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Jack and I both grew up on farms. We are so grateful that we have been able to start our own farm in the last few years. Farming teaches us so many lessons and helps us to keep the craziness of life in perspective. The things you learn about and deal with on a farm can be heartwarming such as hatchi
jackandnikki · 37 days ago

Brynn and I have been enjoying the winter days together!  We always seem to find something fun to do when she’s not in school. Today we went sledding for the second time this week in our backyard. It’s fun to get outside and run around together even in the cold. Our dog Griffin even got in on the fu
davidandelizabeth · 38 days ago

Last night was just a typical Wednesday night. I got home from work and fit a quick workout in then Jack and I sat and talked. After Jack fixed us a wonderful supper of Italian orzo we each snuggled up in the living room to relax after the long day. With the weather being so cold here lately relaxin
jackandnikki · 38 days ago

Good Morning on this beautiful day where the sun is shinning in Michigan!  The Holidays were very busy for us but very fun as our daughter Emma is more interactive this year. It was a fun, and stressful  time but we enjoyed it, but are also happy that it is done with. It's nice to be able to relax a
kevinandamy · 38 days ago

Matt's mother, Diane, aka as "Grandma" had a birthday we got to celebrate recently. As the birthday girl, she chose dinner at a restaurant on the golf course up in Erie. It was a beautiful night to celebrate a beautiful lady, we all had a great time together. And let me just add there is nothing 'mi
mattanddaniela · 39 days ago

aaronkimadopt · 39 days ago

We have been working on our nursery room. It isn't finished yet, but we are very happy with the results thus far. It is very nice to imagine we will be able to parent a child somewhere in the future, and this will be his or her room. We can't wait to meet him or her.    We have tried to get the pict
yuanandmichiel · 39 days ago

The months October, November and December went by ever so quickly. We had great times with our family and friends, especially during the holiday season. Also, we reached out to HoAA and had a good talk with Meredith. We decided we would start on our nursery room in the new year. We are very excited
yuanandmichiel · 39 days ago

In 2017 Jos his grandparents moved to Switserland. They moved because they're both 92 years old and because grandpa is a native swiss guy they could live in a beautiful elderly home with all the care and joyful moments a 92 year old need. They now live close to Jos his aunt and nephew. For us having
vincentandjos · 40 days ago

We took what my (Sarah's) family calls a "rubber band trip" this weekend- a road trip, stay over night, and then road trip home.  Sometimes my parents do this when they visit us from Vermont to see a show we're in or directing.  The drive isn't really pleasant since it's so long, but we always have
sarahandandrew · 40 days ago

This weekend Travis and I went to a wedding in Florida. My friend from high school got married and it was a mini high school reunion. It was so wonderful to see so many old friends and spend some time catching up on our lives these past few years. We also took the chance to see some of the sights in
travisandellen · 40 days ago

Yesterday we celebrated our day honoring a great man! We went to the library where they had a craft for the kids to do to honor and remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The library also had a reinactment of his "I have a dream..." speech too. We feel thankful that we live in a city that recognizes th
ChadandGabrielle · 40 days ago

We welcomed the New Year while in Italy. We had an amazing time exploring Rome, Naples and the country side of Tuscany. The highlight of our trip was doing a cooking class in Tuscany and hiking to a medieval town. We can’t wait until we’re able to take trips like this as a family.  
johnandcarley · 40 days ago

Loving some quality cooking time with this guy! ❤️ For us it’s more about the time together than hoe good it turns out. But when it turns out well, that’s an added bonus!
aaronkimadopt · 41 days ago

Our weekend started out with not too many plans but that all quickly changed. Friday night we got a call from our 3 year old niece. She wanted us to go out to eat at our favorite restaurant with her and the rest of the family so of course we ditched our quiet night in for some family time and good f
jackandnikki · 41 days ago

My parents imigrated to the United States in the 1940's.  They met here and were in their 30's when they married and began a family together.  They worked hard becoming citizens, learning to speak fluent English and both working to establish and maintain a loving comfortable home for themselves and
bretandjean · 41 days ago

Tonight, the family got together and had a send off dinner for Shane before he leaves for spring training. Meet Kristen and Shane (pictured below), parents to Nash and one on the way! Shane works for the Rockies and will soon be leaving for about two and a half months to go to spring training with t
garrettandmason · 42 days ago

