life isn't shiny vacations but real, messy days that together create the life that I've chosen! This weekend, I got to pick tomatoes from the g
annlyn_adopts · 89 days ago

Carmen just admitted a quirk that she had to David and now he cannot stop teasing her about it. The volume on the TV must be at an even number…she also loves wearing flip flops with socks.David has a lot of quirks but most are mild... he likes to tell "dad jokes" (the super-corny ones that only kids
DavidandCarmen · 90 days ago

Grandpa decided to let all the grandkids have a turn at learning how to "drive". "Sunshine" absolutely loved it!!          
steveandleeann · 90 days ago

This weekend we went to visit with our family’s for the Holiday. Parades, carnival rides, playing at the park, fireworks, and BBQ’s to name a few things we did!   “Sunshine” loved all the bouncy houses, and playing with her cousins!     Steve took on LeeAnn’s brother in a pushup contest at the park
steveandleeann · 90 days ago

This past weekend we took a short backpacking trip.  We got to enjoy each other and the beauty of God's creation.     We loaded up our tent and sleeping bags and went on a search for the best camping spot.       We found the perfect spot right by the river.       After getting situated and having
dustinandangannette · 91 days ago

Carmen would love a dog but she is highly allergic to them. What a bummer! Carmen’s sisters and parents have dogs – Sophie Lynn, Pippilotta Louise, and Maddie Louise – aren’t they adorable!?! David has never had a real pet of his own so that's a hard topic. While he would like a pet, allergies hav
DavidandCarmen · 91 days ago

Carmen’s all-time favorite TV show is probably Big Brother. She is really enjoying it this year as they changed the game a bit this year. David's has a lot of favorite TV shows that he's watched in his life so it's hard to pick just one. One great thing about cable (with a DVR) and Netflix is that y
DavidandCarmen · 92 days ago

We've had a busy and fun couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, we had our daughter's birth mother stay with us for an overnight visit. She was able to see the town our daugther will be raised in and to meet some of our friends and their children.Last week we travelled to Binder Park Zoo to have fun with G
markandstaci · 92 days ago

  Dreaming starting a family through adoption. Family is who provides conditional love and support to each other. YouTube email txt/call 646-650-8634  
micheleandsteven · 92 days ago

This past weekend we camped at Lake Dillon.  We spent some time on the water and hiking up Tenderfoot Mountain.  It was a great way to spend a weekend!                        
tonyandjess · 92 days ago

Carmen’s person is David and David's is Carmen (of course!). What does this topic even mean? LOL! David is dedicated, hot, and loves Jesus. Carmen is sweet, thoughtful, and generous to a fault, even when she had almost nothing to give. ‪#‎adoption‬ ‪#‎birthmom‬ ‪#‎birthmomsrock‬ ‪#‎HopingToAd
DavidandCarmen · 92 days ago

I have to take a minute and brag on my husband, David.    I am a really good cook...most of the time anyways.  Tonight, was the exception.  I completely burned our dinner.  It was not edible in the slightest.  And I didn't have enough ingredients to start over again.   I started to get upset, mostly
davidandanne · 92 days ago

It's been a great summer so far.  Here are some photos to show what we've been up to:   We've done a lot of hiking here in Colorado.     We purchased fun blow up boats/rafts...     ...and have enjoyed taking them to various lakes.     We discovered a new favorite camping spot!       Dustin and I
dustinandangannette · 92 days ago

Hi everyone Summer is in full swing, and every day is a new opportunity to find exciting ways to spend time together as a family.  With that in mind, we decided to see what Pokemon GO is all about while Amit is at work.  With water bottles and cell phone in hand, we hopped in the car and headed out
AmitandNatalie · 92 days ago

By now you know that we are finishing our basement and while this process happens, many boxes and tubs are being stored in our kitchen. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that it's almost done, it's almost done... it's almost done. LOL! #adoption #birthmom #birthmomsrock #HopingToAdopt60Days #
DavidandCarmen · 94 days ago

Both sides of our families are so excited to watch our family grow, and they can't wait to meet the little one that gets placed with us. Whenever they ask us how the adoption process is going, we always tell them to pray for the birth mom that is meant to connect with us. Please know that our entire
ryanandashley · 95 days ago

Carmen would like to visit Europe again but would also like to visit the West coast. We love to travel so any trip we take is very fun!David wants to rent an RV at some point in the future and drive to every state in the continent on a major road trip with the family. #adoption #birthmom #birthmomsr
DavidandCarmen · 95 days ago

Carmen would consider herself to be a mixture of both. She can be very shy until she gets to know you better. This is something that she struggles with and is working on getting better at this.Similarly, David is commonly an introvert but has some extroverted tendencies. Go figure that two shy, outg
DavidandCarmen · 96 days ago

That would require one to read, wouldn’t it?  Carmen doesn’t like to read a lot of books. She has read a lot of books in the past, but with life getting busy, it's harder to read for pleasure.  David's favorite author is Dean Koontz. He found his books while he was working the night shift in a call
DavidandCarmen · 97 days ago

Hi there, little one. It's been a while since we last wrote letters to both you and your mom, but we think of you each and every day. Though we haven't had the chance your meet either of you just yet, your pops and I are holding out hope the chance will come very soon. We don't yet know when your mo
johnanddane · 97 days ago

Given all the hot weather lately, David and I decided to make a trip up to Ipswich to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the area: Crane Beach.  Although the water was still pretty cold, it was great to just relax and leisurely walk along the gorgeous white sand beach.  Crane Beach probably
davidandlora · 97 days ago

Carmen believes that the hardest thing she’s ever done was go through fertility treatments. The shots, appointments, hormones, emotions, struggles are all overwhelming when you think about it. As our adoption journey wait continues to lengthen, we cannot help be reflect on the past 6 years of trying
DavidandCarmen · 97 days ago

Last weekend was very special for Jane. She had a farewell party with her best (girl) friends! One of them is leaving for Houston, Texas for two years with her family. We celebrated with a homemade lunch, farewell songs and a boat trip through the canals of the old Dutch city Delft. Amongst some tea
marcusandjane · 98 days ago

This summer we have been working hard on turning our backyard into an awesome place to play! The plans for this year are to build a new swing set and lay a sidewalk around the whole yard for bikes, scooters, chalk drawings and racing fun! I love that Steve gets so excited about new projects, and lov
steveandleeann · 98 days ago

Just got back from a vacation with friends. We had such a good time running around with our kids adn staying up way too late. It was an amazing time, and yet we felt a longing in our hearts thinking about our child that has not yet come home. We thought about where we would put another bed when sett
kentandrachelle · 98 days ago

Carmen’s pet peeves are crunchy or noisy things (are you sensing a theme here? –see Day 35 and 37). Unnecessarily crabby people are another big pet peeve for Carmen. One of David's pet peeves is when Carmen yells at him for eating crunchy foods. ;-) In all seriousness, not many things bother David s
DavidandCarmen · 99 days ago

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