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We had a lovely Father's Day! SJ wanted to go swimming, so we did that in morning before it got too hot. Spencer wanted to eat lunch downtown and then go to the children's museum. We finished the evening by grilling hamburgers with another couple and their (almost) three year old.  
spencerandkate · Yesterday

We have decided to adopt another child!  Eric and I both always knew we wanted to have another one, but here we are, starting the process again!  We are so excited!  This time we know and love everyone at Adoption Associates after helping us find our little Nora!  This time I will have more trust in
EricandSaundra · Yesterday

     Recently, on Sunday afternoon, Jen’s phone rang and she accepted a FaceTime call from her sister-in-law’s number.  She was greeted with by a cooing baby laying on his back next to his daddy.  Her nephew, now four and a half months old, has recently learned to roll over and is trying to scoot on
adamandjennifer · Yesterday

We had a full and fun weekend celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary with a cooking class together, family time at the Strawberry Festival, and Father's Day!
josephandnatalie · 2 days ago

We celebrated Father's Day along with a couple June birthdays yesterday visiting my family up North.  We picked my Mom and met everyone at a restaurant.  When we were done and leaving, we were standing outside saying our goodbyes before my sister took Mom home.  There was another family saying their
bretandjean · 2 days ago

Had a busy week this last week.  We have been working hard on our garden. And it's one of my favorite times of the year... Strawberry and rhubarb season! Making pies, rhubarb muffins, and strawberry rhubarb jam.  We topped off the week with some great family time with our fathers yesterday.  We cook
derekanddarcie · 2 days ago

We were invited for dinner by Jos his vocal teacher and his partner. Teacher Jan is 82 years of age and his partner Hans is 85 years, they have been (equal sex-) partners for 55 years. Jan prepared a lovely dinner wtih a shrimp coctail followed by a home made tomato soup for starters. The main cours
vincentandjos · 2 days ago

Similar to Mother's Day, Father's Day is special in our home. Our hearts feel so much gratitude to our son's birthfathers. We may not have been able to meet them but we still feel a huge amount of love for them and know that our boys are who they are because of them. Thank you to our birthfathers. Y
ChadandGabrielle · 3 days ago

Our last few weekends were filled with birthdays in our family and our circle of friends, which was lots of fun! Celebrating Vincent's mother's birthday in the garden. Sheila with little Jens. Esmée playing with the toys we gave for her birthday. Vincent and Sheila's brother helping our friend's son
vincentandsheila · 3 days ago

One thing that we like to follow in our home is a healthy eating lifestyle so Karen spent part of her Saturday preparing snacks for the weeks ahead.  We hope to pass on our healthy lifestyle to a child so we all can live happy and healthy.  This week Karen made granola, banana bran muffins, and pale
victorandkaren · 4 days ago

  On Saturday Nora had her ballet recital! She's been dancing since she was 2 and a half so this ended her second full year of ballet. Even Nana (Matt's mom) was able to come!  It was so sweet to see her and her friends on stage doing their routine. They've all worked so hard this year and have be
matthewandbethanyanne · 6 days ago

We have recently returned home from a vacation in Hawaii with Adam's nana, mom, dad, and brother.  While in Hawaii, the family rented a house, rather than staying in a hotel.  It was perfect for spending time together - we were able to grill hamburgers for dinner, swim in the pool, have coffee toge
adamandjennifer · 8 days ago

It was beautifull weather this weekend and so we worked a lot in the garden to make it ready for the summer. On friday and saturday we helped our friends to build a fence in their garden. On sunday we worked hard to make our garden nice. It's so good to see all the plants and flowers grow and bloom.
vincentandjos · 10 days ago

Lindsey went camping with a friend this weekend. They went up to Wisconsin for hiking and to stay by the lake. Camping is an activity we enjoy every summer along with bonfires, swimming, and spending as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors.
andrewandlindsey · 10 days ago

This weekend we had some friends over for BBQ. I love any chance to stay up all night and smoke meats - this time I cooked brisket and pulled pork. Later I threw on some chicken wings.  Based on how few leftovers there were everyone seemed to like the food. I couldn't do any of it without Ellen who
travisandellen · 10 days ago

     Thank you birth mother for inviting us to today's doctor's appointment and ultrasound.  What a blessing it was for you to share this with us.  We will never forget the moment we found out together that "IT'S A GIRL".  Sorry I couldn't hold back the tears, but they were definitely tears of joy.
bretandjean · 12 days ago

