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It was Grandpa's (Ben's Dad) 64th Birthday! So we decided to Hoot and Holler our way to Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Camp Ground (a quick 15 minute drive from the house) to surprise Grandpa with Dinner at The Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue! This was the family's first time seeing the show without
aaronandbenjamin · 15 days ago

Hey!! Hope you and baby are doing good! We have had chickens for a few years now. A couple weeks back an animal got into our chicken coop so we just got new baby chicks. Ella and Rhett have only known the full grown chickens so these babies are a big hit with them! They've been feeding them and hold
joshuaandkrysten · 15 days ago

A few weekends ago it felt like SPRING!! It was so gorgeous outside! A huge perk to staying home with our kids is being able to take my kids outside during the day and go exploring! We have some toys for the kids to ride around/drive around, a swing set, tons of toys and a big yard to find animals i
joshuaandkrysten · 15 days ago

Hi!! Josh and I are "Team 21" leaders which is our middle school youth group at our church. At the beginning of February we took the kids to Spring Hill camp. We spent the weekend Tubing down the snow hills, zip lining, rock climbing, and enjoying the pool! We also got to spend time in worship servi
joshuaandkrysten · 15 days ago

Hi we are so excited to let you know that we recieved the first draft of our family video so you'll be able to see us in video and get to know us a little bit more. I must say we were both nervous but had a blast telling you a little bit of ourselves. We think they did an amazing job putting it toge
EdandZeli · 16 days ago

New Family member, for the 6th time we become uncle and aunt! Tims sister Astrid gave birth to a amazing little girl on March 12. Here name is Evi. We immediately went by to admire Evi.      Astrid, Tim and little Evi   We finished the nursery and are very proud of it! In the nursery, we put the old
timandjosine · 16 days ago

All of our family is anxiously awaitng the arrival of a little one! Our nephews often ask "When will the baby be here to play with us?" They are as excited as we are to hold our new little one. Even our dogs, Hailee & Rue, can't wait to give them kisses:) The newest addition to our family will h
RobertLyndsie2616 · 17 days ago

We decided last month that it was time to begin preparing our nest for your arrival! So we went online and found the most beautiful crib and painted it cyan sky. I (Zeli) LOVE painting old furniture and found baby safe paint for the crib. We are so excited about how it turned out, we think its the m
EdandZeli · 17 days ago

We were all three of us down with a stomach flu last weekend but have now recovered to enjoy what is probably our last weekend of snow for this winter. We were able to do some sledding today which was great as the forcast for next week seems to be that the snow will be melting. We look forward to th
wardandmelissa · 17 days ago

Every few months on one of the adoption facebook groups, someone asks for advice:  Should I prepare my nursery before or after I'm matched?  Everyone has their own opinions; for some it's too sad to see an empty room waiting there for its little one, for others it's a hopeful way to wait.  I fall mo
sarah_adopts · 17 days ago

‘Real’ winter is on it's way; snow and ice at the end of the week. In the night frosts and snow will cover much of the country. Tim can't wait to go outsite and make a snowman. And our nephew Finn was so excited, first time real snow!!         Holiday! We have rented a house with Josines parents nea
timandjosine · 17 days ago

January   Tim has started, next running with fitness and wants to train to participate in November 2017 at the ‘seven hill journey’. 15 kilometer run.   Josine started with a friendly neighbor with zumba and hip hop dance classes.     Three years ago Josine followed two hair cutting courses, ever s
timandjosine · 17 days ago

In February we celebrated Kevin's birthday.  We decided we would just go out with some friends!  We were going to go bowling after a nice dinner out, but the wait for bowling was too long and they were going to have to get home to let the babysitter leave.  So instead we just hung out and played aro
kevinandabby · 18 days ago

Your child will also be a part of the 'A New Way Family' where adopted American - Dutch children can meet each other.    
timandjosine · 19 days ago

Who doesn't love games, prizes and pizza?  This past weekend we surprised our nephew and took him to one of his favorite spots - Chuck E. Cheese!  Saying he was excited is an understatement, since his mom doesn't take him there too often -- this was a real treat for him.  It was fun playing the game
ericandjeannette · 19 days ago

Javier and I both happened to be going to the same club on the Saturday in March 2007 that we met. At the time, I was living at home with my parents, and he was living nearby, so it’s funny that we met where we did because it was almost an hour from our respective homes (must have been fate :)) I wa
MatthewJavier9071 · 20 days ago

