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We had a fun night out at the Ed Sheeran concert in DC this week. It was definitely Amy’s idea, but Adrian also had a good time. We also had dinner with Adrian’s parents and had some dear friends over for brunch and board games with a Spanish omelet and zucchini-quinoa-feta-pecan mini quiches (sound
adrianandamy6233 · 2 hours ago

So got to see a pair of Symphonic concerts. First off was the Maryland Community Band, it was the first time I've listened to them from the audience. Kind of bad timing on my part too since it was probably the neatest set of music I've heard them play in one concert. It was movie themed so it had mu
danandsara · 3 hours ago

One of our traditions is to get together for everyones birthday. So, today we spent the morning with Lisa's family to celebrate her brothers birthday. We had a delicious breakfast and enjoyed spending time with family.                 In the afternoon we went to Jasper's nephews baseball game. The b
jasperandlisa · 23 hours ago

Josh and I are so excited that we are finally settled into our new home. Almost two weeks ago, we became proud home owners in a quaint town close to family. We now have more than 10 family members within a 15-minute drive.  We were not sure how our furry friends would handle being in a new place, we
joshuaandnatalie · 5 days ago

We celebrated our son's birthday this weekend with family and some friends.  It was a nice day.  We trampolined and ate cake decorated with all the planets.  This week is Melissa's birthday where we plan to have a quiet dinner and some fun building with legos.
wardandmelissa · 6 days ago

                    After several months of training, Eric tackled and completed the Spartan Race. He organized a crew of friends and kept motivating them to do it - and they all did! The race involved multiple challeneging obstacles with miles of running up and down various hills - through water a
ericandjeannette · 6 days ago

Harvest has begun!  The kids love to ride in the combine and tractors.  Here are a few pictures of the kids enjoying rides.  We love to have family time out in the fields.  We can't wait to have another kiddo join in on the fun!                        
travisandmorgan · 6 days ago

Yesterday I went to Fort Worth to spend time with my good friend and college roommate. We went to Joe T. Garcias for dinner. It is a popular Mexican food restaurant located near the stockyards. The enchiladas were excellent! After dinner, we went to his house to watch the Texas vs USC football game
jasperandlisa · 7 days ago

I took my students tubing on the Potomac River.  I had a great time!
alvinandjohn · 7 days ago

We haven't been posting a blog in a very long time, but we had a good reason. A few weeks ago we've moved into our new house! We also moved away from the big city to a small village near that city. In 15 minutes we're at city centre and all the services we need. We really love this house. It's a det
vincentandjos · 10 days ago

We did some 24-hour daycare last week for our niece and nephew while their parents were out of town. It was the first week back to school so helped with lunch, making sure they made the bus, and did their homework. Vader may have helped reduce some first-week-of-school nerves.                     Wh
adrianandamy6233 · 10 days ago

Last weekend my nephew turned 12.  We had a birthday party at my sister's house, ate LOTS of yummy food, and played outside.   My favorite parts were the chocolate cake with chocolate icing and of course the time with family.
rallie_adopts · 10 days ago

First grade is underway.   And I am so proud of this little, yet BIG kid. She has started picking up books by choice and reading out loud.  First grade has also brought a new teacher, new friends, and the chance to ride her bike to school.   Look our world; here she comes!!
rallie_adopts · 10 days ago

The weather was fantastic last weekend.  We went hiking and saw a red and yellow caterpillar, gorgeous views and this cute little mushroom.     Being in the woods always makes me feel good.  I saw a quote someone had painted on a stone that said, "I went on a walk in the woods and came out taller t
rallie_adopts · 10 days ago

Recently, Rachel and I attended a Birth Mother's panel.  While we were honored and blessed by each mother's story, what most struck a chord with me was each mother's unspoken strength and hope for their child and for their future.  They were frank and honest about what they feared, about what it was
adamandrachel · 10 days ago