This weekend we had a little getaway down in Denver! We stayed the night in a really cool, historic hotel and went to a comedy show. We had the greatest night full of laughter, not to mention a really great dinner at a restaurant called Tupelo Honey. We have actually eaten there before when we were
garrettandmason · 42 days ago

Today we had lunch with Vincent's family at the beach in Zandvoort. It was a lovely day and it was very nice to catch up with each other. The weather was nice and sunny, so we had a wonderful stroll along the beach afterwards!  
vincentandsheila · 42 days ago

I love my job as teach for many reasons.  I enjoy working with young people on a daily basis and watching them grow throughout the school year.  I also enjoy the variety, yet predictability the school day provides.  Justin enjoys selling real estate because he loves meeting and working with new peop
justinandsara · 44 days ago

It's so odd to think that we're just waiting for our match. We've experienced so many years of trying, losing and healing that it's an overwhelming feeling to know that you're so close to your heart's goal of being a parent. Each day I find myself rushing to check my email so that I can announce any
alexandnicole · 44 days ago

This past weekend one of greatest gifts turned 7! We cannot believe 7 years have gone by since we received the phone call telling us we would be parents:).  We celebrated his birthday with many of his friends at a indoor bounce house place. He ran around like a crazy man and loved every minute of be
ChadandGabrielle · 45 days ago

November 2017:   We are officially a waiting family!   It is an amazing feeling to finally be on the road to growing our family through adoption! After almost 5 years of struggling with infertility the last several months of research and information meetings and paperwork to begin the adoption proce
joshuaandrachael · 45 days ago

We are now officially done with all of our Christmas parties this year  We had a good time with Beth's family on New Years Day as Brandon made bbq ribs and Beth's sister-in-law made brisket.  We had a wonderful time playing outside on Beth's parents snowmobile and pulling the kids on a sled. Since t
brandonandbethany · 46 days ago

Man, Decembers are busy, but they're always a blast. I love how Hanukkah and Christmas kind of bleed together. We get so much lights going on in our place!   Most of the month is a collection of concerts, dinner, and outings with friends. We ended up going to my parents for Christmas, stayed there
danandsara · 47 days ago

Christmas Day was spent with Andy's family this year.  Lila and her two cousins had a ton of fun opening presents and playing with new toys!  Lila especially loves her colorful new maracas.  We spent New Years Eve at Sarah's parents' house up north, where the temperatures reached a bitter -22 degree
sarahandandrew · 47 days ago

We survived the recent winter storm and cold that came through South Carolina. In our area, we received more ice than snow, but the bitter cold lasted for more than a week. Even our pond was almost completely frozen, leaving the poor ducks with only a small area to swim. It was fun watching our neig
erickaandjonathan · 47 days ago

It's getting cold here in the Netherlands and while it's a bit annoying when you need to get outside, it's cozy inside our home. We bought our house in june last year so we hadn't had a good chance to try out the fireplace. But with the cold weather outside, it's perfect to lit op the fireplace and
vincentandjos · 48 days ago

Happy New Year! It's crazy how fast the last year has gone by! Here I am again in the midst of another decluttering challenge. This is the second year I'm doing it and the whole goal of it is 'progress not perfection'. I love being able to bless someone else with something that we no longer have a n
mattanddaniela · 48 days ago

Rebecca and Braden took a trip to the pumpkin patch with some friends and brought a few pumpkins back home for us to carve into Jack-o-Lanterns.  We have a good time deciding how to carve our pumpkins each year.  Good memories!
jimandrebecca · 48 days ago

We went on a camping trip with Rebecca's family right before the weather turned colder.  We enjoy fall camping!  Sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows, taking bike rides and going on nature walks are things we love to do when we camp. Braden had fun using Rebecca's camera to take picture
jimandrebecca · 48 days ago

Chloe is fortunate to have a close relationship with her cousins, especially the ones that live in our neighborhood -- Makenzie (9), Alisha (6), and Zachary (6m).  We do so many of our fun activities as a family and put great emphasis on nurturing those bonds.  She also has three cousins who live in
ryanandtanya · 49 days ago

