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Last Sunday we had a nice meeting with our American adoption agency HoAA. It was really nice to meet mrs Jeanne Tate and speak with her about the proces in general. The meeting was organised by our Dutch agency; A New Way. Throughout the year they organise many meetings, some of them for adopted chi
vincentandjos · 10 days ago

Cole is kind, athletic, and a loyal and considerate friend—he has the same group of guy friends through elementary school. He was elected Vice President of his elementary school. As the first boy in Amy’s family in a generation, he helped them learn important skills, like how to have imaginary swor
adrianandamy6233 · 10 days ago

So I guess not all entries can be good ones…   Sara’s Grandmother, the same one we visited for a belated birthday celebration (mentioned in the last post), passed away last week. The funeral was in Philadelphia. While it’s hard to call any event like that ‘nice’, it was at least well done. Some posi
danandsara · 10 days ago

It has been a beautiful week so far! Sunday was amazing - bright, clear skies and a crisp breeze. It almost felt like a day at the beach. Monday was equally gorgeous and today... shall we say? Near perfect. Our journey has just begun, but we find ourselves on days like these thinking about the joy o
glenandrich · 10 days ago

I hope you had a marvellous Mother's Day!  It can be a difficult day for so many reasons, especially on this adoption journey.I remember, years ago, that Mother's Day was so hurtful and depressing for me.  It seemed so unfair that all these women had children and we didn't.  I once cried to Michael
MikeandTracy · 11 days ago

This weekend was Mother's Day.  Ward was out of town for a conference so Melissa and our son went to visit her parents.  They had a good time crafting and planting Grandma's garden.
wardandmelissa · 11 days ago

When we made our printed book in early 2016 we were about to move house. Therefore few pictures of our home were included in it. Fortunately, our online album can be easily adjusted. We just uploaded new pictures of our own home. We love it. There is lots of space, including a very big kitchen to co
chrisandtobias · 11 days ago

We set the crib up in what will be the nursery for the new little one.  Can't wait to decorate it in a gender appropriate theme.  If it's a girl, it will be purple and totally girly, probably butterflies.  If it's a boy, something totally boyish, cars, trucks, sports.  For Tommy, we had woodland ani
MelandKC · 11 days ago

I've been blessed in many ways, and my mom is one of my biggest blessings.  My mom loves me like no one else in my life; she is fiercely in MY corner, quick to forgive, self-less, and loving.  She teaches me (by example) to love unconditionally, and to make the best of all situations.  To me, Mother
kellyadopts · 12 days ago

Today is a bittersweet day.....Mothers Day. We are so grateful to have both our moms who are healthy, and loved! I (Shannon) am so grateful to experience motherhood, and it is one of the most wonderful blessings I have ever received. As much as I am so thankful to have a daughter, I also have a deep
travisandshannon · 12 days ago

On this day before Mother's Day we would like to celebrate birth mothers. The women who, for whatever reason, find themselves unable to parent. To come to the decision to make an adoption plan must be incredibly heart wrenching.  To love her baby so much that she only thinks of what is in their best
sarahandjustin · 13 days ago

Sydney is a tender-hearted, competitive, humorous girl. When she was a baby, she cried~a lot. Amy’s dad remarked that Syd reminded him of Amy at that age. She was afraid of dogs until about 1 ½ years ago, when she decided she wanted to have a dog (even though she is allergic to them). So she worked
adrianandamy6233 · 14 days ago

Sydney is a tender-hearted, competitive, humorous girl. When she was a baby, she cried~a lot. Amy’s dad remarked that Syd reminded him of Amy at that age. She was afraid of dogs until about 1 ½ years ago, when she decided she wanted to have a dog (even though she is allergic to them). So she worked
adrianandamy6233 · 14 days ago

I worked out this morning and this is definitely how I feel.  Enjoy your Friday!  
MikeandTracy · 14 days ago

Well, the week is ending and it has been a good one! We've had visits from friends, dinner out, dinner in. We even tried a new recipe - Chicken French over fresh pasta. The weekend is supposed to be rainy, but we'll make the most of it. We've got picnic plans and more friends coming to visit.    
glenandrich · 15 days ago

