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When sniggling turns into giggles  
lonnieandmaryjo · 23 hours ago

We really enjoyed our weekend in Pagosa Springs Colorado!  We did a lot of hiking a little bit of shopping and a lot of relaxing!   Abby loves waterfalls so anytime we go somewhere if there is a waterfall to see you can bet we are going to hike to it!     We stayed at a cute little lodge that durin
kevinandabby · 4 days ago

Fun in the backyard last night.
lonnieandmaryjo · 4 days ago

Our favorite activity in the summer is going to the beach.  Since we are both teachers we have the summer off and will spend 3-4 days each week at the beach.
lonnieandmaryjo · 7 days ago

We went to a hot air balloon festival and got to see the balloons up close!  It was a pretty amazing night!  We spread out our picnic blanket and ate some festival food (yum-deep fried cookie dough!) while enjoying a band playing in the background.  We finished out the night with fireworks in the sk
davidandelizabeth · 9 days ago

lonnieandmaryjo · 11 days ago

The past 10 days have been very busy! We cannot wait to share our everyday lives with a little one. Having them experience different food, learning to play an instrument or sing, and finding their relationship with God!   So last week we had a wonderful date night on Friday! We saved a gift card giv
danielandjennifer · 11 days ago

We had a great evening spending time with Melissa's dad and her step mother!  We had a delicious pizza dinner, followed by a yummy dessert!  Spike had a blast playing with our family!  We are all looking foward to welcoming a child into our family!  
nicholasandmelissa · 12 days ago

    Hi Guys!!   Being in the adoption process has taught me so much about it and all the diffrent components that make it up. Even before we had decided we were going to adopt it was something that interested me and I enjoyed learning more about. Now that we are in the process ourselves, I am just
jamesandkristin · 14 days ago

It's hot outside so we play games inside.    
lonnieandmaryjo · 14 days ago

We are having a marvelous summer so far!  The past several weeks we have had 3 groups of family members come stay with us for 2 or 3 nights at a time.  We have renewed our membership at the local Aquarium and we spent a lot of hours there viewing the water creatures!  Boy are those penguins, otters,
davidandjeana · 15 days ago

Other exciting news of the week include: 1. Laundry, laundry, laundry....we try to be good to our planet by doing laundry once a week     2. Daniel's fashion sense was stretched when Jen got him shorts with hula girls on them!         3. We had a treat eating at Five Guys, a burger joint in Color
danielandjennifer · 21 days ago

Happy Fourth of July!!! We spent our time with the Johnson Family in Colorado. Cindi and Woody were still in the states so the entire family was here.  We had a delicious fajita potluck. Daniel grilled the steak and the chicken which we marinated overnight. Jen made veggies and homemade guacamole!  
danielandjennifer · 21 days ago

Last week was a big week for us. We celebrated our 9 year anniversary! We have lived, loved, and laughed together for close to a decade. We love each other now more than ever. We have been through a lot over the past several years and know more than ever that we are soulmates and want to share that
danielandjennifer · 21 days ago

What an amazing evening enjoying neighborhood fireworks for Independence Day!
nicholasandmelissa · 21 days ago

We just returned from a mini vacation to visit Melissa's brother and his fiance' in Maryland.  We went out to breakfast, lunch, dinner each day and did other fun activities including glow in the dark mini golfing, bowling, and a trip to Gettysburg Pennsylvania.  We also had a large family dinner wit
nicholasandmelissa · 21 days ago

Cameron catching the waves  
lonnieandmaryjo · 22 days ago

Tractor ride with Uncle Jake  
lonnieandmaryjo · 24 days ago

All of the cousins at the Akron Zoo
lonnieandmaryjo · 25 days ago

lonnieandmaryjo · 26 days ago

lonnieandmaryjo · 26 days ago

 We had a great time visiting with Melissa's cousins Andrew and Jacob and her aunt, uncle, and grandma!  We spent time at the Animal Kingdom Lodge pool, had dinner at Paradiso 37, and walked around Disney Springs and grabbed some ice cream!  We cannot wait to take a child on these fun family adventu
nicholasandmelissa · 27 days ago

