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  Our foster son finishing up some "work" before dinner.  :p   I wish you could see his facial expression (we blur it out since he's not our child).  It's such a serious little face working in his coloring book and just gave us a chuckle!  Anyway, just ano
timandamy · 2 hours ago

Dear Expectand Mom/Dad,   It is Spring here and so much has happened over the Winter months to keep us happily busy!  We had a mild winter here but with warmer weather we are getting out more and more.  We just got back from a local petting zoo.  Our littl
timandamy · 2 hours ago

My goal for this year is to train and run for a half marathon. I have decided on a September race and am looking forward to a spring and summer full of 5k and 10k races to prepare myself. This weekend, I was excited to run another 5k that raises funds for
jamieandkristy · 23 hours ago

For us, the waiting part of our adoption journey has definitely been a bit more challenging than what we anticipated. However, we know that someday our wait will end with an amazing expectant mother choosing us to be a part of her and her baby's life. Duri
jamieandkristy · 23 hours ago

Yay! It feels like summer is here! Yesterday we had our first campfire....without the camping! One of our favorite summer traditions, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows (smores...graham crackers, chocolate, and roasted marshmallow) over an evening fire wit
travisandshannon · Yesterday

Just got back from a trip to see Anne's famiy in Atlanta -- what a fun visit!  We got to see Anne's niece's first home, which they just closed on.  It is absolutely beautiful!  They are in the process of planting a garden and offered to give us some of th
davidandanne · Yesterday

We just signed up for membership to the town pool!  We're super excited because they redid the entire pool, with new kid-friendly sections with waterfalls and fountains to play in.  They also offer float days when you can bring a raft.  It's going to be a
garyandandrea · Yesterday

We recently came across this video of our community that we wanted to share with you. We think its a great representation of how active and family-friendly our town is, and we think it will be a wonderful place to raise a family. Click here to see the vide
ryanandashley · 2 days ago

Last weekend Ashley and I were lucky enough to attend our first ever beach wedding!  Ashley's cousin got married so we got to spend several days on the Florida beach with her family and friends.  It was such a great time, and the weather was beautiful so w
ryanandashley · 2 days ago

  We know on our hearts we will make that special connection when the time is right. We would love and support a child and ensure their dreams come true. We will share with them the love that you have for them. If you or someone you know is thinking of an
micheleandsteven · 3 days ago

It was a big week in our house!  Evan mastered his two-wheeler without training wheels, got his first professional haircut (I usually cut it) and learned to land the "Eagle" on the moon!  He is growing (and going) at lightning speed. I really need a second
PeteandSarah · 3 days ago

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MarkLetty · 4 days ago

Well, it has been a busy week so far. Spring is here (although the weather isn't agreeing with that statement). Kevin has been very busy at work in the greenhouses so I get to go and spend some time at the greenhouses in the evening with him. I am enjoying
kevinandamy · 4 days ago

  My Florida trip dreaming of beach time this summer. We love spending the day at the beach and Dream of collecting seashells and building sandcastles with a little one after we adopt. If you or someone you know is thinking of creating an adoption plan we
micheleandsteven · 7 days ago

Our nephew, Boston, recently turned two, and Rebecca volunteered to decorate his birthday cake.  She always enjoys decorating cakes for our son Braden and our families. Boston loved his cake!  It was all Rebecca could do to keep him from grabbing it!  
jimandrebecca · 7 days ago

As Mark's mother turned 65 years old, she decided to throw a big birthday party to celebrate the occasion. She organized a brunch for the whole family. Since future grandmom lives in a village along the Dutch coast, she definately plans on taking her futu
markandpaulus · 8 days ago

I don't always write much about my time alone with Evan. I'm often the one behind the lens and we spend so much time together I don't always think if it as exciting or fun. I LOVE being home full time with him!  Our bond is strong, I get to be part of ever
PeteandSarah · 8 days ago

