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One of our traditions is to get together for everyones birthday. So, today we spent the morning with Lisa's family to celebrate her brothers birthday. We had a delicious breakfast and enjoyed spending time with family.                 In the afternoon we went to Jasper's nephews baseball game. The b
jasperandlisa · 23 hours ago

Last weekend my nephew turned 12.  We had a birthday party at my sister's house, ate LOTS of yummy food, and played outside.   My favorite parts were the chocolate cake with chocolate icing and of course the time with family.
rallie_adopts · 10 days ago

Labor Day always signals the end of summer and the beginning of fall, but for us it always means another weekend away at Sebago Lake with Nick's side of the family.  The week leading up to labor was our annual trip to Maine with Nick's brother and sister-in-law, our neice and nephew and of course Ni
nickandeve · 12 days ago

On our sunny Saturday afternoon, it was time for some sidewalk chalk for the boys!  
lonnieandmaryjo · 13 days ago

We got the chance to spend Labor day weekend exploring Manitou Springs and the Royal Gorge. At the Royal Gorge we enjoyed walking across the massive expansion bridge, riding the tram, and I even convinced Kevin to do the zipline across the gorge!  It was so much fun (though I am pretty sure Kevin ha
kevinandabby · 13 days ago

Like father like son Bacon is king! On Labor Day we went to have breakfast at a friends house and Andrew grabbed the bacon and started chomping.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 17 days ago

Andrew decided Labor day was a day to go to the water and play.  he spent most of the water walking around in he the shallow surf.
lonnieandmaryjo · 18 days ago

On a recent Boy Scout trip, Cameron took to the water and did Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) 
lonnieandmaryjo · 20 days ago

One of the things I love about Mary Jo is that she appreciates a beautiful sunrise.  We called each other on the way to work to discuss the glorious sunrise.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 21 days ago

While Nick has lots of interests and hobbies, his favorite, by far, is golf.  Nick grew up playing golf with his dad and they still play often.  This past weekend he participated in a golf tournament with his close friend from college.  Amazingly, they somehow managed to win the whole thing as famil
nickandeve · 23 days ago

Andrew likes hanging out and coaching.  He motivates the girls to play and has fun playing with them.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 24 days ago

Sometimes playing can be more important than getting dressed.    
lonnieandmaryjo · 25 days ago

First day of middle school for Cameron  
lonnieandmaryjo · 26 days ago

Thought it was time to get out of the house and do something fun.  We went to play Putt Putt.  I love the themed holes.  This princess castle pictured below had bubbles coming out of it every once in a while.  It was so much fun and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon/evening. 
kevinandabby · 30 days ago

We were blessed with the opportunity to celebrate both Mandi's mom's birthday and her parent's 50th wedding anniversary!  It was a full day of laughs and walks down memory lane.  
mandiandlaurie · 31 days ago

Summer ended for our older kids yesterday!  Our son, Josiah, started the 5th grade.  Our daughter, Ainsleigh, began kindergarten!  They both were very excited to go to school.  Josiah is very social and was eager to see all of his friends.  Ainsleigh had no problems adjusting to being in school and
JonandAmber · 32 days ago

If you've read my profile book, you've probably seen the many pictures of me and my boyfriend, Jason, at a number of FL-based theme parks. We both grew up in Central Ohio, halfway between Cedar Point and Paramount's Kings Island, and so both our childhoods were filled with summer trips to each of th
felicia · 32 days ago

a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to be a counselor for a camp for kids in foster care.  It is an RFK camp (Royal Family Kids Camp).  This was my 4th year as a camp counselor.  Each year we get to go up a day early and decorate the campers cabin before they come.  We chose to go with an Under th
kevinandabby · 33 days ago

It's been so hot outside that once the sun starts to set Andrew wants to play outside.  He was determined to throw this ball all over the yard because he was bigger than it.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 35 days ago

Today I made a super fun and cute hot air balloon decoration for the nursery! I found the idea on Pinterest, and was able to duplicate it. I was very pleased with how easy and pretty it was! Don't you think it looks adorable? It is already hanging on the nursery wall! Also, my grandmother made home
michaelandjennifer · 36 days ago

It seems like summer is flying by!  I haven't had an extra minutes these last few weeks.  My niece, Ashley, loves history.  She also wanted to go camping this summer.  So last week, we picked her up and took her camping.  We started by taking the girls to Mount Vernon.  We followed that up with a tr
MikeandTracy · 37 days ago

Cameron took his Hammock to the beach and used the pier to tie it up.    
lonnieandmaryjo · 40 days ago

