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We have decided to adopt another child!  Eric and I both always knew we wanted to have another one, but here we are, starting the process again!  We are so excited!  This time we know and love everyone at Adoption Associates after helping us find our little Nora!  This time I will have more trust in
EricandSaundra · Yesterday

We celebrated Father's Day along with a couple June birthdays yesterday visiting my family up North.  We picked my Mom and met everyone at a restaurant.  When we were done and leaving, we were standing outside saying our goodbyes before my sister took Mom home.  There was another family saying their
bretandjean · 2 days ago

Had a busy week this last week.  We have been working hard on our garden. And it's one of my favorite times of the year... Strawberry and rhubarb season! Making pies, rhubarb muffins, and strawberry rhubarb jam.  We topped off the week with some great family time with our fathers yesterday.  We cook
derekanddarcie · 2 days ago

     Thank you birth mother for inviting us to today's doctor's appointment and ultrasound.  What a blessing it was for you to share this with us.  We will never forget the moment we found out together that "IT'S A GIRL".  Sorry I couldn't hold back the tears, but they were definitely tears of joy.
bretandjean · 12 days ago

Oh The Places You Will Go..... Today was the last day of 4th grade for Bryce. I was shocked at how emotional I was. The thought we would not be a part of this family (for a while) was overwhelming to me. We made new friends, we got to know many kids, we had a wonderful teacher influencing Bryce and
bradandsarah · 12 days ago

  From the moment I met your father I could not wait to start planning for a family with him.  He is the man I spent a long time dreaming about and waiting for.   He is my best friend, the most wonderful father and together we make the best team.  I still wake up, even 5 years later, thankful he is
bradandsarah · 13 days ago

We took the girls for a walk on this lovely afternoon...or maybe they took us for a walk. They love it and so do we. 
derekanddarcie · 14 days ago

Whew, the month of May flew by! The past month was spent celebrating family. Carley’s little brother joined the Marines and left for boot camp. Prior to him leaving we had a big family dinner at one of his favorite restaurants. The night was spent celebrating the newest Marine and reiminicing over o
johnandcarley · 15 days ago

We had a great weekend!  Friday night we hosted our baseball team at our home for the (almost) end of the year party.  Brad had constructed a giant slip n slide in our yard for the kids to play on.  Thankfully the weather was much warmer than anticipated so the slide was a HUGE hit!  Something tells
bradandsarah · 15 days ago

We ventured to the Art Fair yesterday with my grandma. Here they are standing in front of one of the cool topiaries in the park. We had a great time walking around looking at all the local art and talent from Kalamazoo and West Michigan area.  We had a great time this weekend spending time with my g
derekanddarcie · 17 days ago

     Today we want to wish Happy Birthday to a very special young lady.  God recently brought us together when she found she was pregnant.  We had completed our home study and were in active status waiting to be matched and ultimately adopt a child.  After reviewing a number of profiles, she chose u
bretandjean · 20 days ago

This past week we celebrated our son Rylan’s 5th birthday.  Our birthday gift to him was a new bike so that evening we loaded up our bikes in the back of our truck and drove to the state recreational area for a family bike ride.  The weather was perfect and we spent the evening biking, putting our t
justinandsara · 30 days ago

A few weeks ago we enjoyed celebrating our neighbor’s daughter’s wedding.  We have loved living by our neighbor and her two daughters since they moved next door to us eight years ago.  Our son Rylan loves stopping over and they enjoy his company and the laughter he bring to their home while visiting
justinandsara · 30 days ago

Our son is in a dinosaur phase.  He has become quite the 4 year old expert and tells us he is going to be a paleontologist when he gets older.  Just an hour away from our home on the University of Nebraska campus there is a great Natural History Museum. There are many dinosaur and mammoth fossils, a
justinandsara · 30 days ago

In March Justin and I enjoyed a weekend getaway to Kansas City to celebrate my birthday.  We stayed downtown and visited an area known as the Power and Lights District. We enjoyed shopping at the Saturday Farmer’s market, live bands in the evenings, and eating sushi.  It was wonderful to spend time
justinandsara · 30 days ago

Now when I hear the words “unwanted” or “given up” through our adoption journey, I cringe.  Given up for adoption sounds like a child was discarded. It sounds similar to how we have given up a bad habit or give away items we no longer use.  No wonder many adopted children carry a burden of feeling u
bradandsarah · 34 days ago

