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Matt came home from work Friday with Chipotle for dinner. Nora has some food allergies and intolerances so it'sone of our favorite quick resturants where she can eat safely. Since we don't eat out a whole lot, it was a really nice treat!  Nora had the whole evening planned for us, having Chipotle a
matthewandbethanyanne · 9 hours ago

January 2018: In December, I mentioned our love for Disney AND for our large extended families. If there is one person who loves both of those things more it's my sister-in-law. So in January, that excitement only grew as Josh's sister and brother-in-law made a BIG announcement!   Josh and I both gr
joshuaandrachael · 4 days ago

This weekend we went to visit my mom, stepfather and my brother's family in Georgia. It was a short visit, but it's fun to visit family, including our nephews. They are really into Star Wars. I love Star Wars and we had deep discussions about who is right: rebels vs the Empire. My 6 year old nephew
travisandellen · 5 days ago

We ended up having a really busy week last week! So this weekend we needed some extra time to connect as a family. We baked cookies together, made more muffins, went to church and sunday school, and took advantage of the beautiful weather by spending several hours at the park!  One of our favorite p
matthewandbethanyanne · 6 days ago

Happy Valentines Day all! For us, it was pretty subdued, just a nice dinner together. Actually, the day did include a first for me, it was the first time I “got” to be on a jury. Fortunately, it wasn’t something that got drawn out more than a few hours, but still...well...there’s a first for everyth
danandsara · 9 days ago

Happy Valentine's Day! We love making valentines with Nora to share with family and friends. She painted water color heart pictures this year. We can't wait to make them with the baby and to give one to you.  We hope you're having a wonderful day! We're thinking about you and praying for you today (
matthewandbethanyanne · 11 days ago

We've slowly been checking things off my "winter activities" pinterest board. Our play group was cancled because so many of our friends have colds, so Nora and I decided to make birdseed cookies to hang in our tree.  We had a lot of fun making these together! Nora loved that she could do most of th
matthewandbethanyanne · 12 days ago

We took a trip downtown Chicago to spend some time at the aquarium. We saw a neat 4-D movie where bubbles and water flew through the air.  We always check out the dolphin and beluga whale show. We had fun and learned some new things!   We also hit up the Field Museum because they were having a free
davidandelizabeth · 17 days ago

About this time of year we start feeling excited for spring to arrive, especially to plant our garden for the summer! Even though we learned our lesson about not planting before Mother's Day (hello all the snow that comes in May!) we get really excited to plan our summer crops.  The first year we pl
matthewandbethanyanne · 18 days ago

We celebrated Brynn's birthday with all of our extended family the last weekend in January!  Brynn always loves spending time with her Grandparents and all of her cousins.  She was so excited about seeing everyone that we were counting down the number of "sleeps" (how many nights) until her party.  
davidandelizabeth · 18 days ago

JustinKimberly · 18 days ago

Since both sets of grandparents live further away, we make a big effort to visit them a handful times a year. They also come to us several times a year!  Beth's dad (dubbed Papa) had a couple days off this month and took some time out to visit us for our ski trip and get some time in with Nora.  On
matthewandbethanyanne · 19 days ago

So the New Year is in, and we’re setting in nicely for winter. Sara’s (finally) recovered from...I think 3 back-to-back….-to-back sinus infections and is back doing SoulCycle. I’m trying to run more, but having trouble getting back in the habit (the weather really isn’t helping). I really need to ge
danandsara · 20 days ago

I mentioned in our first post we've been planning a new family adventure every month. Something we haven't done before outside our normal routine of going to the park or the museums on the weekends.Since it's winter we're trying some fun Colorado winter things to enjoy the season! This weekend we to
matthewandbethanyanne · 20 days ago

About a block from our college campus in North Carolina is a coffee shop called Tate Street Coffee House and it holds a lot of special memories for Matt and I.  It's where Matt and I had our first date several months into our friendship. When Matt proposed 3 years later he brought me a cup of coffee
matthewandbethanyanne · 24 days ago