A couple weeks ago we just returned from our family vacation to Myrtle Beach.  We had such a good time together, just our little family!  Vacation is something we always look forward to because we can throw agendas and to-do list out the window and focus on our family and enjoying each other's compa
andrewandcheryl · 12 days ago

It has been a long time since Krista and I have updated our blog, but we have had an extremely busy summer!  We bought a new house and sold our old one within a week of each other.  The new house needed a lot and I mean A LOT of renovations.  Good thing that Krista and I are teachers as we put a lot
chadandkrista · 12 days ago

Labor Day always signals the end of summer and the beginning of fall, but for us it always means another weekend away at Sebago Lake with Nick's side of the family.  The week leading up to labor was our annual trip to Maine with Nick's brother and sister-in-law, our neice and nephew and of course Ni
nickandeve · 12 days ago

So not much from this past week. We're finally starting to settle in to the new school year. Sara's started her job and has her first concert this weekend. My half-marathon training is in full-swing and seems to be going well. Well, I'm not injured anyway.   We did end up going to the Maryland Renai
danandsara · 13 days ago

On our sunny Saturday afternoon, it was time for some sidewalk chalk for the boys!  
lonnieandmaryjo · 13 days ago

We got the chance to spend Labor day weekend exploring Manitou Springs and the Royal Gorge. At the Royal Gorge we enjoyed walking across the massive expansion bridge, riding the tram, and I even convinced Kevin to do the zipline across the gorge!  It was so much fun (though I am pretty sure Kevin ha
kevinandabby · 13 days ago

We were able to get out to the lake for one last warm day this weekend. It was nice. We started fall clean up around our house and yard.  This week we will prepare for our son's fifth birthday with family and friends joining us on the weekend for a party.    
wardandmelissa · 14 days ago

   School is back in session and it's been a very smooth transition. It's great to be back with my students and doing what I love.    Emmy (my Golden Retriever) and I got to enjoy the beautiful weekend and are grateful to be safe and out of harm's/Irma's way! The weather has been amazing and it's al
Mindy2673 · 14 days ago

I can't believe this, but dear baby Faye is going to school this year!  Yes, she's only 2 and a half but one of our local schools started a program for 2.5-3 year olds that is 2x a week for only 2 hours!    We had orientation day this past week and Faye loved it!  She is already calling all of her c
adamandrachel · 15 days ago

Over Labor Day weekend, Adam and I were able to take Thalia to Chicago to see some of the highlights of the city!  Faye stayed overnight at Grandpa and Grandma's (which she loves doing).  We headed out early Sunday morning and first went to see Aladdin on Broadway.  Wow! That was quite the show!  So
adamandrachel · 15 days ago

Our highligts for august were visiting the Lowlands music festival and having our nephew Nemo over for a weekend. At the Lowlands festival we got to discover great new music and relax with great friends. With Nemo we climbed the highest church tower of our home town and visited Dino Land. Nemo reall
yuanandmichiel · 16 days ago

To celebrate our birthdays and our 8,5-year anniversary we went to The Hague for the weekend and had a great time. We puzzled our way out of an escape room, went bungee jumping, saw The Lion King the musical, visited a traveling theatre festival and strolled along the beach.  
yuanandmichiel · 16 days ago

We had our yearly family weekend with Michiel's mom, brother and his family. We had a lovely time as always, enjoying each other's company and the beautiful island of Schiermonnikoog. Comparing the different group photo's we have taken over the years, it is amazing to see how much our nephew Nemo an
yuanandmichiel · 16 days ago

Like father like son Bacon is king! On Labor Day we went to have breakfast at a friends house and Andrew grabbed the bacon and started chomping.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 17 days ago

Andrew decided Labor day was a day to go to the water and play.  he spent most of the water walking around in he the shallow surf.
lonnieandmaryjo · 18 days ago

This past weekend Sam was out on a camping trip, so us girls had the house all to ourselves. Saturday we got up super early, of course I had to grab a coffee to get my mornging started right (I have a bit of a Starbucks problem )!  We gathered at church (with said coffee in hand), then dispursed to
samuelandlydia · 18 days ago

