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Melissa's parents dropped in this weekend to take our son Christmas shopping and treated him to lunch.  They look forward to having another grandchild to spend time with.  At home, we adopted some new pets: two gerbils who we have named Capatin Kirk and Spock. They are quite adorable.
wardandmelissa · 6 hours ago

We just got back from a Thanksgiving cruise with David's family -- 6 of us went altogether: David & Anne (of course!), David's parents, David's brother and girlfriend, Karen. The trip was absolutely amazing!  We went on the Oasis of the Seas.  Fun Fact -- there are only two larger ships in the e
davidandanne · 6 hours ago

Wrapping up a relaxing weekend on the couch. We spent the day at home yesterday and I finally finished making a scrapbook from our West Coast trip we took back in April, nice to relive the sunshine and awesome experiences we had in San Francisco, Yosemite and Grand Canyon. Today we went and supporte
edwinandliz · 9 hours ago

We had a wonderful weekend enjoying Christmas activities. We started the weekend going to the holiday light safari. The lights were beautiful and all of the big cats were very active. Saturaday afternoon we had my department unit party, we had a wonderful meal, then all the children made gingerbread
jacobandmandy · 13 hours ago

Around Sophie's birthday in July, and Christmas time, we send Sophie's birthmom an update package. This usually includes some recent art projects, a bunch of photos of Sophie and a detailed letter all about the child she brought into the world and gave us the priveledge of parenting. I enjoy putting
benandkatie · Yesterday

As I look at this approaching season, there is so much joy and appreciation in the air!  It seems that life is busy and we have a lot of shopping to do (not one of our favorite things), but I also feel it's so important to enjoy the little moments and create moments with your family. Each year Kevin
kevinandabby · 2 days ago

  We are Steven and Michele looking to start our family through adoption. Things don’t happen by accident there is always a reason. If you are thinking of creating an adoption please consider us. Thanks. Www.micheleandstevenadopt.info YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5v4KrSFchBM&feature=yo
micheleandsteven · 2 days ago

We absolutely love going to the movies - especially animated movies like "The Trolls" and "Peanuts."  We cannot wait to have another bundle of joy to share in the fun with!!!
jimandlaurinda · 2 days ago

It has been a little while since we last posted so there is a lot to catch up on.  Jon went camping a couple of weeks ago with the boy scouts to Arches National Park.  Jon hadn't been to Arches in a long time so it was fun for him to go back.  He camped overnight with and then spent a beautiful Nove
jonathananderica · 3 days ago

Annual Tradition time: Locate Christmas tree, Ed cuts it down while Liz takes pictures. Bring Christmas tree home, decorate and attempt to get a family photo with a timer...  Gracie looks ashamed to be in our photo this year 
edwinandliz · 4 days ago

We are back in home in Burbank, and it feels so good to be settled again. We don't plan on traveling for the rest of the year and spend the December holidays in California. Thanksgiving was very special as we spent time with our grandmother, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, niece and nephews. It was
derekandjim · 4 days ago

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving celebrating with Mitch's extended family!  We had aunts, uncles, and cousins in from out of town to celebrate the holiday as well as Mitch's parents' 50th wedding anniversary - so fun to get together and of course so much eating.  Now we start the busy holiday season
mitchandheather · 5 days ago

Spent thanksgiving with our family, enjoying a wonderful meal and watching LSU football at night. The ladies did some Christmas shopping the next day. Over the weekend we decorated for Christmas. 
jacobandmandy · 5 days ago

Over the weekend, we had the chance to meet one of our closest friend's newborn son. We couldn't get enough of him!  
gautamandandrew · 5 days ago

We uploaded pictures from the fall of 2016. The pictures include: - pictures from Chris' jazz concert - Our thanksgiving celebration with friends in our hometown that also adopted from the US. Tobi once again made a great Turkey! - Pictures with our friends Katrin and Malte that visited us - Picture
chrisandtobias · 5 days ago

Oops, we have gotten a little behind on blogging! After our trip to Niagara, Spencer's mom and aunt spent the rest of the week with us. Kate had to work (to save up time for a baby). But Spencer, his mom and aunt enjoyed the sights that were closer to home. They spent a day in Ann Arbor, visiting th
spencerandkate · 6 days ago

Just got back from our annual family thanksgiving trip out west. missing everyone already . Hope to add to the table next year after we adopt. 
micheleandsteven · 7 days ago