Michael and I have enjoyed thinking about and planning for our nursery together. We recently started getting the room ready for our baby! Other family members have also enjoyed helping us. My nieces Courtney and Kaitlynne helped me to make multicolor pom-poms out of yarn for a homemade baby mobile t
michaelandjennifer · 41 days ago

We just got back from our annual family beach vacation with Laurie's family.  We continued our traditions of building sandcastles, games, swimming and searching for shells.  We fished, took walks on the beach and enjoyed meals and laughter together around the table.  We made new memories and dreamed
mandiandlaurie · 41 days ago

Cameron is a Boy Scout, he wanted a hammock for camping and this is the first attempt at putting it up in the back yard.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 42 days ago

I have a history with adoption in my family and am close to both an adopted cousin and my sister who is a birth mother.  My cousin is Korean, and I have fond memories of spending summers with her and her siblings.  I remember this relationship inspired me to learn about Korean culture and do a repor
chrisandtracey · 42 days ago

As the summer comes to an end Andrew begins to adventure more into the water.
lonnieandmaryjo · 43 days ago

I am chilling out while my dad coaches and trains a former student before she returns for her junior year of college soccer at Coker College.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 44 days ago

Recently, Jeana’s family all got together for a family reunion at mom and dad’s house.  We had a wonderful time catching up with our nieces and nephews.  We were able to take a hike in the mountains, pick lots of yummy raspberries from mom’s garden, and go to one of the most scenic lakes ever for a
davidandjeana · 45 days ago

This summer we went on several fun trips with our family. First, we went to beach with Hope’s family.  We enjoyed an event at the hotel with live music and dancing.  If only you could see Kip's great dance moves! Then we flew to Delaware to go on vacation with Kip’s family. We rented a beachhouse
kipandhope · 47 days ago

This summer we had our family over to enjoy our new home. Both our parents visited, and we enjoyed the sunshine with some (Tobi) home-made cake in our new garden. We also visited the city of Haarlem with Tobi's parents. This is the city after which New York's Harlem is named and is a city with beaut
chrisandtobias · 53 days ago

We recently returned from a trip to Pennsylvania to celebrate Jesse's parents 50th wedding anniversary. We had a nice gathering with about 50 of their cloest friends and family. As a gift, we did family portraits with a professional photographer with some of our immediate family and we can't wait to
scottandJesse · 55 days ago

It's been a busy month over here!  We have been doing our best to enjoy the summer with family and friends, when we have breaks from work!   Last week, we had some family visiting us from Canada!  They came down from Nova Scotia, and stayed with Mike's grandmother.  We got to spend a lot of time wit
mikeandally · 58 days ago

Kevin spent his evenings last week serving at our church's VBS (Vacation Bible School).  He loves to act, and he is so good at it and good at interacting with the kids.  We love participating in VBS and look forward to bringing our own child one day.   
kevinandabby · 59 days ago

When snuggling turns into giggles  
lonnieandmaryjo · 62 days ago

This scout camp lasts a week every summer where they spend time with nature, other scouts and work on needed merit badges.  Mid week is family night.  Mandi and I enjoyed dinner with the scouts, along with a camp fire ceremony.  Camden and Landen were also selected for induction into the scouts Nati
mandiandlaurie · 62 days ago

Weekends during the summer mean one thing - it's time to get away from our busy lives and relax with family.  We packed up the car and headed north with Eve's parents and of course our dog, Tucker.  Spending time at the lake in Maine is one of our favorite things to do in the summer.  We had amazing
nickandeve · 62 days ago

Camden and Landen share their birthday month with their uncle.  The family celebrated with presents, cake, ice cream and lots of laughter!  
mandiandlaurie · 62 days ago

We really enjoyed our weekend in Pagosa Springs Colorado!  We did a lot of hiking a little bit of shopping and a lot of relaxing!   Abby loves waterfalls so anytime we go somewhere if there is a waterfall to see you can bet we are going to hike to it!     We stayed at a cute little lodge that durin
kevinandabby · 65 days ago

Fun in the backyard last night.
lonnieandmaryjo · 66 days ago

Our favorite activity in the summer is going to the beach.  Since we are both teachers we have the summer off and will spend 3-4 days each week at the beach.
lonnieandmaryjo · 68 days ago