We finally made it to a baseball game this year! We watched a Nationals-Marlins game, a nice tradition we do a few times a year. Early in our relationship, we went to a Nationals game. Amy realized it must be love if she could have that good a time at the ballpark! It’s a special place for us. Sunda
adrianandamy6233 · 19 days ago

Summer has been so much fun!  Trips to the cottage, tons of family and friend get-togethers, fairs and now a trip to Florida!  We are so blessed!  
MelandKC · 19 days ago

I love to bake and try new recipes!  Last night after the kids were in bed, I pulled out a recipe find from Pinterest. I made homemade pumpkin spice donut holes to surprise them for breakfast!  They were a big hit and each kid was begging for more! Just a taste of our everyday life! 
JonandAmber · 19 days ago

On Friday, we celebrated Matthew's 36th birthday. Matthew is one of the hardest working people that I know, and I wanted to make something special for him. His favorite cake is Boston Cream Pie, I've never made it before so I found a recipe and got out my ingredients and whipped one up from scratch.
matthewandlaura · 20 days ago

On a recent Boy Scout trip, Cameron took to the water and did Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) 
lonnieandmaryjo · 20 days ago

I know the weather doesn't agree, but I always like to think of the changing of the months to mark the changes of the season. So to me, September 1st is the start of Fall! I don't think I have a particularly favorite season, rather I'm a fan of the changing of the seasons. For right now, I'm tired o
danandsara · 20 days ago

This weekend there is a hot air baloon festival - and what a fun way to spend the Labor Day long weekend! Fresh air, amazing views, and such a great family event! All the little ones around us had so much wonder in the eyes. We hope to share experiences like these with a little one soon too.
darrenandnatasha · 20 days ago

We were very excited this weekend as we learned that Ward's brother, his wife and two kids will be moving to our city. We can't wait to have our nephews close by and for our son to be able to play with his cousins.
wardandmelissa · 21 days ago

One of the things I love about Mary Jo is that she appreciates a beautiful sunrise.  We called each other on the way to work to discuss the glorious sunrise.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 21 days ago

As Labor Day approaches, Summer comes to an (un)official end. I had a wonderful time with family and friends and made memories that will last a lifetime. Just last week I had the opportunity to watch the partial Solar Eclipse from friends' rooftop deck at the Jersey Shore. It was a highly anticipate
Mindy2673 · 22 days ago

     This summer we spent a weekend at the lake with our friends. We went to Cedar Creek Lake about an hour and a half from home. One of our friends parents have a lake house and every year they invite us to spend a weekend at the lake. We had a fun and relaxing weekend! We spent time swimming in th
jasperandlisa · 22 days ago

We love nature and hiking. Looks like our dog, Coco, is on board!  
darrenandnatasha · 23 days ago

It was time for a new hair style for Ainsleigh!  Seth wanted to help with taking her braids out for wash day!  
JonandAmber · 23 days ago

While Nick has lots of interests and hobbies, his favorite, by far, is golf.  Nick grew up playing golf with his dad and they still play often.  This past weekend he participated in a golf tournament with his close friend from college.  Amazingly, they somehow managed to win the whole thing as famil
nickandeve · 23 days ago

Andrew likes hanging out and coaching.  He motivates the girls to play and has fun playing with them.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 24 days ago

Sometimes playing can be more important than getting dressed.    
lonnieandmaryjo · 25 days ago

Shelbie started preschool this week! She did great. We are both beyond proud of our little peanut! 
scottandstephanie · 25 days ago

The new house it starting to take shape. Never know how many decisions you have to make while building! Luckily Scott and I have the same vision for the home so it's hasn't been hard coming to agreements. Fingers crossed we will be in by Thanksgiving since I already invited the whole family over. 
scottandstephanie · 25 days ago

