Tips for a faster match
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We wanted to start this after a few emails from Parents asking us 2 questions. First how long does it take to match/place using parentfinder and any tips to help get  match/placement faster.

So I tried to list all the things we did, hear, or saw. If you have more ideas we would love for you to post them and discuss and pros or cons. We were then matched in about 5 months. But we were listed with our agency for 15 months before that. So not sure if the answer should be 20 or 5 months. But either way once we had parentfinder we were empowered to do as much or as little as we wanted. We felt like we wanted to do all we could and now have 2 beautiful little boys.

  1. Updated our profile daily, either add new photos, journal entries, status updates, videos something.
  2. Found the link to our profile and tried to add that to at least one new source every week. 
    1. Asked friends to post it on their facebook page, never used our own.
    2. Asked them to post on twitter
    3. We posted it to many pregnancy sites and adoption sites
    4. We heard about friends that actually had their friends post their link on crisis pregnancy centers facebook page and urged their agency to do the same
  3. We created free business cards and passed them out almost every place, they had the number of our agency, our photo, our parentfinder link and our names.
  4. We put our link in our email signature that read, We are trying to adopt if you can help HTTP://
  5. We got our church to list it in their newsletter
  6. We had shirts made that said we are trying to adopt and create a quick read code as the photo and people scanned us with their phones
  7. We ask sent out letter to obgyn's asking for their help
  8. We talked to all the churches in our area, regardless of denomination
  9. We placed  a google ad
  10. We created  crowd sourcing ( fund raising website) it helped get our word out and we collected several hundred dollars to help pay for our adoption expenses.

IF you want more info on where, how, or what we did please mail us or post here.

Ready to adopt, homestudy complete
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Thank you so much for the tips!
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We took your idea and made business cards.  We gave some to our family doctor and a few friends.  We are asking people to post them on church and community bulletin boards.  One small step at a time.  We are working to create a profile video.  I have looked at many here and online.  Any suggestions?

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A couple of ideas for videos.

Read you dear birth parent letter together with as much emotion as you can.

Introduce each other and have fun with it.

You will find that you can fit a lot of words and emotion in 60 seconds.

Short videos on the babys room or your preparation for a baby.

Or what you want to say to her when you meet the birth parent for the first time, I am sure you agency can help prepare you. IF you create a video you may get to tell her before somebody without  video...she my stop looking.

But lets hear/see everybody else's ideas.

Ready to adopt, homestudy complete
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A LONG time ago when we first were dealing with infertility and started thinking about adoption my first step was to connect with others and gather a community of supporters.  There was none in my smallish community (my agency is actually 4 hours away in a nearby big city).  So I tried to create my own.  I created a facebook page called "Yuma adoptive families and friends".  I am so not a facebook person but no one has joined my community.  I see it as a place for families to gather and support one another and for local people to know they are not alone.  I think it would also be another grat place to make our parentfinder adoption profile visable.  I need to get the word out.  Talking about it is hard though.  Many people are not educated in the process.  I get a lot of pity, horror stories, suggestions, invasivie questions and such when I talk about it.  I guess I just need to pull up my boostraps and face this to get our profile out and to build an adoption community in my area.

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How did you create the fundraising website?  (Not sure what crowd sourcing is?)

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Mike and Mary, What are your thoughts on showing versus hiding your age? I'm 46 and my husband is 44. Thanks, Becky

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Mike was our previous site administrator and his profile was used as an example.  I do not believe he is live on the site at this time.


I do not believe your ages would be a deterrent as there are some expectant parents looking for older parents (not in their 20's, 30's).  It is up to you as to have your ages posted.  Hopefully some other families will chime in and give feedback as well.


Feel free from the home page to view other profiles and see what the trends are.  You can also sort by your agencies families by doing a specific search on them.





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