Visiting one of our favorite neighborhood locations to enjoy the changing of the seasons. We always anticipate the coming of spring with its sharp contrast to winter; bringing vibrant colors, life, and warmth back to Michigan.  Now that things are warming up, we look forward to starting our annual v
sarahandjustin · 15 days ago

So, It's been a while...Sorry! We felt the need to sign up for Foster Care last Summer while we are waiting with our agency to be matched. The waiting process is a killer!  We became licensed with foster care in Jan of 2017. We got our first placement the end of Feb. He will be 2 at the end of the m
thomasandgwen · 15 days ago

Family celebrations Celebrating our nephew’s big day
micheleandsteven · 15 days ago

Family celebrations Celebrating our nephew’s big day
micheleandsteven · 15 days ago

Family celebrations Celebrating our nephew’s big day
micheleandsteven · 15 days ago

  Celebrating our nephew’s big day
micheleandsteven · 15 days ago

  Celebrating our nephew’s big day
micheleandsteven · 15 days ago

It has been an exciting month for our family as we have had a lot of birthday parties, family functions, and busy days!  Ben has had not only his birthday party last month, but we have attended a couple of his friends paties at parks, Chuck E. Cheese, and activity centers.  It makes our weekends ver
chadandkrista · 16 days ago

Isabella had her Powertots show yesterday.   The program is a gymnastics class for preschoolers.  They teach the kids how to do rolls, handstands, cartwheels, walk the balance beam and much more.They invited the parents to come to school to watch the kids show off their new skills and get their meda
MikeandTracy · 16 days ago

This weekend we participated in the Brave 5k Race to support birthmothers. Our friend’s daughter was one of the youngest participants (she needed a little stroller help). This is us crossing the finish line with her. Later we took our dog on a walk at Teddy Roosevelt Island, he took a quick break on
adrianandamy6233 · 17 days ago

The weather has been raining a lot lately, but it has finally cleared up and so we can get out and hike again! We love spending time in nature as a family. We took the kids up the canyon and watched how quickly the water is coming down from the moutains as all the snow melts from the warm weather. W
barrieandmartha · 17 days ago

Isabella has been dying to go camping but our weekends have been busy recently.  So last week we told her she could invite some friends over for a backyard campout.  I thought she would invite some girls over from her pre-school to sleepover.  Instead, she wanted to ask the two neighbor boys over! S
MikeandTracy · 18 days ago

  Tim and I had so much fun in Disney World with my students. It is always so much fun to watch their faces when it is their first trip to Disney. We can't wait to take a little one of our own there some day. 
timandfarrah · 18 days ago

I am part of a wonderful moms group at my church.  Today we met together and celebrated the Kentucky Derby!  Many of us wore some fun and unique hats.  I already had a Derby hat that I made years ago with a glued on bird and birds nest complete with M&M candies as birds eggs.   This year was esp
davidandrenee · 18 days ago

Ward's brother, sister-in-law and nephew visited.  We all got together at Ward's parents' farm for a great time on Saturday.  The cousins played together and we would love to be able to add an another child to the family.
wardandmelissa · 19 days ago

What a good reminder!    
kellyadopts · 19 days ago

As a teacher, spring is a busy time of year!  But I love so much seeing everything turn green again and the buds coming out on trees.  It's my favorite time of year.    We got to celebrate my soon-to-be sister-in-law's bridal shower recently.  I made the decorated cookies for favors for it, too.  Mi
michaelandjenna · 19 days ago

We're sitting here with the Pugs looking out at a rainy morning - Nature is so wonderful. The recent rain has caused some of our flowers to bloom, everything is finally turning green, and the birds are flying about. Glen wants to putter around in the yard - it'll probably happen. Glen's Aunt called
glenandrich · 20 days ago

Lots to do to prep the trailer!    We've been cleaning, charging the battery, and letting Bear think he's camping!                                               We're definitely getting excited for camping and can't wait to share these great memories with a child of our own!   
Philipandkelly · 20 days ago

Eleanore and I have been friends since first grade-we roller skated on the playground. We made it through the awkward years together (see picture with piano). We played sports together (I am #2, looking at the camera, Eleanore is to my right). Here we are at Senior Prom: After college we were roo
adrianandamy6233 · 20 days ago

