Adoption Plan for your child
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Millions of women face unplanned pregnancies every year all over the world. If you are deciding what to do about an unplanned pregnancy, you have a lot to think about. You can think about placing your child for adoption. It is the only way to gift your child with financial and emotional stability especially if you are too young and not ready to be a parent and or a single parent yet. Did you identify any adoption agency yet? Please search the adoption agency listing in parent finder home page.

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Another option to keep in mind is private or independent adoption (vs. going through an adoption agency).  This is the path we're (and many others) are using to build our family.  We liked this approach because we understand it gives the most choice and information to the expectant mom (and birthfamily).  We can't even imagine all the questions that must run through your mind as you make this loving decision about adoption and then seek the very best parents for your baby.  We believe that through the private adoption approach we can give you the peace of mind with as much contact and answering your questions as you make your decision.  If you wished, we'd keep in touch so that we could continually honor the amazing gift of family that you would give us.

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