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Last weekend was pretty chill for me, (Nikki). I was on call all weekend so I needed to stay available in case they needed me to come into work. It was so nice to just relax. I worked on a blanket and crocheted a new hat and was able to get a couple of workouts in and some time with the dogs. Jack's
jackandnikki · 4 days ago

Yesterday wepicked up a mamaroo for the baby! It's like a combination of swing and bouncer and it's been on our short list of things we wanted to have for when the baby comes home, so we're really excited to have it.  Nora is a gusher whenever we get something for the baby and immediately started wi
matthewandbethanyanne · 4 days ago

Adoption is complex! International adoption in particular has its unique characteristics we have had to navigate. One thing we prioritize as a family is celebrating Owen's Kyrgyz heritage. He spent the first 6 years of his life in Kyrgyzstan, and it will always be a part of his story. Our entire fam
brianandwhitney · 4 days ago

Exactly one week ago was Valentine's Day! I [Whitney] thought it would be fitting for our first journal entry in this space to be about LOVE :) So, here is a peek into our celebrations last week! Brian and I had a dinner date to Red Robin for burgers [my favorite!] the Monday before V-Day. The actua
brianandwhitney · 4 days ago

January 2018: In December, I mentioned our love for Disney AND for our large extended families. If there is one person who loves both of those things more it's my sister-in-law. So in January, that excitement only grew as Josh's sister and brother-in-law made a BIG announcement!   Josh and I both gr
joshuaandrachael · 4 days ago

This past weekend we all went to the Westside of Michigan! The first day we went to visit Chad's grandpa and grandma. The kids love going there because he lives in the woods and has animals on a little farm. Also, there is ice all over his driveway as the snow is melting and that made for a fun ice
ChadandGabrielle · 4 days ago

This weekend we went to visit my mom, stepfather and my brother's family in Georgia. It was a short visit, but it's fun to visit family, including our nephews. They are really into Star Wars. I love Star Wars and we had deep discussions about who is right: rebels vs the Empire. My 6 year old nephew
travisandellen · 5 days ago

We are getting through the winter months as we have experienced very COLD temperatures and lots of snow!  We are eargerly waiting for warmer weather and sunshine to play outside!  Jamesen asks often when it's going to warm up.  :) Below are a few pictures from Christmas this year.  This first pictur
andrewandcheryl · 5 days ago

A few weeks ago Jos bought a secondhand chicken coop because we want to keep chickens in our garden. The one he bought really looked nice, but the roofing was all rotten. So we decided to build an entire new roof for the chickens. We also changed the locks and placed it next to our house. Next month
vincentandjos · 6 days ago

We have started collecting books for the babe!! Mason read Dr. Suess books with her Dad when she was little, so when she stumbled across these at Target, she just had to get them. Mason actually still has almost all of her books from when she was little and she can't wait to share them with little o
garrettandmason · 6 days ago

We ended up having a really busy week last week! So this weekend we needed some extra time to connect as a family. We baked cookies together, made more muffins, went to church and sunday school, and took advantage of the beautiful weather by spending several hours at the park!  One of our favorite p
matthewandbethanyanne · 6 days ago

This was Andy's valentine to me for our very first Valentine's Day as a married couple (about a decade ago). It was very sweet... and only took about 6 coats of paint to cover!! LOL This year, we celebrated the weekend before Valentine's Day with a delicious dinner & movie at home. We also had
andrewandlindsey · 7 days ago

We have some exciting news! Tomorrow, Garrett starts a new position! He'll be with the same company, but no more working some weekends and no more working long hours. He has worked hard for this and deserves to be on a normal schedule. We are so excited!! It's going to be so awesome having him home
garrettandmason · 7 days ago

The last couple weeks have been full ones! Some of the things we did were birthday celebrations, going to the zoo and oh the valentine making and parties! We celebrated my (Daniela) birthday three different times, we were having so much fun we forgot to take pictures at all but one of the celebratio
mattanddaniela · 7 days ago

Keenan married a couple years ago.  He met his wife Allison in law school.  They spent many hours studying together and discovered they were very compatible and fell in love.  They have many common interests, a favorite right now is traveling when they can.  This picture of them taken at the Kentuck
bretandjean · 7 days ago

Keenan married a couple years ago.  He met his wife Allison in law school.  They spent many hours studying together and discovered they were very compatible and fell in love.  They have many common interests, a favorite right now is traveling when they can.  This picture of them taken at the Kentuck
bretandjean · 7 days ago