An added unexpected perk on our property are morel mushrooms.  These are a culinary delight I was first inroduced to by Bret and his mom.  Both have hunted for morels each spring since they were kids and continue to this day.   There is a very small window each spring to find morels.  You will find
bretandjean · 36 days ago

How many times do we (non adoptees) ask about our nationality?  With Ancestry DNA or 23 and Me  kits out there it is becoming more and more accessible to find out “where you came from”.  I am easy. I am English/Scottish.  I am a spitting image of my dad with the squinty eyes and smaller nose.  I hav
bradandsarah · 41 days ago

Brad put together this great video of Bryce!  We have watched it no less than 37 times.  It makes my heart happy to think we could be capturing these moments all over again with a little one!   The travel, the holidays, the silly moments...they all just make me so excited to expand our family.   Not
bradandsarah · 42 days ago

One of our favorite times of the year.  Planting flowers in our hanging baskets! Went to the local greenhouse and picked out some pretty colors. Can't wait to share this tradition!
derekanddarcie · 43 days ago

It's hard to believe April has already come and went. John and I had a very busy April filled with travel, baseball games, concerts and community events. John's work travel took him to DC for a week and I was luckily able to tag along allowing us to experience the Cherry Blousoms in full bloom toget
johnandcarley · 48 days ago

As the cool, rainy month of April winds down, we look forward to warming temperatures and bright, blue sunny skys May brings with it.  It is incredible to see the daily changes nature holds from the grass getting green overnight to the budding trees.   The birds are excited winter is over as well a
bretandjean · 51 days ago

This weekend was filled with sunshine and productivity! Baseball was absolutely freezing on Friday and we got our butts kicked so I will breeze right over that.    I had signed Bryce up for an art class on Saturday morning through our community rec program.  He loves art!  We have lots of his art ha
bradandsarah · 51 days ago

We FINALLY have some consistent nice weather here in Michigan! (Though I heard frost is coming this weekend, ouch Mother Nature)    Some things we like to do in the Spring:   CLEANING! Carpets/ windows/ basement/ garage/ closets!  Out with the old, in with the new!  Our neighborhood has big garage s
bradandsarah · 54 days ago

We are two weeks into our profile being live and so far we are feeling calmer than last week.  There was something about being “LIVE” and now seeing our faces amongst all of the families we had been looking at prior that is a bit shocking.   We are getting more comfortable with it and making plans t
bradandsarah · 57 days ago

The weather in Michigan has finally warmed up! Derek and I have been busy this last weekend with spring clean up outside. And we are getting our garden ready to plant some veggies!. Derek built 3 gorgeous raised beds and we are filling them. I am trying my hand at aspargus and rhubarb this year.  Th
derekanddarcie · 58 days ago

  Besides my baking hobby, as well decorating cakes and cookies, I enjoy a variety of crafts.  Sewing and needlework are my favorites.  I learned these crafts at an early age from my mom, sister and my Dad's cousin, who we fondly referred to and have always known as Aunt Mary.  I still enjoy crafts,
bretandjean · 62 days ago

Had a blast at Lagoon this afternoon! The weather was perfect and we got to goof around like little kids. Best day ever!  
jaredandelizabeth · 67 days ago

Today is the first day of really nice weather for us (finally!). I always remember marking this day as a kid by taking the dog out to hang out in the yard:  lie in the sun, roll in the grass, listen to good music, smell the fresh air. Presley loved keeping up with this tradition this afternoon. Sitt
rodneyrebecca2741 · 68 days ago

With the new building comes a stack of paperwork, from blue prints, to permits, to zoning restrictions to much more.  Despite this, I look forward to having a workshop again.  This one will provide more room than my last and I have needed more space for years.  Whether it be metal work, wood work or
bretandjean · 71 days ago

To Our Future Child, We don’t know you yet, but we do know that we love you.  We know that you are out there waiting to come home, and will come to us organically and when you’re ready.    We am not perfect, but we will always protect you.  We will keep you from fear, hurt, and sorrow for as long as
frankandaaron · 72 days ago

This post is a little delayed, but we wanted to include it anyway! Every year, we typically celebrate a low-key Easter with Hamilton's mom Linda. This year, we had dinner with Linda at her house and then took her dog Rooney for a walk around the neighborhood. Hamilton made us strawberry shortcakes f
hamiltonandrebecca · 73 days ago