Today Grandma & Papa came for a visit!  They are staying for "two sleeps."  Evan was so excited he couldn't even take a nap - and he's a champion napper.  We are so blessed that they have such a strong connection.  He showed off all his new skills (inc
PeteandSarah · 8 days ago

We made our annual trip down South to see our East Texas family & friends.  Great Visit!  We will see some of them later this year when they travel to see us.   Tony and our nephew had fun flying our drone together!   We went fishing with Jess' paren
tonyandjess · 8 days ago

In February, we enjoyed a beautiful day snowshoeing together.  We look forward to many of these days together as our family continues to grow!            
tonyandjess · 8 days ago

    What a beautiftul day in sunny Florida.  This is what weekends are meant to be.  Sun and fun with the family.  Earlier today we went to check out the Orlando Eye.  Such an amazing view especially at the top.  You could see all of the major attractions
charlesandchristine · 8 days ago

Wow the weather is getting warmer here in Michigan!  It is so nice to be able to get out and enjoy the warmer temperatures and mow the lawn.  We had our first bon fire last week.  Beth's dad came over this past Friday and we made a fire and had hobo pies. 
bvanstrien · 10 days ago

We are so fortunate to live in an area where we get to experience all 4 seasons each year.  Spring has definitely arrived!  All the flowers are blooming, the trees are turning green, and we have been out in the yard every weekend getting ready for the warm
garyandandrea · 11 days ago

On Sunday afternoon, we took some of Brian's nieces and nephews to the movies to watch "The Jungle Book." A fun time was had by all! Of course every movie outing wouldn't be complete without a stop at the frozen yogurt shop afterwards!
brianandbreanna · 12 days ago

We took a long weekend for a spring vacation in Cincinnati. We visited the Air Force Museum, the Duke Energy Children's Museum, the Newport Aquarium and Smale Park. We went swimming every day at the hotel and soaked up the warm weather. Evan had a blast, a
PeteandSarah · 13 days ago

We had a great time with friends at Disney. We all did our very first Disney 5k! While we have done many 5K's in the past, this was our first one at Disney. Definately an experince to remember!
treyandselene · 13 days ago

Just came home from our Florida vacation with family.  Had a great time with family, great weather and much needed time away.  Check out our album "2016 Florida Vacation" for lots of pictures.
MichaelandKristi · 14 days ago

We are lucky that several of Gautam's cousins live in the Washingto, D.C. area and once or twice a year, we like to plan a "Cousins Weekend" to spend quality time in West Virginia!  We spent the last weekend playing board games, cuddling with Penny the dog
gautamandandrew · 14 days ago

We have added a few pictures from David’s black belt test and a couple of videos.  After the test, he said that he was “OK” with “just” being a 4th degree black belt.  Three weeks later he is thinking that he could go for his 5th degree in three years!  We
DavidandCarmen · 14 days ago

We had a weekend full of beautiful weather and we were ready. We've been itching to go on our first hike of the year and Saturday was a perfect day to do it. It was Riannan's first time walking the trails under her own power and she loved it! We didn't hav
markandstaci · 14 days ago

This is our favorite time of year to live in Central Florida.  The weather is perfect -- high 70s, low humidity with a slight breeze. We spent a lot of time outside this weekend -- went for walks, read on the back porch, played fetch with the dogs in the b
davidandanne · 15 days ago

First blog! We're so excited that our adoption profile is now online! It's been two years since we started the adoption process. With each step, we are increasingly looking forward to welcoming a little one in our family! As spring has arrived, the weather
markandpaulus · 15 days ago

So the giant snow storm is really here to water the 150 new bulbs we put out in the yard last week when the weather was beautiful! Jana loves gardening and flowers. Pansies are already out in the front. She is anticipating planting all kinds of flowers and
steveandjana · 15 days ago