This year during the Christmas season, we really wanted our kids to understand the true meaning of Christmas. So, we got a jar and filled it with service ideas and picked one out and did something every day to help someone else. One of our favorite activities was making dinner for and serving it to
barrieandmartha · 49 days ago

We stopped at the bookstore this weekend and decided to start a little library for our future child. Jack and I both grew up with our parents reading to us and these early memories that we have are filled with love and laughter and we want to make memories like that with our future child. We believe
jackandnikki · 49 days ago

This month marks a year that we have been “waiting”. Waiting for God to reveal His plan for our family. I would be lying if I said any part of this was easy. I would also be lying if I said I never wanted to give up. But those are fleeting thoughts during moments of weakness and I am quickly reminde
aaronkimadopt · 50 days ago

I spent Thanksgiving 2017 in NY with my extended family.  We celebrated the holiday at my aunt’s place in Brooklyn.   For Christmas this year, instead of my regular tree, I decided to put up a very smallllll but cute Christmas tree which fit right on my counter! I will definitely put up and decorate
natasha_adopts · 51 days ago

The weather has been pretty bitter cold for the last couple of weeks here in Missouri but thanks to Jack's spicy cooking and our fireplace we have been warm and cozy!             
jackandnikki · 51 days ago

Happy New Year! Doug and I didn't do much for New Year's this year. We stayed in, watched the ball drop, drank hot chocolate and enjoyed the last few hours of 2017 together with our dog and cat. While were were able to stay awake, they just couldn't make it to midnight! 
douglasandheather · 52 days ago

Our boys are active in scouting, participating all year round in camping and other adventure activities while cultivating long lasting scout skills and friendships.  There is an annual holiday pizza lunch followed by a scavenger hunt downtown.  The boys break up into teams and learn history and expl
mandiandlaurie · 52 days ago

Thanksgiving for us is a time of family gatherings and reflecting on what we are thankful for.  We shared family time in North Carolina and Virginia sharing stories, laughter and precioius time.  We appreciate every moment together and hope to add to our family!
mandiandlaurie · 52 days ago

    Hello! While we have been away from this blog for awhile we have been celebrating the holidays with our family, now things are back to "norm". We had many Christmas celebrations with our families and also with Zekiel's birthfamily. We are so thankful for all that special time! We also had an ea
ChadandGabrielle · 52 days ago

It was so nice to fly home this December to be with our families over the Christmas and New Year holidays! It's something we do every Christmas season and we always look forward to spending time with the people most important in our lives.   Since our parents live nearby each other it is easy to sp
eddieandkim · 53 days ago

The boys often ask for breakfast in bed so we made that happen over Christmas break. It’s such a simple thing but they were overjoyed with eating in their bed! Marshall loves to help and he was given some kid-friendly knives for Christmas so he can still help safely! He helped me chop some vegetable
aaronkimadopt · 53 days ago

Here we are, a little over a week after Christmas. Christmas is a big deal in our family. For many reasons. First of all, we celebrate the birth of our King, and the Christmas story is frequently talked about in our home. Secondly, it's a time of gift-giving and a time to be with family.  We spent p
Chrisandchristine · 53 days ago

We love the holiday season - from Halloween to New Year's Eve, it is the best and most fun time of the year. All the decorations, lights, food make our home and everything around special. But the most special thing is of course being with family. This year we had a unique opportunity to have both Da
darrenandnatasha · 53 days ago

How we know that we are meant do adopt..... Yesterday we got a call from our agency with a possible adoption. We cannot stop talking about the child that needs a forever home. We cannot stop smiling! We check our email constantly, waiting for the next step in the process to see if we will match.  We
jonathanandjessica · 53 days ago

It's that time of the year again! We always look forward to Christmas as it's that time of the year to gather with our loved ones, have good food and really just to pause and reflect on the year that passed.Below some pics of the festivities.First up was a Christmas dinner with friends. Everyone com
markandpaulus · 53 days ago

Today, Garrett started back to work after the holiday, so since I still have one more day off of work, Mom, Dad, and I decided to check out a place called Swetsville. It's a place I notice every time I make a run to Costco. Turns out, the place that I thought looked kind of strange is actually total
garrettandmason · 54 days ago

