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We are two weeks into our profile being live and so far we are feeling calmer than last week.  There was something about being “LIVE” and now seeing our faces amongst all of the families we had been looking at prior that is a bit shocking.   We are getting more comfortable with it and making plans t
bradandsarah · 4 hours ago

The weather in Michigan has finally warmed up! Derek and I have been busy this last weekend with spring clean up outside. And we are getting our garden ready to plant some veggies!. Derek built 3 gorgeous raised beds and we are filling them. I am trying my hand at aspargus and rhubarb this year.  Th
derekanddarcie · 23 hours ago

Spring has finally arrived so we took advantage of this great weather!  We had a nice bonfire on Saturday night with our wonderful neighbors and Sunday began with church and then we celebrated Victor's daughter's birthday.  It was so nice having the grandkids over too.  Teslynn was very excited to e
victorandkaren · 24 hours ago

Last weekend we visited Vincent's sister Esther, her husband and their toddler Esmée to cuddle their newborn son who was born one month ago. We had a lot to catch up, since we hadn't seen them since our vacation in Thailand. We had lots of fun and enjoyed the beautiful weather together.
vincentandsheila · Yesterday

We are enjoying the beautiful weather! We had kite day at Zayden's school last week.    Slumber parties in forts on weekend nights!    Staying up late, jumping on the trampoiline and eating popcorn with friends on the back porch on the cool evenings!    We also recently found out that Teisha's si
seanandteisha · Yesterday

Alan’s parents had four daughters, waited awhile, then decided to adopt two boys from South Korea. As a result of the age gap, our nieces and nephews on Alan’s side are all over 11 years old. Alan’s parents have retired and are living off the grid near Ludington. Alan’s oldest sister Michelle has th
alanandlauren · Yesterday

Alan and I both grew up in small towns, so we decided to stay in a small town permanently. For the first three years of our marriage, we lived in a small apartment while we saved up for a down payment on a house. We actually bought the house that Alan grew up in. His parents had lived in the house f
alanandlauren · Yesterday

Jack and I both had Friday off and we took advantage of the long weekend. Jack got to go turkey hunting every morning, we got the garden planted, some landscaping trimmed up, the lawn mower tuned up and ready to go, the wooden cabinet I got at the flea market varnished, painted and put back together
jackandnikki · Yesterday

I grew up in Jenison, Michigan which is about 15 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids. I am the youngest of three girls. My dad has been a manager at a restaurant for about 40 years. My mom has been a paraprofessional at a Christian school since I was in school. Both of my sisters are stay at home mom
alanandlauren · Yesterday

We have various hobbies and luckily we enjoy most of the same activities. Every Saturday when the weather is nice, we can be found either fishing or disc golfing. We like to make a day trip out of both and usually drive about an hour away for the best locations. After a long day of disc golfing or f
alanandlauren · Yesterday

We think the spring may have finally arrived! Yay! We started our Sunday by going to church--without coats!  We attend a primarily black church where the music is amazing and the outreach to families in the comminuty is the primary goal. They do all this to help glorify God. We are blessed to be a p
ChadandGabrielle · Yesterday

As we got further along with the adoption paperwork, we started to think about how the various spaces we had would work with three children. The art space for the kids is one such space. We were able to add one more arrow and now baby has a space for their art. Although with all the crafts the girls
mattanddaniela · 2 days ago

We have so many birthdays to celebrate during the first part of the year! This time it was our Nephew, Kalob's, birthday. He turned 5 this year...but not until he ate his lunch and his cake. Then he turned 5! I love watching them at this age. They're like sponges, soaking up so much information and
ZekeandMandy · 2 days ago

After church and sunday school we came home to have lunch and then took Nora on a hike the Castle Rock.  It's only a mile and a half hike but it's the first time Nora has done the whole thing by herself! We almost always have to put her in the toddler carrier for part of our hikes but it seems like
matthewandbethanyanne · 2 days ago

This morning we woke up to more snow! We actually don't mind the last snows of the season, it's nice excuse to stay cozy inside before the warm weather comes.  This morning we took Nora and one of her puzzles to a coffee shop close to us. We had a cup of coffee and a baked treat, except for Nora, sh
matthewandbethanyanne · 3 days ago