Easter is a favorite time for us! The kids woke up to Easter baskets filled with candy and gift cards. We celebrated this year by heading to church on Saturday night, and then having a bash at our house Sunday afternoon. We made brisket and scalloped potat
steveandjana · 15 days ago

Birthday season came and went with super big fun! We kicked off the season with a concert we all couldn't wait for and loved! We celebrated with friends and family, from the ranch to lunches/dinners out, with cake and cinnamon rolls, balloons and tons of l
steveandjana · 15 days ago

 I (Brenda) am a music teacher and this past weekend we had our spring musical.  Sitting up in the light and sound booth with a few kids who were completely rocking running the control boards, one student passed me this note.  Apparently, I breath with the
nickandbrenda · 15 days ago

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary, so I thought I'd share some pictures from our wedding.  It had been a warm spring so the tulips were blooming and we got some beautiful pictures. Before the wedding outside our church:   Having fun with our wedding pa
thomasandjodi · 18 days ago

Hi, it's Angela here! :-) Spring has arrived and we are getting excited to get started on our yard and garden. As you can see in our photos, we have a large garden and a very large yard. It's a lot of work, but we love the space and peace and tranquility t
darrenandangela · 18 days ago

Through our adoption journey we have maintained hope that you will find us and we will find you. We spend a lot of time talking about our lives now while we wait and how our lives will be forever changed with you and your baby in it. During our wait, we of
jamieandkristy · 20 days ago

What a beautiful Spring weekend this past weekend.  With the cooler weather we decided to go to Animal Kingdom before the heat of the summer hits.  What a perfect day.  Presley had lots of fun climbing and sliding all over the Bone Yard play area in DinoLa
charlesandchristine · 20 days ago

This weekend was David's mom's birthday -- we all celebrated with a wonderful Sunday breakfast! At the end of the meal, the server brought out a slice of cake (who says you can't have cake at 11 am!)  David's dad put trick candles in the cake -- which mean
davidandanne · 20 days ago

This past weekend we had so much fun at our newest niece's baptism. The whole family got together to celebrate. No family get-together is complete without homecooked meatballs and sauce - yum! Of course, the most special part of our long visit was playing
shanaandsamadopt · 20 days ago

Today I was reminded about a memory that I have regarding my first experience with adoption. As long as I can remember my parents have always said that would like to adopt from Africa (which they never did end up doing). So when I was about 6 years old, I
travisandshannon · 21 days ago

We have the perfect pediatrician for Evan!  Even though we wish none of us would ever get sick, we know we're lucky to have access to great healthcare. Evan's doctor saw us on Saturday for a fever that he just couldn't kick. Saturday hours, he returns late
PeteandSarah · 21 days ago

  This week I went Florida for my first business trip in a long time. We both love our careers but we would love to share our life with a child one day. We will provide a life time of love and support and help them achieve their goals to do whatever they
micheleandsteven · 22 days ago

Spring break was a fun adventure!  We took the kids up to the mountains for a few days and rented a super cute cabin.  It was fun exploring a new town, and the kids were excited to wake up to an indoor Easter egg hunt.  We thoroughly enjoyed the snow as we
dustinandangannette · 22 days ago

Last weekend, my parents came into town.  With just two days to spend with them, it was a whirlwind that included meals with friends, a tour of the White House, and watching a very, very, very long play. It was great to see them and to share with them some
darrellandjoshua · 23 days ago

As I were were geting ready for work this morning, I (Carmen) was reflecting on how I still laugh at David's silly jokes.  There are three jokes that he says regularly and they still crack me up!   1.  He screams when I flush the toilet while he is showeri
DavidandCarmen · 25 days ago

Sometimes you just need to make it a sunshiney day - even though it is cold and rainy!  I always tease Pete that he has the coolest hobby ever (flying planes), and I can't compete for the "cool parent" role. Well, as it turns out, Evan loves to draw and co
PeteandSarah · 26 days ago