First day of middle school for Cameron  
lonnieandmaryjo · 26 days ago

So as far as summer's go, this one has been unusally packed with travel. I'm still working on getting a nice collections of pictures together, but I figured I can at least get a quick summary here while trying to get back into the swing of things. So, 3 vacations in 3 months: June: Lake Junaluska - 
danandsara · 26 days ago

I'd imagine one of the questions a prospective birth mother considers in her decision making process is "Why does this couple want to adopt?"  I thought I'd take a moment to share a little bit about our answer to this important question.   As our profile states, Jon and I had always planned to adopt
JonandAmber · 27 days ago

This June we went to Branson, Missouri with my (Lisa's) family. We rented a house where we could enjoy time and meals together. Each evening we made dinner at the house. I made lasagna with salad one night and another night Jasper grilled steak and I made homemade mac and cheese. My sister-in-law ma
jasperandlisa · 27 days ago

So, recently I got impatient to know what was going on with the agency- had we been shown, what did people say about us and so on.  I'd been waiting and just couldn't take not knowing anymore.  emailed our out-of-state case worker and asked. She sent me back an email that was very clinical. Our prof
MikeandTracy · 27 days ago

      Back from our family vacation in sunny Florida!  #slightlyburnt We took a week with our nephew, sister, mom and dad to enjoy time together on the beach, go snorkeling, watch a WWII air show, go fishing at the pier, see dolphins, sea turtles, and swim at the pool. We cherish the time to be wit
ericandjeannette · 27 days ago

This last Friday we were able to have new windows installed in our basement.  This make the reno one step further to complete.  We are now looking at new flooring to finish off our new family room. Our son spent the weekend with his Grandparents so Ward and I were able to have a date night and do so
wardandmelissa · 28 days ago

Had a lovely weekend at home!  We spent the weekend preparing a future nursery!  We painted and installed shelving into the closet!  The room is so spacious and will make a beautiful nursery someday.  We even looked at furniture and found the most amazing nursery set that will grow with the child th
nicholasandmelissa · 28 days ago

We recently celebrated Nick's 37th birthday with a Haunted Mansion themed party!  Disney's Haunted Mansion is Nick's favorite ride!  We had so much fun with family.  We look forward to welcoming a child into our family and creating new and exciting memories! 
nicholasandmelissa · 28 days ago

Ciprian and I had our pictures made a week or so ago. It had almost been 3 years since we had professional pictures made. I think that she did an excellent job. I thought that Ciprian was going to give us a hard time, but he did not. He actually made the photo shoot alot of fun. He had us both laugh
ciprianandsusan · 28 days ago

We recently started preparing for baby's arrival by getting educated about newborns, planning out the nursery, and purchasing some "must-have" baby supplies.  We started watching a video series called The Baby Manual so we can learn all about the first 6 months of baby's life (it's really helpful!).
ryanandray · 29 days ago

One of Ryan's best friends from law school got married this summer in Cape May, NJ.  Ryan has visited Cape May before, but this was our first time visiting as a couple.  We talked a lot about what it would be like to visit Cape May with our child.  The beaches are beatiful and there is so much to do
ryanandray · 29 days ago

Thought it was time to get out of the house and do something fun.  We went to play Putt Putt.  I love the themed holes.  This princess castle pictured below had bubbles coming out of it every once in a while.  It was so much fun and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon/evening. 
kevinandabby · 30 days ago

The County Fair was this weekend. Amy and I enjoyed viewing the local art, vegetable and baking prize winners, and checking out the local vendors. Adrian ate a dark chocolate coated strip of bacon; sometimes two great things don’t complement each other. The racing piglets were the best part.   We we
adrianandamy6233 · 30 days ago

We love to include our kids in activities around the house.  Today Seth was "helping" Daddy mow the lawn!   
JonandAmber · 30 days ago