Summer is here!!!  We are so excited and looking forward to our first summer in our new home!  We love our outdoor area.  We get to spend our mornings sitting in our rocking chairs on our porch,  spend our evenings relaxing by our firepit and be surrounded by the beautiful sounds of nature.  We spen
Philipandkelly · 28 days ago

My brother had children before I did.  So that means his kids got to choose the special name my mom would take as a grandmother.  The eldest granddaughter, who is now 14, chose Mimi.  I'm not even sure how or when, but it stuck.  And now that is what she is... Mimi.  Let me just say, she is the best
davidandrenee · 28 days ago

I help lead an infertility support group at my church.  This past weekend a group of us took part in the Walk of Hope, which was to raise money toward infertilty awareness.  My good friend is quite the hand lettering artist, so she made us all shirts to wear.  We had her write "God of the Hills and
davidandrenee · 28 days ago

Just another June weekend for Daniel and Jen. Friday nights are date nights, whether or not we stay in or go out we make time to reconnect with each other EVERY Friday. This Friday we ordered Chinese food from our local Chinese resturant.  Can never go wrong with kung pow chicken, veggie stirfry, wh
danielandjennifer · 30 days ago

Andrew decided to make his own fun by playing hide and go seek.  He asks every night for another brother or sister.
lonnieandmaryjo · 31 days ago

Summer has finally arrived!  Our garden is coming along and growing rapidly despite the unusually late frost we had in May.  Jeana has been picking raspberries and radishes from the garden already.  So, among other things, she is growing some tomatoes, and peppers growing along with squashes, corn,
davidandjeana · 35 days ago

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.” ~ Phyllis Theroux When we started working with our adoption agency, they asked us if we would be willing to have an open adoption.  Now there are many versions of open adoption, but at the least an open adoption
MikeandTracy · 36 days ago

We are so excited for Melissa's aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandma to come down from up north!  Both of our families are going to get together for lunch on Friday and swimming at the Disney resort on Saturday, followed by dinner at Disney Springs Saturday evening.  We may even go into Hollywood Studi
nicholasandmelissa · 37 days ago

What a spectacular fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom!  This was the new Happily Ever After fireworks show!  It was awesome!  We love creating these fun memories and cannot wait to do this with a child!    
nicholasandmelissa · 37 days ago

  We had an amazing evening trip to Disney this past week to see the new Pandora at the Animal Kingdom.  What a spectacular place!  Everything was glowing in the dark and looked as if it was right out of the movie.  We did the Na'vi River Journey boat ride and that was super fun!  
nicholasandmelissa · 37 days ago

This was a fairly typical weekend for us.   On Saturday, we had a great time at the local Farmers Market. We got fresh organic blackberries and garlic that was grown in volcanic rock from California. The blackberries were perfectly juicie and the garlic had a spicy kick. We cannot wait to share our
danielandjennifer · 37 days ago

4 generations of males in the family.  Happy Father's Day  
lonnieandmaryjo · 37 days ago

Daniel's parents are both in town for weeks to visit their children and grandchildren! We see them at least a couple times a year and facetime with them at least once a month.   They are such generous people. We've been having so much fun! Mom and I go shopping and we all hang out during the day. We
danielandjennifer · 39 days ago

I knew from early on that Daniel was made to be a dad! When we were dating, Daniel came to check if I needed help in our church nursery. We had about 7 babies that morning and an 18 month old who was new to our nursery. This small child was crying and having difficulty calming down so I was holding
danielandjennifer · 39 days ago

I grew up in a household where family was valued. My twin sister and I have always been close and uniquely our own people. Even as a little girl who preferred playing outside in the dirt with the neighborhood boys, I loved my dolls and always dreamed about a large house full of children. I married t
danielandjennifer · 39 days ago