  Besides my baking hobby, as well decorating cakes and cookies, I enjoy a variety of crafts.  Sewing and needlework are my favorites.  I learned these crafts at an early age from my mom, sister and my Dad's cousin, who we fondly referred to and have always known as Aunt Mary.  I still enjoy crafts,
bretandjean · 5 days ago

One of the best gifts about Gabe being able to stay home with the kids is the extra time she gets to spend with the kids.  This week she took Maisy and Zekiel to a nature preserve where they were able to attend a class about birds, take a hike and see baby chicks! The time that she gets to spend wit
ChadandGabrielle · 5 days ago

Hoping that Spring is right around the corner, these are our favorite Spring smells: 1.  Rain 2.  Flowers 3.  Fresh air (windows open) 4.  Freshly cut grass 5.  Bonfires
victorandkaren · 6 days ago

I would like to share some parts of our adoption journey, as we get many questions about this and I’m sure you must have some of the same questions. Alan and I have talked and dreamed about our plans to adopt a baby since we started dating. Alan was adopted from South Korea, his brother was adopted,
alanandlauren · 6 days ago

This Easter was such a beautiful day.  We went to church, then came home to enjoy a fresh lunch with the family.  We hunted eggs, and ate lots of candy.  We finished our day with some special gifts from Gram (Lydia’s mom).
samuelandlydia · 6 days ago

The weather around here has been so ridiculously beautiful lately.  We took our day off and heading to a botanical gardens nearby.  We grabbed some sandwiches on the way, had a perfect picnic, and then explored the gardens.  We spent the day feeding ducks and hiking around…it was such a gorgeous day
samuelandlydia · 6 days ago

We live in South Carolina and snow days are not very common.  When we do get the threat of snow, everything shuts down, and there is no milk or bread store...LOL.  This year we did get one day of really good snow. Sam still had to go into the office for just a bit, so we ladies woke up and made sunn
samuelandlydia · 6 days ago

Our Christmas festivities start on Christmas Eve, we cook Christmas cookies as a family. This year we made chocolate chip with Christmas colored sprinkles...delicious.  Later in the evening we  go to Sam’s mothers house for a yummy dinner and lots of desserts.  We watch the kids GO CRAZY opening gif
samuelandlydia · 6 days ago

Thanksgiving is probably our favorite holiday of the year!! We start our day watching the Thanksgiving parade, drinking coffee and hot chocolate. We celebrate with Sam’s family on Thursday, we go to his Grandmother’s house, she’ s 97 years old and still cooks most of the food and let’s face it, Gran
samuelandlydia · 6 days ago

Halloween is always such a fun time for us as a family.  Lydia almost always makes our daughters costumes every year.  This year our daughter wanted to be Maleficent, so Lydia set out to make the best costume ever.  Our daughter actually won a bike at a Halloween trunk or treat costume contest, she
samuelandlydia · 6 days ago

Took advantage of the nicer weather and got the dogs and 4-wheelers out to go check on the pastures that Jack re-seeded for this spring.
jackandnikki · 6 days ago

We're in spring cleaning mode over here! I have my list of tasks I would like to get done to have our home ready for company this spring and summer. Today while I was dusting the blinds and fans upstairs I realized Nora was being pretty quite.  I found her in the baby's room changing her baby doll'
matthewandbethanyanne · 7 days ago

Well we are definately surviving our second winter here. We are definately ready for spring.  We signed David up for swimming lessons starting at the end of the month for four weeks.  We are excited how he does as he loves the water so much now.   We are gearing things down for youth group now that
brandonandbethany · 7 days ago

We love to go see live music with friends and family. Our favorite concert venue is Red Rocks ampetheater. A few nights ago we were able to enjoy a night out listening to one of our favorite artists, Brian Fallon. He played at the Gothic Theater. Michelle and her sister's Angi had a great time at th
matthewandmichelle · 7 days ago

We went to Winter Park, Florida to visit Matt's parents. We had such a great time playing at the beach, going on a boat ride, walking around town and eating lots of good food. Asher celebrated his birthday (a few days early) with his Nana and Jiddo (grandma and grandpa). 
matthewandmichelle · 7 days ago

Wow!  Another great weekend spent with family.  Karen's brother visited from Kentucky so we had him and her mom over for dinner.  It was great to spend quality time together.  And Victor got to try out his new grill!  Now we are just waiting for spring to arrive so we can spend time outside and do s
victorandkaren · 8 days ago