We would like to start by expressing our admiration for your brave and courageous decision to consider an adoption plan for your child. We know that you have thought long and hard about what is best for him or her and we respect your desire to find the right family to nurture, support, and unconditi
MatthewJavier9071 · 20 days ago

Recently we have been celebrating a lot of national/international days! We went to IHOP last night for a free shortstack of pancakes with a donation to St. Judes. Today we wore red to show our support for the female race- Women strong! We made posters for the cafeteria with all the female teachers a
Threemuskateers · 21 days ago

Last week it was Carnaval time in the southern pat of the Netherlands. It's kinda like halloween were everyone gets dressed and have a nice time. This year Jos was dressed as a medieval farmer and Vincent as Robin Hood. Together with friends and family, we had a lot of fun. After the carnaval festiv
vincentandjos · 23 days ago

Beau recently enjoyed a ski trip in Vermont with his dad and brother-in-law. This is an activity that he looks forward to teaching his son or daughter someday. Family ski trips to the mountains will be amazing! While Beau was away my mom, sister, & I all enjoyed a Zumba class together. Silly tim
RobertLyndsie2616 · 24 days ago

  Had a blast at our cousin’s wedding. Looking for many more family celebrations ahead. Hope to add alittle one to the mix. YouTube email txt/call 646-650-8634  
micheleandsteven · 24 days ago

I cannot believe how nice it has been the last couple of weeks!  We have not had snow on the ground for almost 2 weeks and have been enjoying mild winter temps - if you can call 50's and even a couple 60 degree days winter temps :).  Makes me feel like spring is here and motivates me to put up the E
kevinandsusan · 25 days ago

A Saturday to relax is always one of my favorites. Started the day at our local Wegman's, loading up groceries for the week. It is always so fun to see parents at the store with their kids, riding along in the cart. Helping Mom and Dad shop. I can't wait to have a little one to help me! I stumbled u
adamandlauren · 25 days ago

Since we don't know what our baby's name is, we've decided on a code name.  And the baby's code name is Fred.  It's an old joke from a silly song we used to hear on the radio about a man riding a horse whose name he doesn't know.  Since he doesn't know the horse's name, he calls him Fred.  And then
sarah_adopts · 27 days ago

Enjoying some Apres Ski time in the Sugar Bowl Lodge My brother and I always like to scout out our next run   My brother, Mother and I on the chairlift
damionandamy · 27 days ago

Family is so important to us and we are so fortunate and grateful to have such wonderful support so close to home. Dig a little digger and read on to meet our family.   Murray: Tessa's dad, affectionately known to the grandchildren as Papa Murray, is sixty-two years old and lives in the city where
dustinandtessa · 28 days ago

Hello, Chad here.  Our family has enjoyed the warmer weather lately and spending a lot of time outside.  We have gone on bike rides, runs, and playing with other neighborhood kids.  We recently took Ben to his first MSU hockey game and he ABSOLUTELY loved it!  He wants to go back for other hockey ga
chadandkrista · 28 days ago

Brendan and I are both Catholic but we appreciate many aspects of all religions! Yesterday was ‘fat tuesday’ a fun tradition recognized in the catholic church. I grew up with my mother making pancakes or waffles for dinner in order to celebrate this tradition! My mom would sometimes make breakfast f
Threemuskateers · 28 days ago

Getting excited for the weekend. Steve's cousin is getting married. Family and friends what's more important? nothing. Can't wait to add to our family after we adopt. YouTube micheleandstevenadopt@gmai
micheleandsteven · 28 days ago

Enjoying "An Evening in Tuscany" at The Christian Academy Dinner/Auction Fundraiser for Chandler and Cambrie's School.  
jimandlaurinda · 29 days ago

Chandler made this / painted it for the silent auction last night at his school. We won the bid on it, but he secretly had Mimi and Papa bidding against us...LOL. He calls it "Fisherman." He loves art and doing anything artistic.    
jimandlaurinda · 29 days ago

The first months of 2017 are almost over and it has been a nice start of the new year. Femm seems to grow every day and it’s great to see that she is already a very sweet little girl.   Most of the years the biggest part of the winter the weather in The Netherlands is the same as the weather during
frankandjoy · 29 days ago