We had the pleasure of attending Angela's brother's wedding last weekend. We were looking forward to the weekend for quite a while as all of Angela's family was in attendance. It was a wonderful time spent with our nieces and nephews and we were especially
darrenandangela · 26 days ago

We just got back home from spending several days with family. We did not have any "big" events planned, just soaking in the simple joy of being together. We had so much fun going to the movies, playing cards, watching the Final Four games, and chatting ove
shanaandsamadopt · 26 days ago

We went to Florida a few weeks ago to visit, Kathy's sister, and our new nephew, Liam who was born in February. We were so happy to welcome a new member of our family and spend time helping the new parents take care of baby Liam.
howardandkathy · 27 days ago

Keely and I love to go backpacking. It’s something that takes us both back to childhood. Keely’s dad took her exploring in the woods every spring for morel mushrooms. She also lived near a river as a child. She and her friends would walk on the trails near
MarkLetty · 27 days ago

  We traveled back to North Dakota this weekend for David's 4th Degree Black Belt Test.  It was so fun to see his fellow TKDers that he trained with the 5 years prior to us moving to Michigan.  His test was very long (3 hours) and very physically and menta
DavidandCarmen · 28 days ago

We also visited the local foodmarket, where we like to do some food shopping when there. This time we also treated ourselves with a pulled pork wrap, delicious!     
karstenandwienke · 28 days ago

This weekend we celebrated the 69st birthday of Wienke's father, together with the family. Every birthday in the family is celebrated with a dinner and gifts. This is a family tradition we look forward to and enjoy!
karstenandwienke · 28 days ago

This weekend Pete was able to show Evan and me the type of plane he's flying. He isn't able to fly passengers yet, but we did get to climb into the plane and pretend!  Evan was so excited, and assured us he knew all about flying planes. Another fun adventu
PeteandSarah · 28 days ago

The wees are sure flying by, nice to think that it is April already.  This past week we celebrated opening day of our local icecream shop.  We went with Beth's parents as they came over for dinner and than we had dessert there.  After arriving home Beth's
bvanstrien · 28 days ago

You and your baby are worth the wait! We are eager to meet you. As we think about welcoming you and your baby into our family, our hearts are filled with joy, anticipation, and love. We cannot imagine the emotions you are feeling, but we will be there to w
jamieandkristy · 28 days ago

We had an awesome weekend celebrating Easter with our families.  Being around our nieces and nephew was a lot of fun, especially since we were able to get outside and play some basketball and blow bubbles because of the warmer weather.  Our families are so
jamieandkristy · 29 days ago

We had a visit from John's cousin Catie and her two sweeties! We had a week filled with lots of play, cuddles and memories! We didn't get many pictures, but the kids had so much fun together! It is really nice seeing them all grow up together!
JohnandLaura · 29 days ago

We had a ton of fun making Easter eggs, hunting for eggs (we lost one?!) and, of course, eating the candy!!     candy!!
jamesandjennifer · 29 days ago

Feeling very grateful this week. Last week we went on a quick road trip to CT to visit our newest cousin. Next week we are off to IL to see some more family for my grandfather's unveiling. My grandfather lived an amazing and fulfilling life of 95 years. Th
jonathanandjessica · 31 days ago

  Just got back from the gym. steve and I love to stay active whether it is biking,swimming or taking classes. We will encourage a child to be active and stay fit. If you or you know someone thinking of creating an adoption plan we would love to hear from
micheleandsteven · 32 days ago

We had a blessed Easter at our house! We had fun decorating eggs, heading to the zoo for Bunnyville and spending time with each other! 
JohnandLaura · 32 days ago

Every Easter we enjoy visiting the Grand Floridian Resort to look at the chocolate eggs.We had a wonderful time again this year checking out all the new eggs.
treyandselene · 32 days ago

Our profile has only been live for two weeks, but it has emphasized how tough waiting can be. We definitely do not expect to be chosen right away, but I will admit that I find myself getting antsy! Ryan and I know that, when we are chosen, we are being ble
ryanandlauri · 32 days ago