We just returned from a great trip to Florida! We brought our niece along with us too:). We swam everyday! We also visited family and went on many day trips to places like the aquarium and zoo. It was so great to be together and enjoy the sun!
ChadandGabrielle · 8 days ago

Spring is here and there is nothing like the smell of flowers floating through the house. I always try to keep fresh flowers around the house, especially in winter, to bring beauty inside. But in the spring, all the beauty is outside. We are blessed to have numerous wonderful flowers in our yard. I
travisandellen · 8 days ago

We had a very relaxing and fun weekend! Saturday was pretty chilly but we braved the cold and wind and went to the park together. Nora loved when Matt pushed her on the tire swing and thought the see-saw was hilarious!  We took a walk through some nature trails and she spent time looking for "encha
matthewandbethanyanne · 8 days ago

I, Nikki, volunteer for an organization called the Honor Flight. It is an organization that takes World War 2, Korea and Vietnam veterans to see their memorials in Washington DC and there are about 130 different hubs for Honor Flight across the country. Ours here is call the Central Missouri Honor F
jackandnikki · 8 days ago

Had a blast at Lagoon this afternoon! The weather was perfect and we got to goof around like little kids. Best day ever!  
jaredandelizabeth · 10 days ago

We’re seeing real signs of spring: tulips blooming in our backyard, and PorchFest in the city.
luandshalini · 10 days ago

We took some time off to relax and explore some of the beautiful coastline of North Carolina. Enjoyed walking through the quaint downtown areas and shopping at the General Store. Found a few good places to eat and took advantage of the hot tub at the hotel. Not looking forward to going back to work
erickaandjonathan · 10 days ago

A couple months ago our church was able to get group rate tickets to Frozen on Ice! My friend and I surprised our daughters by taking them last week. They were so thrilled to be able to wear their matching Anna dresses and see the princess in real life!   Nora was so excited during the show! She es
matthewandbethanyanne · 11 days ago

Today is the first day of really nice weather for us (finally!). I always remember marking this day as a kid by taking the dog out to hang out in the yard:  lie in the sun, roll in the grass, listen to good music, smell the fresh air. Presley loved keeping up with this tradition this afternoon. Sitt
rodneyrebecca2741 · 11 days ago

It is a really beautiful and warm Spring Day. I am excited to get home from work. We are having our first cook out of the season (: Shane decided to invite some friends from school to it. Of course then Andres asked to include one of his classmates so it will be bigger than we origionally planned bu
kristenandjames · 11 days ago

This week week we are putting in some hard labour. The landscapers saturday will start creating the terrace, so we need to get the ground work done. this means removing about 10 inch of black soil and refilling the gap again with about 4 inch of white sand. we - in the end - have removed 2 large con
vincentandjos · 12 days ago

Yesterday, we met the Meredith family at Fox Run Park near Colorado Springs. It's one of our favorite parks to go to on warm days because of all the trees and the playgrounds!  Nora with Audrey and Jonah (Abel was playing in the sand nearby) The Meredith family consists of the mom, Diana and dad, A
matthewandbethanyanne · 12 days ago

The weather has been gorgeous lately and we are soaking it up!! My littles love to play outside in the mornings, and they love when the big kids join them outside after school!!  Thought I would post some pictures of my cuties outside in the sun recently :)
brianandwhitney · 12 days ago

A while back I thought I'd check on our car seats and their expiration dates. The ones we had were gifted to us and I had spent countless hours researching and was really hoping they'd still be usable as we had 2 of them and 4 bases. Turns out they expire this year so a new seat was in order. I bega
mattanddaniela · 13 days ago

"Parenthood requires love, not DNA." -unknown We could not agree more. We are still patiently waiting for a birth mom situation to match our situation and when it happens we know that it's not going to be all sunshine and rainbows. There will be obstacles to overcome. We are not nieve enough to thin
jackandnikki · 13 days ago

When Matt and I were first married we really loved cooking together. We still really enjoy planning dinners, grocery shopping, and making dinners together, especially involving Nora!  (Matt and Nora planning what we're going to have for dinner)  Nora started helping out in the kitchen when she was a
matthewandbethanyanne · 14 days ago

I (Nikki), had a 4 day weekend due to the way my schedule turned out and made the most of it by spending some time catching up with my parents and a good friend of mine. Friday my dad and I decided to stay local to look at some antique shops instead of making our yearly spring time trip to the outdo
jackandnikki · 14 days ago