So last Sunday it was New Year’s Eve and we organized a party at our home for friends and family. We had some good laughs and a lot of traditional food. We also organized a pubquiz in which four teams had to compete to see who had the most knowledge about 2017! At midnight we went outside to greet o
vincentandjos · 55 days ago

The other day we gave the girls their bath in the morning since we were going to go out on a date that evening. I, Daniela, was finishing up brushing Emily's hair when Madilyn who was already done came into the bathroom and showed me a picture she had drawn while in the loft. I asked her if I could
mattanddaniela · 55 days ago

Mason's parents and her sister and her husband came to visit us this year for New Year's! On New Year's Eve, we drove to the Loveland Ski Area for a day of skiing and snowboarding. Mason, Maddie (her sister), and I skied while Todd (her Dad), and Shawn (Maddie's husband) tried their hands at snowboa
garrettandmason · 55 days ago

Jay and Alvin spent the evening with friends and family.  We brought in the the new year with a New Year's Day breakfast!  Have a great new year!   From Alvin and Jay
alvinandjohn · 55 days ago

Today is the first day of a brand new year. In 2017 we had a lot of good times with our family and friends. New members were added through marriage, babies being born and new friendships being forged. We also lost a couple that will be missed but we know that they are looking down on us from heaven
jackandnikki · 55 days ago

Happy New Year! We welcomed 2018 together at home with Freddy. I cooked a delicious steak and we talked about our resolutions. Our biggest hope this year is to expand our family through adoption, but of course that is every adoptive family's wish. Our town hosts a family friendly First Night celebra
travisandellen · 55 days ago

New Year’s weekend was spent with Justin’s family celebrating Christmas and spending time together.  His family lives six hours away and we look forward to trips to visit them.  Rylan loves his cousins and playing with them.  Some highlights from our tip included opening Christmas presents, going bo
justinandsara · 55 days ago

There is always something magical about the first snowfall of winter and this year it came at the perfect time; the day before Christmas Eve.  Justin and Rylan were excited to bundle up and get outside to play in the fresh white blanket that covered the ground.  They also got the sleds out and spent
justinandsara · 55 days ago

Last weekend we went to Antwerp for a few days. We had a great time, looking around, going out for dinner and visting a church.
jorritandmarlou · 55 days ago

Love time together and thankful for supportive family that enjoys time with the kiddos so we can have some alone time! We are firm believers in working at our marriage because without a strong marriage, we can’t be good parents. So, sushi and quality alone time it is!
aaronkimadopt · 56 days ago

As the Holiday's come and go, we are thankful for all the blessings of the season.  Christmas started off with an unveiling of our newly renovated Church along with a live nativity.  This presenattion was done by the children of the parish, 8 years old and younger.  What a wonderful way to teach the
bretandjean · 56 days ago

Christmas has come and gone, and we have great memories to take with us from this holiday season.  PRE-CHRISTMAS We hosted our out-of-town family Christmas and it was a total success. Instead of buying each other gifts, we all decided to pitch in and assemble some bags to hand out to the homeless an
danielandelina · 57 days ago

We were able to spend a few days in Northeast Pennsylvania.  We enjoyed Amy's family and a quiet, snowy day with a fire.  Wishing you a happy and peaceful 2018!    
adrianandamy6233 · 57 days ago

For Christmas, Amy's family bakes a lot of cookies.  Here is a sample of Amy's contribution this year...   And here is a glimpse of the Tower of Cookies...and to think, Amy's mom forgot to bring hers!  
adrianandamy6233 · 57 days ago

Christmas and come and gone and it was a great celebration.  We enjoyed our first Christmas in our new house and Ben was pleased to see that Santa still found him at a different house :) We put up two Christmas trees this year in hopes of making our new house feel extra cozy and festive. In addition
chadandkrista · 57 days ago

So, here is the thing. We can't wait to find you! We can't wait to find out your interests, preferences and likes. We know this is a big process to you and want to give you little updates and more information on us and how our days, weeks and Holidays feel. Then, if our life feels right for your lit
jenniferandtrevor · 58 days ago

We didn't get a chance to make cookies before Christmas so we decided this would be a great indoor activity on this super cold and snowy day.  Better late than never, right? Honestly, I would just rather eat the cookie dough than actually bake the sugar cookies!  #sprinkleseverywhere
aaronkimadopt · 58 days ago