    Howdy from us on our travels on the West Coast!   We are hiking through the Red Rocks in Sedona, AZ, off-road driving through Scottsdale, AZ and absorbing the majestic views of the Grand Canyon.  Nature and outdoor adventures are just a part of what we enjoy and try to embrace whenever we can. 
ericandjeannette · 21 days ago

Last Thursday was "Take Your Child to Work" day so Michael took Isabella to work with him.  She woke up early, picked out "work" clothes and packed her backpack for work.  Then, they both headed to the Metro to take the train into downtown D.C.Michael sent me this photo of Isabella hard at work. Mic
MikeandTracy · 21 days ago

After months of classes, paperwork, background checks, and creating my profile, I can't believe I am finally on the books!  This comes with mixed emotions:  anxiousness, nervousness, but most of all, excitement.  I'm anxious due to the unknown timing of being matched; I'm nervous because I've never
helen2722 · 21 days ago

So I only missed one week, not too bad so far…   We went out to Atlantic City for a day trip to celebrate the birthday of Sara’s Grandmother! It wasn’t quite at full attendance, I believe there was one single-child family that was missing. But they also struggled to find a date that would work for a
danandsara · 22 days ago

This blog is supposed to be a way for you to get to know us better and to be able to see our lives beyond a few photos on the website or in our profile book. So far, we've tried to share some of our activities and our lives on a daily basis.  While that's important, I'm sure you would like to know o
MikeandTracy · 22 days ago

  Wishing everyone a happy fourth and the it brings everyone’s dream come true YouTube email txt/call 646-650-8634Read more »
micheleandsteven · 23 days ago

We just got back from taking a week long vacation to Hawaii. We had a 9 hour layover in Tokyo so we decided to take a train back to our old stomping grounds. We had such an amazing day it almost felt like we were there for a whole week. We decided to stay at a Disney resort so Ama would have plenty
EdandZeli · 24 days ago

We just got back from taking a week long vacation to Hawaii. We had a 9 hour layover in Tokyo so we decided to take a train back to our old stomping grounds. We had such an amazing day it almost felt like we were there for a whole week. We decided to stay at a Disney resort so Ama would have plenty
EdandZeli · 24 days ago

  This last weekend, Barrie and I took our 4 year-old nephew hiking. He was such a trooper! He got all the way up the mountain! He brought along his dinosaur which was a great motivation as dinosaur needed to see everything and go really fast. We found all sorts of "caves" for dinosaur to hide in. I
barrieandmartha · 24 days ago

Hello. Well, it's official. Our web page is live! We're so excited to join And, we're so eager to begin our journey as parents. Take a look and ask questions. We're happy to chat. Glen & Rich
glenandrich · 24 days ago

On Sunday, Josh and I got back from our annual family vacation. It was so hard to come back from warm sunny Florida! We swear our nieces almost turned into fish, we couln't get them out of the pool. They slept like rocks at the end of every day. Josh and I love our annual vacation because of both fa
joshuaandnatalie · 24 days ago

What a fun weekend! Some of Adrian’s cousins visited from New York and California, including the newest member of the family Andrew (18 moths old). We had a nice outside family dinner. The next day Adrian prepared a picnic and we went to the National Arboretum. The flowers were amazing, and Vader lo
adrianandamy6233 · 24 days ago

As we wait for a child, there are feelings that are always running through your head.  "Will I be able to love a child that did not come from me?" "Will the baby like me?" "What if we take the baby home, and the birth parents change their mind?" "How long will it take?" "Will the birth parents like
jonathanandjessica · 24 days ago

Avery had Garden Club after school today.  I volunteered to help out.  WOW!  The teachers give so selflessly of their time and knowledge so our kids can have these additional programs.  I continue to be amazed by our school district.  During Garden Club the kids painted rocks to decorate the school
davidandjennifer · 25 days ago

My oldest brother, Lar, and his wife, Kate, are expecting their first child in September.  We've all been so excited! Everyone has been guessing what it will be - boy or girl.   As soon as I found out, I immediately started knitting a baby blanket.  I'm about halfway done with it and have a second o
MikeandTracy · 25 days ago

This weekend was Ward's birthday.  It also happens to be the same day as his mother's birthday so Ward's parents joined us at our house for pizza and ice cream cake.  It was a nice visit.
wardandmelissa · 26 days ago