We're a family of readers. We have books in almost every room on the house and we love sharing good literature with Nora. We spend a lot of time looking at and reading beautiful picture books, sharing chapter books with her, or listening to audio books in the car. We usually come home with a stack o
matthewandbethanyanne · 25 days ago

We celebrated one of our best friend's birthdays by going and hanging out at the trampoline park with him and his family. The kids had a great time being silly and getting energy out on the Warrior course, playing dodgeball, and jumping for a couple hours!   
seanandteisha · 26 days ago

    (after the children's Christmas service, Nora played the star)   About a year ago we made a tough decision to leave our church in Colorado Springs and find one closer to home.  When we first moved to Colorado we were living in the Springs and Matt commuted to Castle Rock for work. After a year w
matthewandbethanyanne · 27 days ago

  This past week Ellington and I (Teisha) enjoyed a girls night at Cinderella the Musical. We had a great time and Ellington loved wearing her princess dress! This weekend Ellington had the opportunity to attend a cheer camp while Zayden went to a college basketball game with Sean. We love living in
seanandteisha · 28 days ago

    For Christmas, Matt's parents (Nana and Opa) gifted us with a family membership to the Denver Children's Museum. We've used our Zoo and Nature and Science Museum memberships so much and it will be fun to add this into the rotation!  We went for the first time yesterday and had such a fun day! N
matthewandbethanyanne · 28 days ago

Well this past weekend was different!  We were going to go out on a date just the two of us.  We left Lila with Andy's parents and set off to go tubing!  The weather was mild, it was a beautiful afternoon!  The ski resort is inside a gated community.  We excitedly pulled up to the gate and were turn
sarahandandrew · 29 days ago

This winter, we had lots of friends over to visit. It was also the first Christmas that we spent in our new home. There was even a big snow storm that hit us, right after we had placed our Christmas tree in the garden. It looked magical.Chris’ parents, his brother and girlfriend came to visit on Chr
chrisandtobias · 29 days ago

Abby has been temporarily traveling for work as she is helping her nanny family while they move out of state.  Becuase of this travel we had the opportunity to take our first "vacation" early this year.  We got the opportunity to explore a new place, Tucson Arizona.   If your going to visit Arizona
kevinandabby · 30 days ago

With our limited space, we didn't take a lot of time to introduce our furriest family member in our profile book.    This is Aubrey, our Cocker Spaniel. We got her from a shelter in North Carolina in 2010.  I (Beth) had just graduated from college and was living on my own for the first time. Matt a
matthewandbethanyanne · 33 days ago

We got quite a bit of snow at our house this weekend, along with the rest of the front range! Yesterday Nora helped Matt and I shovel the driveway so he would be able to get out for work in the morning.    Being from North Carolina, I'm still a bit amazed that schools and work continue like normal
matthewandbethanyanne · 34 days ago

Sorry, no pictures from this weekend. I have a cold and spent the weekend binge watching Hallmark movies and This is Us. But I am so grateful for Travis. We are a team and when one is temporarily unavailable, the other steps in and takes up the slack. It times like this weekend I'm so grateful Travi
travisandellen · 35 days ago

Often after church we take a little family trip to Sams. The kids love it because they get to eat lunch there and we love to shop ;) Is that a problem when you enjoy family outings to Sams?! ;-)
aaronkimadopt · 35 days ago

Every year, Matt and I enjoy making a new family goal. A couple years ago we both set out to run a race at Disney World, last year we set a goal to learn new recipies together and really enjoy cooking.    This year we decided that we wanted to take one day, or weekend a month and try something new o
matthewandbethanyanne · 37 days ago

                             We got a rare "snow day" off from school this week. We spent the day making blanket forts, having nerf gun wars, baking cookies, and playing with our new 3D pen. We ended the day eating snowcones ---because who doesn't like snowcones when it is 20 degrees outside?      
seanandteisha · 39 days ago

We took what my (Sarah's) family calls a "rubber band trip" this weekend- a road trip, stay over night, and then road trip home.  Sometimes my parents do this when they visit us from Vermont to see a show we're in or directing.  The drive isn't really pleasant since it's so long, but we always have
sarahandandrew · 40 days ago