So last Sunday was Easter! I love Easter for many reasons and family is one of them. The whole family got together to celebrate this year. Our new neighborhood in Colorado Springs had an Easter Egg Hunt with a bounce house, face painting and of course...the Easter Bunny! It was so much fun to see ou
ZekeandMandy · 73 days ago

richardandtanya · 76 days ago

Wow, 2018 has definitely been a busy year for us so far! The firm John has worked at for years recently sold to a much larger firm. After a lot of discussion and prayers he decided to move jobs. This new job allows him to do both sales and investment management. The best part is that his new firm is
johnandcarley · 77 days ago

    This week Nora has shown a lot of concern over not knowing the baby's name. We've explained to her that we don't know if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl, so we don't know what their name will be either.  She's started calling him/her baby bear instead of baby brother or sister. We're al
matthewandbethanyanne · 77 days ago

We had an amazing road trip to Washington, DC.  Not only did we have a chance to visit with family (Jon's mom and step-dad and Michelle's sister and brother-in-law) but we also made some incredible memories.  Here are a few photos and highlights from our trip:   Day 1 in Washington, DC- (Visited the
jonathonandmichelle · 80 days ago

One of my favorite hobbies is baking. I have always enjoyed baking and wanted to elevate that a level, so I decided to take some classes to learn cake decorating techniques.  Since doing so, I have made dozens of decorated cakes for family, friends, for church functions and even for fund raising.  I
bretandjean · 81 days ago

We had so much fun at our first Monster Jam this year!  Not sure who enjoyed it most!?!? Mom and Dad or Tommy?   
MelandKC · 84 days ago

We had a fun filled weekend!  David’s brother and his girlfriend came to stay with us for a few days. We had a nice time visiting with them. We even enjoyed some Chicago style deep dish pizza together!   Brynn went to two Easter egg hunts this weekend. At both egg hunts she helped other kids put egg
davidandelizabeth · 87 days ago

Daylight savings time, that joyous time of year that we set our clocks ahead an hour and replace batteries in our smoke detectors and flahlights.  With this also comes yard cleanup, green grass, budding trees, flowering plants and a fresh start to the new year.   Our girls (dogs), Grace and Shirley
bretandjean · 90 days ago

For the past few months I've been in the process of renewing my paperwork for my annual Homestudy Review. It's not difficult, but there are a lot of pieces needed and they come from various places such as my employer verifying my employment or an agency that takes my fingerprints on file every year
felicia · 92 days ago

Jon and I are on our way up the east coast heading to Washinton, DC.  We decided to stop in Charleston, South Carolina our first night and had a chance to tour the city that evening.  Our second stop was to visit Jon's mom in North Carolina.  We spent our time hanging out with family and visiting Vi
jonathonandmichelle · 94 days ago

This weekend, we visited the Peabody Essex Museum with our friend. They have a lot of interactive exhibits, like this one....a room full of balloons! Although it was probably designed with kids in mind, we went in anyway. HA
hamiltonandrebecca · 94 days ago

This weekend our forecast has the possibility of snow! Many of our winter weekends we have been spent at home, usually a lazy morning together over a big breakfast and coffee. I (Chelsey) love to cook big family meals when we have a slow day together! Tomorrow, however, isn't exactly one of those sl
philandchelsey · 96 days ago

As we prepare to welcome a child into our lives and home, we thank God for giving us the means to do so.  We also thank him for guiding us to and through the adoption journey.  We have no doubt that he already has a birth mother/family and child in mind for us and will bring us all together at the r
bretandjean · 98 days ago

We've been working more on the nursery! Some photos are hung over the dresser and changing table, and we got this adorable and soft changing pad cover! Our amazon list is all set up so anytime we see things go on flash sale we order them for little love. We want to add a star and moon garland made
matthewandbethanyanne · 98 days ago

Meet Emmy. Just when you think she couldn't get any happier, it snows. I love watching her play, jump, run and try to 'catch' it. She might be seven years old, but she plays like she's still a pup. This is the second of two snowstorms (so far) in the past week. This time, we got a foot of heavy, wet
Mindy2673 · 104 days ago

As nature begins to unfold this spring, Bret and I again thank God for blessing us in finding this home and wooded property.  It was an accident that we found it or more likely God's plan all along.  When we saw this property, we knew this would be our home and where we wanted to raise our future fa
bretandjean · 105 days ago

One of the things we like about living in Seoul, Korea is the creative, fun, cute and sometimes silly items that are for sale. Korea is known for fun socks with cartoon characters or animals on them or bright, fun colors and patterns. Korea also has character themed stores, such as Line Friends, wh
williamandteressa · 106 days ago