After falling in love with my beautiful (inside and out!) wife Jen, i knew I wanted to build my family with her.  Jen comes from a family that celebrates life and she grew up loving and caring for babies all around as her cousins were mostly younger than her.  In fact, two of her cousins were adopte
danielandjennifer · 39 days ago

Enjoyed a day at the beach with Andrew.  He loves the sand but is a little afraid of the waves.  Father-son walk.
lonnieandmaryjo · 39 days ago

This was the first week of summer vacation and we went to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia.
lonnieandmaryjo · 40 days ago

Oh my!  What a weekend!  Friday we invited some neighbors over for dinner.  We grilled a pork tenderloin and some asparagus.  We sat around eating and talking on the porch.  It was a beautiful evening and Isabella had fun chasing lightning bugs.On Saturday, Isabella had a chance to play on her new s
MikeandTracy · 43 days ago

We just got back from vacation!  It was a wonderful trip and much needed. We left last Tuesday for the Dominican Republic.  We had to wake up at 4 am to catch an early flight.  Isabella was a trooper.  She loves flying.  We started taking her on trips when she was pretty young, flying back and forth
MikeandTracy · 47 days ago

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending Adoption From the Heart's annual Picnic for the second year in a row. It was a nice, cool day with lots of kids and dogs running around; there was face painting, picnic lunches, raffles and more. I enjoyed talking with some adoptive parents as well as birth
Mindy2673 · 49 days ago

We went on a fun trip out to Bear Lake on Memorial Day weekend!  It was so relaxing to get away. We got to go swimming at the resort.  David loves to swim is really looking forward to playing in the pool with our own child. In conjunction with our trip we went to see our niece in her dance recital.
davidandjeana · 54 days ago

Only 15 minutes from our house is a pretty cool state park with lots of hiking trails, camp sites, wildlife, and horses.  This past weekend the weather was perfect for the outdoors, high 70s and overcast, so we decided to go visit the state park for a hike and to see the horse races.  Maddie loves b
jonathanandliza · 63 days ago

Hannah and I just got back from a trip to see my family in North Carolina.  While Colorado was getting a snow storm, we are playing in the sand and waves on the beach.  I grew up going to the beach almost every summer weekend, and I have never lost my wonder of the ocean.  There's nothing like smell
davidandrenee · 64 days ago

  This weekend was our first camping trip of the season!  More fun memories were made.  We went on a lot of hikes, kayaking, fishing, visited the beach, roasted marshmallows, made smores, and ate lots of yummy food.  We love this time of the year!  We are eagerly awaiting the day we can bring a chil
Philipandkelly · 65 days ago

We recently returned from a trip to the Oregon Coast!  We really enjoyed getting away from everything and spending time on the beach.     It would have been fun to have a child to build a sand castle with!  David got to feed the seals at the local aquarium.  While we were there we also visited the
davidandjeana · 68 days ago

Liza's side of the family gets together often for family days at her Aunt and Uncle's lake house which is only an hour from our house.  This past weekend we enjoyed spending time outside playing bad mitton, corn hole, kayaking, swimming in the lake, and eating lots of yummy food.  The lake is such a
jonathanandliza · 68 days ago

I hope you had a marvellous Mother's Day!  It can be a difficult day for so many reasons, especially on this adoption journey.I remember, years ago, that Mother's Day was so hurtful and depressing for me.  It seemed so unfair that all these women had children and we didn't.  I once cried to Michael
MikeandTracy · 71 days ago

Isabella has been dying to go camping but our weekends have been busy recently.  So last week we told her she could invite some friends over for a backyard campout.  I thought she would invite some girls over from her pre-school to sleepover.  Instead, she wanted to ask the two neighbor boys over! S
MikeandTracy · 78 days ago

I am part of a wonderful moms group at my church.  Today we met together and celebrated the Kentucky Derby!  Many of us wore some fun and unique hats.  I already had a Derby hat that I made years ago with a glued on bird and birds nest complete with M&M candies as birds eggs.   This year was esp
davidandrenee · 78 days ago