Oh The Places You Will Go..... Today was the last day of 4th grade for Bryce. I was shocked at how emotional I was. The thought we would not be a part of this family (for a while) was overwhelming to me. We made new friends, we got to know many kids, we had a wonderful teacher influencing Bryce and
bradandsarah · 12 days ago

Last night the Caps won the Stanley Cup for the first time ever. This is such a big deal for me. I am such a huge fan of all DC sports, including the Caps. The last time a DC sports team won anything I was 16 and Redskins won the Super Bowl. (Ellen was only 8 when the Redskins won so she remembers e
travisandellen · 12 days ago

  From the moment I met your father I could not wait to start planning for a family with him.  He is the man I spent a long time dreaming about and waiting for.   He is my best friend, the most wonderful father and together we make the best team.  I still wake up, even 5 years later, thankful he is
bradandsarah · 13 days ago

We took the girls for a walk on this lovely afternoon...or maybe they took us for a walk. They love it and so do we. 
derekanddarcie · 14 days ago

  We don't often take road trips because it takes six hours just to get out of Florida, but we wanted to do some hiking and visit with some of Chris's family, so we took off the week of Memorial Day and loaded up the car.   In addition to seeing family, we checked out Greenville, SC, which has a ver
laurenandchriso · 14 days ago

We got home a few days ago from our trip to the Netherlands. Check out our photo albums for more photos. We had a great time! We spent a whirlwind few days in Amsterdam and then visited my college roommate in the Hague. Travis even managed to golf! We made clogs, ate cheese and stroopwafels, met new
travisandellen · 15 days ago

Summer is here and we are so thankful for that! We are excited for so much more family time again now that Kevin isn't as busy at work anymore. This past weekend we went to the zoo and then all to Indiana as well for dinner. It was a busy but very fun filled day and Emma love all of it!  She kept wa
kevinandamy · 15 days ago

Whew, the month of May flew by! The past month was spent celebrating family. Carley’s little brother joined the Marines and left for boot camp. Prior to him leaving we had a big family dinner at one of his favorite restaurants. The night was spent celebrating the newest Marine and reiminicing over o
johnandcarley · 15 days ago

We had a great weekend!  Friday night we hosted our baseball team at our home for the (almost) end of the year party.  Brad had constructed a giant slip n slide in our yard for the kids to play on.  Thankfully the weather was much warmer than anticipated so the slide was a HUGE hit!  Something tells
bradandsarah · 15 days ago

Last night we attended a fundrasier for a nonprofit organization started by our brother-in-law and Chad's sister called You Can-cer Vive. Our brother-in-law is a cancer survivor and his mission is to raise money to help fight cancer. 100% of the proceeds raised go to this cause. It is all volunteer
ChadandGabrielle · 15 days ago

We have a new summer tradition! Friday Nights at the pool! Our plan is to have cook a simple dinner, go swimming when Matt comes home from work and then come back to enjoy dinner together before bath and bedtime for Nora.  Our pool is less than a mile from our house and we've had a pass there each s
matthewandbethanyanne · 15 days ago

This weekend turned out really well. I was on call but didn't get called in. We went to the rodeo Friday and Saturday night, Jack did some fishing, I did some quiliting and we had lunch/early dinner at my sister's house on Saturday. It was a very laid back weekend but still managed to get stuff done
jackandnikki · 16 days ago

We finally got to get away for a weekend and we travelled to Indiana to see Karen's cousins.  It was awesome that we got to share our exciting adoption news with them.  They were all so supportive of our decision and cannot wait to add a child to our family.  
victorandkaren · 16 days ago

We just came back from an exciting weekend in Antwerp (Belgium). Jos had to sing in a commissioned concert as a soloist. There were two choirs, a orchestra of 40 people/instruments. Vincent came along as a guest. The concert was a great succes!   In the little spare time we had we went out to lunch
vincentandjos · 16 days ago

May was a month of travel for us!  The first weekend in May Alicia went to Dallas for a girl's weekend with her college friends.  A few weekends later we were in Central Texas with some of the same friends and their families and Memorial Day weekend we visited Will's dad in South Texas.   I (Alicia)
willandalicia · 17 days ago