Keenan married a couple years ago.  He met his wife Allison in law school.  They spent many hours studying together and discovered they were very compatible and fell in love.  They have many common interests, a favorite right now is traveling when they can.  This picture of them taken at the Kentuck
bretandjean · 7 days ago

Happy Valentines Day all! For us, it was pretty subdued, just a nice dinner together. Actually, the day did include a first for me, it was the first time I “got” to be on a jury. Fortunately, it wasn’t something that got drawn out more than a few hours, but still...well...there’s a first for everyth
danandsara · 9 days ago

"It's not where you come from, it's where you belong." -unknown Not everyone is in the right place at the right time but there is a time and place for everyone. We can't wait to meet the birth mom that believes that we are the right couple to raise their child. The love that we already feel for a ch
jackandnikki · 10 days ago

Today is Ash Wednesday and marks the start of Lent. Today we begin to prepare our hearts, minds, and spirit for the death and resurrection of Jesus. We receive ashes as an outward sign of our commitment to repentance from our sins. During this time, we prepare our hearts through self-reflection as w
travisandellen · 11 days ago

Happy Valentine's Day! We love making valentines with Nora to share with family and friends. She painted water color heart pictures this year. We can't wait to make them with the baby and to give one to you.  We hope you're having a wonderful day! We're thinking about you and praying for you today (
matthewandbethanyanne · 11 days ago

We've slowly been checking things off my "winter activities" pinterest board. Our play group was cancled because so many of our friends have colds, so Nora and I decided to make birdseed cookies to hang in our tree.  We had a lot of fun making these together! Nora loved that she could do most of th
matthewandbethanyanne · 12 days ago

This weekend we stayed pretty busy. Saturday night we had our annual charity auction for our church. Our catholic grade school is completly funded through donations from the church. All of the procedes go to buying supplies for the classrooms and teachers' salaries. We had a lot of fun with our fami
jackandnikki · 12 days ago

This past weekend we met with Zekiel's birthmom and went rollerskating! We all skated, ate pizza, played arcade games and probably best of all for the kids, got blue slushies that turned their tongues blue--haha! As we both reflected over the time we spent together, such a tremendous amount of grati
ChadandGabrielle · 12 days ago

Last weekend it was carnivals weekend in our country and that means party-time! On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we danced and sang with our family and friends. We also saw two parades, one of them in our hometown. We love spending this time of the year with the ones we love. We all dressed up as mons
vincentandjos · 12 days ago

Keenan and Evan are Bret's 32 year old twin nephews and Callah his 21 year old niece.  Though grown, they fondly speak of their Uncle Bret and still look to him for guidance.  They frequently refer to memories they have with their Uncle and it is evident that they deeply love and respect him.     Ke
bretandjean · 13 days ago

This weekend I had to travel to New Orleans for work. It also happened to be the weekend before Mardi Gras. It was definitely crazy with parades, beads, crowds and king cake. I know I have to travel for work sometimes, but I'm always jealous of Ellen and Freddy staying home. Being away, even for a f
travisandellen · 14 days ago

Thought it was time for an update!  Things are good in our household, once you get used to the fact that it is freezing every day and has snowed just about every day since December.    We are trying to stay warm by keeping ourselves busy.  Jace recently had his tonsils out which left us on a 2 week
michaelanderin · 14 days ago

Rebecca's best friend from childhood just got married, so we threw her and her new husband an informal get-together at our house. It was tons of fun to see everyone and catch up, and we're so happy for our friends!  There were lots of kids at the party, and they had a blast playing board games in ou
hamiltonandrebecca · 14 days ago

Over the last couple years Matt has become a really excellent cook, and a pretty fantastic baker. A big part of his love of making new things in the kitchen has to do with his running. It's important for him to eat and snack healthy when he's training for a marathon. When Nora was little we found ou
matthewandbethanyanne · 14 days ago

Today, after weeks of looking for all the right stuff, we finally finished decorating the nursery! It wasn't easy to create a gender neutral nursery, but we are very happy with the result.
vincentandsheila · 14 days ago

While Darren was away on military duty, Natasha's parents came to the US for their second time and stayed awhile. This was great support and a good company for Natasha and an amazing American experience for the parents. It was especially great that they were here during the holidays season: Hallowee
darrenandnatasha · 14 days ago

We are beyond fortunate to have such supportive, understanding, and caring friends! Our future child will be very lucky to have these amazing people and their families in our lives. Kelly's birthday was a great day and we hope next years birthday will be celebrated with a family of our own!
Philipandkelly · 14 days ago

