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2149 days ago
Some Recommended Reading & Resources

Some Recommended Reading & Resources

2149 days ago
About Catholic Charities of Chicago


During your pregnancy you experience many emotions. You may feel frightened and alone, intense sorrow and pain.  Perhaps you feel anger toward family members and friends who don’t understand or support you.  These are normal feelings, but overwhelming emotions can result in sleeplessness, pain, stress and even panic.  It is important to realize that these feelings are all part of the process, and that there will come a time when you will feel better. 

Coping with an unintended pregnancy begins with knowing your options and finding support as you face difficult decisions.  The sooner you seek counseling, the better prepared you will be to make a decision. 


To speak confidentially with someone, please use the click to call feature, or dial 312-454-1717.


Domestic Adoption Program 

We provide services to prospective adoptive parents who wish to adopt infants whose mothers live and reside in Illinois, as well as parents looking for Interstate Placements or Agency Assisted adoptions.  Catholic Charities is very excited about the possibilities will provide for expectant parents to view profiles of our well-prepared and approved prospective adoptive parents as they consider choosing another family to care for and raise their unborn child.

Intercountry Adoption

Catholic Charities International Adoption Program is a great choice for many families.  We provide extensive training and education to help prepare you for the process, joys and challenges of adopting internationally.  

We are currently seeking prospective adoptive families for school age children and sibling groups from orphanages and group homes throughout Poland,  as well as families wishing to adopt older children from Mexico.

We are also able to provide home study services for families in the Chicago area who are working with another licensed, accredited US placing agency for adoption from any country.

While the process has slowed, and overall numbers have declined significantly over past years, thousands of families still choose International Adoptions.  Are you ready to consider journeying to another part of the world to add to your family?

Post-Adoption & Registry Services

Intake: (312) 655-7088

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago is committed to supporting all members of the adoption circle; birth parents, adoptive parents and adopted individuals throughout the normal lifespan.  Catholic Charities understands that each adoption journey is unique. 

To assist individuals and families, the following post adoption services are offered for those whose adoption was facilitated by St. Vincent’s, Catholic Home Bureau or Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago.   All requests for services should be in writing.   There are program fees for various services.

  • Mutual Consent Registry
  • Non- Identifying Background Request 
  • Search and Reunion Service Request

For more information you may call 312-655-7088 or email

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