Man, Decembers are busy, but they're always a blast. I love how Hanukkah and Christmas kind of bleed together. We get so much lights going on in our place!   Most of the month is a collection of concerts, dinner, and outings with friends. We ended up going to my parents for Christmas, stayed there
danandsara · 47 days ago

Christmas Day was spent with Andy's family this year.  Lila and her two cousins had a ton of fun opening presents and playing with new toys!  Lila especially loves her colorful new maracas.  We spent New Years Eve at Sarah's parents' house up north, where the temperatures reached a bitter -22 degree
sarahandandrew · 47 days ago

Our boys are active in scouting, participating all year round in camping and other adventure activities while cultivating long lasting scout skills and friendships.  There is an annual holiday pizza lunch followed by a scavenger hunt downtown.  The boys break up into teams and learn history and expl
mandiandlaurie · 52 days ago

Thanksgiving for us is a time of family gatherings and reflecting on what we are thankful for.  We shared family time in North Carolina and Virginia sharing stories, laughter and precioius time.  We appreciate every moment together and hope to add to our family!
mandiandlaurie · 52 days ago

It was so nice to fly home this December to be with our families over the Christmas and New Year holidays! It's something we do every Christmas season and we always look forward to spending time with the people most important in our lives.   Since our parents live nearby each other it is easy to sp
eddieandkim · 53 days ago

alvinandjohn · 59 days ago

Christmas is always a magical time. I wish I could relive Christmas through the eyes and heart of a child. Their innocence and pure joy during this time is heart-warming. We got to spend a few days at my parent's house (Kim's), came home on Christmas Eve so that we could be here for Christmas mornin
aaronkimadopt · 60 days ago

Over the weekend we got together to celebrate Christmas with out families. Whenever our families get together we always have fun. We spent the holiday eating good food, exchanging gifts, playing games, having a silly string fight and laughing at stories of past Christmas memories. Both of our famili
douglasandheather · 60 days ago

Merry Christmas!! Here are some photos of our celebration. We are so blessed to have the love and support of each other, friends and family.  Our Family Christmas Photo. Including one dog, Luke, who wandered through. Missing Blair and his fiance Liz who spent Christmas with Liz's family.    Ellen di
travisandellen · 62 days ago

One of my family traditions I did with my father was to lay wreaths at family graves at Christmas to remember and honor those no longer with us. Now that my father is no longer with us, I've carried on this tradition and continue to lay wreaths in honor of my father, grandfather, great grandfather a
travisandellen · 63 days ago

We took a family trip to London this past weekend.  Connor got to spend the weekend with Nanny & Granddad Wood and visit with his cousins.  We had a traditional British Sunday Roast with all the family, which is always a highlight - yum!  
materic7222 · 75 days ago

You just can’t beat enjoying family time sitting by the fire on a cold winter night! We can’t wait to add another little one to the mix! 
aaronkimadopt · 76 days ago

This year for Thanksgiving we flew to Detroit, MI where Mandy's parents live. The whole family met there for pure chaos and lots of fun. The weekend was full of activities. We tried to fit everything in since we were finally all together this year. So we celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas, went w
ZekeandMandy · 78 days ago

When talking about Aaron, one quality about him that was a first attraction for me was the fact that he can build or fix anything. If he doesn’t know how, he most likely can figure it out. A recent project he did was hang a ladder in the basement for the kids to use as monkey bars. Only the best dad
aaronkimadopt · 81 days ago

We had a fun weekend celebrating the holiday season!  We meet Santa at a pancake breakfast and Brynn wasn’t shy around the big guy at all this year!  We made Christmas crafts, played bingo and there was even a bounce house. We even got a family photo with Santa!   That night we went to the local arb
davidandelizabeth · 84 days ago

Thanksgiving is always a time to sit back and reflect on the little (and big) things we are thankful for.  It's easy to get caught up in the daily struggles and bumps in the road, but there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.  There are countless things that God has blessed us wi
aaronkimadopt · 85 days ago

We know that God’s hands are weaving our adoption story. We are SO excited about growing our family through open adoption. We pray for a strong connection with the expectant mother and to maintain a relationship with her so that she will know her child and her child will know the incredible love tha
aaronkimadopt · 86 days ago

