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Webinar: Writing the Best Dear Birth Parent Lettercreated by admin 2047 days ago · last reply by Matt_Laura4 1772 days agoWe are considering doing a webinar about writing your best Dear Birth Parent Letter. What time during the day would you be ab...
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Tips for a faster matchcreated by MikeandMary 2658 days ago · last reply by admin 2195 days agoWe wanted to start this after a few emails from Parents asking us 2 questions. First how long does it take to match/place usi...
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All PAP's - just wonderingcreated by ReneeandScott 2221 days ago · last reply by TomBecky 2197 days agoHave any of you on this site actually been contacted by any expectant mothers?  We see our page has been viewed almost 100 ti...
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Learning resources recommendations?created by KimKev 2250 days ago · last reply by KimKev 2231 days agoHi All,
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We've adopted!!created by jamesandmara 2341 days ago · last reply by westonregina 2335 days ago we are thrilled to announce that we adopted our son Luke James on 10-20/2012 in Florida. HE was born 10/18/2012 weighing 6lbs ...
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child carecreated by heatherjeremy 2482 days ago · last reply by heatherjeremy 2482 days agoI was wondering if anyone has posted on there page about Child Care and what they plan to do once there child comes along?  D...
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