Easter was pretty low key around here.  The weather was sunny, so we got outside with the dogs. They were not overly thrilled with their Easter outfits:     Navy was a little more willing, but Roxy kept trying to eat the ears off of her!       We had Eas
patandelisa · 32 days ago

Each year for Easter we go to Maundy Thursday and Easter services at our church. After church on Easter Sunday, Ryan and I go to my parent's house for an awesome meal of ham, potatoes, green beans, and for dessert, strawberries on Angel Food cake. My mouth
ryanandashley · 32 days ago

Pete's birthday landed on the Saturday before Easter. We celebrated with my family, but we have an at-home birthday tradition. Tonight we're celebrating as a family in our own home - with cake, ice cream and confetti poppers. Evan took care of decorating t
PeteandSarah · 33 days ago

This past weekend, we got to go up to New Hampshire and visit Alicia's brother's new lake house.  Colby, Alicia, the girls and Grandma went up and spent a fun weekend away.  The weather was still pretty chilly, but we were able to go for a walk around the
colbyandalicia · 33 days ago

Wowsers!  We need to provide another update!   September 2015:  We traveled back to Minnesota for David's parent's 25th wedding anniversary.  It was such a wonderful time to be together.  The first time that David, his brother, his step-brothers, and his p
DavidandCarmen · 34 days ago

We just added a bunch of pictures here!  We hope you enjoy them!
DavidandCarmen · 34 days ago

Spring is here and it's starting to warm up in Washington, D.C.! That means it's time to take out the patio furniture and lights, and make sure our plants have survived the winter. During the spring and summer, we love spending time on our patio - but no o
gautamandandrew · 34 days ago

  Hi we are Steven and Michele hopeful adoptive parents from NYC. We dream of adding a little one to our family. We will provide them with unconditional love and support to ensure all their dreams come true. Please txt/call 646-650-8634 Www.micheleandstev
micheleandsteven · 35 days ago

We had a wonderful Easter yesterday.  I (Jodi) played on the praise team at church, which I always enjoy.  Worship is very meaningful to us, and when I play my flute it adds a layer of praise that I don't get while I'm singing.  Lately I've been thinking a
thomasandjodi · 35 days ago

Our friends asked us if we were available to babysit for a few hours on Saturday so that they could go out for a birthday lunch and run some errands. It happened to work out well because we were going to be in their neighborhood taking Chris' mom out for a
kevinandchristopher · 35 days ago

Hi Everyone When we first began our adoption journey, we were completely convinced it would be a quick and easy process -- your baby needs a forever home, we have a loving home to offer...boom!  Done!  Seems simple enough.  However, almost two years later,
AmitandNatalie · 36 days ago

Happy Easter!  What a fun weekend we had!  Friday Evan had his grandparents to himself, then on Saturday more cousins joined the celebration. We had a birthday dinner for Pete followed by games and a bonfire. Then this morning we all met up again at church
PeteandSarah · 36 days ago

As a family, we delivered Easter bags to peole in nursery homes.  This was a special day for all of us.  It was really sweet to see how happy it made the people feel when we walked in. We had a couple of really great conversations too.  We hope to head bac
JohnandLaura · 37 days ago

We just returned from a week-long road trip up to New England.  It was wonderful!  We were able to visit several museums, spend time in Mark Twain's home, and tour the Connecticut state capitol.  Josh loves visiting state capitols, so we were able to cross
darrellandjoshua · 37 days ago

We love Vacations!!  Getting even a little free time is a vacation for us.. Visiting new places, getting to know local culture, food, shops and yessssss so much of relaxation. San Deigo is a great place to visit, lots of Sunshine, water peaceful one, drive
niteshandsmita · 37 days ago

Looking forward to a fun day tomorrow with family. It's fun to go shopping for the baskets, and to see the smiles it brings to everyones face! We begin to imagine how exciting it will be to spoil a child.
christopherandkenneth · 37 days ago