This fall we had many friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving in our new home. This even included two Americans! One was a colleague of Tobi, the other a young boy who was also adopted from the US, and who lives with his two dads in our home town. The turkey was again delicious. Tobi found a fantasti
chrisandtobias · 86 days ago

So Thanksgiving is always a bit of a whirlwind for us. The core of it was hosted by Sara's parents, in the form of 3 dinners in a row. Wed night included the traditional peeling of the chestnuts in preparation for the stuffing the next day. A surprisingly difficult task (and one that was completely
danandsara · 87 days ago

It's been ages since I've posted a blog as we've been keeping ourselves very busy. Matthew has been diligently working on the guest room/nursery so that it was ready for my parents, who visited us this Thanksgiving. He got it mostly finished, finished enough that my parents were able to stay in it.
matthewandlaura · 90 days ago

We are grateful and thankful for our many blessings. Some of the things we are thankful for this Thanksgiving Day are....                                         We are thankful for our health and the ability to complete the Turkey Trot again this year!                                              
jasperandlisa · 93 days ago

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year. We are so thankful to be able to celebrate with so many friends and family. Here is our menu and some photos!  Turkey Mashed Potatoes Sweet Potato Casserole Brussels Sprouts with bacon and onion Peas Dressing Cranberry Sauce Gravy Pumpkin Pie Pe
travisandellen · 93 days ago

It's almost Thanksgiving and family began arriving yesterday. Family meals are not just at Thanksgiving so we decided to cook something fun... Pizza! 
travisandellen · 95 days ago

The timing of our wedding and honeymoon were not together, but the time difference did not impact our happiness or adventures.  We were so fortunate and happy to have this time together to continue our celebration.      
mandiandlaurie · 101 days ago

  This weekend was a busy one. Saturday we visited our very close friends Sven and Manon in the beautiful old city of Utrecht. After catching-up in a restaurant during lunch we went to their home and had home-made burgers for diner. Their little boy Ruben was great campany! It was a lovely day. S
vincentandjos · 105 days ago

I don't know why, I've always taken pride in my own immune system, but I've noticed a disappointing trend over the last few years. I always seem to get sick in October. Minor stuff, just a cold that slows me down for a day or two and then leaves  me coughing for a few days after that. Still, I miss
danandsara · 117 days ago

Faye has been really into making forts out of blankets recently.  Adam and I love this since we grew up building forts and making a mess of the living room.  Our forts began as a simple fort, a blanket thrown over a folding table.  Then they began to evolve.  The next fort was a little bit bigger an
adamandrachel · 120 days ago

So I know that title is a bit misleading. For me, the 'holiday season' is actually a collection of holidays that encompasses....pretty much the entire Fall season. Before Sara, it started with Halloween, but now it includes the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. While there isn't as much
danandsara · 129 days ago

 Today we went to The State Fair of Texas with Jasper's older sister. We had our fair share of food and fun! We tried the fried Reese's and fried banana pudding. Both were delicious!                                     Today was also the Texas / OU rivalry game. We went to cheer on our Longhorns, bu
jasperandlisa · 134 days ago

We have continued to have fun picking out and making decorations for the nursery. We added a colorful polka dot decal to the wall over the crib, hung the homemade baby mobile, assembled the rock-n-play, and I even made a cute lantern that will hang over our rocking chair! The homemade pennant banner
michaelandjennifer · 134 days ago

We Came, We Saw and We Ate   Two weekends ago we finally had our family vacation to Orlando and Disney World. My Brother, Alan, and his fiance, Brittany, from OH met up with us while there.     Probably not the most flattering picture of Jason and I, but as you can see we are all smiles. Both Jason
felicia · 139 days ago

This weekend we wondered a neighborhood craft fair, and enjoyed the fall colors and sunshine. This is Abby's favorite time of year.  The colors are changing and their is crisp morning air, but when that sun comes out, to just soak in the warmth... there is nothing quite like it.   Sunday afternoon w
kevinandabby · 140 days ago