We have had a wonderful summer! The highlights include taking Shane to 2 baseball games, endless parks, playing with the other children in our neighborhood, going to the Detroit Zoo over and over again, and best of all a vacation on Lake Michigan. Our little family of 3 traveled with a family of 5 t
ChrisandLaura · 31 days ago

Mandi and I have a deep love of animals and have had pets throughout our lives.  We recently had a stray cat show up in need of food and medical care.  We provided him with love and needed care and welcomed him into our home.  Our furry children have adjusted well and we are so happy.  The family ch
mandiandlaurie · 31 days ago

We were blessed with the opportunity to celebrate both Mandi's mom's birthday and her parent's 50th wedding anniversary!  It was a full day of laughs and walks down memory lane.  
mandiandlaurie · 31 days ago

Summer ended for our older kids yesterday!  Our son, Josiah, started the 5th grade.  Our daughter, Ainsleigh, began kindergarten!  They both were very excited to go to school.  Josiah is very social and was eager to see all of his friends.  Ainsleigh had no problems adjusting to being in school and
JonandAmber · 32 days ago

If you've read my profile book, you've probably seen the many pictures of me and my boyfriend, Jason, at a number of FL-based theme parks. We both grew up in Central Ohio, halfway between Cedar Point and Paramount's Kings Island, and so both our childhoods were filled with summer trips to each of th
felicia · 32 days ago

As you may know, the US was able to see a partial/full solar eclipse. Two of our friends from Michigan, Scott (The man who actually introduced us.) and Keith (one of Matthew's college roommates) decided to drive down to Indiana to watch the eclipse with us, and then stay the night. Scott is trying t
matthewandlaura · 33 days ago

a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to be a counselor for a camp for kids in foster care.  It is an RFK camp (Royal Family Kids Camp).  This was my 4th year as a camp counselor.  Each year we get to go up a day early and decorate the campers cabin before they come.  We chose to go with an Under th
kevinandabby · 33 days ago

This year we went on a cruise to Mexico for our family vacation. We went with Jim's brother and his family.  This was the first cruise that we had ever been on.  We enjoyed getting to spend time together as a family relaxing on the cruise ship and playing on the beaches of Mexico.  We had so much fu
jimandrebecca · 33 days ago

I wish for you when I drink my morning coffee, I wish for you when I make my bed. I can't get my wish for you out of my head. I'll hold my wish tighly and coutinue to imagine you sweet baby! Longing to meet you sweet birth momma! Cannot wait for that glorious, special day when we find our wish comin
tadandashley · 34 days ago

After five years of infertility and a miscarriage following an IVF treatment, we decided totake an emotionally needed break from trying to conceive. We talked about our optionsfor growing our family and adoption was always a positive possibility. Surprisingly,Tracey became unexpectedly pregnant natu
chrisandtracey · 34 days ago

Our puppy Tuckerman (or Tucker or Tuck or Tuck Tuck for short) celebrated his 3rd birthday last week.  He brings so much joy to our life and is always there to greet us with a wagging tail when we return home from a tough day at work.  He has really added a whole level of love to our house and we ca
nickandeve · 35 days ago

We had a nice weekend.  We were able to paint the new walls in our basement.  Ward's parents were in and we celebrated his dad's birthday with some ice cream cake.  We are all big fans of ice cream cake.
wardandmelissa · 35 days ago

It's been so hot outside that once the sun starts to set Andrew wants to play outside.  He was determined to throw this ball all over the yard because he was bigger than it.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 35 days ago

We are very excited to bring a little one home to this nursery!  We have everything stocked up and ready to go.  We are eager to add decor once we know the gender of our next baby.  There's only one little thing missing from this room - a sweet baby to love!!! 
JonandAmber · 35 days ago

Harvested zucchini, garlic, beets, and basil from the garden. The zucchini quickly became zucchini bread and zucchini soup while the basil and garlic made delicious pesto. Yummy!                
adrianandamy6233 · 35 days ago