  Two weeks ago Jon and I took our travel trailer to a new camping spot in Tarpon Springs.  We spent the weekend enjoying St. Petersburg and then went on a fishing charter out of Tarpon Springs.  We caught a ton of fish and I even walked away with the largest fish on the boat.  We also ate some grea
jonathonandmichelle · 109 days ago

For the last few years, we've gone with some of our friends to Boston's famous chocolate bar at the Langham Hotel. Amazing choice of desserts. It was hard to choose! Here's Rebecca's first pass:  
hamiltonandrebecca · 109 days ago

Last night Travis and I attended a reunion of former coworkers. This is an annual event and we all go around and update the group on developments in our lives over the past year. For the first time this year, it was really hard for me to hear about all the new children my friends and former coworker
travisandellen · 110 days ago

Friendship is a wonderful blessing.  To have even one other person you can rely on, share ideas, thought and concerns with or that someone who will listen or offer advise when needed.  To have someone who is genuinely concerned about your well being and happiness.  True friendship is having that spe
bretandjean · 114 days ago

Our birthdays are just 10 days apart, so we usually celebrate them together. Last night, Hamilton's mom Linda took us out to dinner at a great seafood restaurant called Bonefish Grill. The food was delicious and it was fun to catch up!
hamiltonandrebecca · 115 days ago

Yesterday wepicked up a mamaroo for the baby! It's like a combination of swing and bouncer and it's been on our short list of things we wanted to have for when the baby comes home, so we're really excited to have it.  Nora is a gusher whenever we get something for the baby and immediately started wi
matthewandbethanyanne · 119 days ago

Keenan married a couple years ago.  He met his wife Allison in law school.  They spent many hours studying together and discovered they were very compatible and fell in love.  They have many common interests, a favorite right now is traveling when they can.  This picture of them taken at the Kentuck
bretandjean · 122 days ago

Keenan and Evan are Bret's 32 year old twin nephews and Callah his 21 year old niece.  Though grown, they fondly speak of their Uncle Bret and still look to him for guidance.  They frequently refer to memories they have with their Uncle and it is evident that they deeply love and respect him.     Ke
bretandjean · 128 days ago

Rebecca's best friend from childhood just got married, so we threw her and her new husband an informal get-together at our house. It was tons of fun to see everyone and catch up, and we're so happy for our friends!  There were lots of kids at the party, and they had a blast playing board games in ou
hamiltonandrebecca · 129 days ago

We took a trip downtown Chicago to spend some time at the aquarium. We saw a neat 4-D movie where bubbles and water flew through the air.  We always check out the dolphin and beluga whale show. We had fun and learned some new things!   We also hit up the Field Museum because they were having a free
davidandelizabeth · 132 days ago

We celebrated Brynn's birthday with all of our extended family the last weekend in January!  Brynn always loves spending time with her Grandparents and all of her cousins.  She was so excited about seeing everyone that we were counting down the number of "sleeps" (how many nights) until her party.  
davidandelizabeth · 133 days ago

Sara is my 27 year old niece and Alec my 20 year nephew.  I have had the privelege of seeing them both grow up.  I still remember the first time I held them thinking how tiny you are and now they are both grown.  I am endearingly known by both of them as Auntie.  I am Sara's godmother and confirmati
bretandjean · 133 days ago

Our Promise To You, We promise we will love your child more than anything in the world...We promise we will always tell them how much you love them more than anything in the world... We promise to never let them forget where they came from, and we promise that your child will have a life filled wit
Philipandkelly · 135 days ago

We've been spending a lot of time thinking about how the nursery should look. It felt a little overwhelming planning for the baby's room when we don't know when they'll come home and what gender they'll be!  We decided on stars and moon/ outer space and it's been so fun finding little things that fi
matthewandbethanyanne · 141 days ago

This winter, we had lots of friends over to visit. It was also the first Christmas that we spent in our new home. There was even a big snow storm that hit us, right after we had placed our Christmas tree in the garden. It looked magical.Chris’ parents, his brother and girlfriend came to visit on Chr
chrisandtobias · 144 days ago

  (Baby's baby book and their tiny baby shoes)    This week we got Baby's baby book in the mail. It's such a sweet journal that has prompts for us to record special things about their childhood until they're 18 years old.  What makes this baby book so wonderful is that it is specific to their adopt
matthewandbethanyanne · 145 days ago