This is my favorite picture of Red. We had just gotten Red and had Alan’s family over to meet him for the first time. Alan’s nieces and nephews played with him all night and when he got tired, they wrapped him up in a blanket with his favorite toy tucked under his arm. This night with the family was
alanandlauren · 15 days ago

Amy was in Philadelphia visiting family for the playoff win.   She couldn't resist getting an Underdogs t-shirt for the Superbowl.  (#philapublicschools)  YAY Eagles!!     
adrianandamy6233 · 15 days ago

After a long week of work and with bad weather moving in we decided to make a bed in front of the fireplace and watch movies. Great Friday night.
jackandnikki · 15 days ago

Waiting can definitely be difficult. Having patience is very hard at times too.  I feel that as we wait we become more impatient and we want things to happen right now.  As you know, this will be our 2nd adoption. Out first adoption, we felt like the waiting took forever; but it was all worth it and
kevinandamy · 17 days ago

We took a trip downtown Chicago to spend some time at the aquarium. We saw a neat 4-D movie where bubbles and water flew through the air.  We always check out the dolphin and beluga whale show. We had fun and learned some new things!   We also hit up the Field Museum because they were having a free
davidandelizabeth · 17 days ago

This past weekend we went to the Monster Jam in Detroit! Maisy does not like loud noises and so she got to have a special sleepover at Gabe's sister's house where she played dress up with her BFF and cousin, Lilah. The boys and Gabe headed to Ford Field and enjoyed roaring, truck flipping fun--haha!
ChadandGabrielle · 17 days ago

About this time of year we start feeling excited for spring to arrive, especially to plant our garden for the summer! Even though we learned our lesson about not planting before Mother's Day (hello all the snow that comes in May!) we get really excited to plan our summer crops.  The first year we pl
matthewandbethanyanne · 18 days ago

We celebrated Brynn's birthday with all of our extended family the last weekend in January!  Brynn always loves spending time with her Grandparents and all of her cousins.  She was so excited about seeing everyone that we were counting down the number of "sleeps" (how many nights) until her party.  
davidandelizabeth · 18 days ago

JustinKimberly · 18 days ago

Sara is my 27 year old niece and Alec my 20 year nephew.  I have had the privelege of seeing them both grow up.  I still remember the first time I held them thinking how tiny you are and now they are both grown.  I am endearingly known by both of them as Auntie.  I am Sara's godmother and confirmati
bretandjean · 18 days ago

"The longing for a child you haven't met is unlike anything I have ever experienced." This quote is from an adoptive mom named Kim and it is so spot on for how the waiting experience is for us. Jack and I have always imagined raising kids and the lives they would lead and that doesn't change when yo
jackandnikki · 18 days ago

Since both sets of grandparents live further away, we make a big effort to visit them a handful times a year. They also come to us several times a year!  Beth's dad (dubbed Papa) had a couple days off this month and took some time out to visit us for our ski trip and get some time in with Nora.  On
matthewandbethanyanne · 19 days ago

Between donations, Super Bowl squares, and Noonday party we are just at $2000 to meet our matching grant! Yay! We are so thankful for everyone’s love and support. God constantly reminds us that this is His plan for our family! ❤️ 
aaronkimadopt · 20 days ago

Our Promise To You, We promise we will love your child more than anything in the world...We promise we will always tell them how much you love them more than anything in the world... We promise to never let them forget where they came from, and we promise that your child will have a life filled wit
Philipandkelly · 20 days ago

So the New Year is in, and we’re setting in nicely for winter. Sara’s (finally) recovered from...I think 3 back-to-back….-to-back sinus infections and is back doing SoulCycle. I’m trying to run more, but having trouble getting back in the habit (the weather really isn’t helping). I really need to ge
danandsara · 20 days ago

As you probably know, yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. We aren't really fans of either team, but it was fun to see someone else win other than the Patriots lol. The whole fam got together at Garrett's parent's house to hang out, eat snacks, and watch the game. Let's be honest, we were really there t
garrettandmason · 20 days ago

I mentioned in our first post we've been planning a new family adventure every month. Something we haven't done before outside our normal routine of going to the park or the museums on the weekends.Since it's winter we're trying some fun Colorado winter things to enjoy the season! This weekend we to
matthewandbethanyanne · 20 days ago

