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Both sides of our families are so excited to watch our family grow, and they can't wait to meet the little one that gets placed with us. Whenever they ask us how the adoption process is going, we always tell them to pray for the birth mom that is meant to
ryanandashley · 8 days ago

Carmen would like to visit Europe again but would also like to visit the West coast. We love to travel so any trip we take is very fun!David wants to rent an RV at some point in the future and drive to every state in the continent on a major road trip with
DavidandCarmen · 8 days ago

Carmen would consider herself to be a mixture of both. She can be very shy until she gets to know you better. This is something that she struggles with and is working on getting better at this.Similarly, David is commonly an introvert but has some extrover
DavidandCarmen · 9 days ago

That would require one to read, wouldn’t it?  Carmen doesn’t like to read a lot of books. She has read a lot of books in the past, but with life getting busy, it's harder to read for pleasure.  David's favorite author is Dean Koontz. He found his books whi
DavidandCarmen · 10 days ago

Hi there, little one. It's been a while since we last wrote letters to both you and your mom, but we think of you each and every day. Though we haven't had the chance your meet either of you just yet, your pops and I are holding out hope the chance will co
johnanddane · 11 days ago

Given all the hot weather lately, David and I decided to make a trip up to Ipswich to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the area: Crane Beach.  Although the water was still pretty cold, it was great to just relax and leisurely walk along the gorge
davidandlora · 11 days ago

Carmen believes that the hardest thing she’s ever done was go through fertility treatments. The shots, appointments, hormones, emotions, struggles are all overwhelming when you think about it. As our adoption journey wait continues to lengthen, we cannot h
DavidandCarmen · 11 days ago

Last weekend was very special for Jane. She had a farewell party with her best (girl) friends! One of them is leaving for Houston, Texas for two years with her family. We celebrated with a homemade lunch, farewell songs and a boat trip through the canals o
marcusandjane · 11 days ago

This summer we have been working hard on turning our backyard into an awesome place to play! The plans for this year are to build a new swing set and lay a sidewalk around the whole yard for bikes, scooters, chalk drawings and racing fun! I love that Steve
steveandleeann · 12 days ago

Just got back from a vacation with friends. We had such a good time running around with our kids adn staying up way too late. It was an amazing time, and yet we felt a longing in our hearts thinking about our child that has not yet come home. We thought ab
kentandrachelle · 12 days ago

Carmen’s pet peeves are crunchy or noisy things (are you sensing a theme here? –see Day 35 and 37). Unnecessarily crabby people are another big pet peeve for Carmen. One of David's pet peeves is when Carmen yells at him for eating crunchy foods. ;-) In all
DavidandCarmen · 12 days ago

With their families surrounding them, Ethan's little sister and her now-husband were married over Fourth of July weekend. It was a beautiful, intimate ceremony at the cabin first owned by Ethan's grandparents on a lake in upstate New York. We had an amazin
ethanandjeff · 12 days ago

This weekend has been busy.  We were able to celebrate the wedding of Brandon's cousin on Saturday.  Brandon did sound for the wedding and Beth did the video.  It was a beautiful wedding and his cousing looked beautiful. It was nice to see family back in t
bvanstrien · 13 days ago

Carmen wants to know if donuts are a food genre. ;-)Overall, our favorite genre of food would have to be Italian. Whether it's Italian seasoning on a pasta dish or one of our favorite lasagna recipes, it tends to be our go-to category for food. That's one
DavidandCarmen · 13 days ago

Hanging with Henry on a Saturday night. Games pizza and munchkins what else can we ask for. YouTube email txt/call 646-650-8634  
micheleandsteven · 14 days ago

Anne Here!  I got back from my trip to the beach this morning -- it was everything I hoped for!  I loved getting to spend time with my family!  We made all our meals at the house, played cards every night and spent all day on the beach.    One night during
davidandanne · 14 days ago

Carmen would like to meet Kendra from J House Vlogs.  She just started watching their vlogs and loves keeping up with their family.  Kendra is an awesome homeschooling Mom that Carmen really looks up to.  Kendra is not afraid to share her struggles and the
DavidandCarmen · 14 days ago

This may sound odd considering what Carmen said her favorite sound was the other day but she does think that sound is her favorite sense. She gets annoyed in situations where she cannot hear clearly. David's favorite sense is vision. While not blessed with
DavidandCarmen · 15 days ago

Have you checked out our Facebook page!? Today we posted on how we can't wait to share the adventures of reading with our child! Our book collection has started! We also shared a picture of the comfy chair that we will be reading on, having late night feed
JasonandHeidi · 16 days ago