Every year around this time, I get to go to Washington DC for work.  After the meeting is over, I hop on the train and go sight seeing.  Recently, I got you see the Martin Luther King Jr. Monument.  I found many of his quotes thought provoking and insightful.  Here are a few photos!  
kellyadopts · 26 days ago

My best friend Alex came over for dinner this weekend. We met when we were 10 years old. My family had just moved from Yokosuka, Japan to Virginia and I had no friends. I spent so much time at his house that his mother served me more meals than my own. In high school I’d sometimes have dinner at hom
adrianandamy6233 · 26 days ago

Today, I had the privilege of participating in our annual Jump Rope for Heart event to raise awareness of heart disease (through the American Heart Association). For 15 years, our school has been one of the top fundraisers in the County. What a perfectly beautiful day to get outside and join the kid
Mindy2673 · 28 days ago

Avery's Earth day project is complete.  It is a helicopter made of recyclable materials.  The three of us think it looks like a pig on water skis!  It's pretty silly, but we had fun making it and it was all Avery's thoughts and ideas.   All of the rain (and thunder) this week has brought us some bea
davidandjennifer · 28 days ago

Yesterday was my favorite day at work -bring your child to work. Although I don’t have anyone to bring I hope to after we adopt. The children were so adorable yesterday love seeing all of them.
micheleandsteven · 28 days ago

Studies say that newborns can best register black, white and red in high contrasting patterns.  These designs stimulate their eyes and promote brain development.  Amy, with the help of her parents, sister Beth, and niece Sydney, made this mobile for baby. We think it turned out great!
adrianandamy6233 · 29 days ago

Google is awesome. There isn't anything you can't find answers to with google.  After my last post, I googled and found some good topics.   I was looking for some less obvious questions - but there wasn't many posts about some weird or bizarre questions that birth parents wanted to ask but never did
TaraBryan2661 · 29 days ago

To check the add purpose
MarkLetty · 30 days ago

Spring is here!! The nice weather has allowed us to prepare our garden for the upcoming growing season. We will plant tomatoes, peppers and watermelons. The nice weather has allowed us to talk evening walks and enjoy neighborhood get togethers.
danielandcynthia · 30 days ago

Oh my goodness, we are so enjoying the beautiful spring weather!! We've been going on daily walks and spending so much time playing at the park and feeding the ducks.  This week as Matt was mowing he discovered a nest of bunnies!  Most of them took off as soon as the lawn mower got close, but one of
mattandmariah · 30 days ago

We just got home from spending a week on a cruise with some really great friends and family.  We are very blessed to have gotten the opportunity to share in these type of adventures.  We can't wait to be able to share more of these amazing trips with a child.          Magens Bay St Thomas was beaut
Philipandkelly · 30 days ago

I am a working mother and I love it. Don't get me wrong there are moments when it can be stressful and chaotic but most of the time I feel it is the best of both worlds.   People often define themselves by the roles they have or the jobs they do. It is one of the first questions we ask each other wh
MikeandTracy · 30 days ago

What a blast! We just came home from our yearly vacation to Marco Island. Dana's parents have a home there where they live during the Connecticut winter months. We go every year to get away and to recharge our batteries! It always brings memories back from our first meeting there!  This year was ext
kellieanddana · 31 days ago

Jeoff and I would describe ourselves as a regular, middle class family living in the suburbs of Chicago. Jeoff works a corporate job and I became a stay-at-home mom when we adopted our son Zachary who is 3 ½ yo. We love being parents, we love the family we are building and we cannot wait until we ha
MJAdopt · 31 days ago

We were talking to our 4 year son about adoption.  He expressed to us that he loves babies and would like one to join our family. He also said that if the baby cries he would cover his ears.  He said that he would sing the alphabet song to the little one and give lots of hugs. 
wardandmelissa · 32 days ago

I volunteered to help cover some commitments for a friend of mine this past weekend.  The friend has been in the hospital and asked me if I could teach some of his classes.  That meant I needed to hop on a plane and head to McAllen, Texas, and that Michael was on Daddy duty all weekend. He did an am
MikeandTracy · 32 days ago

We had another busy weekend.  Avery was invited to a glow in the dark bowling party on Saturday - lots of fun. Sunday was a beautiful day so we spent most of the day outside.  David, Avery and our dog, Frankie, went on a long walk - Avery picked some flowers for me on the way.  David did some much n
davidandjennifer · 32 days ago