We love to spend time with family, especially on Sundays!  This week Nick wanted Mama Bingo (what we all call Eve's mom) to teach him how to make Empanadas.  Mama Bingo was born and raised in Colombia and loves to cook so this was a perfect chance to spend time with family and make some delicious Em
nickandeve · 68 days ago

lonnieandmaryjo · 72 days ago

It's hot outside so we play games inside.    
lonnieandmaryjo · 75 days ago

Today, July 9th 2017, marks the twelfth anniversary of the day Matthew and I got married. Twelve years of 'I love you', of smiles, of laughter, of trips, of house projects, of surprises, of disagreements, of problems and solutions. Twelve years of love!   We can't wait to share our lives with a chil
matthewandlaura · 77 days ago

It's been a while since I got to write about what's been happening in our world.   We have been doing our best to enjoy the summer weather (when it's nice!), and have spent lots of time doing things we love.  Every summer, we are in a Volleyball League that plays on the beach in Boston.  We have so
mikeandally · 79 days ago

In our hometown, the 4th of July is a huge celebration. There is a week long carnival as well as three nights of fireworks. The final night of fireworks, is usually about a 45 minute show, the last 5 of which leave you absolutely breathless from all the explosions in the sky. Matthew and I, as well
matthewandlaura · 82 days ago

Cameron catching the waves  
lonnieandmaryjo · 83 days ago

It's not over yet, but what a fun weekend we have had celebrating the 4th of July holiday!  My brother, his wife and their daughter are in town for the weekend.  Jamesen and Kensi have had a lot of fun playing with their cousin and it has been great to catch up with my big brother.  On Friday evenin
andrewandcheryl · 84 days ago

Tractor ride with Uncle Jake  
lonnieandmaryjo · 85 days ago

All of the cousins at the Akron Zoo
lonnieandmaryjo · 86 days ago

lonnieandmaryjo · 87 days ago

lonnieandmaryjo · 87 days ago

My brother had children before I did.  So that means his kids got to choose the special name my mom would take as a grandmother.  The eldest granddaughter, who is now 14, chose Mimi.  I'm not even sure how or when, but it stuck.  And now that is what she is... Mimi.  Let me just say, she is the best
davidandrenee · 89 days ago

I help lead an infertility support group at my church.  This past weekend a group of us took part in the Walk of Hope, which was to raise money toward infertilty awareness.  My good friend is quite the hand lettering artist, so she made us all shirts to wear.  We had her write "God of the Hills and
davidandrenee · 89 days ago

Andrew decided to make his own fun by playing hide and go seek.  He asks every night for another brother or sister.
lonnieandmaryjo · 92 days ago

4 generations of males in the family.  Happy Father's Day  
lonnieandmaryjo · 98 days ago

Enjoyed a day at the beach with Andrew.  He loves the sand but is a little afraid of the waves.  Father-son walk.
lonnieandmaryjo · 100 days ago

This was the first week of summer vacation and we went to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia.
lonnieandmaryjo · 101 days ago

If you look, you can always find a good party to offset a sad one. Fortunately, we didn’t have to look that hard!   We took a trip up to Long Island over the weekend to celebrate Sara’s Grandmothers 95th birthday! We got there a day ahead of the festivities so we all (even the Grandmother) got a cha
danandsara · 110 days ago

Written by Ellen~ We enjoyed our Memorial day weekend to the fullest.  Of course our holiday weekend consists of camping, also known as, glamping to us.   We had our family and friends over for a few BBQ's.   I was excited because I was able to try a few different recipes I have been dying to try. 
haroldandellen · 117 days ago

   Yesterday, I had the privilege of celebrating Memorial Day with my family & close friends.My parents, sister and I were decked out in our red, white and blue attire posing for our annual Totem Pole picture. I am beyond grateful to live in our Country and experience the freedoms we're afforded
Mindy2673 · 118 days ago

Hannah and I just got back from a trip to see my family in North Carolina.  While Colorado was getting a snow storm, we are playing in the sand and waves on the beach.  I grew up going to the beach almost every summer weekend, and I have never lost my wonder of the ocean.  There's nothing like smell
davidandrenee · 125 days ago

After a very uncomfortable heat wave last week, 93 degrees in May anyone?  We had a gorgeous weekend.   Spent lots of time outside.  Friends for dinner Saturday night.  We barbequed some tai chicken and had a fire going in the fire pit.  The our son and his friends all played until exhausted.  One o
davidandjennifer · 126 days ago

So I guess not all entries can be good ones…   Sara’s Grandmother, the same one we visited for a belated birthday celebration (mentioned in the last post), passed away last week. The funeral was in Philadelphia. While it’s hard to call any event like that ‘nice’, it was at least well done. Some posi
danandsara · 131 days ago