Last Thursday was "Take Your Child to Work" day so Michael took Isabella to work with him.  She woke up early, picked out "work" clothes and packed her backpack for work.  Then, they both headed to the Metro to take the train into downtown D.C.Michael sent me this photo of Isabella hard at work. Mic
MikeandTracy · 81 days ago

This blog is supposed to be a way for you to get to know us better and to be able to see our lives beyond a few photos on the website or in our profile book. So far, we've tried to share some of our activities and our lives on a daily basis.  While that's important, I'm sure you would like to know o
MikeandTracy · 82 days ago

We just got home from spending a week on a cruise with some really great friends and family.  We are very blessed to have gotten the opportunity to share in these type of adventures.  We can't wait to be able to share more of these amazing trips with a child.          Magens Bay St Thomas was beaut
Philipandkelly · 90 days ago

I am a working mother and I love it. Don't get me wrong there are moments when it can be stressful and chaotic but most of the time I feel it is the best of both worlds.   People often define themselves by the roles they have or the jobs they do. It is one of the first questions we ask each other wh
MikeandTracy · 90 days ago

What a blast! We just came home from our yearly vacation to Marco Island. Dana's parents have a home there where they live during the Connecticut winter months. We go every year to get away and to recharge our batteries! It always brings memories back from our first meeting there!  This year was ext
kellieanddana · 91 days ago

Jeoff and I would describe ourselves as a regular, middle class family living in the suburbs of Chicago. Jeoff works a corporate job and I became a stay-at-home mom when we adopted our son Zachary who is 3 ½ yo. We love being parents, we love the family we are building and we cannot wait until we ha
MJAdopt · 91 days ago

I volunteered to help cover some commitments for a friend of mine this past weekend.  The friend has been in the hospital and asked me if I could teach some of his classes.  That meant I needed to hop on a plane and head to McAllen, Texas, and that Michael was on Daddy duty all weekend. He did an am
MikeandTracy · 92 days ago

Beautiful day inspired us to plant some spring flowers, as tomorrow we are expecting rain!  As they say April showers bring may flowers. We are hopeful for our beautiful flowers to continue to blossum. Relaxing weekend filled with chores around the house and time spent together.
keithandmarissa · 93 days ago

Happy Easter! A special holiday in our house every year.  We often have a crowd of people, lots of traditional easter foods such as Lamb and Ham, and lots of fun! Growing up easter always meant coloring eggs, making homemade choclate easter bunnies and going to church with Grandma. We can't wait to
keithandmarissa · 93 days ago

So our 3 yo moved into a big boy bed this week.  Not a toddler bed but an actual full-size bed with new bedding -- trucks of course. He has never slept so well, which means I've never been so well rested in over 3 years. Now he's at school and I have too much time on my hands. I love being a mom and
MJAdopt · 95 days ago

This is something I feel every single day. Not a day goes by that I do not think about our son's birthmother. She is amazing! We met her while she was pregnant, less than a week before she gave birth. We talked, emailed and texted every day in that short time. We visited with her while she was in th
MJAdopt · 97 days ago

We had an amazing weekend with lots to celebrate.  We found out Friday that our profile is live and we are officially a waiting family.  Plus, this weekend is one of our favorite holidays - Easter!    Sunday started with a shriek from our daughter, "Mom! Dad!  Wake up!  The Easter bunny came!"  We t
MikeandTracy · 99 days ago

A lot of you have asked us to keep blogging our adventures with our new son Tony! It has been close to two and a half weeks since he has joined our lives, and we couldn’t be prouder to call him our son. Three year olds are quite the trip! Overall, we are seeing Tony adapt nicely to our family and ho
brianandkerri · 111 days ago

     Attending Broadway plays is alwasy an exciting event! We have seen numerous shows, The Lion King, Shrek, Grease, The Christmas Spectacular and more. Without a doubt our favorite is The Lion KIng! What a magnificent show with a spectacular cast, realistic costumes, and phenomenal staging.      
kellieanddana · 112 days ago