Even though our boys are teenagers, we still continue the tradition of dying Easter eggs and having Easter egg hunts. This year was no exception! We decorated eggs and had egg hunts at our house and Laure's mom's - and a race for the prize!  We hope to expand our family and add to this tradition.  S
mandiandlaurie · 14 days ago

We make trips often to spend time with Mandi's grandmother.  At almost 100, she is quite spunky! She loves ice cream and music.  
mandiandlaurie · 14 days ago

Between late December and early February our family celebrate 3 birthdays - Laurie, Mandi and our niece Blair.  We shared presents, giggles, games and of course cake!  Be sure to check out our albums for more pictures.  
mandiandlaurie · 14 days ago

With the new building comes a stack of paperwork, from blue prints, to permits, to zoning restrictions to much more.  Despite this, I look forward to having a workshop again.  This one will provide more room than my last and I have needed more space for years.  Whether it be metal work, wood work or
bretandjean · 14 days ago

Even though we live in a big city, there are several local parks and playgrounds within walking distance or a short ride on public transportation.  These parks have spacious green spaces, walking trails and playgrounds.  One is located along the river and another has a pond.  We also have access to
williamandteressa · 15 days ago

To Our Future Child, We don’t know you yet, but we do know that we love you.  We know that you are out there waiting to come home, and will come to us organically and when you’re ready.    We am not perfect, but we will always protect you.  We will keep you from fear, hurt, and sorrow for as long as
frankandaaron · 15 days ago

Recently we were sent information about potential adoption situations by our friends. Both situations were unadoptable. It is so hard when we see these poor children that need a home but since we don't live in the same state, we are the wrong religion, etc, there cannot even be a discussion with the
jonathanandjessica · 15 days ago

This post is a little delayed, but we wanted to include it anyway! Every year, we typically celebrate a low-key Easter with Hamilton's mom Linda. This year, we had dinner with Linda at her house and then took her dog Rooney for a walk around the neighborhood. Hamilton made us strawberry shortcakes f
hamiltonandrebecca · 16 days ago

So last Sunday was Easter! I love Easter for many reasons and family is one of them. The whole family got together to celebrate this year. Our new neighborhood in Colorado Springs had an Easter Egg Hunt with a bounce house, face painting and of course...the Easter Bunny! It was so much fun to see ou
ZekeandMandy · 16 days ago

  I love helping students unlock their passions and strenghts.  I have been working with Grey for over five years.  When we started working together, he was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at school.  Today Grey is not only thriving, he has developed a love for learning.  For the past five summer
matthewandamanda · 16 days ago

Yesterday, Beth had a craft show for her etsy shop so I took Nora for the day for a Dad-venture (dad adventure). I started doing these with Nora when she was small to get some extra time just the two of us.  Some of the day included running errands like grocery shopping, picking up books from the l
matthewandbethanyanne · 16 days ago

2017 brought huge changes for Tim and I as a family!  Our foster son, who lived with us from 19-20 months old through 4 years old has gone back to live with his family as of September 2017.  It has been a huge adjustment for ourselves and our families, who had grown to love him so much over the yea
timandamy · 16 days ago

We had a blast celebrating Will's birthday last weekend. I think I've said before that birthdays are a big deal in our family.  Will's birthday is probably the biggest deal of them all because I'm (Alicia) in charge, however instead of a big party or surprise this year we decided to make it low key.
willandalicia · 17 days ago

Easter weekend was just about as good as it gets.  Not only did we celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior, but we also celebrated Will's birthday (more on that in the next post).  On Easter we enjoyed a nice day of reflecting on the true meaning of the day, time with family and relaxation.    The
willandalicia · 17 days ago

Spring is here or has been here but yet here in Michigan; today doesn't feel like it with the snow on the ground and the blustery winds and cold temperatures. It's nice when it feels like this to go to Kevin's work at the greenhouses; to warm up inside and see the beautiful flowers that are blooming
kevinandamy · 18 days ago

Easter was this past weekend.  We had a lot planned as there was a local church that had an Easter Egg hunt about two miles from our house.  I had every intention of going until I got sick.  It was planned that I was going to take David to the hunt and Brandon had to work on a customers car and my p
brandonandbethany · 18 days ago

richardandtanya · 19 days ago

The green room is being painted gray, yay! The green worked great as a guest room and then a playroom but now that we've basically decided on nursery themes, out with the green and in with the gray! Matt let me choose most everything for the girls' nursery ( I went with pale pink and gray damask pat
mattanddaniela · 20 days ago