Hi everyone Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite holidays.  It's great!  This is the one day that we take time from our crazy, hectic lives to reflect on all the reasons why life is worth living.  We don't have to worry about gifts, costumes, or any of that commercial stuff.  All we have to
AmitandNatalie · 7 days ago

Ward and our son went to visit Ward's parents and other family at their farm this weekend. Melissa stayed home to complete a sewing project for a friend. The boys got to play and explore the farm and Melissa enjoyed some creative time.
wardandmelissa · 7 days ago

Thanksgiving is such a special time for us, one we just are so excited to share with a child and build a family.  It's Damion's favorite~  he had made a special pumpkin cheesecake the day before, what a treat!  We always do our turkey on the old Webber bbq, a special tradition along with his home ma
damionandamy · 8 days ago

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving. We attended Church in the morning, went home so Coop could take a nap, then went to Dave's Parents house for dinner. It was such a wonderful time with family. Cooper loved playing with his cousins.  We have so much to be thankful for. I pray you had a wonderful T
davidandjaime · 9 days ago

With Thanksgiving approaching, we are so thrilled to be seeing family. It's become a tradition to visit with family in Pennsylvania. We house-hop to several homes and have meals all day. Our grandmother and parents all join in on the fun, and our cousins host a junior talent show where they perform
derekandjim · 12 days ago

One of the hardest decisions some one may have to make, not only affects your family, but someone else’s. The anxiety that you feel to make the right decision can be excruciating. We were contacted about, what we think, was a lovely family who needed some help. They loved their children enough to kn
jonathanandjessica · 12 days ago

We spent the weekend with friends at a car show. It was very interesting to see all the old cars and hear the history behind them. Looking forward to having Thanksgiving dinner with the family this week.
jacobandmandy · 13 days ago

From our home, to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! This past weekend my (Katie's) parents flew in for an early Thanksgiving visit. We had a great time playing in the unexpected snow, finding new books at our library, and celebrating a fun Thanksgiving meal with our family that lives in Denver.  We have a
benandkatie · 13 days ago

One of our favorite things to do is spend time with our 5-year old nephew and 2-year old niece! We spent the entire weekend with them - and of course, that means lots of selfies!  
gautamandandrew · 14 days ago

We had a busy week with the weather getting colder.  This put us in the mind to get ready for Christmas.  Melissa put up some holiday lights in the backyard.  The whole family put up and decorated our Christmas tree.  We have it decorated with paper trains that Melissa constructed last year because
wardandmelissa · 14 days ago

We made a last minute, impromptu trip to see Matt's family Friday night and Saturday.  The purpose of this trip?  To see Matt's little brother Carson perform in his first musical as the lead character in The Music Man.  It was absolutely fantastic!!  Kinley enjoyed going over to play with her cousin
mattandmariah · 14 days ago

This year we are doing something new to us.  With our families spread out.  We have to coordinate spending holidays together.  Two years ago, I had a epiphany...Why don't we get together two years from now for Thanksgiving, exchange gifts for Christmas and party like New Years Eve :) . So... we're d
joshandsusan · 15 days ago

We went to the Bar J wranglers. We took Gwen's parents with us. We should of taken a group picture with all of us but we had seats apart from each other. 
thomasandgwen · 16 days ago

Our Family loves to play games together - especially all of the new Monopoly Games such as Monopoly Empire.  Cambrie happened to win this game :)  We cannot wait to add another child to our family and get him or her in on the fun!!!       
jimandlaurinda · 17 days ago

With all the craziness that is going on in the world, we find it important to remember the good things we have in our lives and all the happy memories we are blessed with. This picture represents an important time to us. It was our first major trip as a couple to Austin, TX.  While we had so much un
brianandkerri · 17 days ago

After a week at The Most Magical Place on Earth at the Walt Disney World Resort, we have retuned home and back into our daily routines. The trip to Orlando, Florida will always be so memorable for us. It was our son's first trip, so it was so thrilling to see him experience all the attractions at th
derekandjim · 18 days ago

I found myself today longing to hold a precious little one. Cooper enjoys playing with his "cousins" so much, I know he'll love being a big brother. Some days the wait seems like an eternity. To my baby's birth mom. You are amazing and I cannot wait to meet you. 
davidandjaime · 18 days ago

One of Matt's favorite traditions growing up that has turned into a family tradition for us too, is going to his Aunt and Uncle's house for Thanksgiving.  They have a beautiful house out in the country with plenty of room for everyone to enjoy a delicious meal inside and the kids have a wonderful ti
mattandmariah · 19 days ago

