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A couple of weeks ago we pulled the kids out of school for a week and went on a trip to San Antonio with Sadie's parents. We were all looking forward to this trip, but it far exeeded anyone's expectations! I highly recomend San Antonio for a fun vacation spot. We saw and did a lot, had a ton of fun
davidandsadie · 24 hours ago

Our son picked out his pumpkin!! So excited to carve this weekend---stay tuned for fun photos!!
tomandnancy · Yesterday

I love going to football games with my family.  Here I am enjoying the Buckeyes with my family.  I hope to share the love of sports with a child someday. 
Beth-adopts · 2 days ago

Every year I take my nieces to the Indiana state fair.  We have a blast riding the various rides and petting the animals. 
Beth-adopts · 2 days ago

The past week has held so many special days and very meaningful memories. We celebrated our son's birthday, as well as the day we met him and the day we signed adoption papers a few years ago. We hold these days so dear to our hearts and celebrate each of them.  We look forward to being able to cele
brianandbeth · 2 days ago

One of the traditions that I share with my eldest niece, Kaitlyn, is making all her birthday cakes from scratch.  Kaitlyn continues to challenge her Aunt Beth’s artistic ability.  This year for her 7th birthday Kaitlyn wanted a rainbow cake with paint splatter cupcakes.  It was a success! Aunt Beth
Beth-adopts · 2 days ago

For us, October marks the beginning of the holiday season. As we decorate our home with pumpkins and festive fall decor, we look forward to the next several months of consecutive celebrations: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter
derekandjim · 3 days ago

We had family pictures taken by a family friend a couple of weeks ago, and I love all of them!! Chase is a little shy at first with people he doesn't really know, but she made him laugh with toot jokes...so we got some good smiles. She has 3 boys of her own, so she knows the way to get little dudes
johnandsara · 4 days ago

We spend time at EPCOT with friends this weekend. We were able to taste some new foods during the Food and Wine Festival. PLUS, we got to help our friend's daughter with her pin trading!!!
treyandselene · 4 days ago

We had a great time apple picking this weekend!  The weather was fantastic and we took a little field trip to an orchard in Indiana that had so many different kinds of apples available.  So far Heather has made apple butter and an apple crisp, apple sauce and apple cake are next on the list.  Plus M
mitchandheather · 4 days ago

Erica and Jon enjoyed some quality time with family this week.  On Monday evening we went up to Jon's brother's house for pizza and to visit the local pumpkin patch to pick out some fun pumpkins for Halloween.  It fun to see our nephew Gabe run around and pick out pumpkins for everyone.  He seemed t
jonathananderica · 5 days ago

We had a great weekend babysitting Rowan! He is the fifteen month old child of some of our best friends, Kyle and Allie. They had a couple of non-kid friendly activities this weekend (catching a college football game and then the Detroit Lions' game), so we were thrilled to have Rowan at our house!
spencerandkate · 5 days ago

  Hello Friends, This past weekend was exciting!  We went on a weekend date to see Adele live and in person in Nashville, TN.  The concert was outstanding.  We love taking weekend trips for a get-away, visiting new places and experiencing different things.           
jimandlaurinda · 5 days ago

We had a wonderful summer that flew by! It included, camps for the kids, a week at Grandma and Papas with all the cousins, our annual beach trip, endless hours at the pool, and much more!! The fun did not seem to end. As summer was winding down, our oldest child, Hannah, went off to Kindergarten. Sh
CoryandCarrie · 5 days ago

  Hanging with Henry on a Saturday night playing games. We really love when Henry sleeps over and can’t wait to have a little cousin for him to hang with. Www.micheleandstevenadopt.info YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5v4KrSFchBM&feature=youtu.beemail micheleandstevenadopt@gmail.com txt/c
micheleandsteven · 5 days ago

The past few week we've been working on some of our favorite projects. Jos sang in a unique project with his choir. With over 275 singers he sang a 40 polyphonic piece in 4 different churches al over the country. Now that it's over, Vincent's being busy with the organisation of the biggest children'
vincentandjos · 5 days ago

We spent a quiet weekend at home, organizing the house.  It rained this weekend so we spent our time reading stories to our son and playing in the puddles.
wardandmelissa · 6 days ago