Carmen’s favorite zoo animal is the polar bear. She has vivid memories of the polar bears at Como Park Zoo in Minneapolis when she was a child. They are so beautiful when they swim and so strong and powerful. A close second and third are the penguins and p
DavidandCarmen · 16 days ago

Carmen’s favorite sound is SILENCE! ;-) She wears a hearing aid and it can be overwhelming all the sounds she has to pay attention to all day long. An evening is not complete without at least 10 minutes without her hearing aid in. David's favorite sound is
DavidandCarmen · 17 days ago

Ashley and I really love the summers in Colorado, and we try to spend as much time outside as possible. Whether that means eating dinner outside on the back porch, going on walks through the neighborhood together, or being active (hiking, fishing, etc), we
ryanandashley · 17 days ago

We spent one afternoon at the zoo during our visit with family in Indiana last week.       From left to right:  Tony's sister, Tony's sister's daughter Quincy, Tony       Tony with our niece, Quincy.  She enjoyed pointing out all of the animals.  She call
tonyandjess · 18 days ago

During our Indiana visit we spent a day on Lake Michigan with Tony's Dad.  Great memories made with family :)           We found a nice rooftop restaurant along the shore.  The three of us watched the sunset while we ate dinner.  It was a very enjoy
tonyandjess · 18 days ago

Both Carmen and David love a variety of music from oldies like the Beatles to show tunes to 80s like Michael Jackson to current pop, but our favorite genre overall is Contemporary Christian. We'll listen to quite the variety and our MP3 players reflect tha
DavidandCarmen · 18 days ago

Last week we had a relaxing time with family during our 12th annual Indiana visit!     We always make sure to get in a few hours for our annual bowling competition.  This is us with Tony's mom.       Our niece, Quincy, loved riding down the stairs with Un
tonyandjess · 18 days ago

Gautam's grandparents are visiting from India and spent a few days with us at home! While they were in town, we invited Gautam's cousins over for dinner. Here are the happy grandparents with all their grandkids.
gautamandandrew · 18 days ago

The kids and I were playing tag today and our 3-year-old suddenly stopped, folded her hands, closed her eyes and said this prayer: "Dear Lord, Please bring our baby home soon. We love you Jesus!" So sweet. She cannot wait to be a big sister. You are on all
kentandrachelle · 19 days ago

I recently read a book that had a secondary story in it about how a girl got pregnant and was going to have an abortion but then decided to give the baby up for adoption. There was one part in the book where someone told the girl that when she is choosing
kevinandamy · 19 days ago

We really don't have a lot of "traditions" in our family and like more non-traditional versions of typical traditions. For example, we don't really like turkey so we don't have turkey on Thanksgiving or Christmas as many other families do. We love variety
DavidandCarmen · 20 days ago

Last week, Wienke's sister gave birth to a sweet litte babyboy. We are over the moon to be aunt Wienke and uncle Karsten. We hope to have a little playmate for him soon. And he is too, he said ;-) We are super proud of our sister.  
karstenandwienke · 20 days ago

We've got a large variety of foods in our fridge. We've got our water filter jug, obvious condiments, and the typical milk, butter, and dairy selections. We've got some leftovers from our standard Sunday lunch as we like to go out to eat after church as a
DavidandCarmen · 20 days ago

Carmen's favorite holiday is Halloween. Between the dressing up and festivities, she has always enjoyed it. David doesn't have just one holiday that jumps out as his favorite as he likes any holiday where we can get together with family, but says that Ea
DavidandCarmen · 21 days ago

Half way done! Carmen says dumb corny jokes make her laugh... and David is full of them. ;-) David says Carmen makes him laugh when she's being silly. Needless to say, we laugh quite a lot... or maybe giggle is the right term. :-) #adoption #birthmom
DavidandCarmen · 22 days ago

  Loving couple looking to start our family by adopting a child. People come into our lives for a reason. Family is so important and is created many different ways. If you are thinking of creating an adoption plan we would love to get to know you.  
micheleandsteven · 22 days ago

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Hi it's Anne!  I'm so excited that the trip is finally here! I'll be making my way to South Carolina on Saturday to see some friends from high school and college.  And then Sunday, drive the rest of the way to Duck Island for some rest and relaxation with
davidandanne · 23 days ago

It's been such a fun summer. We love Colorado and have been camping, hiking, and playing on the weekends as much as possible. Here's a photo of Chase hiking a few weeks ago:   He got to have a "walking stick" and thought that that was pretty cool. :) 
johnandsara · 23 days ago