  Love the peanuts and love the holidays. Hope to watch the show with a little one some day. Www.micheleandstevenadopt.info email micheleandstevenadopt@gmail.com txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 19 days ago

A staple for huntin' camp are Michael's beef sticks. Grayson is a huge help from turning the handle or watching the smoker. It's a team effort. Michael loves making beef sticks for up north or co-workers that want him to make some. They always turn out delicious!    
michaelandsarah · 19 days ago

Living in a well established neighborhood if there is something we have is are a ton of leaves! From October to mid November we are always playing and picking up leaves. One afternoon I was out picking up the leaves while Grayson was taking a nap. Well I thought he was taking a nap. 45 minutes later
michaelandsarah · 19 days ago

It's our first blog post!  Welcome to this little window into our family, and thank you so much for checking it out! I am thrilled, thankful, and humbled to have a chance to know you and reach out to you through this little space. Evan and I have spent months praying for you and the child that you a
evanandkelly · 20 days ago

We had a little bit diffferent Halloween this year...one that sure epitomizes what parenting is all about. The day before Halloween, we carved pumpkins. Chase LOVED helping dig out the "guts" and helping us figure out what sort of faces we'd put on our pumpkins. But then the following day, little m
johnandsara · 20 days ago

Dear baby, I am Aurora, your big sister. I am now six years I love Paw Patrol and I will teach you all about it. I really like Chase. I am praying for you! ~ Aurora
kentandrachelle · 20 days ago

Spencer's mom and aunt came in town to visit for a week! His mom came in from Portland, Oregon, and his aunt from Olympia, Washington. During their visit, we traveled to Canada to visit Niagara Falls and Toronto. It was the first time for all of us to visit Niagara Falls. It was beautiful, especiall
spencerandkate · 20 days ago

This weekend we visited Matt's parents for a birthday celebration and had fun visitng with family. We also had a lot of fun playing on the new play set that his dad has been making for the grandkids.  Kinley is really getting excited about climbing and going down slides, so it was perfect for her to
mattandmariah · 20 days ago

Hi Everyone As I am quite sure you've figured out by now, we love our dogs very much.  So when one of them has a birthday, it's a cause for celebration in our house!   We have a family tradition where the birthday boy (or girl) gets to go with us to the pet store and pick one treat for himself, and
AmitandNatalie · 20 days ago

Our Children Absolutely LOVE babies and cannot wait to be a Big Brother and Big Sister to a new bundle of joy!  Here, they are getting some practice at Church.
jimandlaurinda · 21 days ago

Had a wonderful weekend enjoying the outdoors, Listening to the birds sing and watching the squirrels play. Went hiking on a few trails the area had. We hope one day we will be able to share this with a child.
jacobandmandy · 21 days ago

The holiday season has started in the Netherlands. The whole country is preparing for sint Nicolaas' birthday party. (the Dutch version of santa claus) Vincent does volunteer work for the saint Nicolas committee and this takes up most of his spare time for a few weeks in a row. The smiles of the lit
vincentandjos · 21 days ago

This week saw a new niece come into our family.  Jon's sister Emily had a baby girl named Olivia that everyone was excited to welcome into our family.  Olivia had an eventful birth by being delivered at Emily's house instead of at the hospital.  Emily's husband Bruce kept a cool head and helped deli
jonathananderica · 21 days ago

On November 11th, we celebrated Remembrance day in Canada, which is what we call our Veteran's Day.  It was a beautiful, warm November weekend to remember all those who have served our countries. 
wardandmelissa · 21 days ago

Had a relaxing weekend. Starting to get excited about our thanksgiving visit with my family. Missing them especially my nieces and nephews. Hope to one day bring a child of our own. Www.micheleandstevenadopt.info YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5v4KrSFchBM&feature=youtu.beemail micheleands
micheleandsteven · 21 days ago

We are leaving today on a family cruise - Mitch's parents, Heather's parents, and Heather's sister, brother in law, and the nephews!  We are celebrating Mitch's parents 50th anniversary - quite an accomplishment! - and Heather's sister and brother in law's 10th anniversary - not to shabby either!  W
mitchandheather · 22 days ago

Today is November 11 Remberance Day we have so much to be thankful for our freedom, our marriage, our jobs, our adoptive daughter, being able to adopt another child one day soon and so much more...As we sit here today we are thinking more and more about our family growing and can't wait for our fami
trevorandtracey · 23 days ago