This weekend was fairly eventful for not having any plans to start with. Friday night we went bowling with some friends. We had a good time and got hang out with a couple of people we have not seen in a while. Saturday we did a bunch of cleaning around the house so that we could have people over for
jackandnikki · 20 days ago

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. Normally Ellen and I will go to a friend's house for a party, but this year we decided to stay at home. I cooked ribs and Ellen made nachos. Since we're Redskins fans, neither one of us cared too much about the teams playing. When the Redskins are in the Super Bowl a
travisandellen · 20 days ago

This weekend we went to IKEA to buy some things for the baby room. We already had the furniture so we went to buy some lights. We choose nice light in the shape of clouds. As you can see in the pictures it's going to be a nice nursery to dream in. The room is almost finished now.    
vincentandjos · 20 days ago

We have had some cold days recently, some just too cold to play outside. So I did what any mother would do and found some creative things to do. One day we brought snow inside, that was a blast and so much fun making snow pies for unicorns. Another day we loaded up in the Beast (our all terrain doub
mattanddaniela · 21 days ago

Storm, our furry family member is a fun addition to our household. She adores people (and kids) and thinks everyone is there to play with her. She loves walks, barking at the cat across the street, and food she finds under the table after dinner :) 
seanandteisha · 22 days ago

Come visit us here --->    We have been doing a lot of updating on what we have been up to and would love for you to check us out!
jenniferandtrevor · 22 days ago

It's Friday and Groundhog Day! It's also FREEZING! We're staying inside and watching the BIll Murray classic.... Groundhog Day!  
travisandellen · 23 days ago

We really love keeping a garden in the summer, and over the last couple years we've learned a lot about which fruits and vegetables grow great in our backyard. Zucchini and Rhubarb take over almost our whole allocated gardening area, peas don't do that well for us.    So the week after our homestudy
matthewandbethanyanne · 23 days ago

About a block from our college campus in North Carolina is a coffee shop called Tate Street Coffee House and it holds a lot of special memories for Matt and I.  It's where Matt and I had our first date several months into our friendship. When Matt proposed 3 years later he brought me a cup of coffee
matthewandbethanyanne · 24 days ago

This past weekend even though it was still cold (around 40 degrees) we still went outside everyday and enjoyed the sun! On Saturday we drove to see Chad's grandpa. He lives about 3 hours from us but we go see him once a month because it is so important to us that our children spend as much time with
ChadandGabrielle · 24 days ago

This year has been busy! Here are some of the highlights from the month of January: The year got off to a great start when we had friends over for New Year's Eve. The kids were in their PJ's and had a blast staying up late watching a movie. They watched "Ratatouille", which they all loved. Giving o
danielandelina · 25 days ago

Kristen Here. I don't really think of myself as artistic, but lately I have been pulling the paints out three times a week. Early January, I bought a Jackson Pollock imitation art set for toddlers as a reward (ok, bribe) for good behavior while my 3 year old and I shopped in Target. What a surprisin
Krisanddaveadopt · 25 days ago

Today was Natasha's dad's 77th birthday. We celebrated by going on a hike - and climbing a local attraction of 2700+ steps. Pretty amazing for a 77-year old! #healthgoals
darrenandnatasha · 25 days ago

This past weekend we had the opportunity and privledge to take 34 of our teens on a winter youth retreat.  Personally between Brandon and I we had 9 kids, 4 boys and 5 girls.  We were able to stay at Gull Lake Ministries down in Kalamazoo Mi.  It was a good time although we did not have any snow.  O
brandonandbethany · 25 days ago

adoption- n.   1. Building a family through the process of concentrated, dedicated, enduring love, rather than biology. I came across this "definition" of adoption the other day and felt that it is a wonderful description and a much more accurate way to define adoption than a typical dictionary woul
jackandnikki · 25 days ago

We're a family of readers. We have books in almost every room on the house and we love sharing good literature with Nora. We spend a lot of time looking at and reading beautiful picture books, sharing chapter books with her, or listening to audio books in the car. We usually come home with a stack o
matthewandbethanyanne · 25 days ago

Due to relatively warm weather and abundant showers of rain the crocuses are already coming about! - A sign that spring is on its way - This weekend we had our close friends Sven and Manon and their one-and-a-half year old Ruben over for a day. In our new hometown we have an abundance of playground
vincentandjos · 25 days ago

We celebrated one of our best friend's birthdays by going and hanging out at the trampoline park with him and his family. The kids had a great time being silly and getting energy out on the Warrior course, playing dodgeball, and jumping for a couple hours!   
seanandteisha · 26 days ago