This past weekend, we flew to Toronto to attend the wedding of David's cousin. Some of David's family lives in Canada, and it was so wonderful to spend time with them.  Lora's sister and brother-in-law were also there which made it an extra special weekend
davidandlora · 23 days ago

David's guilty pleasure is watching cartoons. One of his favorite is pictured, Samurai Pizza Cats. Carmen's guilty pleasure is reality TV. One of her favorite shows is Big Brother. #adoption #birthmom #birthmomsrock #HopingToAdopt60Days #amazinglove  
DavidandCarmen · 23 days ago

  We spent the 4th of July in a smaller town just to the south of us.  They always have an awesome parade.  After the parade, we enjoyed a chicken dinner with one of the local organizations.  Then we headed home.  We actually watched the fireworks in town
DavidandCarmen · 24 days ago

Carmen and David love a variety of music from different genres so it was tough to narrow it down to just one artist. Overall, we'd have to say our favorite is Mark Schultz as he had such deep and touching stories in his songs and has a great voice... we ev
DavidandCarmen · 24 days ago

We were going through pictures the other day and found some from this past year. This picture is from our family hayride.  It was cold that night but we had a wonderful time.  We saw alot of deer in the field and just had fun laughing and telling stories
bvanstrien · 24 days ago

Carmen works for a company that works with state Medicare and Medicaid programs. She's not normally allowed to take pictures in her workplace because of protected information and whatnot, but they also celebrate friends and family in addition to working ha
DavidandCarmen · 25 days ago

Happy Indpendence Day! We hope you had time to enjoy celebrating your country. We just celebrated Canada Day on Friday! Started the day off enjoying a local town parade! Kalissa collected lots of candy at the parade. In the afternoon, Kali and Shannon watc
travisandshannon · 26 days ago

Celebrating Independence Day with family!
chrisandhaley · 26 days ago

The Fourth of July is one of our favorite holidays.  Of course we love that we get the day off from work!  But more than that, it's a wonderful reminder of how fortunate we are to be citizens of such an amazing country!  It's easy to take for granted all t
davidandanne · 26 days ago

Carmen's best friends are Tammy and Marie. David's best friends are Joel and Drew. The saddest part of leaving North Dakota to come to Michigan was leaving our friends behind and having to find new friends. While we've made some friends out here, it's
DavidandCarmen · 26 days ago

We met our great, long time friends Nate and Natalee with their two kids Sebastian and Gabriel in New York. They live in Saratoga Springs and a reunion was long overdue. We meet up every two years, on either side of the ocean. We had a great time in the pa
marcusandjane · 26 days ago

  Wishing everyone a very happy 4th of July.  Looking forward to the Macy’s fireworks display right in our own “backyard “.email txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 27 days ago

David has one brother and 2 step brothers along with both of his parents. Carmen has 2 sisters, a brother-in-law, a niece, and both of her parents. We can't wait to add one more! :-) #adoption #birthmom #birthmomsrock #HopingtoAdopt60Days #amazinglov
DavidandCarmen · 27 days ago

Just over a year ago we started our adoption process. While we work on renewing our home study, we cannot help but think about all that we have done this past year. We talked with our family and friends about starting the adoption process.  We read every b
jonathanandjessica · 27 days ago

Celebrating the 4th of July weekend at the Independence Day festival South Street Seaport. Something for everyone. YouTube t
micheleandsteven · 27 days ago

  We saw Fiddler on the Roof. Great story about family and traditions. We look forward to sharing our traditions and creating new ones after we adopt. Considering adoption we would love to hear from you and get to know you and create a plan .  Www.michele
micheleandsteven · 27 days ago

There are several movies that we like as a couple and David has a BUNCH OF movies, both PG+ as well as kids movies. To narrow those down to one each was quite the challenge, though. Carmen's favorite movie is Rent, based on the musical. The music is so t
DavidandCarmen · 28 days ago

Kevin and I just returned from a week of vacation. We went with my mom and dad and it was such an enjoyable and relaxing week. We had some of our nephews come and spend some nights with us and then some of our nieces and my sister came for the day one of t
kevinandamy · 28 days ago

My mom is one of my best friends, and one of the things we love to do together is decorate each other's houses. We both love making our house into a home where family and friends can come and enjoy each others' company.    We enjoy flipping through magazin
ryanandashley · 29 days ago

Aside from the several songs that came to mind when we first read the topic and started singing, "I believe I can flyyyyyy," we took some time to narrow it down to just one thing. As a couple, we both believe that Jesus is the Son of God and is our perso
DavidandCarmen · 29 days ago