This month is National Adoption Awareness Month and we have been doing our best to shine positive awareness with our story and our hopes! We treasure the experience we have had with adoption and what an amazing blessing it is. Adoption has touched so many lives and illustrates such unconditional lov
brianandbeth · 23 days ago

The first thing our nieces and nephews ask when they come over is if they can play Erik's drums. We love seeing them get so excited and rock out!
erikandkamilyn · 24 days ago

Hello, Cannot believe we are already into November now and the holidays are fast approaching!  We did so many exciting things over the summer and since our last journal entry.  We have continued to enjoy 5 more "friend" dinners and have loved seeing all of our great group of friends along with playi
JasonandHolly · 24 days ago

We love to sometimes simply "Chilax" at home together on the weekend while cozying up on the couch to a favorite movie or sit together at the kitchen table and play board games.  Whatever we are doing, we enjoy spending time with each other and our kiddos.  We cannot wait to add another bundle of jo
jimandlaurinda · 25 days ago

Over Halloween weekend, Marna and Liz celebrated with their annual pumpkin carving get together for friends and family. Everyone brings food and we have a pumpkin carving contest with prizes for the most creative results.                     We had a fantastic time. Halloween is one of our favortie
elizabethandmarna · 25 days ago

Jim's stepfather has a conference at the Walt Disney World Resort this week, so we booked a week vacation to Orlando to get together with him and Jim's mom. Jim's birthfather is also in town for another conference, so we are getting together with him. In addition, Derek's mom has made a trip to Flor
derekandjim · 25 days ago

This past month has been a pretty quiet month here at home, as we are just enjoying our routine and regular activities. Kali is enjoying adventure clubs, swimming and gymnastics. She loves school! We were able to watch her have a kindergarten circus at school, which was so cute and fun!  We may have
travisandshannon · 26 days ago

When candidates for President of the United States were announced, I thought it was a joke. I kept waiting for the (as Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory puts it) Bazinga!  Yesterday was Election Day. I woke up to discover that Donald Trump is the new President.  My comfort in this election year is th
davidandjaime · 26 days ago

  Cheering everyone on at the NYC marathon. Seeing their dreams come true. We hope to cheer a little one one day. Www.micheleandstevenadopt.info YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5v4KrSFchBM&feature=youtu.beemail micheleandstevenadopt@gmail.com txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 27 days ago

We have been picking up more items for the nursery. We are going with winnie the pooh. We are going to have a combination of tradition winnie the pooh with new winnie the pooh. We could not decide which one to use because they are both adorable.
jacobandmandy · 27 days ago

After a busy day, and somewhat busy night, the family went out to eat. This is not typical for us, especially on a week night, but every now and again it just happens. Somehow we ended up going to 5 Guys. All the kids love going out to eat, however Aurora absolutely loves cheese burgers and she coul
kentandrachelle · 27 days ago

Cooper and I had the priviledge of attending a baby shower for one of my many cousins tonight. There were several little ones there, and it made me once again excited for our new little one. Especially since one of my sisters is expecting again. There are so many cousins to play with (9 on my side,
davidandjaime · 27 days ago

I think we are all still a little bit in shock that our Cubbies managed to win the World Series after 108 years!  It was an exciting series and we both got really into it, comiserating losses and celebrating wins.  We were not 2 of the 5 million people that came downtown to the parade the city held
mitchandheather · 28 days ago

We celebrated an early Thanksgiving dinner with Jon's family tonight.  His family is going to be all scattered on the actual Thanksgiving day, but we didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to be together for the holiday and enjoy the great meal together.  Jon's mom made an amazing turkey and pot
jonathananderica · 28 days ago

The school where Erica works turns the school into Hogwarts for Halloween every year, and it is AMAZING!  This year was the second year we have done it and it keeps getting better!  All of the teachers sign up to transform one of the hallways into a specific area - Diagon Alley, Azkaban, The Forbidd
jonathananderica · 28 days ago

        This weekend Christine and I had some alone grown-up time to enjoy Discovery Cove.  We got to feed the birds in the aviary, and Christine had one land on her head while one was perched on her arm eating.  Later, I got to swim with the dolphins.  We floated around the lazy river and snorkele
charlesandchristine · 28 days ago