We ventured to the Art Fair yesterday with my grandma. Here they are standing in front of one of the cool topiaries in the park. We had a great time walking around looking at all the local art and talent from Kalamazoo and West Michigan area.  We had a great time this weekend spending time with my g
derekanddarcie · 17 days ago

Hello! Welcome to our first journal entry. We are thrilled you are here. The process of journaling is exciting to us because there are a lot of fun things to share as we progress through our adoption journey. The first being: we are now home study approved! Second we are now ACTIVE online, meaning o
Ianandamy · 17 days ago

Despite the rain all weekend, we had fun celebrating both Memorial Day and Jonathan's birthday. We spent the day with my parents and enjoyed a dinner out at our favorite BBQ place. Then we had fun playing some cards before serving up dessert and coffee.
erickaandjonathan · 18 days ago

A blog post is very overdue! So here goes a very big photo update! :)   Gideon and Elina took a roadtrip back to where we went to college for a weekend of fun and a reunion with some of her best friends and their kids!   Elina with two of her best college friends, Stefanie and Andrea. Ricky is a
danielandelina · 19 days ago

So we have now been in our new house for almost 4 months now! It's now a home as we are unpacked and made it our own. I wanted to post some pictures of our new house but I also wanted to post some pictures of our garden. I love gardening! I'm not sure I'm really very good at it yet but I love it non
ZekeandMandy · 19 days ago

On Memorial Day Matt, Nora and I went with Jeff, Nana and Opa to the Cubs v. Pirates game in Pittsburgh.  9 years ago Matt and I went on a mini baseball tour in Chicago, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. We haven't been back to see the Pirates play since then so it was fun to reminiss about our trip in col
matthewandbethanyanne · 19 days ago

     Today we want to wish Happy Birthday to a very special young lady.  God recently brought us together when she found she was pregnant.  We had completed our home study and were in active status waiting to be matched and ultimately adopt a child.  After reviewing a number of profiles, she chose u
bretandjean · 20 days ago

This morning Matt, Nora and I wrote down our summer bucket list. We picked some activities that we would like to do together and we can't wait to get at it! Nora is most excited to make popsicles and go see Incredibles 2 at the movies. Matt and I are pretty excited to spend some time hiking in Rocky
matthewandbethanyanne · 20 days ago

Asher loves having playdates with his friends! He had a great time hanging out with his "girlfriends" while the moms ate snacks, laughed and talked about summer plans! 
matthewandmichelle · 21 days ago

You can sure tell summer is here.  David has graduated from his swimming lessons and loved it.  We did parent child lessons and it was to make him familar with the water and he did real well.  It was four weeks long on Saturdays for 45 minutes.  He seemed to learn a lot as we went to Shipshawna for
brandonandbethany · 21 days ago

  For me, quilts communicate love and so much time. Our house is filled with quilts, from my grandmothers, that make me feel at home, even when we live far from extended family. Before our son arrived, I made Cal a quilt to keep him warm and remind him that he was loved before we even met him. It is
Krisanddaveadopt · 21 days ago

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day and had time to remember the men and women who lost their lives protecting our country. We finally got to enjoy the nice, but hot, weather.  Got the kayaks out to go for a morning ride on a local lake.  Then had a barbeque with our neighbors.  The neighborhood k
victorandkaren · 21 days ago

We just got home from our trip to Maui (an early 8 year anniversary celebration). We had such a fun time scuba diving with sea turtles and snorkeling. A trip like this got us so excited to share these experiences with our future child!
curtisandmaggie · 21 days ago

We spent the long Memorial Day weekend in Pittsburgh visiting Matt's family. His brother, Jeff, sister in Law Katie, and our nephew, Liam live there. Matt also grew up in Pittsburgh too! His parents joined up for the weekend and drove in from Chicago.  Nora and Liam loved getting time to play toget
matthewandbethanyanne · 21 days ago

May 2018:   As May and June approached this year we knew we needed to make plans to keep ourselves as busy as possible. A year ago at this time we went through our last failed fertility treatments before moving on to our adoption journey. As another Mother's Day and Father's Day passes leaving our a
joshuaandrachael · 21 days ago

We had such a great time this past weekend getting to visit family in Tennessee. Josh's grandmother, Guga, recently fell and had to have hip surgery. While we were visiting her several of the cousins showed up as well which was a special treat. It was a fast trip, but a great weekend getting to catc
joshandalicia · 22 days ago