Hello Everyone, Happy Sweetest Day to everyone! After a busy week, we both are glad to be able to relax this weekend with cooking and football. This morning Brian cooked a wonderful breakfast for us consisting of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, and cinnamon rolls. We spent the afternoon watching M
brianandkerri · 7 days ago

Every night, we make meals from scratch with fresh ingredients for our daily dinners around the table. On Sundays, we plan the menu based on what is in our garden and in the supermarket. There are staples every week. Usually, we will have pasta twice a week and red meat at least once a week. Vegetab
derekandjim · 10 days ago

Both Ben and I feel blessed to have flexible schedules that give us a lot of time at home with our family. I have all summer off and four weeks throughout the school year. Ben, owning his own business, is able to work from home and since winter is a slower time for his landscape design/build busines
benandkatie · 10 days ago

By Kate: We did not have a very eventful week, so we considered not posting a journal entry. But I still wanted to post to highlight what a great man Spencer is! Friday night I went to see a movie with a couple of girl friends. One of them, Allie, has a 15 month old, Rowan. Allie's husband had to st
spencerandkate · 10 days ago

Dear Baby, I celebrated my birthday yesterday by taking the whole day to shop with my Mama. This is the lady who will soon by your Grandma. We began the day eating at a local cafe taking in the fresh smell of coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon. Breakfast was followed by a trip to Macy's where I picked
christine_adopts · 11 days ago

Rather than the typical golf shirt we get Mitch's dad for his birthday we mixed things up and went on a Chicago Crime Tour, visiting various notorious sites around the city.  One of the best things we learned was that the famous Harry Carey's restaurant sits on top of a tunnel that was used by Al Ca
mitchandheather · 11 days ago

This week has felt like fall!  Erica and Jon enjoy the changing of seasons and the fun activities that brings.  This week Erica and Jon got to spend some quality time with family and friends.   On Monday evening we went to Jon's friend Andrew's house for the annual tradition of taco soup and paintin
jonathananderica · 13 days ago

After an unusually early foot of snow last week, we dug out and headed to Melissa's parents for Canadian Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed turkey, perogies, cabbage rolls, potatoes, homemade buns, homemade apple pie and homemade pumpkin pie.  Ward's parents were also able to join us and it was a great time
wardandmelissa · 13 days ago

What an unbelievably stressful 24-36 hours this has been!  We prepared our home for the impact of the storm -- canned food, lots of water, extra dog food, and flashlights.  And then we braced ourselves for impact.  All I can say is God is Good.  While the wind and rain were scary at times, it could
davidandanne · 15 days ago

Hi Typicaly, every October we take a big family trip.  But this year, when Natalie told me that her childhood friend was planning on getting married in Las Vegas, I knew we had to change things up a bit.  It was a last-minute thing that required a lot of strings to be pulled, but I manged to get a f
AmitandNatalie · 16 days ago

We will be celebrating our son's birthday with family and friends this weekend and are so grateful! This time of year always brings back such tender memories of when we got "the call" to start traveling to meet our son! He was born many states away from us and in not wanting to expose a newborn to a
brianandbeth · 16 days ago

The snow has arrived! It is a bit earlier than usual, and we got a lot of it already! Only started tuesday. Kalissa has already been enjoying the sticky snow and rolling big balls of snow. This weekend we also celebrate our Canadian Thanksgiving! Lots of family gatherings this weekend. We are so tha
travisandshannon · 16 days ago

Maya and Daddy took in an Orioles game in September!
markmagdamaya · 17 days ago

We love music and have a diverse interest in many genres. For our family, we like to share some of our favorite kid songs:   THE BIRDIE SONG Waaaaaay UP in the sky, the BIG BIRDIES FLY! and down in the nest, the little birds rest. AAAAAANNNNDDD UP comes the sun!... THE DEW GOES AWAY! Good MORNING, g
derekandjim · 17 days ago

Fall is here and I love the fall weather. Cooler nights (and days at times), leaves changing color. It is all so beautiful. God is showing his beauty to us every day; even in the small things. With fall coming, winter is around the corner. With winter coming it is reminding Kevin and I how long we h
kevinandamy · 18 days ago

This weekend we celebrated our nephews first birthday! Together with our family we had a little party. Our nephew had a wonderful day, he loves his new gigant teddybear and was playfull all day long. We enjoyed being part of the celebration and watching him trying to take his first step. Only 365 da
vincentandjos · 18 days ago