Dear baby, I am your big brother, Simon. I can't wait until you come home. Our family is fun and happy. I have a lot that I can teach you. I am super fast at running, and I can teach you how to run fast too. I also will share with you my Legos and show you how to build cool cars. We pray for you eve
kentandrachelle · 28 days ago

  Cheering my nephew Jared at his flag football game. Hoping to one day cheer one of our own after we adopt. Www.micheleandstevenadopt.info YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5v4KrSFchBM&feature=youtu.beemail micheleandstevenadopt@gmail.com txt/call 646-650-8634
micheleandsteven · 28 days ago

This weekend we went out for some fresh air in the dunes and woods of Holland; the wheather was spectacular; lots of wind and sun! We took a long hike and got relaxed and energized at the same time. We often take long walks in the weekends, we talk about everything and indulge ourself after with a c
marcusandjane · 29 days ago

October, November and December are a few of our most favorite months. They are packed with holiday traditions. A few of our favorite traditions for Halloween is going to corn mazes, going on a hay ride to pick out our pumpkins, carving pumpkins and going to see the witches at Gardner Village. Our ne
erikandkamilyn · 29 days ago

It's been such a beautiful fall season, and it's hard to believe it's almost Thanksgiving already! We've had a lot of fun things going on around home lately.   Carter finished his soccer season strong. He is now playing basketball on the middle school team for the first time which he's enjoying.    
dustinandangannette · 29 days ago

Is anyone else as weirded out by October being done? It slid by so fast!  Fall is always a busy time for our family.  Josh and my birthdays aare in the Fall. Our church hosts a youth rally, a Ladies Retreat and area wide singings all within close to a one month period.  We've been busy, but happy :)
joshandsusan · 30 days ago

Halloween 2016:  For Halloween this year we dressed up as Ninja Turtles, and the dogs were TY beanie babies. (Side note Tom did have a red bandana, but in the rush of trick or treating, somehow it got spilled on. Oh well!) Tom's family had a halloween party, we carved pumpkins with power tools, and
thomasandgwen · 31 days ago

  You are looking for a wonderful home for your child & we are looking to share our lives and open our hearts to a child. -Michele and StevenWebsite: Www.micheleandStevenadopt.infoYou tube: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5v4KrSFchBM&feature=youtu.be Email: micheleandstevenadopt@gmail.comCall
micheleandsteven · 32 days ago

Happy Gilvember!  What in the world is Gilvember you may ask...it's a quirky little word for celebrating that this month is when Beth's favorite show has new episodes airing after nearly ten years of being off the air! Gilmore Girls returns to Netflix the day after Thanksgiving, which means no crazy
brianandbeth · 32 days ago

Our favorite soup recipe for this season is a Curry Butternut Soup that is served at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge at the Walt Disney World Resort. We like to make meals from the cookbook titled Delicious Disney - The Disney Chefs with Pam Brandon. Recipe below for the soup:   Ingredients 2 tablespo
derekandjim · 33 days ago

Happy (day after) Halloween! Relaxing a bit at home after our fun weekend of Halloween festivities.  
tomandnancy · 33 days ago

This week we took a break from the daily grind to enjoy fall break in sunny San Francisco!  Erica had been there a few times growing up, but Jon has never been to San Francisco, so it was fun to plan a trip to go there and enjoy some adventures together.  Both of us love to travel to see new places,
jonathananderica · 33 days ago

This was Kinley's first year dressin up for Halloween and trick or treating!  While we didn't walk around town getting candy we did go to the college Matt and I graduated from for an event where the students dress up and pass out candy in the dorms.  There were also fun activities set up outside, in
mattandmariah · 33 days ago

Last weekend we threw a couples baby shower for a couple in our group of friends. Josh and Lisa are having a baby girl and are due in January! . On Saturday we had 15 friends over to enjoy chili, homemade macaroni and cheese, pulled pork (made by Kyle and Allie), and some games! It was a fun time to
spencerandkate · 35 days ago

This weekend we had great sunny weather.   After chilling with our nephew we went for a long hike in the beautiful nature close to our home.Enjoying all the stunning colors that surrounded us.    
vincentandjos · 35 days ago

Halloween is almost here!  Melissa has completed our home made costumes and we will be going as the three blue angry birds.  Our son picked the costume and he could not be more excited.  We plan to go trick-or-treating tomorrow and to a party at a friend's church.
wardandmelissa · 35 days ago