WOW! This was a very busy and fun-filled weekend for our family! We started by visiting Chad's grandparents in White Cloud where we spent the entire day outside playing with the hose, eating smores and riding bikes! Then we visited with Chad's mom's best friend and again played outside all day with
ChadandGabrielle · 22 days ago

We are truly grateful for the servicemembers who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedom and ideals of America.  We appreciate that we are only able to enjoy the unofficial start of summer because of their dedication to our country. 
andrewandalyson · 23 days ago

This weekend the weather has been very hot for the month of may. The temperatures reached 86 degrees fahrenheit and thats unique for may in the netherlands. The weather is predicted to keep this hot until next weekend. Since we moved to our new (old) home, we didn't have a dishwasher which is the o
vincentandjos · 23 days ago

A little over one year ago, Andy & I were on our way home from a trip to Italy. We were lucky enough to be able to explore Rome and Assisi for two weeks with some very good friends. This was the picture we took on our way home right before going through Customs. We aren't doing an international
andrewandlindsey · 24 days ago

Dear Firebug,It’s hard to believe an entire month has gone by since we’ve officially been on the list for your birth family to find us. There’s no telling how many more months we will have to wait, but we do know that God is up to something amazing and greater than we could ever imagine!This month w
chrisandlauren · 24 days ago

Summer is finally here - at least according to the temperature!  Yesterday, our new neighbors moved in. Ed helped them move some big furniture items as he enjoys helping people move. They have a 2 year old boy and another baby due next month. Excited to have more little ones in the neighborhood to p
edwinandliz · 24 days ago

We welcomed our daughter Claire into the world two weeks ago! It's been so sweet to get to know her personality and Calvin has been a very caring big brother already. As excited as we have been to grow from a family of three to a family of four, we are so very excited to add another sweet baby into
philandchelsey · 24 days ago

Last weekend Teisha's brother graduated. We all spent the weekend together celebrating, laughing, and hanging out!  School is winding down and we are excited about a summer full of backyard camping, vacations, summer camps, and lots of trips to the pool! 
seanandteisha · 25 days ago

Tomorrow Travis and I are heading to Europe for vacation. My college roommate is over there working and we're finally going to visit her and her husband (also named Travis) and their baby. We're going to tour a few days and Travis will play some golf... checking one of his courses off his top 100 li
travisandellen · 28 days ago

Over the weekend, Andy built a rasied bed for a backyard vegetable garden. His family grew veggies every summer when he was growing up, so we decided to start our own vegetable garden this year. When we checked today, we already have a few seedlings popping up!
andrewandlindsey · 28 days ago

We had such a great time visiting the Magnolia Plantations & Gardens with my parents. We have wanted to visit there for a while, but were waiting for everything to be in bloom. It was an exhausting day trying to see everything, but the memories were so worth it!
joshandalicia · 28 days ago

Last week Nora and I had a mostly "yes" day. Basically whatever she asked to do I said yes to, with some exceptions.  I didn't tell her I would say yes to most anything though! Since Matt was at work and the the weather was so beautiful, we ended up going to the zoo and having a picnic!  Nora want
matthewandbethanyanne · 28 days ago

Every year during Pentecost the family of Jos goes camping. This tradition started more than 40 years ago and still over 35 familymembers are coming together for a few days of fun. In the Netherlands Pentecost is a holiday with an extra day off for everyone so this family gathering is like a mini va
vincentandjos · 29 days ago

This past week we celebrated our son Rylan’s 5th birthday.  Our birthday gift to him was a new bike so that evening we loaded up our bikes in the back of our truck and drove to the state recreational area for a family bike ride.  The weather was perfect and we spent the evening biking, putting our t
justinandsara · 30 days ago

A few weeks ago we enjoyed celebrating our neighbor’s daughter’s wedding.  We have loved living by our neighbor and her two daughters since they moved next door to us eight years ago.  Our son Rylan loves stopping over and they enjoy his company and the laughter he bring to their home while visiting
justinandsara · 30 days ago

Our son is in a dinosaur phase.  He has become quite the 4 year old expert and tells us he is going to be a paleontologist when he gets older.  Just an hour away from our home on the University of Nebraska campus there is a great Natural History Museum. There are many dinosaur and mammoth fossils, a
justinandsara · 30 days ago