Friday night we worked together to change the oil on Kate's car. Spencer has wanted to do our own oil changes for awhile now, and we finally have all of the necessary equipment. It went pretty well, though there were some challenges and Spencer had to throw away the shirt he was wearing due to a sma
spencerandkate · 19 days ago

Enjoying watching the Yankees on this past Saturday afternoon.
micheleandsteven · 19 days ago

Recently Liz and Marna spent a long weekend in Cleveland catching up with friends. We loved spending time with Karen, meeting her dog, Frank, visiting the house from A Christmas Story, and checking out Cleveland's public art scene.       Liz also got to visit the Geauga County fair with her frien
elizabethandmarna · 19 days ago

Sophie started her first dance class in September. So far...she seems to be terrified of it. She clings to our legs the entire time and cries when we encourage her to join the other 2 and 3-year-olds. I (Katie) never took a dance class growing up, but thought Sophie might enjoy it since she loves da
benandkatie · 20 days ago

We spent a nice weekend visiting Melissa's parents for Melissa's mother's birthday.  Melissa's brother and his wife were there as well.  We all enjoyed perogies, sausage and lasagne.  It was a yummy weekend.
wardandmelissa · 20 days ago

Erica and Jon were able to celebrate their wedding anniversary in sunny Southern Utah!  Erica had a conference for work in St. George and Jon tagged along.  It was nice to enjoy the sunny, warm weather and take a dip in the pool at our hotel.  We enjoyed a nice dinner at a restaurant with a beautifu
jonathananderica · 20 days ago

Erica and Jon were able to celebrate their wedding anniversary in sunny Southern Utah!  Erica had a conference for work in St. George and Jon tagged along.  It was nice to enjoy the sunny, warm weather and take a dip in the pool at our hotel.  We enjoyed a nice dinner at a restaurant with a beautifu
jonathananderica · 20 days ago

Every year we go to Luxemburg with Marcus his family. We go camping, bbq and have a lot of fun. The main event of the weekend is the bicycle ride up the hill! Everybody joins in and tries to win.... Marcus won this year and he is still very proud he beat his sister, uncles, nephews, father, aunts an
marcusandjane · 20 days ago

We will be excited to introduce you more to our siblings and grandparents next week!
nathanandlauren · 21 days ago

It was a rainy day on Thursday, so after we went out so Lauren could tutor a student while Anthony played with the student's siblings, we came home and decided to make our own play dough! Anthony loved it! Well the texture took a little getting use to. He had not played with playdough before. But he
nathanandlauren · 21 days ago

This past weekend we decided to take advantage of the fall weather and went to the local orchard and pumpkin patch! There we enjoyed looking at all the pumpkins, eating apple cider donuts, dancing to music, petting goats and feeding chickens, and taking pictures! Nathan's parents were able to join u
nathanandlauren · 21 days ago

We are blessed with three sets of parents! All of our parents love Anthony unconditionally! We would like to briefly introduce them to you! Nathan's Parents! Anthony is this Mea and Papa's first grandchild! They love to play ball with him (of any kind!), bake, go to the zoo and aquarium, and just a
nathanandlauren · 21 days ago

We hope this blog will help you get to know us a little more! We'll introduce you to more of our family.  We'll share with you some of our day to day and some of our adventures!    
nathanandlauren · 21 days ago

We got together to celebrate Father's Day at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort. We stayed in a Treehouse and our nephew was so excited that he was able to sleep in a bunkbed!! It was SO much fun!! We cooked out, road in an amphibcar at Disney Springs and even had a water gun fight!  
treyandselene · 22 days ago

We has a great visit to Bok Tower with the youth group we are involved with. They have a new section which the girls absolutely loved!! Everyone enjoyed the gardens, feeding the fish and listening to the music from the tower. Can't wait to go back again!!!
treyandselene · 22 days ago

  Excited kicking off my b-day weekend with a Yankee Game with my hubby.Dream of bringing a child one day to a game after we adopt. Www.micheleandstevenadopt.info YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5v4KrSFchBM&feature=youtu.beemail micheleandstevenadopt@gmail.com txt/call 646-650-8634  
micheleandsteven · 22 days ago

We started September off going to a local zoo. That same weekend we went to see Pete's Dragan the movie and then had dinner together. The following weeken we saw Bridget Jones Baby, which was also very good. That same weekend we went to the park road paddle boats, had a picnic, toasted marshmallows
Matt_Laura4 · 23 days ago