The last couple weeks we have been blessed with unseasonably warm weather here in Michigan, and you better believe Brian and I tried to spend as much of our free time outdoors. We were able to take a bike ride to our local downtown area, and enjoy some ice cream while we walked around. Brian has als
brianandkerri · 30 days ago

Melissa and our son enjoyed a week away visiting her parents.  They went swimming, skating and made a bunch of crafts.  It was a nice week.  Ward stayed home, worked as usual and was able to do some odd jobs around the house.  We were all home this weekend and visited our local museum where there wa
wardandmelissa · 31 days ago

We did Valentine's Day a bit differently this year...bowling with a group of our best friends! Every day we feel blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people...people who we KNOW will love our future child just as much as we will!      
RobertLyndsie2616 · 31 days ago

Tonight we had dinner with two friends who adopted both of their children! They were blessed twice through adoption! So incredible! If we are ever to be blessed through adoption the children will know others who were also adopted.
Threemuskateers · 31 days ago

Started the day off right by attending mass! We love our church it is beautiful inside with all wooden beams and stained glass! The sermon was a great one day and we always meet a few nice people when leaving! Maybe a few prayers were said in hopes of adopting :) After mass we went to costco and sto
Threemuskateers · 31 days ago

It is a beautiful Sunday. The month of February has been unseasonably warm and sunny. We will be heading out for church shortly. We always wish we could get up and make it to the 8:30 Mass but usually, we end up going to 11:30. We just always like to take our time on the weekends and not rush.   Chu
joshandbrittany · 31 days ago

This weekend we were the proud baby sitters of our new baby niece; Merel. She is so cute and we had lots of fun! We really can't wait to start our own family and take care of our own baby.  
marcusandjane · 31 days ago

Last weekend was family day weekend and we went up to my parents. It was great to go for a long walk with everyone. It's seasonably warm, and always nice to have an extra day with family.
brentandpaula · 32 days ago

I love that our life is never boring :) . Our daughter, Charly turned 4 last week.  Her Mimi came to visit and celebrate with her.  Mimi visits every birthday for about a week.  She got to swim, which is her favorite, and see the highly anticipated Lego Batman movie.  We waited for discount day and
joshandsusan · 33 days ago

Today for lunch I had multiple students stay in to have fun and spray paint outside! We conversed about graffiti and the famous painter Jackson Pollock and then we painted away. The weather is gorgeous today! One of my students staggered when leaving. She is a student that tends to stay on the "naug
Threemuskateers · 33 days ago

A picture is worth a thousand words! Check out Brendan's wall that he and his students made in his classroom! The words are made from an inspiring quotes calendar. The hashtag post-it notes are donated by teachers and say kind words that encourage and motivate the students. This serves as motivation
Threemuskateers · 35 days ago

Andy and I broke through our comfort zones and we survived. Last week we went on a family vacation to Colorado and had such an amazing time. There isn't anything else like the Colorado Rockies. There is a sense of great peace and tranquillity when you are at over 8,000 feet above sea level. We felt
andrewandhilary · 35 days ago

Sorry I have not posted since the 20th! We were busy celebrating Brendan's 32nd birthday! We had a lovely dinner out with our good friends Sam and Ben on Monday. We have been friends with Sam and Ben for many years and we would do anything for one another! So nice having a day off from work! Last ni
Threemuskateers · 35 days ago

This is Brittany writing. I wanted to share some exciting news: we have a new nephew! My brother and sister-in-law just had baby #2 late Sunday night, so that makes two little boys for them.    Right now, my side of the family has six cousins. My oldest sister and her husband have one son. My younge
joshandbrittany · 35 days ago

Magical world of Disney Headed to Orlando in April. Probably stop by and visit Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the gang. These tips will help when we go back after we #adopt.  
micheleandsteven · 35 days ago

Last week, I was in Ohio visiting my family.  I always love to see my family and friends, and I especially cherish the time I get to spend with my newphews, Lucca and Rocco.     We had lots of fun playing together whether it was checkers, candyland, iPad games, or twister!   I got to cheer Lucc
dustinandangannette · 36 days ago

It is magical to experience life through the eyes of a child. They express innocent wonderment at all the little things that we adults take for granted. We had a fabulous time this past weekend at Disney Springs in Orlando, Fla. My sister-in-law and her daughter were in town visiting, so her daughte
shadandchristine · 36 days ago