 Tonight we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, La Hacienda Ranch.  Jasper actually worked there in high school as a waiter.  We got our Tex Mex fix, and enjoyed spending time together after a long week!                                
jasperandlisa · 142 days ago

We have had a whirl wind of a weekend!  Thursday night we had a going away dinner party with Abby's Cousin and his amazing wife.  They are moving to the Florida coast, and one of Abby's aunts and uncles (his mom and dad) moved there a few weeks ago.  While we will miss having them here, we are excit
kevinandabby · 147 days ago

Hello!   Last week, Matthew and I were fortunate to be invited on a vacation with his parents and siblings and we had so much fun.    In Michigan, where we are originally from, there is an island that is a throwback. Motorized vehicles aren't allowed on the island, transportation is by foot, bike or
matthewandlaura · 152 days ago

One of our traditions is to get together for everyones birthday. So, today we spent the morning with Lisa's family to celebrate her brothers birthday. We had a delicious breakfast and enjoyed spending time with family.                 In the afternoon we went to Jasper's nephews baseball game. The b
jasperandlisa · 155 days ago

Last weekend my nephew turned 12.  We had a birthday party at my sister's house, ate LOTS of yummy food, and played outside.   My favorite parts were the chocolate cake with chocolate icing and of course the time with family.
rallie_adopts · 164 days ago

Labor Day always signals the end of summer and the beginning of fall, but for us it always means another weekend away at Sebago Lake with Nick's side of the family.  The week leading up to labor was our annual trip to Maine with Nick's brother and sister-in-law, our neice and nephew and of course Ni
nickandeve · 166 days ago

On our sunny Saturday afternoon, it was time for some sidewalk chalk for the boys!  
lonnieandmaryjo · 167 days ago

We got the chance to spend Labor day weekend exploring Manitou Springs and the Royal Gorge. At the Royal Gorge we enjoyed walking across the massive expansion bridge, riding the tram, and I even convinced Kevin to do the zipline across the gorge!  It was so much fun (though I am pretty sure Kevin ha
kevinandabby · 167 days ago

Like father like son Bacon is king! On Labor Day we went to have breakfast at a friends house and Andrew grabbed the bacon and started chomping.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 171 days ago

Andrew decided Labor day was a day to go to the water and play.  he spent most of the water walking around in he the shallow surf.
lonnieandmaryjo · 172 days ago

On a recent Boy Scout trip, Cameron took to the water and did Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) 
lonnieandmaryjo · 174 days ago

One of the things I love about Mary Jo is that she appreciates a beautiful sunrise.  We called each other on the way to work to discuss the glorious sunrise.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 175 days ago

While Nick has lots of interests and hobbies, his favorite, by far, is golf.  Nick grew up playing golf with his dad and they still play often.  This past weekend he participated in a golf tournament with his close friend from college.  Amazingly, they somehow managed to win the whole thing as famil
nickandeve · 177 days ago

Andrew likes hanging out and coaching.  He motivates the girls to play and has fun playing with them.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 178 days ago

Sometimes playing can be more important than getting dressed.    
lonnieandmaryjo · 179 days ago

First day of middle school for Cameron  
lonnieandmaryjo · 180 days ago

Thought it was time to get out of the house and do something fun.  We went to play Putt Putt.  I love the themed holes.  This princess castle pictured below had bubbles coming out of it every once in a while.  It was so much fun and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon/evening. 
kevinandabby · 183 days ago

We were blessed with the opportunity to celebrate both Mandi's mom's birthday and her parent's 50th wedding anniversary!  It was a full day of laughs and walks down memory lane.  
mandiandlaurie · 185 days ago

Summer ended for our older kids yesterday!  Our son, Josiah, started the 5th grade.  Our daughter, Ainsleigh, began kindergarten!  They both were very excited to go to school.  Josiah is very social and was eager to see all of his friends.  Ainsleigh had no problems adjusting to being in school and
JonandAmber · 185 days ago