Despite the wacky weather and massive amounts of rain, it's been another great week. I decided to sweeten things up a bit by making a huge batch of my favorite cinnamon raisin granola to have throughout next week. Cooking and baking always make me smile & bring back memories of the many times my
Mindy2673 · 116 days ago

While tax season is almost over and spring break from school is near, we are looking forward to hopping on  a plane to head to Marco Island! This is one of our favorite places to visit every April.  It is always a blast spendig time with Dana's parents, sister and our niece Sofia!! We pray one day w
kellieanddana · 120 days ago

What better way to bring in spring than to celebrate Kellie's dad on his birthday! As a close knit family, we hosted a pizza party to ring in  Lenny's 71st birthday! It was a time filled with fun, laughter and a time to spend time with loved ones.  Kel's mother, Rose, brother, aunts, uncles and cous
kellieanddana · 124 days ago

Every year we take a trip to the Caribbean to spend time with friends and family! During our time on the island we spend days on our beautiful beach, indulge in fun activities, and try out new resturants. Someday we hope to bring a child on this trip.
keithandmarissa · 124 days ago

So, maybe it's too soon, but I really couldn't help checking out some cribs while shopping for furniture for my Nana and Papa's new condo.  All of that baby furniture just drew me RIGHT IN!   Mike gets the fun part of making the babies room a beautiful space by creating the perfect closet, putting u
mikeandally · 132 days ago

Hey guys! It's Ally!!   Growing up, my family worked for Alliance For Children, and we fostered babies!  You may already know that, because I mentioned it a couple times in our profile.    Taking foster babies was absolutely, without a doubt, my fondest memory growing up.  Every baby (and there were
mikeandally · 132 days ago

Hi we are so excited to let you know that we recieved the first draft of our family video so you'll be able to see us in video and get to know us a little bit more. I must say we were both nervous but had a blast telling you a little bit of ourselves. We think they did an amazing job putting it toge
EdandZeli · 134 days ago

Every few months on one of the adoption facebook groups, someone asks for advice:  Should I prepare my nursery before or after I'm matched?  Everyone has their own opinions; for some it's too sad to see an empty room waiting there for its little one, for others it's a hopeful way to wait.  I fall mo
sarah_adopts · 135 days ago

In February we celebrated Kevin's birthday.  We decided we would just go out with some friends!  We were going to go bowling after a nice dinner out, but the wait for bowling was too long and they were going to have to get home to let the babysitter leave.  So instead we just hung out and played aro
kevinandabby · 136 days ago

Enjoying "An Evening in Tuscany" at The Christian Academy Dinner/Auction Fundraiser for Chandler and Cambrie's School.  
jimandlaurinda · 147 days ago

Chandler made this / painted it for the silent auction last night at his school. We won the bid on it, but he secretly had Mimi and Papa bidding against us...LOL. He calls it "Fisherman." He loves art and doing anything artistic.    
jimandlaurinda · 147 days ago

I love that our life is never boring :) . Our daughter, Charly turned 4 last week.  Her Mimi came to visit and celebrate with her.  Mimi visits every birthday for about a week.  She got to swim, which is her favorite, and see the highly anticipated Lego Batman movie.  We waited for discount day and
joshandsusan · 151 days ago

Today for lunch I had multiple students stay in to have fun and spray paint outside! We conversed about graffiti and the famous painter Jackson Pollock and then we painted away. The weather is gorgeous today! One of my students staggered when leaving. She is a student that tends to stay on the "naug
Threemuskateers · 151 days ago

Sorry I have not posted since the 20th! We were busy celebrating Brendan's 32nd birthday! We had a lovely dinner out with our good friends Sam and Ben on Monday. We have been friends with Sam and Ben for many years and we would do anything for one another! So nice having a day off from work! Last ni
Threemuskateers · 153 days ago

It is magical to experience life through the eyes of a child. They express innocent wonderment at all the little things that we adults take for granted. We had a fabulous time this past weekend at Disney Springs in Orlando, Fla. My sister-in-law and her daughter were in town visiting, so her daughte
shadandchristine · 154 days ago