We've been spending a lot of time thinking about how the nursery should look. It felt a little overwhelming planning for the baby's room when we don't know when they'll come home and what gender they'll be!  We decided on stars and moon/ outer space and it's been so fun finding little things that fi
matthewandbethanyanne · 26 days ago

On January 17, 2018 at about 8:30 ish, we got a phone call that Mason's Great Grandmother had passed away. She had been battling alzheimer's for a few years and ended up having a stroke in the middle of the night, she was 95. Then, the next morning, Thursday the 18th, we got another call that Mason'
garrettandmason · 27 days ago

Once again another weekend has come and gone and it's back to work on Monday. We had a pretty good weekend; the weather was a little warmer, we got some wood loaded up and put in the barn, got to spend some quality time with family and got some much needed rest. Nikki crocheted a stocking cap and is
jackandnikki · 27 days ago

    (after the children's Christmas service, Nora played the star)   About a year ago we made a tough decision to leave our church in Colorado Springs and find one closer to home.  When we first moved to Colorado we were living in the Springs and Matt commuted to Castle Rock for work. After a year w
matthewandbethanyanne · 27 days ago

This weekend was filled with hobbies for both of us. Travis - The weather was amazing and I was able to play golf with a friend from college. Ellen - I went to see an amazing performance of Debussy's La Mer and Holst's The Planets. I have always loved the Jupiter movement . This performance partnere
travisandellen · 28 days ago

Yesterday, we celebrated my (Lauren’s) birthday and we had a great day! Alan woke me up for breakfast and then he let me go back to sleep while he cleaned around the house. We went to Outback for lunch, the traditional birthday location! The weather was beautiful, so we spent the afternoon at the do
alanandlauren · 28 days ago

This weekend we have started decorating the nursery! First we painted the walls in olive green and we're very happy with the result, it looks great. We also installed the crib and we went shopping for baby bedding. To be continued!
vincentandsheila · 28 days ago

  This past week Ellington and I (Teisha) enjoyed a girls night at Cinderella the Musical. We had a great time and Ellington loved wearing her princess dress! This weekend Ellington had the opportunity to attend a cheer camp while Zayden went to a college basketball game with Sean. We love living in
seanandteisha · 28 days ago

Near our home ther're severale woods and last week we decided to hike in one of them. It's a nice quiet wood with a lot of good walking routes. We walked almost 8 miles in which we crossed the Belgian border as well. We love to walk in thw woods because it it so quiet and peacefull. As a reward we h
vincentandjos · 28 days ago

    For Christmas, Matt's parents (Nana and Opa) gifted us with a family membership to the Denver Children's Museum. We've used our Zoo and Nature and Science Museum memberships so much and it will be fun to add this into the rotation!  We went for the first time yesterday and had such a fun day! N
matthewandbethanyanne · 28 days ago

Well this past weekend was different!  We were going to go out on a date just the two of us.  We left Lila with Andy's parents and set off to go tubing!  The weather was mild, it was a beautiful afternoon!  The ski resort is inside a gated community.  We excitedly pulled up to the gate and were turn
sarahandandrew · 29 days ago

This winter, we had lots of friends over to visit. It was also the first Christmas that we spent in our new home. There was even a big snow storm that hit us, right after we had placed our Christmas tree in the garden. It looked magical.Chris’ parents, his brother and girlfriend came to visit on Chr
chrisandtobias · 29 days ago

  (Baby's baby book and their tiny baby shoes)    This week we got Baby's baby book in the mail. It's such a sweet journal that has prompts for us to record special things about their childhood until they're 18 years old.  What makes this baby book so wonderful is that it is specific to their adopt
matthewandbethanyanne · 30 days ago

Abby has been temporarily traveling for work as she is helping her nanny family while they move out of state.  Becuase of this travel we had the opportunity to take our first "vacation" early this year.  We got the opportunity to explore a new place, Tucson Arizona.   If your going to visit Arizona
kevinandabby · 30 days ago

Hello to anyone reading through our profile, we hope you have had a peaceful start to 2018! We continue to wait patiently to welcome another child into our hearts and home, and find much peace in the support of our family, friends and in prayer. Brynn has continued to grow and is now 5 years old, sh
Brianandcary · 31 days ago