I am part of a wonderful moms group at my church.  Today we met together and celebrated the Kentucky Derby!  Many of us wore some fun and unique hats.  I already had a Derby hat that I made years ago with a glued on bird and birds nest complete with M&M candies as birds eggs.   This year was esp
davidandrenee · 139 days ago

So I only missed one week, not too bad so far…   We went out to Atlantic City for a day trip to celebrate the birthday of Sara’s Grandmother! It wasn’t quite at full attendance, I believe there was one single-child family that was missing. But they also struggled to find a date that would work for a
danandsara · 143 days ago

This blog is supposed to be a way for you to get to know us better and to be able to see our lives beyond a few photos on the website or in our profile book. So far, we've tried to share some of our activities and our lives on a daily basis.  While that's important, I'm sure you would like to know o
MikeandTracy · 143 days ago

We just got back from taking a week long vacation to Hawaii. We had a 9 hour layover in Tokyo so we decided to take a train back to our old stomping grounds. We had such an amazing day it almost felt like we were there for a whole week. We decided to stay at a Disney resort so Ama would have plenty
EdandZeli · 145 days ago

We just got back from taking a week long vacation to Hawaii. We had a 9 hour layover in Tokyo so we decided to take a train back to our old stomping grounds. We had such an amazing day it almost felt like we were there for a whole week. We decided to stay at a Disney resort so Ama would have plenty
EdandZeli · 145 days ago

Jeoff and I would describe ourselves as a regular, middle class family living in the suburbs of Chicago. Jeoff works a corporate job and I became a stay-at-home mom when we adopted our son Zachary who is 3 ½ yo. We love being parents, we love the family we are building and we cannot wait until we ha
MJAdopt · 152 days ago

We had another busy weekend.  Avery was invited to a glow in the dark bowling party on Saturday - lots of fun. Sunday was a beautiful day so we spent most of the day outside.  David, Avery and our dog, Frankie, went on a long walk - Avery picked some flowers for me on the way.  David did some much n
davidandjennifer · 153 days ago

  Well Easter came and went.  S So much fun with our Church family pancake breakfast and hunt and a beautiful dinner with family and friends! Love our community!
AnthonyandLorilynn · 157 days ago

We have had a wonderful weekend.....complete with gorgeous weather!  Friday evening we made pizza as a family (one of our favorite "fun friday" activities) and then dyed eggs for easter (purple fingers for days lol).  We spent Saturday building a lego kit and playing outside.  Sunday we celebrated E
davidandjennifer · 160 days ago

So a surprisingly eventfull week for us. Doesn't look like I mentioned this last post (probably still trying to keep it a surprise), but my surprise birthday party for Sara fell through late Friday night when Delta Airlines was forced to take a weekend off. The PLAN was to fly in one of Sara's good
danandsara · 161 days ago

So a journal huh? I've never been that into these things. Don't get me wrong, I've tried a few times, they just don't seem to last long. Maybe because I don't expect others to read them? Well, we'll see what happens, this should be fun either way.   So this weekend has a nice balance of ups and down
danandsara · 168 days ago

A lot of you have asked us to keep blogging our adventures with our new son Tony! It has been close to two and a half weeks since he has joined our lives, and we couldn’t be prouder to call him our son. Three year olds are quite the trip! Overall, we are seeing Tony adapt nicely to our family and ho
brianandkerri · 172 days ago

Despite the wacky weather and massive amounts of rain, it's been another great week. I decided to sweeten things up a bit by making a huge batch of my favorite cinnamon raisin granola to have throughout next week. Cooking and baking always make me smile & bring back memories of the many times my
Mindy2673 · 177 days ago

Parents night! Anthony was on the ice with Jaida and all parents to play a ringette game!!!  so much fun had by all!
AnthonyandLorilynn · 177 days ago

  Science Fair...   Zyack had a great night showing of his project...WATT light is Best?  
AnthonyandLorilynn · 177 days ago

Well two weeks and what to do with Jaida and Zyack?!!  We decided to allow them to choose one fun thing everyday.....within reason to do! lol  So we did a bit of bowling, a movie (Beauty and the Beast) sooo great, we cleaned out our closets and donated it all, swimming fun with waterslides at our lo
AnthonyandLorilynn · 177 days ago

Hi there! So we just wanted to add another journal about our week. Softball season officially ended, Amarys found out this year she is passionate about softball and loves it. So we found a skills building team for her to join for the rest of the year while next season begins, she is very excited to
EdandZeli · 193 days ago