Added a new book to our future baby's library today!
jackandnikki · 20 days ago

Wow, 2018 has definitely been a busy year for us so far! The firm John has worked at for years recently sold to a much larger firm. After a lot of discussion and prayers he decided to move jobs. This new job allows him to do both sales and investment management. The best part is that his new firm is
johnandcarley · 20 days ago

Meet Elina's Parents! Butch and Trish, or Abuelo and Abuela, as the grandkids call them! Butch is from the U.S. and Trish was born and raised in Argentina. They have been married for 37 years, and have lived in the U.S., Argentina, and Chile. They are currently living in Bolivia.  Butch and Trish i
danielandelina · 20 days ago

This year was just another typical Easter, we went to Illinois to visit family. There were a few family members missing due to work and illness but it was nice to get to hang out with everyone and catch up. Sunday morning we all went to church together and made it back home safely before the bad wea
jackandnikki · 20 days ago

    This week Nora has shown a lot of concern over not knowing the baby's name. We've explained to her that we don't know if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl, so we don't know what their name will be either.  She's started calling him/her baby bear instead of baby brother or sister. We're al
matthewandbethanyanne · 20 days ago

The weather keeps being relatively cold, and it rains off and on. Even tho we had a very nice easter weekend. Arne was kept busy seurching for eggs. The chocolate ones being his favourite for sure!  The first day of Easter we had a nice brunch with Jos his family all together, and the second Easter-
vincentandjos · 21 days ago

We are currently enjoying our vacation in Thailand. We started in Bangkok and then we travelled to Koh Phi Phi, a small and beautiful bounty island where the famous movie The Beach with Leonardo di Caprio was shot. We have also spent some days on another island, Koh Lanta, and we returned to Koh Phi
vincentandsheila · 21 days ago

We started the week with a gospel message black light show, music, and egg hunt at church. Its amazing to see so many kids listening so intently to the message, I was praying that more than a few would come to know Christ. Then we had the egg hunt, so many eggs! The kids are walked right past a ton
mattanddaniela · 22 days ago

We had a great weekend celebrating Easter with friends and family! On Saturday, we had lunch with Andy's family and spent time watching our nephews run around. We found out Andy's sister got a new job and will be moving to Indianapolis. So we are excited to have her closer! Then at Mass that night,
andrewandlindsey · 22 days ago

Happy Easter!  We spent this week preparing for Easter Sunday by doing fun activities and reading the Gospel.  One of our favorite activities was painting a watercolor cross picture and going through our Easter Story Stones during Holy Week. Each day we would read from scripture the events leading t
matthewandbethanyanne · 22 days ago

Wishing each other good luck this Easter day, with Lu's beautiful cascarones. Cracking them on each others' heads is so satisfyingly fun.  
luandshalini · 23 days ago

    Got to meet the Easter Bunny this weekend! On the hunt for eggs Worked up an appetite More egg hunt fun So sleepy!
andrewandalyson · 23 days ago

Happy Easter everyone! We had a great day today.  We started off by volunteering at our church and were door greeters for both services.  It was so nice to meet new people and see some familiar faces.  And enjoy a wonderful service. We then had  both of our mothers, Victor's sister and brother in la
victorandkaren · 23 days ago

Jesus Christ is risen today! Alleluia!
travisandellen · 23 days ago

We had an amazing road trip to Washington, DC.  Not only did we have a chance to visit with family (Jon's mom and step-dad and Michelle's sister and brother-in-law) but we also made some incredible memories.  Here are a few photos and highlights from our trip:   Day 1 in Washington, DC- (Visited the
jonathonandmichelle · 23 days ago

Happy Easter! We enjoy this season by spending time with our family and church friends. Every Easter season we celebrate Christ's death and resurrection by doing a nightly bible study on Christ's love. Coloring Easter eggs, hunting Easter eggs and family dinners are some of our other favorite family
seanandteisha · 24 days ago

Today we woke up and decided it was the perfect day to visit the zoo! We've had a family pass there for some time and we always make excellent use of it!    Since it was just a little bit chilly, and we got there almost when it opened, it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves!  We all have
matthewandbethanyanne · 24 days ago