  (Nora signing I love you)   We started teaching Nora sign language when she was around 6 months old. Nothing over the top, just some simple signs to help her communicate with us.  Her first sentence in sign was "more eat please" when she was almost 10 months old, which she "said" while I was rock
matthewandbethanyanne · 31 days ago

December 2017: This year Josh's company hosted their Annual Christmas Summit in Orlando, Florida so of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to Disney World while we were there! Josh and I never went to Disney as kids but we have now been once a year every year we have been married. It ha
joshuaandrachael · 32 days ago

I, Jean, have one older sister.  Mary is eight years older, so we grew up at different points in our lives.  Despite our different interests at that time, we were still close, spending quality time together whenever possible.  As adults we have remained close and have always been there for each othe
bretandjean · 32 days ago

"Adoption...not a second choice, a fallback option or becasue you can't have your own, but wholly believing you are seeking to bring home the very child God created with you and your home in mind, fully equipping you to be the very parent He created you to be." I came across this statement the other
jackandnikki · 32 days ago

With our limited space, we didn't take a lot of time to introduce our furriest family member in our profile book.    This is Aubrey, our Cocker Spaniel. We got her from a shelter in North Carolina in 2010.  I (Beth) had just graduated from college and was living on my own for the first time. Matt a
matthewandbethanyanne · 33 days ago

This past weekend Gabe attended an adoption retreat.  She attended with two moms from our play group.  This is her third year going to this retreat and each year she comes back having learned a lot and feeling encouraged to continue to do more. This year she attended classes titled Raising Black Boy
ChadandGabrielle · 33 days ago

I woke up this morning with our future child on my mind and in my heart. Have you ever had one of those moments where you could feel the love before it really made sense? That's what we feel daily. I feel like our hearts are bursting at the seams for a child we haven't even met. What a magical feeli
alexandnicole · 33 days ago

We got quite a bit of snow at our house this weekend, along with the rest of the front range! Yesterday Nora helped Matt and I shovel the driveway so he would be able to get out for work in the morning.    Being from North Carolina, I'm still a bit amazed that schools and work continue like normal
matthewandbethanyanne · 34 days ago

It is so fun to have and share multi-cultural traditions! In Russia, New Year's Eve is the most important holiday of the year. Long time ago, some of the Christmas traditions were transferred to this day, that is why now Russians have a "New Year's Tree" and "Grandfather Frost" who brings presents t
darrenandnatasha · 34 days ago

Our weekend was very nice. We got out of the freezing tempuratures and actually got some sunshine. Saturday we just worked on things around the house and on the farm. We also smoked a ham for the first time. A couple of our friends came out to help us eat it, the flavor was great and probably someth
jackandnikki · 34 days ago

Sunday is our day to rest and relax after a week of hard work. We have church in the morning and Bible study at night. Our church is doing the Community Bible Experience. This means that we read a book of the Bible during the week, the sermon is based off that book and then we discuss the book and t
alanandlauren · 35 days ago

Sorry, no pictures from this weekend. I have a cold and spent the weekend binge watching Hallmark movies and This is Us. But I am so grateful for Travis. We are a team and when one is temporarily unavailable, the other steps in and takes up the slack. It times like this weekend I'm so grateful Travi
travisandellen · 35 days ago

I woke up from my daily nap and found my humans working in my yoga room.  They did not ask me if they could use my sanctuary but when I heard the term nursery I felt a level of excitement that I had never felt before.  After giving them my instructions on room prep and taping the wood trim, I took t
bradleyandsuzanne · 35 days ago

Often after church we take a little family trip to Sams. The kids love it because they get to eat lunch there and we love to shop ;) Is that a problem when you enjoy family outings to Sams?! ;-)
aaronkimadopt · 35 days ago

Alan is currently out doing one of his favorite things, which is ice fishing with his best friend Greg. They are  out on the lake in their shanty, catching dinner!  Lauren went out for breakfast with her sister in law Michelle to celebrate their birthdays. They talked about the adoption and dreamed
alanandlauren · 36 days ago

We are so excited to become parents and we have been getting things ready for when we get to bring a little love home! Target, both in-store and on-line, has become a home away from home lol. Our most recent purchase was a play pen. It serves as a bassinet and a changing table for infants, and then
garrettandmason · 36 days ago

Every year, Matt and I enjoy making a new family goal. A couple years ago we both set out to run a race at Disney World, last year we set a goal to learn new recipies together and really enjoy cooking.    This year we decided that we wanted to take one day, or weekend a month and try something new o
matthewandbethanyanne · 37 days ago

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