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About Christian Social Services of Illinois


Adoption From The Heart
Building families through adoption for over 60 years


Domestic and International Adoption

Christian Social Services of Illinois promotes open adoption and works to match waiting families with Birthparents who choose to make an adoption plan for their child. It is a requirement of families to provide the Agency with regular updates regarding the child.

The Agency may also provide services to client(s) who already have a prospective match or may have already received a placement of a child on their own.

If client(s) choose, the Agency may assist them in Networking or they may Independently search on their own to locate a prospective match.

We are a Hague Accredited service provider for International Adoption. International home studies and post placement services are provided to families who choose to adopt a child from another country. Based on your country of interest, we can provide you with an International Adoption Placing Agency referral.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, be single, or a man and woman married for at least one year
  • Applicants must be experiencing infertility
  • Applicants must be willing to at least provide child updates with pictures to the agency on a yearly basis
  • Applicants must be grounded in faith and demonstrate a commitment to the mission and the core values of the Agency
  • There is a flat fee charged to clients pursuing an International Adoption
  • Domestic Adoption fees are based on a sliding scale determined by household income
  • The wait time for a placement is unpredictable because Birthparents choose families from viewing their profiles
  • The program places 8 to 12 infants for adoption each year
  • The home study process can take 3 to 6 months to complete
  • A home study involves background checks, self studies, a marriage or personality assessment, individual and couple interviews, medical clearances, reference checks, and training

Learn more about open adoption
by viewing this video.

It documents different levels of open adoption shared by real Birthparents and Adoptive Families.

Giving Back

The Adoption From The Heart program works hard to market its service to the community so Birthparents who have chosen life for their baby will know where they can go for guidance and support. Services are provided to Birthparents free of charge regardless of their decision to parent or place their child for adoption.

Donate Now

  • $25 per disc - informational DVD's used to educate schools and pregnancy care centers on open adoption being an option for those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy
  • Any Amount - to be used towards the printing cost of Birthparent booklets about adoption and program pamphlets
  • $20 phone cards - to be given to Birthparents to use while working with a Birthparent Counselor
  • $20 gas cards - to be given to Birthparents to assist with transportation to medical visits and appointments with the Birthparent Counselor
  • $25 per bus pass booklet - to be given to Birthparents to assist with transportation to medical visits and appointments with the Birthparent Counselor
  • $50 per hour - cost of Birthparent counseling (most important) because counseling is free regardless of the parent/place decision
  • $10 pack - newborn diapers for Birthparents who parent
  • $25 per layette - includes items for a newborn baby to be given to Birthparents who parent
  • $50 each - infant car seat for Birthparents who parent
  • $20 each - memory necklaces for Birthparents who place their children for adoption


If you have any questions, you can send email to adoption services, or if you would prefer, you can telephone; local numbers can be found on the regional office page.


CSS is licensed by the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services License #003976.

Christian Social Services of Illinois is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.
Our federal tax ID number is 37-0661500.

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