One of my favorite hobbies is baking. I have always enjoyed baking and wanted to elevate that a level, so I decided to take some classes to learn cake decorating techniques.  Since doing so, I have made dozens of decorated cakes for family, friends, for church functions and even for fund raising.  I
bretandjean · 24 days ago

Today is one of our favorite days of the year. It is peak bloom on our cherry blossom tree. We planted this tree in our front yard the first spring we were in the house and the same year we were married. It is our "love tree." When a child joins our family, we hope to plant a tree to celebrate a new
travisandellen · 25 days ago

Holidays around here are always a big thing. We are excited to celebrate hunting eggs, tonight we will host 10 other families for a large egg hunt and all the deserts. On Sunday we will spend time with extended family, and attending church. The Easter bunny will come and bring some spring toys. To a
darrellandashley · 25 days ago

It's so important to get away every now and then and focus on just ourselves. We can get stressed out and eventhough we see each other every night we don't always focus our attention on each other so last night we decided not to cook. We went out to our local cafe for a cheap little night away where
jackandnikki · 26 days ago

Yesterday the Moms group met for an easter playdate! We were planning on meeting at the park for an Easter egg hunt but the snow hadn't melted all the way, so one of the moms hosted at their house.  The kiddos loved having some delicious snacks, (especially the peeps!) having an easter egg hunt in
matthewandbethanyanne · 26 days ago

A few weeks ago we made a chicken coop and last weekend it was finally time for three chickens to move in. Thirst we build an outside area for them and then we went to a farm to buy some fine chickens. We named them Elle, Pollo and Loco! Making a nice chicken home: Meet Elle, Pollo and Loco: Thi
vincentandjos · 27 days ago

We had so much fun at our first Monster Jam this year!  Not sure who enjoyed it most!?!? Mom and Dad or Tommy?   
MelandKC · 27 days ago

Yesterday was the perfect snow and perfect temperature for a snow day!  It was warm enough to play outside in the yard for a couple hours without getting too cold. Nora loved helping build a huge snowman, (our neighbor even came out to compliment him!) making snow castles with our pots, and having a
matthewandbethanyanne · 27 days ago

This past week the little kids and I had a special treat!! We got to meet Brian for lunch at Chick Fil A on Wednesday after bible study! I am so thankful for Brian's job and how flexible it is! He happened to be available over lunch and spur of the moment decided to meet us there! It was fun for me
brianandwhitney · 29 days ago

Birthday week was a hit! The boys each had a special date with one of us- Brian took Owen to Chick Fil A for breakfast on his birthday, and I took Braylon out to Baskin Robbins for ice cream the night before his birthday. They each enjoyed the cake/cupcakes that I made from scratch JUST for their bi
brianandwhitney · 29 days ago

This weekend we didn't have much planned so when my sister called Saturday morning wondering if we could take her kids for the night so that she could catch up on some work and have a date night with her husband we of course said yes. Josie is 3 and Graylen will be 2 in April so they are always on t
jackandnikki · 29 days ago

It was time for the anual update of our home study. So the nice lady from the Dutch Child Protective Services came by for a chat and a cup of coffee and we discussed what had changed for us since the last time we spoke.  In a nutshell: Yuan finished his training and is a fullfledged family doctor no
yuanandmichiel · 30 days ago

We had a great two months. In january our nephew Colin came to stay with us for a weekend. We played boardgames, went to the cinema and had a great bouncy time in an indoor trampoline hall. Wow he is 13 already! Where does the time go? Also we got to meet the newest addition to our family: our nephe
yuanandmichiel · 30 days ago

We had a fun filled weekend!  David’s brother and his girlfriend came to stay with us for a few days. We had a nice time visiting with them. We even enjoyed some Chicago style deep dish pizza together!   Brynn went to two Easter egg hunts this weekend. At both egg hunts she helped other kids put egg
davidandelizabeth · 30 days ago

We celebrated our niece Melody's 3rd birthday today! She was so cute. Right now she is into the Disney princesses and Wizard of Oz. We gave her a dress, red sparkly shoes, and a little stuffed puppy so she could be Dorothy and she wouldn't take it off! She carried around "Mr. Toto" in her picnic bas
ZekeandMandy · 30 days ago

We took a trip to the zoo and were happy to see all the animals enjoying the nice Spring weather.  The giraffes and monkeys were our favorites!
andrewandalyson · 30 days ago

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