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My husband and I have been waiting to adopt for about 3 months now. We are starting work on what will be the Nursery and are wondering what others are doing to cope with the waiting and if you think a Birth Mother would enjoy seeing pictures of what will be the Nursery?

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We are on the same situation but waiting for 9 months. We bought some of the basics but did not make the nursery yet. I am not sure if it is good for me to have everything ready and no baby home yet, but nesting a little bit do help to cope with the waiting...
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Hi Heather & Jeremy -

Like Tim and Sabrina - we haven't made up the nursery.  For us, it's because we don't want a constant reminder that we aren't adoptive parents *yet*.  We know it will happen,  but we also know that it can be a long journey.  

But if a completed room helps you focus and you would feel good being able to envision you and the baby in the completed room, then do that!

As for whether an expectant mother might want to see a completed room - that's a great question. Wonder if any successful parents have posted nursery photos and gotten positive feedback from their birthmother about that.

For coping - i have been slowly gathering a few baby things that we'll need - nothing too big (no furniture yet) and i keep them in the to-be-nursery's closet.


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We are currently trying to adopt another child. We have a happy Open Adoption story with our son Jake. He is about to turn 3 and we are praying for a brother or a sister to complete our family.

During our waiting time for Jake, we showed pictures of the room that would become the baby's nursery. It helped our Birth Parents to see his room. In text I explained what types of decorations we'd like to put in this room ... Dr. Seuss ... fitting for a boy or a girl.

I had some hand-me-down items for the room that we kept in storage and enough clothes and diapers to get started quickly if we were that blessed.

I hope this helps you all! Good Luck!

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Our nursery walls were handpainted by our family before our youngest daughter was born.  It has a big tree, a fence, the sun and lots of animals.  Since we already have photos of the walls, even though we don't have any furniture set up in there now as we wait for our match, we decided to post pics of it on your page so that a prospective birthmom will know where her baby will be having sweet dreams.  I am going to try to post one of the pics below...Best of luck to everyone in their journey!

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Got ours Done while doing our Home study,  a Green and Cream room to be gender neutral.  Pics are in our profile

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Hello Everyone, we hope everyone is doing well. This waiting time can be quite stressful and we've been just approved by the home study worker this past Friday and it feels like an eternity. This journey is worth the wait. Daniel and I decided to paint the nursery as the room prior to us buying the house was a nursery to begin with and it belonged to a little boy. The room was painted half mint green and the lower part blue, so with that said Daniel and I decided to paint it neutral colors. The main wall is burnt orange and the rest of the walls is a banana cream (to me it looks more like vanilla cream) LOL. I love giraffes so I ordered two giraffe stuffed toys and a book. My rocking chair is in there...and I'm now waiting to get the floors done. I inadvertently spilled not one, but two gallons of the light paint on the rug. (I guess I'm a little stressed) Now we must replace the floor, it was time anyway. We wll now have wood floors put in. We are pretty excited as we keep talking about what kind of furniture and area rug we will get for the nursery. I don't have pictures yet. Once I have it, I will post it. I wish everyone luck, and in God's time we all will have our babies. :)

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Thanks -  Jeremy and Amanda:  your nursery decorations are so adorable, i can see how having these images up would be great to help a person considering making an adoption plan -  imagine their child there,  happy.... Just lovely!

From Five to Six: i couldn't see the image linked below...

But appreciate others sharing their insight into this topic. 
Great Q to have asked, Heather & Jeremy!!  :-)


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Melissa and tim- not sure why our attached photo didn't work but feel free to check out our parentfinder page which has our nursery there.

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I have been going through the adoption process for about 8 years now. It has been a long time but I just try to keep positive and believe it will happen when the time is right. I painted my nursery yellow and have done a Noah's Ark theme. I have been collecting little items and decorations for years. I have the nursery set up except for the crib. I want to make sure that when I need a crib I get one that will meet the current safety guidelines. I tend to browse the baby aisles when at the stores. If I find a sale or clearance item that I think I will need I purchase it. It helps me to feel hopeful. I think posting pictures of a nursery can be a positive thing. Good luck to you!

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We were told by our adoption coordinator that it is really up to you and how you think you'll feel with a done nursery.  If you will think of it as an empty nursery, then it's probably not a good idea.  We happened to have a call about a hospital baby a few months back and we had NOTHING!!!  Since I'm a teacher and off for the summer, I decided I would go ahead and do the nursery.  So I painted it and we have a crib (which we weren't going to get right away, but I found a GREAT deal) and a car seat/stroller.  You can look at our profile to see the whole story about our nursery, but here is a picture.P1140950.JPG

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We put pictures in our profile...we thought it was helpful for first parents to get to know us better, and for them to be able to visualize what might be a future home for their baby.. We're still waiting on a match though (we've only been HS approved for three weeks though :-) )

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