In March Justin and I enjoyed a weekend getaway to Kansas City to celebrate my birthday.  We stayed downtown and visited an area known as the Power and Lights District. We enjoyed shopping at the Saturday Farmer’s market, live bands in the evenings, and eating sushi.  It was wonderful to spend time
justinandsara · 30 days ago

Travis and I are about to go on vacation at the end of the week. I'm really looking forward to the trip, but every year I spend way too much time firguing out what to read. I like reading physical books (no kindle for me) so I can only take so many books with me on the plane. Here are my 2018 Summer
travisandellen · 30 days ago

Now that summer has arrived, we wanted to share our 5 favorite foods 1.  Burgers and brats 2.  Pasta salad 3.  Steak 4.  Barbequed ribs 5.  ICE CREAM!!
victorandkaren · 30 days ago

Today we celebrated another Dutch holiday: Pentecost! We decided to spend the afternoon in a fisherman's town called Monnikendam, which is only 10 kilometers away from our home. Here we had a nice stroll in the pictoresque city centre and the harbour. We love this region so much, we will definitely
vincentandsheila · 30 days ago

The weather has been so nice this spring and in our house, we are totally taking advantage of that:)! Gabe and Jonas went on a Mother Son Bowling date through school and then afterwards we went all went on a 7 mile bike ride to one of our favorite restaurants called The Firehall! We have a special b
ChadandGabrielle · 30 days ago

It has been a busy past few weeks for us. We have been spending most of our free time outside planting flowers, pulling weeds, and power washing the house. We also got a chance to see the air show while it was in town. The Blue Angels were amazing! 
erickaandjonathan · 31 days ago

It has been a busy past few weeks for us. We have been spending most of our free time outside planting flowers, pulling weeds, and power washing the house. We also got a chance to see the air show while it was in town. The Blue Angels were amazing! 
erickaandjonathan · 31 days ago

It has been a busy past few weeks for us. We have been spending most of our free time outside planting flowers, pulling weeds, and power washing the house. We also got a chance to see the air show while it was in town. The Blue Angels were amazing! 
erickaandjonathan · 31 days ago

This spring, our dog Bino joined our family. Bino loves to cuddle, lie down in the sunshine, and go for walks with us. He’s a great friend and also loves to play with the children in the neighborhood (and they with him). This spring, Tobi’s parents visited us, and together, we went to see Chris’ fam
chrisandtobias · 31 days ago

It's been raining every day for over a week and the yard is a muddy mess. To lift the rainy blues away I thought I'd share a picture of Freddy enjoying the yard on a sunny day. Freddy loves working on his tan in the yard   
travisandellen · 32 days ago

We want to share an update as it has been a year since we last did.  We are so excited to be parents and talk about it frequently togheter.  We dream about raising a child, and talk about bringing them to all the exciting cultural and educational opportunities that Brooklyn and New York City have to
jeffreyali7231 · 32 days ago

We had such a great time painting for a fundraiser for our adoption agency, Adoption Associates.  What a nice group of people!!  
victorandkaren · 33 days ago

  It's been a pretty chill season around here. We had a lot of visitors during the winter, when it's cold everywhere else but warm here, but not a single one during the spring. That's left us with lots of time for "nesting."   Because my office is going to become the baby's room, I've been trying to
laurenandchriso · 33 days ago

Now when I hear the words “unwanted” or “given up” through our adoption journey, I cringe.  Given up for adoption sounds like a child was discarded. It sounds similar to how we have given up a bad habit or give away items we no longer use.  No wonder many adopted children carry a burden of feeling u
bradandsarah · 34 days ago

Yesterday was my day off and I got so many things accomplished.  Worked in the garden Planted a cherry tree, blueberry bush, sweet potato vines and blackberries Cleaned out and organized the storage shed Cleaned the smoker Got all fly rubs taken down and soaking in fly spray to recharge and get back
jackandnikki · 34 days ago

My master fisherman. Here he is with a 26 lb. king salmon! This size isn’t typically seen for another three months! I can’t wait to eat it.  
alanandlauren · 34 days ago

As we slowly put together the baby's room, I wanted to share with you the story of the rocking chair.   My family has a rocking chair that my mom used when my brother and I were babies. Blair always loved the rocking chair so it was always in his room. It even made the move with him to college and p
travisandellen · 34 days ago

Shelbie turned 4 last month and we went to the zoo! We also took her to her first branding of Grandpa's cows.  
scottandstephanie · 35 days ago