Merry Christmas from Jack and Nikki and our families. We spent a lot of time visiting all of our families and we got snow just in time to have a white Christmas.   God Bless!
jackandnikki · 58 days ago

alvinandjohn · 59 days ago

The Dutch celebrate Christmas too and we are, by my knowing, the only country with a second Christmas day. Christmas afternoon and eve we spent together with Jos his close family. Vincent’s mother also joined in. We had a great afternoon and evening and had raclette for dinner and enjoyed a alcohol
vincentandjos · 60 days ago

Christmas is always a magical time. I wish I could relive Christmas through the eyes and heart of a child. Their innocence and pure joy during this time is heart-warming. We got to spend a few days at my parent's house (Kim's), came home on Christmas Eve so that we could be here for Christmas mornin
aaronkimadopt · 60 days ago

We are visiting my husbands family over winter break, and we are celebrating my birthday at the same time. We are having a great time, but I cannot stop thinking about how to answer the question....What do you want for your birthday? I want to grow our family. I want to adopt a child. My husband ask
jonathanandjessica · 60 days ago

One more photo from Christmas. On our way home from Christmas Eve church we saw this crab pot Christmas tree and had to take a picture. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  
travisandellen · 60 days ago

Over the weekend we got together to celebrate Christmas with out families. Whenever our families get together we always have fun. We spent the holiday eating good food, exchanging gifts, playing games, having a silly string fight and laughing at stories of past Christmas memories. Both of our famili
douglasandheather · 60 days ago

These past couple of days have been pretty relaxing for the most part.  The Friday before Christmas we had the privilege of spending it with David's birthmom and her family.  That is the picture you see on the right.  We had a good time relaxing with them and just being family.  David had a really g
brandonandbethany · 60 days ago

This Christmas was one for the books! We had an awesome few days spending time with family! Our family loves to play games almost as much as we love spending time together. There is always so much laughter and joy. Garrett's sister and her fiance, who live in Texas, flew up to be with the fam for Ch
garrettandmason · 60 days ago

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours!! We are enjoying the holidays with much time spent with family and friends and we pray you are enjoying your holidays too!  
kevinandamy · 60 days ago

The kids have been waiting and waiting for it to snow and it finally did! What perfect timing because we were able to have a white Christmas! The boys went out and had fun playing in the snow, plowing driveways, and they were able to have the annual silly string fight. It was SUPER cold so they coul
aaronkimadopt · 61 days ago

Merry Christmas! This past month has been filled with family, love and laughter. From a trip to Magic Kingdom/Epcot to see the beautiful light displays and to experience different Christmas traditions around the world to Christmas Eve and Christmas spent with our friends and family it's easy to say
johnandcarley · 61 days ago

Christmas day... the day set aside to celebrate the birth of our Lord so long ago in Bethlehem. As we opened gifts this morning, we talked about how God gave us the greatest gift when Jesus was born. We didn't deserve it, could never earn it, yet He gave anyway because He loves us so much; me, you,
mattanddaniela · 62 days ago

Merry Christmas!! Here are some photos of our celebration. We are so blessed to have the love and support of each other, friends and family.  Our Family Christmas Photo. Including one dog, Luke, who wandered through. Missing Blair and his fiance Liz who spent Christmas with Liz's family.    Ellen di
travisandellen · 62 days ago

Merry Christmas! We are off to Ward's parents' farm to visit Grandma, Grandpa and cousins. We are very excited to see everyone and enjoy the holiday.
wardandmelissa · 62 days ago

Christmas is a time for giving.  To us this does not mean going shopping and just purchasing random gifts for those on our list.  It means finding that special gift for each person and even more special if it is something we can make. Bret designed and made a figurine for me the Christmas right afte
bretandjean · 63 days ago

One of my family traditions I did with my father was to lay wreaths at family graves at Christmas to remember and honor those no longer with us. Now that my father is no longer with us, I've carried on this tradition and continue to lay wreaths in honor of my father, grandfather, great grandfather a
travisandellen · 63 days ago

I can't believe that we are only 3 days away from Christmas!  Work has been a whirlwind for us both.  We had our school concert this past Wednesday and my students were wonderful!  I was worried about how many would show up, as many have been in and out in the last two weeks with colds and flus.  (T
meghanandjeff · 65 days ago