Earth Day! Amy had a work trip to North Carolina, where she went to school.  She visited wih friends for the weekend -- part of which was spent canoeing on a river.   Adrian went to our neighbor’s second birthday party!
adrianandamy6233 · 33 days ago

Beautiful day inspired us to plant some spring flowers, as tomorrow we are expecting rain!  As they say April showers bring may flowers. We are hopeful for our beautiful flowers to continue to blossum. Relaxing weekend filled with chores around the house and time spent together.
keithandmarissa · 33 days ago

Happy Easter! A special holiday in our house every year.  We often have a crowd of people, lots of traditional easter foods such as Lamb and Ham, and lots of fun! Growing up easter always meant coloring eggs, making homemade choclate easter bunnies and going to church with Grandma. We can't wait to
keithandmarissa · 33 days ago

LOVED this day!!!  I had the great privelege of being a chaperone for Avery's second grade class field trip to a Zoo and a little pedestrian safety class.   The kids really enjoyed the animals but the safety class was the big hit - they learned all about being safe while walking and riding bikes plu
davidandjennifer · 35 days ago

So our 3 yo moved into a big boy bed this week.  Not a toddler bed but an actual full-size bed with new bedding -- trucks of course. He has never slept so well, which means I've never been so well rested in over 3 years. Now he's at school and I have too much time on my hands. I love being a mom and
MJAdopt · 35 days ago

  Well Easter came and went.  S So much fun with our Church family pancake breakfast and hunt and a beautiful dinner with family and friends! Love our community!
AnthonyandLorilynn · 36 days ago

Do you remember running through the sprinkler as a kid?  It was a favorite summer activity for my brothers and I.  We could play in the yard for hours, jumping and hopping over the water.   Today, our daughter decided it was time for us to pull out the sprinkler.  She shut herself in her bedroom and
MikeandTracy · 36 days ago

Okay, so I've been kicking around the idea of doing this journal.  But what do I write about?  I mean, writing about how long we've been waiting and what that's like seems a little, well silly because, after all, you are going through your own thing right and who wants to hear someone complain about
TaraBryan2661 · 36 days ago

One of the best things about Spring is more daylight! Amy loves the Rosebud tree. Nothing says SPRING more than the punch of purple of its buds. Lucky for us, our neighbors have one in their front yard.     Adrian loves Spring because he can wear flip flops whenever he is not at work. Amy loves fern
adrianandamy6233 · 37 days ago

We had a wonderful Easter last weekend.  Jim’s parents came in and little Levi loved spending time with his grandparents.  Levi’s friend Josephine came over and we dyed Easter eggs, drew pictures with sidewalk chalk and ate a big meal on Friday.  On Saturday, the family headed to the Natural History
derekandjim · 37 days ago

This is something I feel every single day. Not a day goes by that I do not think about our son's birthmother. She is amazing! We met her while she was pregnant, less than a week before she gave birth. We talked, emailed and texted every day in that short time. We visited with her while she was in th
MJAdopt · 37 days ago

I got excited a few months ago about the possibility of using cloth diapers.  I bought a bunch, both new and used and started thinking about making some.  It took awhile to get started, but as of today, I have the first two of my original designs started.   Here they are: 
sarah_adopts · 38 days ago

The weather is finally improving! We've got windows open. We're able to walk our pups in the mornings. The BBQ is on for dinnertime. This is one of my favorite times of the year.  We spent sometime with Adam's Family last weekend. The boys are starting to talk so much. Hearing "Lala" and "Ama" make
adamandlauren · 38 days ago

We have had a wonderful weekend.....complete with gorgeous weather!  Friday evening we made pizza as a family (one of our favorite "fun friday" activities) and then dyed eggs for easter (purple fingers for days lol).  We spent Saturday building a lego kit and playing outside.  Sunday we celebrated E
davidandjennifer · 39 days ago

I love being outside and doing stuff- riding bikes, swimming, walking.  This weekend, my boyfriend, Shawn, and I spent time together hiking.  It was beautiful and very fun to spend time together outside.  One of the things I look forward to is taking my adopted child with me on many outdoor adventur
kellyadopts · 39 days ago