This was an interesting one that was tough to figure out how to get a picture of it. Namely because the two that we chose were very large collections that we have each amassed over a decade or more. David has had many collections throughout his life... s
DavidandCarmen · 30 days ago

So basically an awesome day!  We spent the day swimming with my nieces who have recently moved from the Chicago area to Michigan. It was an awesome pool, and so fun for Evan and I to get to spend time with them, without needing to plan a whole weekend away
PeteandSarah · 31 days ago

  Out celebrating our nephews 12th birthday at a great new hibachi place. Dream of adding a little one to the family celebrations. Thinking of an adoption plan we would love to hear from you. YouTube
micheleandsteven · 31 days ago

This was an interesting topic that surprised us and took a lot of thought to narrow it down to just one as there are so many scents that we like from fresh garlic bread to a wood fire burning. Carmen's favorite smell is the Moonlight Path body lotion fro
DavidandCarmen · 31 days ago

We found a great tandem Kayak and took it to Green Mountain Reservoir North of Silverthorne June 24th-26th.  It was a blast!   We look forward to one day taking our child out on lakes to explore and teach them how to fish!  It's the perfect kayak for us.  
tonyandjess · 31 days ago

During our weekend in Granby, we decided we wanted to buy a tandem kayak.  We did a lot of research and spent June 18-20 testing out different kayaks to find the best fit.  We wanted one that our family can grow into once we are blessed with a child.   We
tonyandjess · 31 days ago

Tony spends many Wednesday nights biking with co-workers after work during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.  This year there have been some great rides on the Boulder and Lyons trail systems.          
tonyandjess · 31 days ago

This year's Father's Day was a very special one for us because it was the first one since David's (maternal) grandfather moved in with David's mother and father. He is 94 years old but has the energy of someone half his age!  :)  Although he lived independ
davidandlora · 31 days ago

On June 14th, we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary!  We enjoyed a nice dinner at The Melting Pot in Louisville, CO.   We are waiting faithfully and patiently as possible for God to bless our family with a child.  We have great hope that this day will
tonyandjess · 32 days ago

We spent June 10-12 camping and hiking in Granby.  The waterfalls were beautiful!                
tonyandjess · 32 days ago

The first weekend of June we camped on the Cache La Poudre River.  We did some hiking, some relaxing, and met up with friends on Sunday morning for some rafting.            
tonyandjess · 32 days ago

We kicked off the first week of June with some recreation in Loveland:  Devil's Backbone (on foot) and Bobcat Ridge (on bike)        
tonyandjess · 32 days ago

At the end of May, Jess spoke at a national health conference in New Orleans.  We were able to extend our time in the city to enjoy the history, landscape, and FOOD!                
tonyandjess · 32 days ago

We saw a family of foxes on our way up to Button Rock Dam last month!    
tonyandjess · 32 days ago

We feel so lucky to have three families on our short block with young kids. And there are several more families with kiddos just a little older. Evan will get to know two boys, right across the street, who will start kindergarten with him. The sweetest thi
PeteandSarah · 32 days ago

We had a great, hot weekend!  All the wet & wonderful toys came out!  Sprinkler, hose and spray guns!  Cooling off never felt so great.   
PeteandSarah · 32 days ago

David likes his everyday shoes... although he only owns 5 pairs of shoes including his old mowing shoes. Carmen loves her flip-flops, flip-flops, and flip-flops... did I mention flip-flops? And these were just the few pairs that were by the door... there
DavidandCarmen · 32 days ago

The month of June has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  We have been busy with birthdays, a theme park visit, and camping.  Our son turned 6 this month and we threw him a "Swimsuit and Afraid" themed birthday party.  The kids had to solve challenges s
chrisandhaley · 33 days ago

The month of June has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  We have been busy with birthdays, a theme park visit, and camping.  Our son turned 6 this month and we threw him a "Swimsuit and Afraid" themed birthday party.  The kids had to solve challenges s
chrisandhaley · 33 days ago

"Hero" is such a freely used term that we feel it's lost a lot of impact as there aren't many true "heroes" outside of comic books. It may seem trite, but the only "real heroes" today are those that out themselves in danger to protect others such as firefi
DavidandCarmen · 33 days ago

Boy summer is sure flying by.  Before you know it, it is July.  Although the time goes fast we still make time for each other.  Friday night we were able to pick up some pizza and than we went out to Lake Michigan and watched the boats go by in the channel
bvanstrien · 34 days ago

  Steve surprised me with tickets to Beautiful. The so was AMAZING He always does sweet and thoughtful things like that. Can’t wait for him to be a dad and do wonderful things for a child.  
micheleandsteven · 34 days ago