Today is another gorgeous 60 degree day! I am currently cleaning the inside of the house because one of my best friends from when I was 14 is coming over to visit with her husband! We have seen one another in the past month but they have not been over to our home since the summer time. We have done
Threemuskateers · 37 days ago

Great time seeing Brendans cousin put lacrosse in our nations capital! Always great seeing family
Threemuskateers · 37 days ago

Healthy breakfast made and a beautiful run on a warm day with a great partner! We would be such heathy parents! ☀️️
Threemuskateers · 37 days ago

  Can’t wait to kiss booboos and make it all better. Dreaming of adopting a child. YouTube email txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 37 days ago

My sister, Lara, just came to visit us for a long weekend.  She is not a fan of cold weather or winter, and she got lucky that it hit 45 degrees Saturday and Sunday. Sad for me though because our lovely foot of snow quickly melted with the warm February temperatures. I can no longer cross country sk
DevinJeremy8043 · 37 days ago

We enjoyed unseasonably warm weather this week and all the new snow has melted.  We completed our home visit update this weekend as part of the adoption process.  Next week, Melissa and our son will travel to her parents' house for the Family Week break, which happens in our province every year in F
wardandmelissa · 38 days ago

I love valentines day. Thomas and I had the chance to make some simple heart shaped cookies after school for valentines day. I can't wait to do this with another child. It is one of my favorite things to do with him.
brentandpaula · 39 days ago

This weekend, Josh's school is hosting its second annual basketball tournament. There are four other area private schools that are participating. It is a round robin tournament with championship games for the boys and girls. A round robin tournament, as Josh explains it, is where each team plays eve
joshandbrittany · 39 days ago

Just wanted to post here with pictures of my nephew's quilt finished.  I finished it a day or so after Christmas (which was okay 'cause they didn't come to visit until a few days after Christmas), and I think it turned out pretty cute.  Here it is in its finished glory:  And a few detail shots :)  
sarah_adopts · 39 days ago

TGIF is right! We are quite excited that the week is finally over! The warm weather starts for a while tomorrow, and we are grateful to be able to spend time with family and friends over the next several days!  Kerri had a successful conference in Atlanta and had a blast learning more while explorin
brianandkerri · 40 days ago

I know I was getting ahead of myself today. But again one of my students asked me if I had children. I said "no, I have all of you!" Of course I want a family more than anything and more than they know! We then discussed how they got their name and what their middle name was. I really want for the b
Threemuskateers · 40 days ago

Mom came by for dinner tonight :) We had stuffed shells, salad and bread! Love having an Italian mother that can cook :) She would love to have a grandbaby and she wants to watch the baby when we go back to work! :)
Threemuskateers · 40 days ago

Sitting here at school watching my students in my art club draw. Today was a free day; their only responsibility was to create! I did the same :) Below you can see my sketch of an elephant with winged ears. Elephants were my godmother's favorite animal. She passed away a year ago from ALS. I plan on
Threemuskateers · 40 days ago

Brendan's birthday is coming up next week! I love doing things for just him and I try to not only do those things on his birthday. Before we got married we would created what we call "appreciation days." These days consist of surprise plans that we create for one another. I would design "Brendan App
Threemuskateers · 40 days ago

One of my students today jokingly asked " can I be your son will you adopt me?" We laughed about it and I realized after some reflection why he asked that question. I am strict with my students and they know my expectations are high for them. They also know that I care for them so much and that I wi
Threemuskateers · 40 days ago

Yesterday when the kids asked me about Valentines, I told them everyday is Valentine's day with Lauren. So, when I got into my first period class a student brought a cookie in for me and said Happy Everyday Valentines share it with your wife! Kids are so creative!
Threemuskateers · 40 days ago

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better by reading our blog! We titled this "Joy in the Journey" because we are trying to find joy in the journey of waiting for our family to expand, instead of focusing on the unknowns. Last weekend Ben took me to a hotel in downtown Salt Lake for Val
katieandben · 41 days ago

I came across this poem and it really spoke to me. It is so beautiful in how it captures living well in your everyday life. I just thought I'd share it here, because I find it very inspiring:   Desiderata - by Max Ehrmann   Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be i
joshandbrittany · 41 days ago

Hi there! This is Brittany writing. I thought it might be helpful if I explained what a normal day for me looks like, and how a little baby would fit into that day.    I was so blessed in 2014 to be offered a job through friends of friends with a company that creates online courses. It was really on
joshandbrittany · 42 days ago