We are really enjoying Parent-Tot soccer with our son!   
tomandnancy · 23 days ago

Hello Birth-mothers! Didn't this summer just fly by so fast? We had a fun filled summer. In June we went strawberry picking, got tickets to see the Million Dollar Quartet, went to see a comedian, went out to eat for our 9 year Anniversary, went to Conneticut as an extended anniversary celebration an
Matt_Laura4 · 23 days ago

Last weekend Heather spent the weekend with her parents in Toronto, Cananda.  With everyone's busy lives it is a real treat for her to spend the one-on-one time with them, and visiting a new city - and a new country - is even better.  
mitchandheather · 24 days ago

  Your child will be raised in a wonderful and secure home and will be loved unconditionally.
micheleandsteven · 24 days ago

One of the traditions of our family is reading time on the weekends. During this time, we all find a comfy space in the living room and each enjoy a book from our personal collection or from the library for at least one hour in the morning after breakfast. Literacy is very important to us, so instil
derekandjim · 24 days ago

The past two weeks have been a true gift. Normally the weather here in the Netherlands changes in September with the degrees dropping and the autumn taking over. But this year the summer decide to extend it's stay and made it possible for us to enjoy some nice weekends and evenings. Last weekend Jos
vincentandjos · 24 days ago

"I am sure that God keeps no one waiting unless he sees that it is good for him to wait." ~C.S. Lewis Waiting and wondering with love is growing in our hearts and anticipation boiling over. It is unknown how long we will wait, and the wait can be excruciating. Not everyone understands this journey.
kentandrachelle · 25 days ago

It is an interesting feeling, when you are in the process of being "un-matched." The birthmom we were matched with, has decided to keep her baby. It is all so bittersweet. It is amazing that she has found a way to care for the bundle of joy. We are happy and supportive of her decision to be a mother
jonathanandjessica · 25 days ago

Cooler fall weather has finally made an apperance, at least for a few days anyway. This makes us happy! We are so ready for some pumpkin picking fun with family and getting lost in a corn maze with friends!  We found out this week that we are now an officially waiting family with our new adoption ag
brianandbeth · 25 days ago

We visited Ward's parents' farm this weekend.  We picked our pumpkins for Halloween, played with the dogs, walked the bush trail and did puzzles inside when it rained.  It was a nice fall weekend with familly.
wardandmelissa · 26 days ago

Hello everyone! Our fall has begun, as the sweatshirts and cool weather has arrived. One of our favorite beginning of Fall traditions is going to the Cider Mill. There are many around our area, and the smell of fresh donuts and cider really brings out the Fall in Michigan.  On top of this, Kerri was
brianandkerri · 26 days ago

Fall has officially arrived, but luckily the weather has still been nice and sunny over the last couple of weeks. We took an extra day off at work and took the opportunity to explore the countryside around Rotterdam by bike. Points of interest consist of nature and small vilages that are very pictor
markandpaulus · 26 days ago

The last Saturday in September the women in our church get together for a Women's Conference, and this time Erica went with some old roomates that have stayed some of my closest friends.  It was so nice to get together with them, catch up, listen to some great inspirational speakers and get a much n
jonathananderica · 27 days ago

If you think that BYU football is a big deal in our house, then you can only imagine what happens when BYU plays Utah (University of Utah).....its a pretty intense game!  We get together as a family to watch the game, eat food, yell and scream a lot about good plays and bad ones and have an all arou
jonathananderica · 27 days ago

If you think that BYU football is a big deal in our house, then you can only imagine what happens when BYU plays Utah (University of Utah).....its a pretty intense game!  We get together as a family to watch the game, eat food, yell and scream a lot about good plays and bad ones and have an all arou
jonathananderica · 27 days ago

We had a desired, quieter week, staying in town without any visitors. On Tuesday we attended a meeting at Adoption Associates for waiting families. There were six couples at the meeting and there were two women who have placed a child for adoption who spoke about their individual experiences, the th
spencerandkate · 27 days ago

Hi everyone When I was about 20 years old, my childhood dog Nicky passed away.  In an attempt to soften the blow to my parents, my youngest brother showed up with a pretty little girl named Pip.  She has been a part of my life for almost 17 years, and we've made a lot of memories together.  Sadly, d
AmitandNatalie · 27 days ago