So, maybe it's too soon, but I really couldn't help checking out some cribs while shopping for furniture for my Nana and Papa's new condo.  All of that baby furniture just drew me RIGHT IN!   Mike gets the fun part of making the babies room a beautiful space by creating the perfect closet, putting u
mikeandally · 193 days ago

It was Grandpa's (Ben's Dad) 64th Birthday! So we decided to Hoot and Holler our way to Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Camp Ground (a quick 15 minute drive from the house) to surprise Grandpa with Dinner at The Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue! This was the family's first time seeing the show without
aaronandbenjamin · 194 days ago

Hi we are so excited to let you know that we recieved the first draft of our family video so you'll be able to see us in video and get to know us a little bit more. I must say we were both nervous but had a blast telling you a little bit of ourselves. We think they did an amazing job putting it toge
EdandZeli · 195 days ago

In February we celebrated Kevin's birthday.  We decided we would just go out with some friends!  We were going to go bowling after a nice dinner out, but the wait for bowling was too long and they were going to have to get home to let the babysitter leave.  So instead we just hung out and played aro
kevinandabby · 198 days ago

Last week it was Carnaval time in the southern pat of the Netherlands. It's kinda like halloween were everyone gets dressed and have a nice time. This year Jos was dressed as a medieval farmer and Vincent as Robin Hood. Together with friends and family, we had a lot of fun. After the carnaval festiv
vincentandjos · 203 days ago

Since we don't know what our baby's name is, we've decided on a code name.  And the baby's code name is Fred.  It's an old joke from a silly song we used to hear on the radio about a man riding a horse whose name he doesn't know.  Since he doesn't know the horse's name, he calls him Fred.  And then
sarah_adopts · 206 days ago

Family is so important to us and we are so fortunate and grateful to have such wonderful support so close to home. Dig a little digger and read on to meet our family.   Murray: Tessa's dad, affectionately known to the grandchildren as Papa Murray, is sixty-two years old and lives in the city where
dustinandtessa · 207 days ago

The last couple weeks we have been blessed with unseasonably warm weather here in Michigan, and you better believe Brian and I tried to spend as much of our free time outdoors. We were able to take a bike ride to our local downtown area, and enjoy some ice cream while we walked around. Brian has als
brianandkerri · 209 days ago

Today for lunch I had multiple students stay in to have fun and spray paint outside! We conversed about graffiti and the famous painter Jackson Pollock and then we painted away. The weather is gorgeous today! One of my students staggered when leaving. She is a student that tends to stay on the "naug
Threemuskateers · 212 days ago

Sorry I have not posted since the 20th! We were busy celebrating Brendan's 32nd birthday! We had a lovely dinner out with our good friends Sam and Ben on Monday. We have been friends with Sam and Ben for many years and we would do anything for one another! So nice having a day off from work! Last ni
Threemuskateers · 214 days ago

Just wanted to post here with pictures of my nephew's quilt finished.  I finished it a day or so after Christmas (which was okay 'cause they didn't come to visit until a few days after Christmas), and I think it turned out pretty cute.  Here it is in its finished glory:  And a few detail shots :)  
sarah_adopts · 219 days ago

TGIF is right! We are quite excited that the week is finally over! The warm weather starts for a while tomorrow, and we are grateful to be able to spend time with family and friends over the next several days!  Kerri had a successful conference in Atlanta and had a blast learning more while explorin
brianandkerri · 219 days ago

Family has been so supportive with daily check ins, phone calls and texts to make sure we are staying positive and looking towards the future. I am thankful of friends and family who support us on this journey I really feel they believe in us and our love.  Thanks to all who may read this. Brendan
Threemuskateers · 230 days ago

This week brought about a lot of emotion. My husband and I have been active on parentfinder and facebook for a month and have had a few connections but not many. I have met a lot of incredible women through adoption support groups on facebook. We are all now in this together...waiting! Waiting for t
Threemuskateers · 231 days ago

I think you can tell a lot about a person by the types of music they listen to.  I am not sure what our music choices will tell you, but I hope it gives you a better glimpse into the type of people we are.   Abby's Pandora Stations: Happiest Tunes on Earth (Anything from a disney movie makes me smil
kevinandabby · 232 days ago

Hey Everyone, Since we are in the middle of Winter, we cannot help but dream about sunshine and warmer temparatures. We love to head to the west side of Michigan in the warmer seasons, as well as staying outdoors to enjoy the weather. We are excited to get outdoors to barbeque with family and friend
brianandkerri · 234 days ago

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