I, Jean, have one older sister.  Mary is eight years older, so we grew up at different points in our lives.  Despite our different interests at that time, we were still close, spending quality time together whenever possible.  As adults we have remained close and have always been there for each othe
bretandjean · 147 days ago

Brynn and I have been enjoying the winter days together!  We always seem to find something fun to do when she’s not in school. Today we went sledding for the second time this week in our backyard. It’s fun to get outside and run around together even in the cold. Our dog Griffin even got in on the fu
davidandelizabeth · 153 days ago

We welcomed the New Year while in Italy. We had an amazing time exploring Rome, Naples and the country side of Tuscany. The highlight of our trip was doing a cooking class in Tuscany and hiking to a medieval town. We can’t wait until we’re able to take trips like this as a family.  
johnandcarley · 155 days ago

My parents imigrated to the United States in the 1940's.  They met here and were in their 30's when they married and began a family together.  They worked hard becoming citizens, learning to speak fluent English and both working to establish and maintain a loving comfortable home for themselves and
bretandjean · 156 days ago

I love my job as teach for many reasons.  I enjoy working with young people on a daily basis and watching them grow throughout the school year.  I also enjoy the variety, yet predictability the school day provides.  Justin enjoys selling real estate because he loves meeting and working with new peop
justinandsara · 159 days ago

Christmas Day was spent with Andy's family this year.  Lila and her two cousins had a ton of fun opening presents and playing with new toys!  Lila especially loves her colorful new maracas.  We spent New Years Eve at Sarah's parents' house up north, where the temperatures reached a bitter -22 degree
sarahandandrew · 162 days ago

New Year’s weekend was spent with Justin’s family celebrating Christmas and spending time together.  His family lives six hours away and we look forward to trips to visit them.  Rylan loves his cousins and playing with them.  Some highlights from our tip included opening Christmas presents, going bo
justinandsara · 170 days ago

There is always something magical about the first snowfall of winter and this year it came at the perfect time; the day before Christmas Eve.  Justin and Rylan were excited to bundle up and get outside to play in the fresh white blanket that covered the ground.  They also got the sleds out and spent
justinandsara · 170 days ago

As the Holiday's come and go, we are thankful for all the blessings of the season.  Christmas started off with an unveiling of our newly renovated Church along with a live nativity.  This presenattion was done by the children of the parish, 8 years old and younger.  What a wonderful way to teach the
bretandjean · 171 days ago

Merry Christmas! This past month has been filled with family, love and laughter. From a trip to Magic Kingdom/Epcot to see the beautiful light displays and to experience different Christmas traditions around the world to Christmas Eve and Christmas spent with our friends and family it's easy to say
johnandcarley · 176 days ago

Christmas is a time for giving.  To us this does not mean going shopping and just purchasing random gifts for those on our list.  It means finding that special gift for each person and even more special if it is something we can make. Bret designed and made a figurine for me the Christmas right afte
bretandjean · 178 days ago

We dream of the day that we can welcome a child into our hearts and home through adoption!  As we excitedly go through this journey, we cannot help but think of names that we would love for a future child.  Here are a few!   Girl Isabelle Gabriella McKenzie   Boy Gabriel Elijah Noah   We also couldn
nicholasandmelissa · 181 days ago

We wanted to share some fun facts about us!  Melissa Favorite Foods:  Chocolate, all vegetables, pizza, buffalo chicken wings Favorite Musician/Band:  Elton John!  Favorite Movies: Just Married, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, A Christmas Story,  Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, most d
nicholasandmelissa · 181 days ago

It's hard to believe that in a matter of 6 months I'll be welcoming 3 new cousins into the family! I have 2 cousins who've announced their pregnancies (1 with twins!) over the past few months. One of them will be a mother for the first time. In fact, 10 of the cousins I grew up with have 17 (soon to
felicia · 184 days ago

One of Brets and my most treasured things to put out each Christmas is the Nativity scene.  The stable was made by my Father and the figurines were made for Bret by his Grandparents.  The significance of the nativity scene in itself is powerful, but since none of these family members are with us any
bretandjean · 189 days ago

In the spirit of giving, Rylan and I made a toy donation to the local YMCA today.  I was at the YMCA early this morning and was going to take the donation at that time but decided I wanted to wait until Rylan could go with me.  At first he was sad that the play-doh set was not for him.  I explained
justinandsara · 190 days ago

This past weekend we enjoyed a family date night by going out to dinner and to a Christmas pageant show.  There is a large church that puts on fantastic production of the Christmas story with a modern day twist each year.  Justin and I attended it several years ago but have never taken our son Rylan
justinandsara · 190 days ago

