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Beautiful day!

Well, if you would have stopped by our place yesterday afternoon, you would have heard and felt the air conditioner running.  It's only March, but it sure feels like summer already!


We've started our garden already, and the peas are growing nicely.  I want to plant some lettuce, but I'll be doing that in a container (window box) that I can pull in if it gets too chilly outside.  I suppose it COULD get cold yet a time or two before the calendar says its summer, but I doubt it!


Reuben is off to work again today, replacing a roof with his carpentry crew.  He's a construction foreman, and so he keeps quite busy.  As for me, I want to do some cleaning aroun our house, and especially in our guest room (which will be the baby room once we have a little bumpkin of our own! Laughing ).  We're having company coming Monday night, and so I want to get everything nice and ready.


Once Reuben gets off work, we're going to run in town and, among other errands, get some more paint to keep working on redoing the interior of our house.  The living room is a mocha color, the kitchen is a light pastel yellow, and now the dining room will be pink mostly covered with white sponged over top.  After the dining room, we'll move on to the bathroom, our bedroom, and the baby room.


See ya'll around!

~Reuben & Judi

ReubenAndJudi · 2281 days ago

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