Holidays and traditions are really important in our families. Easter is no exception! We love going to Church on Easter Sunday and this year we were able to participate in the Easter program in our Church. The kids had a great time.  We also went to visit both sets of grandparents. Each side of our
barrieandmartha · 40 days ago

We celebrated Easter with family this weekend.  Melissa's brother and his wife hosted dinner at their house.  We attended along with Melissa's parents and Melissa's sister-in-law's parents.  We enjoyed ham, cabbage rolls, perogies and homemade buns for dinner.  Melissa's parents hide Easter eggs for
wardandmelissa · 40 days ago

Hello! Busy Spring weekend for us. It was time to mulch the flower beds and garden…it was a lot of shoveling! On Saturday night we hosted friends for dinner – we served roast chicken with a broccoli stir fry. We attended Easter Services on Sunday and had a lovely Easter brunch with Adrian’s parents
adrianandamy6233 · 40 days ago

So a surprisingly eventfull week for us. Doesn't look like I mentioned this last post (probably still trying to keep it a surprise), but my surprise birthday party for Sara fell through late Friday night when Delta Airlines was forced to take a weekend off. The PLAN was to fly in one of Sara's good
danandsara · 40 days ago

I was very fortunate to have some time off from teaching this week and have been hard at work purging, reorganizing and prioritizing. I managed to clear out the garage, empty the 2 closets in the spare bedroom, sell a few items and donate a whopping 6 trash bags full of clothing, shoes, household it
Mindy2673 · 41 days ago

I have a bucket list...and one of those things on my list is seeing the cherry blossoms in Washington DC. Barrie surprised me with a trip so I could check that item off the list!! I was BEYOND thrilled. The blossoms were beautiful and the air smelled like flowers. We had such a fun time! We both lov
barrieandmartha · 41 days ago

What haven't we done by Thursday?!  The weather is great for the most lots of outside time.  We have spent time inside on less than ideal weather days - programming robots and reading and playing with friends.  We are also cat sitting - these cats are full of spice! We are loving the sun
davidandjennifer · 43 days ago

I promise I don't usually let Becca do her own hair. But this day, I let her be the grone up.  She loved it. 
saulandashley · 44 days ago

A student of mine was in a terrible accident last year and passed away.  This weekend was his memorial service at school and his parents dedicated this "Peace Pole" in his honor.  It says, "Live with passion, compassion, and peace". This was a good message for me to hear.   I also had to renew my C
kellyadopts · 46 days ago

Saturday evening walk on the harbor. Sunday morning seal walk - quite an education for David, Avery & I and a gorgeous day to be back at the beach.  YAY spring!!
davidandjennifer · 46 days ago

So a journal huh? I've never been that into these things. Don't get me wrong, I've tried a few times, they just don't seem to last long. Maybe because I don't expect others to read them? Well, we'll see what happens, this should be fun either way.   So this weekend has a nice balance of ups and down
danandsara · 47 days ago

This week we had some warm days that allowed Melissa and our son to start cleaning up the backyard for our garden.  They bought seeds for carrots, cucumbers, beets, beans, tomatoes, pumpkins and watermelons.  We will plant in mid May and see what grows, weather permitting. We also enjoyed using our
wardandmelissa · 47 days ago

   Spring Break has arrived & I'm so looking forward to taking time to do some Spring cleaning around the house, recharging for the remainder of the school year and making new memories with loved ones. I'm always excited by the season's milder temperatures, budding trees & colorful flowers a
Mindy2673 · 48 days ago

Sleep over!  Our nephew Sem stay for the night and the next day. So Tim and I had some quality time with him. We went by bike to the forest and have some play time in the playground.        Playground in our neighborhood       He was also helping us in the garden    Organize the meeting with Jean
timandjosine · 49 days ago

Keeping our bond strong through the distance is so important as a family. Video chats are our favorite way to stay in touch and to keep our family bond strong. It is so much fun video chatting with my grandparents, they are so adorable! This week it was my grandmothers 82nd birthday! So I decided to
EdandZeli · 50 days ago

So I haven't dyed my hair close to a year. I realized my hair is turning grey, YES GREY! So I figured it's in style to have grey hair so I am slowly going to turn my hair grey or very frosty blonde. Hair decides what it will do so I will go with the flow and enjoy the process filled with awkward col
EdandZeli · 50 days ago

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