We experimented a bit with video footage today. Brittany described what she loves about Josh and why she thinks he'll be a great parent, and Josh did the same. It seemed fitting, since today is Valentine's Day. :-)  We are actively waiting on our agency's wait list and are hopeful every day about wh
joshandbrittany · 43 days ago

:) Happy Valentines Day to everyone! I woke up this morning to coffee waiting for me on my nightstand! My husband sure does know the way to my heart! My adorable 6th grade students have already brought me little home-made cards and students are delivering roses to teachers! I also got an adorable ph
Threemuskateers · 43 days ago

We are so blessed to have these amazing & supportive friends to walk this adoption journey alongside us. Having others to talk to, share experiences with, & dream of the future with is so helpful! The four of us enjoyed great food & laughs together. We look forward to the day when we wil
RobertLyndsie2616 · 44 days ago

Today was a great day of instruction. My kids came ready to learn and I received thank-yous at the end of the lesson. I enjoy teaching art and I enjoy my students. Middle school is a fun age to teach because everyone is trying to figure out who they are and what they like. Often, I double up as a te
Threemuskateers · 44 days ago

We had a great time at the circus! I am so glad we all got to see the show with it being Barnum and Bailey's final tour. The kids enjoyed watching all the acts (the flying trapeze was their favortie), eating popcorn and cotton candy, and seeing the clowns. It was a fun day!  
CoryandCarrie · 44 days ago

The past few weeks we've been busy finding an appartment for Vincents mom in our hometown Tilburg. A couple of months ago she sold her appartment in Delft and she bought a new house in Tilburg. But her new appartment won't be ready untill the end of the year. So in March she will move to a temporary
vincentandjos · 44 days ago

We went sledding today at the school where our son attends preschool.  It snowed yesterday so it was fresh and fluffy.  The sun was shining and it was a beautiful winter day. 
wardandmelissa · 45 days ago

What a week! I think Massachusetts is getting all of Winter right now! We had a huge storm on Thursday and, again, today. We had some fun with it, though, and went snow shoeing! Our pups love playing outside in the snow.  We can't wait for a baby to make snow angels and a snowman with!  Wednesday we
adamandlauren · 45 days ago Our own website creation :) 
Threemuskateers · 45 days ago

Good Afternoon! Past couple days have been hard just waiting for a phone call, message or anything ha ha When times are tough, sometimes you just have to rely on the inner part of your body where you just won't give up! I am exiting to see what this week brings to us! #PostiveEngery2017   Brendan
Threemuskateers · 45 days ago

Quote of the day, haha, "Adoption is like a rollercoaster. One minute you're riding high and life is good, the next "face palm." -Her  No author for that quote but I like it! It really is a rollercoaster and we are not even in the thick of it yet. But, man on man, do we want to be!  Life takes time.
Threemuskateers · 45 days ago

Hello, Krista here.  It is mid February and we have now been in the waiting stage of the adoption process for almost 2 months.  We continue to think about and pray for the birth mother that will give us the greatest gift imaginable.  February has brought a few more inches of snow, definitely enough
chadandkrista · 46 days ago

I am laying here in bed about to go to sleep and am thinking how lucky I am to be beside my husband. Today was just another ordinary day but it was perfect in its own way because he was in it. Friday nights are usually our stay in nights. We rented a movie and made a pizza pie and cuddled up on the
Threemuskateers · 47 days ago

We've had an amazing couple of weeks celebrating the Lunar New Year.  It began with a big family meal with TONS of food.  The next day we had one of son's best friends come over with her parents to help eat the leftovers.  Then we went to a Lunar New Year festival with tons of booths, lion dances an
derekandjim · 47 days ago

Our niece and nephews came up this weekend. As always, they're so much fun to hang out with. Ella, our niece, and I went on a date Saturday morning to the Farmers Market. She loved all the local shops! We also took them to our local kids museum and they had a blast. They boys are starting to talk so
adamandlauren · 48 days ago

There are few things I enjoy more than taking kids hiking. Two years ago, I started a hiking club for my middle schoolers. We go on about four hikes a year, and I generally ask Jeremy to co-chaperone. Such a lucky guy! Hehe.   Last weekend, we took six very awesome students on a 4.4 mile hike with a
DevinJeremy8043 · 49 days ago