Today I made a super fun and cute hot air balloon decoration for the nursery! I found the idea on Pinterest, and was able to duplicate it. I was very pleased with how easy and pretty it was! Don't you think it looks adorable? It is already hanging on the nursery wall! Also, my grandmother made home
michaelandjennifer · 36 days ago

Brynn and mommy made a trip to the Kohl's Children's Museum yesterday.  Brynn's absolute favorite thing in the museum is the babydoll nursery.  She spent time dressing, swaddling, feeding, and putting the babies in their cribs.  It  makes me smile to see how excited she is about babies! She is super
davidandelizabeth · 36 days ago

It seems like summer is flying by!  I haven't had an extra minutes these last few weeks.  My niece, Ashley, loves history.  She also wanted to go camping this summer.  So last week, we picked her up and took her camping.  We started by taking the girls to Mount Vernon.  We followed that up with a tr
MikeandTracy · 37 days ago

Last month we went on a great vacation to visit my extended family in the midwest. We got to spend a couple of days at the lake with my sister and her family, as well as my Aunt. Here's the night we made s'mores at the campfire. Turns out Reid doesn't particularly like s'mores - how have we been tog
erinandreid · 37 days ago

JillPhil7186 · 38 days ago

http://ourlovingadoptionjourney.weebly.com/blog/archives/05-2017   We took a break for 32 and 33 months.
JillPhil7186 · 38 days ago

JillPhil7186 · 38 days ago

JillPhil7186 · 38 days ago

JillPhil7186 · 38 days ago

I love summer. As a teacher I get to stay home and spend time with Thomas and so much more time with my friends. I am so proud of him and how mature he is. Everyday I am thankful he's in my life.
brentandpaula · 40 days ago

Cameron took his Hammock to the beach and used the pier to tie it up.    
lonnieandmaryjo · 40 days ago

Michael and I have enjoyed thinking about and planning for our nursery together. We recently started getting the room ready for our baby! Other family members have also enjoyed helping us. My nieces Courtney and Kaitlynne helped me to make multicolor pom-poms out of yarn for a homemade baby mobile t
michaelandjennifer · 41 days ago

We just got back from our annual family beach vacation with Laurie's family.  We continued our traditions of building sandcastles, games, swimming and searching for shells.  We fished, took walks on the beach and enjoyed meals and laughter together around the table.  We made new memories and dreamed
mandiandlaurie · 41 days ago

For this summer’s vacation we went on a cruise to Alaska. Two things to take away from this trip: 1. Our country is amazing and beautiful and there is so much to explore! 2. So many families with kids were cruising and it is an easy way to travel with children. Looking forward to taking a little one
darrenandnatasha · 41 days ago

This weekend Ward was able to put the primer coat of paint on the walls in the basement.  It has really come together and is looking good.  We can't wait to use the space as a family room.  Also we were able to take a day and go to a local lake.  We rented a canoe for an hour to enjoy the lake. The
wardandmelissa · 42 days ago

Phil and I enjoyed a nice relaxing day kayaking on one of the many beautiful ponds near our house!  Phil fished a lot and I enjoyed paddling and floating around the pond and saoking in the sun.  We docked our kayaks at a nice little spot were we got to hang our feet off the rocks and enjoy a nice lu
Philipandkelly · 42 days ago

               Hi, Tim and I have had such a busy month that I thought I would try my hand writing a journal and tell you about our adventures in the month of July.  At the beginning of the month, our nephews came to spend a week.  It was a fun time filled with Whiffleball tournaments, campfires and
timandchristine · 42 days ago

Cameron is a Boy Scout, he wanted a hammock for camping and this is the first attempt at putting it up in the back yard.  
lonnieandmaryjo · 42 days ago

I have a history with adoption in my family and am close to both an adopted cousin and my sister who is a birth mother.  My cousin is Korean, and I have fond memories of spending summers with her and her siblings.  I remember this relationship inspired me to learn about Korean culture and do a repor
chrisandtracey · 42 days ago

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