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Often after church we take a little family trip to Sams. The kids love it because they get to eat lunch there and we love to shop ;) Is that a problem when you enjoy family outings to Sams?! ;-)
aaronkimadopt · 150 days ago

So, it was Friday night, and Mike and I decided to visit Babies 'R' Us to check out carriages.   I have already done my research for which brand I liked, but I wanted Mike to see it, and get a hands on feel for how it all works.   While we were checking them out, the store associate came over and st
mikeandally · 499 days ago

A Christmas craft fair, dinner out with my mom, and a slice of Reese's and a slice of Oreo cheesecake to take home - what could be better!  It was great to get out yesterday and spend some time with my mom.  It helped me get my mind off of waiting  and the feeling of emptiness over wanting another c
etstone · 2061 days ago

"Never, ever go to Kohl's without a coupon!"  I told Erik as we headed out the door for Kohl's late this afternoon.  He needed some more shirts for work.  So, we quickly printed off a coupon and away we went!  He got his shirts while Colby and I looked around at the Christmas decorations that were a
etstone · 2069 days ago

What a great Saturday we all had yesterday!  We started out our day with Colby's play-off soccer game. Unfortunately, they lost, but they played hard against an undefeated team that practically creamed us earlier in the season.  After the game, we had a late breakfast at McDonald's and then made our
etstone · 2222 days ago

Tracy & Erik's Adoption Profile - A Day Shopping With My Niece   Today I spent the day with my twenty-two-year-old niece.  We both love craft fairs, and we went to one near where she lives.  Since I love to cook, I bought some really yummy cheesecake mixes as well as some mixes where you can mak
etstone · 2278 days ago