I can't believe that our first baby gift has just arrived! Ian's parents are amazing and knew that we wanted to have a super safe car seat at-the-ready just in case. Well, they've bought us the car seat we had researched and the matching stroller! They are
ianandliz · 38 days ago

(Written by Ashley) My mom is one of the most creative and artistic people I know, so when she found a picture of a pinwheel mobile, she knew her future grandbaby had to have one! This mobile is, no joke, one of the cutest things I have ever seen, and sinc
ryanandashley · 38 days ago

As we approach Easter weekend and Good Friday we are reminded daily of God's amazing beauty.  We were reminded last Sunday just to be still and know that he is God.  This past week I was bringing our recycling out to the road and it was quiet.  I looked up
bvanstrien · 38 days ago

One of our favorite things to do on the weekend when we have time off together is to go out for breakfast.  Sunday was no different.  I woke Pat up to tell him he was taking me for breakfast . He quickly got ready and we were out the door.  As we were driv
patandelisa · 39 days ago

Hannah and Ethan love to play superheroes any chance they have. They love going on adventures around the house. It is so fun to watch them use their imaginations.
CoryandCarrie · 39 days ago

My favorite moment so far this week?  We were sitting at the table together and I was practicing my calligraphy alphabet. Evan said, "Mama, don't you know your alphabets?"  Well, sort of kiddo. :)  We also had a beautiful afternoon flying kites and a great
PeteandSarah · 40 days ago

This past weekend was a much deserved and memorable weekend. We visited with a cousin of ours. To our surprise two more families of cousins showed up. It felt like a mini family reuinion. Well considering our family is so large it's about 5% of our family.
christopherandkenneth · 40 days ago

This biggest excitement in our lives this past month is meeting our newest nephew born this past week. Our families are both growing a lot! We will have another 3 nieces or nephews join us this 2016 year which means all our siblings will have a baby in 201
travisandshannon · 41 days ago

There are so many emotions involved in the adoption process. As hopeful adoptive parents, we have experienced a lot of ups and downs with the adoption process that are difficult for people to understand who have never walked this journey. Without knowing y
jamieandkristy · 41 days ago

We each bring different things to our relationship. I am more structured and organized whereas Jamie is more spontaneous and carefree.  I am talkative while Jamie tends to be on the quiet side. However there is one thing we both do and that is support each
jamieandkristy · 42 days ago

(Written by Ryan) Ashley has two major super powers: 1.   She can always find the best deals 2.   She can look at something and imagine what it can become   Both of these super powers conjoined when she found this great chest-of-drawers at the Habitat for
ryanandashley · 42 days ago

Well, we know that spring is here and summer is quickly approaching! Why? Because it was time for our first visit to Dairy Queen in our town.  This favorite ice cream hot spot is open seasonally, so we took advantage of their early opening to get our first
jamieandkristy · 42 days ago

Today we planned for a visit to a Children's Museum, but Evan fell asleep in the car. Since he was snoozing we decided to keep driving and visited the hospital where we first met Evan. It was a special experience to share with him the special place where w
PeteandSarah · 43 days ago

We have been so busy this weekend but we have had sooo much fun! Saturday during the day we were able to sleep in and hang out around the house all day. By that night we were off to the movies! This would be Olivia's first movie. We were unsure how she wou
bryanandrachel · 43 days ago

We had some time this weekend to continue working on the nursery! We put together a dresser (with a great poster behind it) and installed some fun new lights that are shaped like flowers. Our baby's room is going to be so comfortable and warm!   
gautamandandrew · 43 days ago

For about the last two years, Mommy and Holden have enjoyed our weekly ritual of going to the baby gym.  From circle time music and games when Holden was just learning to sit up, to big climbing and wavy slides now, we love having this special time togethe
arinanddarcy · 43 days ago

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