Hey Everyone, Today is Brian's Birthday (Happy Birthday Bri!), and we have had quite the weekend. Friday night we went to the Piston's home opener with a group of our friends and watched them win! Saturday we drove up to East Lansing for the Michigan/Michigan State game with Kerri's family. We had g
brianandkerri · 35 days ago

It's been quite a month.  Darrell has been enduring the busy season of back-to-school. I have been enduring the busy (and, this year, incredibly unpredictable) season of writing about the election.  And both of us have been enduring the chaos of having a kitten. Alexander Hamilton is sweet and adora
darrellandjoshua · 36 days ago

We enjoyed a trip to the Denver Zoo for their Boo at the Zoo Event. Katie's sister and her family were able to join us and we all had a blast! One of the things we really enjoy about Denver, and Colorado, are all of the fun things available for families:) Sophie's favorite animals were the giraffes.
benandkatie · 36 days ago

We have been thinking hard of baby names. For a boy we like Sebastian, and for a girl we like Gabby. Hopefully one day we will be able to use one of these names.
jacobandmandy · 36 days ago

We live by a nature sanctuary ( <--- I totally had to look up how to spell sanctuary... haha) and a large lake.   We love all the walking and exploring opportunities it gives us to get outside!  Here are some pics of us....     ^Isn't this a pretty bridge??  There's our Foster Son waaaay up ahea
timandamy · 38 days ago

Our Foster Son loves a lot of things about life.... < insert all kinds of healthy things here.>  Ahem.  But, when we get down to it, all he really wants is dessert.  lol   If it's a birthday party, all we hear about is cake.  If it's Fourth of July, all we hear about is food.  If it's Fall, he
timandamy · 38 days ago

Whether it's in the Mountains or at home, we like to be an active family.  One thing everybody in our family loves to do is hike or walk.  City trails, bike paths, deer paths, back roads, nature parks or Mountain hikes, we've traveled them all on foot.   Hiking with Foster Son on Tim's back.   Amy a
timandamy · 38 days ago

Every year we go to our Family's second home in Wyoming.  The area is near a National Forest and a huge mountain range.    We usually go with Amy's parents and her Sister, Brother in law and their son.  This year her Sister's family couldn't go so we just went with her Parents and our Foster Son.  
timandamy · 38 days ago

We regularly have our friends and family over to our house.  One day when a couple soldiers came over after work, our Foster Son asked, "Is this a party?"   We all looked at each other and said, "Yeah!"  haha...    Now, whenever we have people over, our kiddo thinks it's a party so we started feedin
timandamy · 38 days ago

We frequently write these blogs about our Foster Son which hopefully gives expectant parents an idea of what a childhood looks like with us.  Plus, he's super cute, right?  :D   Our Foster Son came to us at about 20 months old and this summer he turned 3 years old!  He reminds us allllllll the time
timandamy · 38 days ago

One super cute thing about the 2-3 year old age is how much kids want to be just like us.    Our Foster Son wants to mimic everything we do.  Especially Tim:  mowing, fixing things, dressing like him with uniforms (camo or pilot jump suit), wearing a baseball cap, and even becoming a pilot when he g
timandamy · 38 days ago

Wednesday at our house was all about getting ready for Halloween on Monday. We made cookies for Grayson's school party on thursday. Which were quite tasty! Later that night we carved the pumpkin that we got at the orchard the other weekend. We loved getting our hands slimy and messy. Michael was out
michaelandsarah · 38 days ago

We've had some fun visitors the past few days! Katie's siser, Elizabeth and her husband and son are visiting from Minnesota. Since we are not afraid of a little silliness we took the kids in for a fairy photo shoot:) Though it was dangerously close to nap time, the kids did a great job! Here is one
benandkatie · 38 days ago

One day, we hope to welcome a dog into our family. Jim grew up with a dog named Chassie. Jim always wanted a dog but never thought he'd get one because his mom didn't want pet hair everywhere. One year at summer camp there was a stray dog that his best friend and he played with all week. They nickna
derekandjim · 39 days ago

We love to visit Patti's Settlement in Kentucky this time of year.  It is always decorated so beautifully and the food is absolutely amazing.  Just look at this Chocolate Meringue Pie...  
jimandlaurinda · 41 days ago

We had a great weekend! On saturday we finished up the nursery by adding some storage space. We are very proud that some of the furniture we used are in our families for decades. We painted everything and are happy with the result     Later on saturday our nephew (and his mom) came by. We had so mu
vincentandjos · 42 days ago

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