We dream of the day that we can welcome a child into our hearts and home through adoption!  As we excitedly go through this journey, we cannot help but think of names that we would love for a future child.  Here are a few!   Girl Isabelle Gabriella McKenzie   Boy Gabriel Elijah Noah   We also couldn
nicholasandmelissa · 66 days ago

We wanted to share some fun facts about us!  Melissa Favorite Foods:  Chocolate, all vegetables, pizza, buffalo chicken wings Favorite Musician/Band:  Elton John!  Favorite Movies: Just Married, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, A Christmas Story,  Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, most d
nicholasandmelissa · 66 days ago

We really try to make an effort to spend one-on-one time with each child. Today I got to spend some time with Marshall at his preschool Christmas party. His class sang us some songs (and by sing I mean shake some bells and move their mouths like they know the words) and then we decorated cookies. Le
aaronkimadopt · 66 days ago

We've had a fun week even though we all managed to catch little colds during the last few days. We've given out Christmas cards and treats to teachers, skipped the gingerbread house decorating party (since we were sick) and had our own little party instead. We made the ginger bread and icing, built
mattanddaniela · 66 days ago

This week we have been baking a lot of Christmas cookies. We are carrying on the cookie tradition of Ellen's grandmother. We can only eat so many ourselves so the bounty gets spread around to our friends, family and coworkers. This year we baked two kinds of gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, and a
travisandellen · 66 days ago

Had a great time last night getting to watch ol' Mizzou for the first time this season. Go Tigers!
jackandnikki · 67 days ago

 It's official now! Sharing our lives and supporting each other when it gives us it's ups and downs for over 12.5 years. Sharing our names since we are husbands now. And now .......(..drum roll..) Sharing the adoption of a beautifull babyboy-or-girl! We are so happy that we now are able to adopt on
vincentandjos · 67 days ago

December 18th is our wedding anniversary, and yesterday we celebrated our 11th! Daniel let me sleep in a bit, and brought me breakfast in bed. He can sure make a mean omelette! :)   This photo was taken in Zapallar,Chile during our last trip to South America.    The rest of December is almost entir
danielandelina · 68 days ago

This past weekend we had our life group Christmas party. It was an evening filled with good food, games and laughter with friends. For us, this party marks the start of our Christmas traditions with family and friends. We look forward to being able to share this with our future child.   
douglasandheather · 68 days ago

Garrett and I love to do home projects together. Since we moved into our home, we have been anxious to get our hands on the guest bathroom. Originally, we had plans to start the remodel in January. But, when the guest toilet breaks, you roll with it. So on Saturday, we started demo on the bathroom (
garrettandmason · 68 days ago

Last night I finished wrapping the last gift for my parents and for Travis. Gift giving is one of my "love languages" that I show to others so I really enjoy the hunt for the perfect, thoughtful gift and seeing the excitement in people when they open their present. Looking forward to Christmas morni
travisandellen · 68 days ago

This weekend we went to a birthday party for two of the kiddos in our adoption play group! We all went to a gymnastics place and the kids had a BLAST:)! They all cannot wait to welcome a new member to this group. This group has expanded and grown since the original three families and we feel so bles
ChadandGabrielle · 69 days ago

It was a beautiful weekend for sledding. Luckily, we have a great hill just down the road. Oh, and Ellis is fearless.
jakeandmelissa · 69 days ago

It's hard to believe that in a matter of 6 months I'll be welcoming 3 new cousins into the family! I have 2 cousins who've announced their pregnancies (1 with twins!) over the past few months. One of them will be a mother for the first time. In fact, 10 of the cousins I grew up with have 17 (soon to
felicia · 69 days ago

Last week we had a lot of snow, and we took a beautifull hike through our new hometown to see all the nice christmas decorations on and around the houses. The neighbors (with small children) saw us leave and waited about half an hour for us to return to surpise us with a big snowball fight, but (for
vincentandjos · 70 days ago

Candy Cane Wishes and Mistletoe kisses! We are excitedly waiting the arrival of Kevin's parents and sister coming to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with us.  We always love when they come for a visit.  We play lots of games, watch some movies and just catch up.  Making sweet and beautiful memo
kevinandabby · 70 days ago

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