We've been listed with an agency for a little over a year now, and the wait has felt long. I think most couples waiting to adopt will say that. But, that's not why I'm blogging today.   I'm writing this post because I realized recently that I wasn't ready for open adoption a year ago when my husband
DevinJeremy8043 · 49 days ago

In the past two days we have had multiple phone calls but people are calling, saying hello and then hanging up nerve-racking on both ends I am sure! But if you are seeing this please know "we are good people, if you just need to vent or talk we are here too! Please consider staying on the phone if f
Threemuskateers · 50 days ago

Happy February Everyone! This is truly an all-time favorite commercial  :) Please share our Adoption Profile with anyone considering adoption for their baby.  Here it is:
jimandlaurinda · 50 days ago

One of our long term dreams has always been to have a home in the mountains.  We love going to the mountains year-round and thought it would be so nice to have a place to stay for vacations, long weekends, and holidays. We also love the idea of being able to provide our friends and family with a pla
dustinandangannette · 50 days ago

Family has been so supportive with daily check ins, phone calls and texts to make sure we are staying positive and looking towards the future. I am thankful of friends and family who support us on this journey I really feel they believe in us and our love.  Thanks to all who may read this. Brendan
Threemuskateers · 51 days ago

So, it was Friday night, and Mike and I decided to visit Babies 'R' Us to check out carriages.   I have already done my research for which brand I liked, but I wanted Mike to see it, and get a hands on feel for how it all works.   While we were checking them out, the store associate came over and st
mikeandally · 51 days ago

Mike and I don't take many big vacations together, and over the last six years we have only been away with my family.  We have been really lucky to be able to see some cool places like the Dominican Republic, Aruba, and parts of Europe! But... we haven't been on vacation alone in those six years.  
mikeandally · 51 days ago

This week brought about a lot of emotion. My husband and I have been active on parentfinder and facebook for a month and have had a few connections but not many. I have met a lot of incredible women through adoption support groups on facebook. We are all now in this together...waiting! Waiting for t
Threemuskateers · 51 days ago

Part of this week we spent updating paperwork for our adoption homestudy update. It has been nice to review ourselves this last year and recommit ourselves to the adoption journey. We also enjoyed skating with our son this afternoon.  We are all becoming better skaters.
wardandmelissa · 52 days ago

We have just recently spent a week in Germany. We visited with friends in Stuttgart, then went sightseeing to Baden Baden and Strasbourg, France (which is very close, just across the border). It was a bit cold and gray but we always enjoy visiting Germany, especially during Christmas time. Gotta say
darrenandnatasha · 53 days ago

I think you can tell a lot about a person by the types of music they listen to.  I am not sure what our music choices will tell you, but I hope it gives you a better glimpse into the type of people we are.   Abby's Pandora Stations: Happiest Tunes on Earth (Anything from a disney movie makes me smil
kevinandabby · 53 days ago

Wow I guess it's been a while. I don't know if you want to read what we did for Thanksgiving and Christmas so I will just start from the current happenings here.  We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last weekend. I can't believe it's been 9 years! We went window shopping, and ate at Joes Crabs
thomasandgwen · 54 days ago

Hey Everyone, Since we are in the middle of Winter, we cannot help but dream about sunshine and warmer temparatures. We love to head to the west side of Michigan in the warmer seasons, as well as staying outdoors to enjoy the weather. We are excited to get outdoors to barbeque with family and friend
brianandkerri · 55 days ago

Hi everyone   It is with all of the joy and love in our hearts that we write the two most beautiful words we've heard in a very long time -- WE MATCHED!  There are no words to describe what we are feeling right here, right now.  We are so thankful to the birth mother who chose us, trusting us with t
AmitandNatalie · 56 days ago

This weekend we went to the Children's Museum in a nearby town with Kinley.  It was the first time just the three of us had gone somewhere together in a while after all of the excitement of the holidays.  We had so much fun!  The museum was really just three floors of fun, interactive exhibits for k
mattandmariah · 58 days ago

Fun and crazy sleepover weekend with the nephews!  We did so many fun things together it's amazing we were able to fit it all in: movie, baking cookies, breakfast for dinner, Museum of Science and Industry (Lego exhibit!), coloring... We were a little exhausted but the boys had a great time and are
mitchandheather · 58 days ago

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