  If you've read my profile book, you've probably seen the many pictures of me and my boyfriend, Jason, at a number of FL-based theme parks. We both grew up in Central Ohio, halfway between Cedar Point and Paramount's Kings Island, and so both our childhoods were filled with summer trips to each of
felicia · 186 days ago

a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to be a counselor for a camp for kids in foster care.  It is an RFK camp (Royal Family Kids Camp).  This was my 4th year as a camp counselor.  Each year we get to go up a day early and decorate the campers cabin before they come.  We chose to go with an Under th
kevinandabby · 187 days ago

It's been so hot outside that once the sun starts to set Andrew wants to play outside.  He was determined to throw this ball all over the yard because he was bigger than it.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 189 days ago

Today I made a super fun and cute hot air balloon decoration for the nursery! I found the idea on Pinterest, and was able to duplicate it. I was very pleased with how easy and pretty it was! Don't you think it looks adorable? It is already hanging on the nursery wall! Also, my grandmother made home
michaelandjennifer · 190 days ago

It seems like summer is flying by!  I haven't had an extra minutes these last few weeks.  My niece, Ashley, loves history.  She also wanted to go camping this summer.  So last week, we picked her up and took her camping.  We started by taking the girls to Mount Vernon.  We followed that up with a tr
MikeandTracy · 191 days ago

Cameron took his Hammock to the beach and used the pier to tie it up.    
lonnieandmaryjo · 194 days ago

Michael and I have enjoyed thinking about and planning for our nursery together. We recently started getting the room ready for our baby! Other family members have also enjoyed helping us. My nieces Courtney and Kaitlynne helped me to make multicolor pom-poms out of yarn for a homemade baby mobile t
michaelandjennifer · 195 days ago

We just got back from our annual family beach vacation with Laurie's family.  We continued our traditions of building sandcastles, games, swimming and searching for shells.  We fished, took walks on the beach and enjoyed meals and laughter together around the table.  We made new memories and dreamed
mandiandlaurie · 195 days ago

Cameron is a Boy Scout, he wanted a hammock for camping and this is the first attempt at putting it up in the back yard.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 196 days ago

I have a history with adoption in my family and am close to both an adopted cousin and my sister who is a birth mother.  My cousin is Korean, and I have fond memories of spending summers with her and her siblings.  I remember this relationship inspired me to learn about Korean culture and do a repor
chrisandtracey · 196 days ago

As the summer comes to an end Andrew begins to adventure more into the water.
lonnieandmaryjo · 197 days ago

I am chilling out while my dad coaches and trains a former student before she returns for her junior year of college soccer at Coker College.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 198 days ago

Recently, Jeana’s family all got together for a family reunion at mom and dad’s house.  We had a wonderful time catching up with our nieces and nephews.  We were able to take a hike in the mountains, pick lots of yummy raspberries from mom’s garden, and go to one of the most scenic lakes ever for a
davidandjeana · 199 days ago

This summer we went on several fun trips with our family. First, we went to beach with Hope’s family.  We enjoyed an event at the hotel with live music and dancing.  If only you could see Kip's great dance moves! Then we flew to Delaware to go on vacation with Kip’s family. We rented a beachhouse
kipandhope · 201 days ago

This summer we had our family over to enjoy our new home. Both our parents visited, and we enjoyed the sunshine with some (Tobi) home-made cake in our new garden. We also visited the city of Haarlem with Tobi's parents. This is the city after which New York's Harlem is named and is a city with beaut
chrisandtobias · 207 days ago

We recently returned from a trip to Pennsylvania to celebrate Jesse's parents 50th wedding anniversary. We had a nice gathering with about 50 of their cloest friends and family. As a gift, we did family portraits with a professional photographer with some of our immediate family and we can't wait to
scottandJesse · 209 days ago

It's been a busy month over here!  We have been doing our best to enjoy the summer with family and friends, when we have breaks from work!   Last week, we had some family visiting us from Canada!  They came down from Nova Scotia, and stayed with Mike's grandmother.  We got to spend a lot of time wit
mikeandally · 212 days ago

Kevin spent his evenings last week serving at our church's VBS (Vacation Bible School).  He loves to act, and he is so good at it and good at interacting with the kids.  We love participating in VBS and look forward to bringing our own child one day.   
kevinandabby · 213 days ago

When snuggling turns into giggles  
lonnieandmaryjo · 216 days ago

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