Brynn and I made a fantastic gingerbread house this weekend!  We have made them in the past but this year Brynn was really into deciding what decorations should go where on the gingerbread house. She loved adding lollipop trees and putting her own flare on the roof decorations. She also enjoyed samp
davidandelizabeth · 192 days ago

This year for Thanksgiving we flew to Detroit, MI where Mandy's parents live. The whole family met there for pure chaos and lots of fun. The weekend was full of activities. We tried to fit everything in since we were finally all together this year. So we celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas, went w
ZekeandMandy · 193 days ago

Melissa recently had the pleasure of getting to meet her good friend's baby!  What a cutie!  We cannot wait to be parents!
nicholasandmelissa · 193 days ago

We recently visited Disney Springs to see their Christmas decorations.  We had so much fun walking through the Christmas tree trail!  They have trees decorated after many Disney movies and characters!  They also have Florida snow!  
nicholasandmelissa · 193 days ago

We love to put up our tree and decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving!  We have so many cute ornaments from our childhood and also sentimental ornaments from vacations we have taken!  Oh yes, and we have a ton of Disney ornaments since we are Disney fanatics!      
nicholasandmelissa · 193 days ago

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving several weeks ago!  We had all of our family over and we cooked the Turkey as well as our homemade family recipe for stuffing, greenbean casserole, and sweet potato!  We cannot wait to experience family traditions and create new traditions with a little one!      
nicholasandmelissa · 193 days ago

This past weekend was spent with family. John and the rest of the men headed off to Texas for a hunting trip at a family member's ranch while Carley and her sister Anna headed off to Chicago for a mini vacation. The boys had fun hunting, while the girls had a great time shopping and seeing the music
johnandcarley · 196 days ago

As Thanksgivning came to an end and the Christmas season officially began last week, many people went Black Friday shopping but not Bret and I.  Though we both like a good deal, Black Friday shopping is not for us.  We did both have to work that day, but afterwards headed to a local tree farm with G
bretandjean · 197 days ago

This past weekend Justin’s work sponsored an event which included a visit from Santa, face painting, and holiday treats.  Rylan was very excited to visit santa and share his Christmas list with him.  For his list he had cut out pictures of toys in magazines that he wanted and glued them on a sheet o
justinandsara · 198 days ago

We had a fun weekend celebrating the holiday season!  We meet Santa at a pancake breakfast and Brynn wasn’t shy around the big guy at all this year!  We made Christmas crafts, played bingo and there was even a bounce house. We even got a family photo with Santa!   That night we went to the local arb
davidandelizabeth · 199 days ago

We know that God’s hands are weaving our adoption story. We are so excited about growing our family through open adoption. We pray for a strong connection with the expectant mother and to maintain a relationship with her so that she will know her child and the child will know the incredible love tha
aaronkimadopt · 200 days ago

We know that God’s hands are weaving our adoption story. We are SO excited about growing our family through open adoption. We pray for a strong connection with the expectant mother and to maintain a relationship with her so that she will know her child and her child will know the incredible love tha
aaronkimadopt · 201 days ago

This fall we had many friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving in our new home. This even included two Americans! One was a colleague of Tobi, the other a young boy who was also adopted from the US, and who lives with his two dads in our home town. The turkey was again delicious. Tobi found a fantasti
chrisandtobias · 201 days ago

This past weekend we were blessed to celebrate Thanksgiving with both of our families. John's Mom and Aunt came into town on Wednesday and celebrated Thanksgiving with Carley's family at her parents’ house. Most of Carley's siblings and their families were also able to make into town to celebrate wi
johnandcarley · 205 days ago

We were fortunare to spend much of our Thanksgiving weekend outside as the temperatures in Nebraska have been unseasonably warm.  On Thanksgiving Day after enjoying our turkey, potatoes, and all the fixings with Sara's family, we went for a hike along a creek near Sara's parent's house.  There is an
justinandsara · 206 days ago

We are grateful and thankful for our many blessings. Some of the things we are thankful for this Thanksgiving Day are....                                         We are thankful for our health and the ability to complete the Turkey Trot again this year!                                              
jasperandlisa · 208 days ago

In the Spring of 2012, there was a devastating tornado that hit Henryville, IN.  Someone we knew of through my sister had friends living there that lost everything and started asking for donations.  When we were contacted, not only did we make a donation but started asking others.  Quickly doantions
bretandjean · 209 days ago

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