Just wanted to post here with pictures of my nephew's quilt finished.  I finished it a day or so after Christmas (which was okay 'cause they didn't come to visit until a few days after Christmas), and I think it turned out pretty cute.  Here it is in its finished glory:  And a few detail shots :)  
sarah_adopts · 157 days ago

TGIF is right! We are quite excited that the week is finally over! The warm weather starts for a while tomorrow, and we are grateful to be able to spend time with family and friends over the next several days!  Kerri had a successful conference in Atlanta and had a blast learning more while explorin
brianandkerri · 158 days ago

Today was a great day of instruction. My kids came ready to learn and I received thank-yous at the end of the lesson. I enjoy teaching art and I enjoy my students. Middle school is a fun age to teach because everyone is trying to figure out who they are and what they like. Often, I double up as a te
Threemuskateers · 162 days ago

http://laurenandbrendanwantoadopt.weebly.com/ Our own website creation :) 
Threemuskateers · 163 days ago

Quote of the day, haha, "Adoption is like a rollercoaster. One minute you're riding high and life is good, the next "face palm." -Her  No author for that quote but I like it! It really is a rollercoaster and we are not even in the thick of it yet. But, man on man, do we want to be!  Life takes time.
Threemuskateers · 163 days ago

I am laying here in bed about to go to sleep and am thinking how lucky I am to be beside my husband. Today was just another ordinary day but it was perfect in its own way because he was in it. Friday nights are usually our stay in nights. We rented a movie and made a pizza pie and cuddled up on the
Threemuskateers · 165 days ago

In the past two days we have had multiple phone calls but people are calling, saying hello and then hanging up nerve-racking on both ends I am sure! But if you are seeing this please know "we are good people, if you just need to vent or talk we are here too! Please consider staying on the phone if f
Threemuskateers · 168 days ago

Happy February Everyone! This is truly an all-time favorite commercial  :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfxB5ut-KTs Please share our Adoption Profile with anyone considering adoption for their baby.  Here it is: http://www.agiftofhopeadoptions.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/JLCCProfileWEB.pdf
jimandlaurinda · 168 days ago

Family has been so supportive with daily check ins, phone calls and texts to make sure we are staying positive and looking towards the future. I am thankful of friends and family who support us on this journey I really feel they believe in us and our love.  Thanks to all who may read this. Brendan
Threemuskateers · 169 days ago

So, it was Friday night, and Mike and I decided to visit Babies 'R' Us to check out carriages.   I have already done my research for which brand I liked, but I wanted Mike to see it, and get a hands on feel for how it all works.   While we were checking them out, the store associate came over and st
mikeandally · 169 days ago

Mike and I don't take many big vacations together, and over the last six years we have only been away with my family.  We have been really lucky to be able to see some cool places like the Dominican Republic, Aruba, and parts of Europe! But... we haven't been on vacation alone in those six years.  
mikeandally · 169 days ago

This week brought about a lot of emotion. My husband and I have been active on parentfinder and facebook for a month and have had a few connections but not many. I have met a lot of incredible women through adoption support groups on facebook. We are all now in this together...waiting! Waiting for t
Threemuskateers · 169 days ago

I think you can tell a lot about a person by the types of music they listen to.  I am not sure what our music choices will tell you, but I hope it gives you a better glimpse into the type of people we are.   Abby's Pandora Stations: Happiest Tunes on Earth (Anything from a disney movie makes me smil
kevinandabby · 171 days ago

Hi everyone   It is with all of the joy and love in our hearts that we write the two most beautiful words we've heard in a very long time -- WE MATCHED!  There are no words to describe what we are feeling right here, right now.  We are so thankful to the birth mother who chose us, trusting us with t
AmitandNatalie · 174 days ago

  I've started this post several times but some how never ended up posting it.     January has has been flying by.  I can't believe it's already 2017!  We celebrated my birthday this month and it had me thinking about what birthdays were like growing up.  When I was younger we did a family and frien
kevinandabby · 180 days ago

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