We have been living in our new house since January. Shelbie loves her room so much! Now we are working on the yard and it should be finished next week. Just in time for summer!  
scottandstephanie · 35 days ago

Right after Easter, we got to spend a long weekend in Texas visiting Lindsey's brother, Chris and his wife. We went shopping, out to eat, and spent time catching up. They also live right on the coast, so we had the chance to get out on the water!
andrewandlindsey · 35 days ago

Two weeks ago, we had the chance to babysit our nephews so that their mom & dad could attend a college graduation. Andy was teaching Max (the one in the blue shirt) how to use a tape measure when Michael (the little guy) decided he wanted some attention too. These little ones are such a joy for
andrewandlindsey · 35 days ago

An added unexpected perk on our property are morel mushrooms.  These are a culinary delight I was first inroduced to by Bret and his mom.  Both have hunted for morels each spring since they were kids and continue to this day.   There is a very small window each spring to find morels.  You will find
bretandjean · 36 days ago

This week has been interesting. It started off on Sunday with a baby dedication ceremony at my local church. The pastor loves children and I was delighted to see how many new families we have in our congregation. It's hard to believe it's been a year since I started working with an adoption agency t
felicia · 36 days ago

  My favorite Mother's Day tradition is planting our garden for the summer! I've learned to respect the rule that you don't plant until after Mother's Day.  This year we ended up planting jalapenos, orange bell peppers, strawberries, spinach, arugula, beets, and cauliflower. A couple of the kale pl
matthewandbethanyanne · 36 days ago

With Natasha’s mom being far away in Russia (interestingly, there is no “Mother’s Day” and “Father’s Day” but a “Women Day” and “Men Day”) we celebrated with Darren’s mom by taking her to a local attraction - a beautiful castle, where we did a sightseeing tour and an English-style afternoon tea. We
darrenandnatasha · 36 days ago

In our family Mother's Day holds so many meanings. I am only a mother because someone else gave such a selfless gift and made such a courageous decision to put her child first. The incredible value of that is not lost on me. So, as I sat on Mother's Day getting those hugs, handmade cards and flowers
ChadandGabrielle · 36 days ago

In the Netherlands, on 27th of april, we have a national holiday on which we celebrate Kingsday. In Houten, our home town, are a lot of activity's. There's bands playing everywhere and a lot of fun things to do for children. Last Kingsday we went to our city centre with our frends and their children
jorritandmarlou · 36 days ago

This weekend we had a few extra days off due to Ascension day. Of course Jos had to sing with his church choir but there was enough quality time as well. On Saturday we went to a forrest near our hometown for a nice bike ride. The prupose of the ride was to scout a nice route for the choirs boyscamp
vincentandjos · 37 days ago

  Nora and I went to visit my parents at the beginning of May. I mentioned a couple posts back that my mom had a knee replacement. Nora and I went out to help mom for a couple weeks with her recovery.  When we flew in my Grandma was getting ready to fly home to Arizona so we were able to catch up wi
matthewandbethanyanne · 37 days ago

Always hard to go back to work after a weekend of fun. My birthday was on Saturday and we took a trip to the zoo. Eddie enjoyed the more active animals and helped feed a giraffe!    
edwinandliz · 37 days ago

We put the boat in for the season and are looking forward to lots of fun weekends at Alyson's family's lake house.  We loved skiing, swimming, and cruising around the lake before we had Sayles, and it's even more fun with a little guy -- even if he needs a nap after "driving" the boat!  Can't wait t
andrewandalyson · 38 days ago

Weddings are exhausting!  We have a new appreciation for all the people who helped at our wedding 12 years ago.  Exhausting, but also full of joy.  Mandy was a bridesmaid, and Zeke had the privilege of officiating the ceremony.  We are all so excited that Ty is officially our new brother-in-law.  Th
ZekeandMandy · 38 days ago

Today on Mother's Day Travis and I want to share just some of what our Moms have done for us.   Joy (Ellen's Mom) - My mom is an inspiration. Right now, she is on a cross-country road trip by herself. Just my mom in her car and the open road. I dream of going on this road trip and my mom is doing it
travisandellen · 38 days ago

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women!  We are so blessed to have each and every one of them in our lives          
victorandkaren · 38 days ago

We are thinking of you and praying for you so much. We hope you feel deeply cared for and loved today. 
matthewandbethanyanne · 38 days ago

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