We have started talking more to Sophie about "the baby" that is going to join our family. She is really excited and we are, too! This past week we set up some of our baby gear so that we are ready in case the call comes quickly (we only had 4 hours notice fo Sophie!) and so that Sophie starts to und
benandkatie · 28 days ago

We camped near Steamboat Springs a couple of weeks ago, and we finally let Chase have a real hook on his fishing pole. John cast for him, but then Chase did the reeling in of the line. Instead of a fish, he caught a crawfish...but he thought it was awesome to reel something in from the lake. :) He
johnandsara · 28 days ago

The calendar says that it is officially fall, which is my absolute favorite season (Yay!)...but this hot summer heat is still here. Whew! Someone please send summer the memo to take a hike so we can start enjoying all the fun fall festivities! We are so excited for fall and all that comes with it!
brianandbeth · 29 days ago

  We look forward to one day waking up and receiving the call that special call that will change our lives in the most amazing way possible. If you or some one you know is thinking of adoption we would love to hear from you. Www.micheleandstevenadopt.info YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5v4Kr
micheleandsteven · 29 days ago

We had a great weekend with our Chicago visitors!  Heather's college roommate and her adorable 3 kids came to town to do everything touristy for the weekend, and Mitch's aunt and uncle were in town as well visiting his cousins who live here.   We'd like to say that we entertained them, but really we
mitchandheather · 29 days ago

We’ve been fortunate to accomplish many goals: (1) graduating high school and college with honors, (2) buying a home, (3) enjoying career success. However, our main goal has always been to raise a family. We’ve always wanted children through adoption, and we have discussed that we would enjoy having
derekandjim · 31 days ago

This weekend was filled with lots of family and birthday celebrations. Friday evening we got together with Erik's family for a BBQ and to celebrate a few birthdays. The food was amazing and the company was even better. Sunday evening we headed up to Logan for our niece's fourth birthday party at the
erikandkamilyn · 32 days ago

Our journey has begun...
tomandnancy · 33 days ago

As the summer comes to a close, Nick and I spent some quality time in the mountains with some of my family near my parent's favorite campground.  We were watching a friend's dog for a few weeks (Which we loved!) and decided to head out for a hike.  In the picture are my Mom and closest sister.  Our
nickandbrenda · 33 days ago

We spent this past weekend in Northern Indiana with Kate's family. We went to the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Fort Wayne on Saturday with Kate's parents, her sister and her brother-in-law. Kate went to the same festival many times as a child and it was great to go back, remembering all of the sight
spencerandkate · 33 days ago

We enjoyed some warm weather yesterday as we cleaned up our garden and backyard for the season.  Today we took our son to a park so he could ride his tricycle on a paved path. It was nice to spend some quiet time together as a family.
wardandmelissa · 34 days ago

One of our best memories from this summer was our visit with my son's birth mother, her other two children (and his half-siblings) and his biological great-aunt. We've visited a few times before, but now that he's 4 and a half, these things are more meangingful. We talked about it for weeks, leading
michelleadopts · 35 days ago

We recently went to an auction and Matt felt like he struck gold when he found Tinkertoys, he just had to buy them for Kinley.  They've had so much fun playing with them.  Kinley loves to play with whatever Matt creates, so far her favorite has been the swings that he put together!  
mattandmariah · 35 days ago

Escaping from the neverending heat of the DC summer, Darrell and I took off to Canada last week, visiting Montreal and Quebec City.  My only previous trip to Montreal had been in the sub-freezing days of January and I'd spent most of that visit enduring a case of food poisoning, so I was a little ne
darrellandjoshua · 35 days ago

We took a summer vacation to southern California this year.  We had a blast!  We went to Disneyland, Sea World, and Legoland. Lots of fun, happy memories were made.  
jimandrebecca · 36 days ago

Over the summer, we celebrated Braden's 9th birthday with a fun day of swimming and eating out at one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants.  Both sets of grandparents and Jim's twin brother,  Jeff and his family joined us and we all had a great time!  Rebecca baked and decorated Braden's Batman
jimandrebecca · 36 days ago

Is a picture worth a thousand words? One of the many things we want to do is capture all our memories in photos so we can share it with future generations, and they - in turn - with their families and friends. We have been so grateful to have heard stories from our own great grandparents and see pho
derekandjim · 38 days ago