Such a fun family vacation.  Traveled to Pennsylvania to visit with friends and family and had a wonderful time.  Presley enjoyed the plane ride, but not getting up at 3:45 AM for a 6 AM flight.  Once we landed we went to the annual picnic to celebrate her
charlesandchristine · 34 days ago

Today we got to go back to the ocean after not having been for more than a month! We love the relaxation of just sitting in the sand and listening to the waves crash against the shore. We also were able to meet up with our good friends, Dean and Beca, and
shadandchristine · 34 days ago

I (Ryan) know we say it a lot, but we really love living near both of our parents.  It is especially fun when we are able to celebrate different occasions with them.  This month we wanted to celebrate our dads and show them how much we love them, so Ashley
ryanandashley · 34 days ago

Every Father's Day, my 68-year-old dad wants to do the same thing: relax at an Orlando-area resort with my mom, all of his children, their significant others, his granchildren and his great grandchildren. It's heartwarming to see how he picks this particul
shadandchristine · 34 days ago

We have two cars for working, a Toyota Echo and an Oldsmobile Alero, but our Echo is what we consider our family car. It's quite economical and has great gas mileage so we take most of our trips with that car. We've been to several towns across Michigan an
DavidandCarmen · 34 days ago

This was another tough one for us because we haven't been in Michigan very long and we came from North Dakota, a state with no professional sports teams, so we have never really bonded with a professional sports team. Big Bang Theory made a gag that has re
DavidandCarmen · 35 days ago

David has enjoyed reading for many years so it was tough to narrow it down to just one, but he chose the Chronicles of Narnia series. Carmen fell in love with the book, "Wish," an adorable story that we came across about adoption. We're looking forward to
DavidandCarmen · 36 days ago

There are quite a few restaurants in town that we enjoy going to and quite a few options at various fast food restaurants in town, but our favorite overall has got to be Culver's. We can't wait to buy our first kids meal there! :-) #adoption #birthmom #bir
DavidandCarmen · 37 days ago

Carmen's favorite breakfast food is a tie between pancakes and french toast. David has a lot of different cereal brands that he likes, but his favorite is whatever is on the best sale. The picture is of our stockpile  (temporarily displaced during construc
DavidandCarmen · 38 days ago

As we're hopefully waiting for a proposed match, we try to use our time well and prepare ourselves for family expansion in every way we can. That way we can react quickly to a situation when needed. Last week, we decided to go browsing for an infant layett
markandpaulus · 39 days ago

Garrett and I spent a day helping with our church's Vacation Bible Camp last week.  Garrett's highlight was this tractor he got to climb on.  Although, he was a little disappointed that he couldn't drive it, since the door was locked :).    
ryanandbrittany · 39 days ago

We were fortunate to spend Memorial Day weekend at Ryan's grandparents.  It is so special to see Garrett get to spend time with our grandparents and make special memories with them, just like we did.  Ryan has many fond memories of fishing in this pond!
ryanandbrittany · 39 days ago

We spent a great Mother's Day weekend going to the circus!  We had a great time enjoying the fun and the up-close entertainment.  Garrett's favorites were the camels, and Ryan and I enjoyed getting to see the circus through Garrett's eyes.  
ryanandbrittany · 39 days ago

Because both Nick and I are educators, we really look forward to summer.  During our trip to see my parents I took this picture of my mom with her sweet kitty - our Elmo's grandma!  We went to the Sand Dunes pool and walked the canals of the valley with my
nickandbrenda · 39 days ago

Carmen has two big fears... bridges and many carnival rides, especially those that are high or fast. David's biggest fear (aside from losing Carmen) is extreme heights. #adoption #birthmom #birthmomsrock #HopingtoAdopt60Days #amazinglove  
DavidandCarmen · 39 days ago

  We dream of providing a lifetime of unconditional love and encouragement to a child so they can achieve all their dreams. Considering adoption? We would love to get to know you and create an adoption plan. email:micheleand
micheleandsteven · 40 days ago

Last weekend, Andy's brother came to visit us for the weekend. We spent lots of quality time together and even had the chance to take Andy's brother to the White House for a reception celebrating LGBT Pride Month! Here are the two brothers:
gautamandandrew · 40 days ago

Yesterday was Father's Day. It was such a bittersweet day.  Anne lost her father 5 years ago and so she was of course a little sad.  But whenever she misses him, she remembers the fun times they shared.  Going on roller coasters, playing basketball in the
davidandanne · 40 days ago

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