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What do expectant mom's think about this site?
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Great question.  Unfortunately, we do not have an accurate number of emom's who visit the website because there is no way to trace a "guest" visitor to the website or profiles.

I will reach out to some emoms and bmoms and get some feedback for you.




Greg Phelps/Parentfinder Admin
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Thanks Melanie, appreciate it!

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Thanks for raising this question, Renee and Scott.


Melanie - I would think that given the number of adoptive families on this site, there would be some benefit to enhancing the search capabilities. Currently, there's no easy way to search by more than one criterion and there's no "free text" search. Without these, the number of profile results may indeed appear overwhelming to a birth parent. Also, I would think that if the agency list could also be searched (minimally by state/location) that would also help.

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JoeKelly.....Thank you for your input.  I have forwarded the information to our development team and will keep you posted.  I agree that having additional search parameters can be beneficial for all parties.  I will keep you all posted.




Greg Phelps/Parentfinder Admin
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Just an update to answer your question about search parameters.

Message from my technical support team:  Yes we can modify and enhance the search capabilities. Not sure about free text search but we can definitely go to the drawing board and come up with the exhaustive list of search criterion and type of searches which will help the emoms and the agencies.

With that said, it will be something we will be working on with future updates to the system.

I am still working on getting feedback from emoms and bmoms.  This will take a while as responses trickle in.  I will certainly keep you all posted.


Thanks and have a great weekend!


Greg Phelps/Parentfinder Admin