This past weekend, we headed back to Minnesota for a relative's wedding. It was great to see so many family members and to have a long weekend with Katie's parents, sister Elizabeth, brother-in-law Andy and nephew Oliver. Sophie and Ollie ruled the dance floor during the wedding reception and put gr
benandkatie · 38 days ago

This weekend we had so much fun having diner with friends on saturday. We organise this BBQ events a few times a year with 3 other couples. Each couple need to make a dish from scratch with fresh ingredients This time we made fresh guacamole! On sunday we went to visite some of our best friends and
vincentandjos · 39 days ago

From Susan: At the end of August Charly and I took a road trip from Utah to Texas to visit Mimi, my mom.  On the way we stopped in Colorado and got to catch up with CCS, Charly's birth mom and her birth family.  When we first set out to adopt, I was adament that we would have a closed adoption.  I
joshandsusan · 40 days ago

It has been a while since I posted an update. We are just finishing up our harvest here at the farm. It has been a busy couple of weeks, but soon to slow down (hopefully by the end of the week!). I have been keeping myself occupied with some home canned goods. Kalissa just had her first day of kinde
travisandshannon · 40 days ago

Quick update before I go into this last weekend. Since our last post we have discovered that both Carson and Maci are nearsided and need glasses. Here's a picture with them in their new look: This last weekend Carson and David went on a Father and Son's campout with our local church group. We live r
davidandsadie · 40 days ago

We had an awesome weekend!   We finished our first ever 750 piece puzzle as a family! We thought it would take us a few months... it only took us a few weeks! Here we all put our last piece in at the same time to complete it. We're already into our next one. "Sunshine" loves it!   We also went mini
steveandleeann · 40 days ago

We celebrated our son's fourth birthday this weekend with both sets of grandparents, auntie and uncle and lots of cake. Birthdays are a fun day at our house as we usually celebrate with a cake Melissa has made. We would all enjoy adding the birthday of a new little one to our yearly calendar.
wardandmelissa · 41 days ago

As mentioned in our previous post we had our friend, Bret, in town from California. We enjoyed spending a few weeknights with him. We played trivia, played cards, ate a lot of food, and spent an evening playing wallyball. It was great to see him again! Here's a photo of us playing bid euchre.   Our
spencerandkate · 41 days ago

The girls needed a time out this weekend, so they put themselves in one!  Our church organizes these events called Time Out For Women that they hold all over the country.  They have great speakers, good music, a service project of some kind that will benefit a local organization, and some time to be
jonathananderica · 41 days ago

Football season is a big deal in our house!   Jon loves most sports and can spend hours watching, commentating, analyzing, and reading about most sports, but football is probably his most favorite.   College football started this week, and with that bring back BYU football.  Jon grew up going to the
jonathananderica · 41 days ago

Hi everyone It seems like someone, somewhere, broke the magical remote that controls the weather, and we've been stuck on the rain network for days.  Not that I'm complaining, really.  Rain is great for the garden, not to mention the free carwash I get if I park outside for a couple of hours!  The p
AmitandNatalie · 41 days ago

We recently took a trip to Chicago, and we met up with Kathy's cousins from Iowa to enjoy the city. We took a boat tour looking at all the monuments, and went shopping on the Miracle Mile.
howardandkathy · 42 days ago

  Who says the sky is the limit. Hopes and dreams are limitless. This is something we will instill in our child after we adopt. Www.micheleandstevenadopt.info email micheleandstevenadopt@gmail.com txt/call 646-650-8634  
micheleandsteven · 43 days ago

We took our son to the swimming pool this weekend.  We had a great time and there were a lot of families there.  We asked him if he would like to have a brother or sister to go swiming with.  He said yes.  We would love to have another child to take to the swimming pool.
wardandmelissa · 44 days ago

                                           Hello and Welcome! We are very excited to share our adoption journey with all of our family and friends. For those going through the adoption process, we hope our blog can be helpful in knowing that you are not alone on this journey. One of our questions a
brianandkerri · 45 days ago

Hello again! I can't believe another summer has come and gone!  But as they say, all good things must come to an end.  And for Brayden, that means an end to elementary school, and the beginning of a new adventure...middle school!  I can't believe this guy is already in the sixth grade.  Preparing fo
AmitandNatalie · 45 days ago

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