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Sophie had a play date with her newest cousin Quentin Max! She loves to make him smile and we just adore his cute noises.  Quentin Max is 3 months old next week.  
JohnandLaura · 119 days ago

My family has had a cottage on a wooded lake in Northern Indiana since the early 1900’s. As a kid I spent weekends up there.  The friends I made at the lake as a child remain my friends today.  Now they have kids who enjoy the same adventures. In the wint
MarkLetty · 119 days ago

 Makes for a good day to enjoy homemade Chili. Along with a fire and blanket, we will be enjoying the brisk cold weather.
JoshuaandAlicia · 120 days ago

We were lucky enough to enjoy the holidays with our family, reminding us how much hope we have for this new year.  There are so many things to be thankful for every day, especially each other.  This year will hopefully be a complete change in our lives and
PeterandCarol · 121 days ago

We usually travel for holidays, either to North Carolina (to visit with Tamara's family) or to New York (to visit with Kerriann's family).  This past Thanksgiving, we ate dinner at Kerriann's mom's house, with all her siblings and cousins.  This is a photo
Kerriann_and_Tamara · 121 days ago

  Every year, we do something special to commemmorate our wedding anniversary, whether it's a trip, a special event, or just a nice dinner.  This past year, we ate down in Baltimore at Woodberry Kitchen, one of our favorite restaurants.  
Kerriann_and_Tamara · 121 days ago

We both love watching soccer games, on TV or live.  Every once in a while, we venture down to DC to watch DC United play.
Kerriann_and_Tamara · 121 days ago

We both love the holidays, especially all the quality time we get to spend with our family and our friends.  We got to see our good friends for a Christmas dinner party a few weeks ago, and, as a special treat for their 11- and 8-year-old daughters, we hel
Kerriann_and_Tamara · 121 days ago

Steve and I are at the airport headed home from our holiday out west. We’re delayed alittle but not bad. We can’t wait to share all of our pictures and activities. Stay tuned for all the vacation updates.
micheleandsteven · 122 days ago

Well Steven and I made it out of NY. The snow did not stop us. Right now we’re relaxing poolside waiting for the rest of the family to come in. I promised Ellie that we’ll bake cookies. That will be two of my favorite past times at once baking and spending
micheleandsteven · 122 days ago

This weekend we started to prepare for our annual Thanksgiving trip with my family out west. The bags are packed and the presents are wrapped. Now we just have to wait for Wednesday for our flight. We are looking forward to having quality time with our nie
micheleandsteven · 122 days ago

Each year in December we go as a family to pick out a Christmas tree.  Decorating the tree on the following day with ornaments passed down from one generation as well as treasures our kids have brought home from school.  Keely makes holiday cookies with th
MarkLetty · 123 days ago

Beautiful Snowy morning to wake up too. Looks like a great day for a fire. It is the first snowfall that is actually sticking this winter. Love when it first falls. First blog of 2015. Expecting, Praying and Believing for great things in 2015. Many blessin
JoshuaandAlicia · 123 days ago

Our holiday season was wonderful! Shane had so much fun playing with his grandparents. He was the center of attention at every family gathering! Chris and I are excited for this new year. We wish you and yours all the best in 2015. Laura
ChrisandLaura · 123 days ago

December, 2014:  What a busy, fun and reflective month! We had our normal schedule for the first few weeks; work, weekend errands and bible study on Wed. nights.  Karin had a stressful month at work rolling out a new accounting system by January 1.  Carl t
CarlandKarin · 124 days ago

November, 2014:  One weekend, we went to look at a few houses but didn't find anything we like yet.  We want to take our time and find somewhere with plenty of room, a good backyard and a few home improvement projects. We like to do that stuff. We love Foo
CarlandKarin · 124 days ago

HAPPY NEW YEAR one and all. I took my son and some of his friends to count down at noon at a local science museum.  We arrived early to do all the activities such as paint facing, making crowns and maracas. there favorite part other than the count down was
laura603 · 126 days ago

We had a great time with our niece and nephew over Christmas! Sophie loves playing with her cousins. They made Christmas Bread (our family tradition) and had popcorn movie night.  
JohnandLaura · 127 days ago

  What a great day!  We spent so much time with family and are so thankful for that! Jonas LOVES his dirt bike helmet and gear and Maisy LOVES playing with her dollhouse.  We LOVE that we are blessed beyond words with love, family, friends, a home, a car,
ChadandGabrielle · 127 days ago

Every year on Christmas Eve we go to church, sing Christmas songs and have a candle light service.  It is amazing to see all the lights in the dark church and remember the One who brought us light! We are ready for Jesus's birthday!  
ChadandGabrielle · 127 days ago

Well, this is not what we thought would happen in the days before Christmas, but it is raining!  Jonas is ready for anything with his umbrella, boots and rain coat on:)!  The fun must go on and so off we go to play in the rain!
ChadandGabrielle · 127 days ago

We are officially done with family Christmas parties.  We had a great time spending the holidays with family and friends and remembering the true meaning of Christmas.  This week we look forward to spending New Year's Eve with a couple from church.  For Ch
bvanstrien · 127 days ago

We had a fun visit from Santa at our home this year!  Cooper asked for a baby brother or sister...and Batman, Paw Patrol and Octonauts toys:-)  What a blessing it would be to add to our family in 2015 - we pray for that miracle. Merry Christmas and God Ble
TerryandGinger · 129 days ago

With our Christmas comes some traditions ---- We do two Advent calendars, one that documents the arrival of all the people present at the birth of Baby Jesus and one that's just plain fun. For each day from Dec 1st-24th there is a tiny stocking into which
carol_adopts · 130 days ago

Merry Christmas!  Today we celebrated with Sarah's parents. We enjoyed the excitement and the quiet of the day, all getting to play with our new toys. Evan helped pass out gifts at the nursing home where Sarah's Grandma Eloise lives, and boy did he love th
PeteandSarah · 132 days ago

John's family tradition is to go out looking for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. This festive tradition goes back to when his grandpa was a little boy. After our Christmas Eve Mass we headed outside to hunt for Santa.  Suddenly, we heard his bells! Our daugh
JohnandLaura · 132 days ago

We had a great time visiting Santa!  
JohnandLaura · 134 days ago

We have been really busy with family Christmas' this year already.  Typically our family Christmas' start the second weekend in December and go until Christmas day.  The thing we love most about this time of year, is the amount of time we are able to spend
DanandLaurel · 135 days ago

OMy father introduced Miles to one his childhood favorites DANIEL BOONE.  I snapped a few photos of them hunting for bears.  I love watching play together and interact.          
laura603 · 135 days ago

On Saturday night we celebrated Christmas with Gabe's family. We had it all planned to do gifts, dinner and then head to Crossroads Village to tour the village (an annual tradition) but Gabe was recovering from strep throat so we decided not to make the Cr
ChadandGabrielle · 135 days ago

On Saturday we celebrated two special birthdays! We went to a huge building that was filled with bounce houses! Even Maisy was able to join in! Jonas said this was, "The best birthday ever!!!" He was excited because the goodies bag had Chapstick in it:). W
ChadandGabrielle · 135 days ago

Two weeks ago we went to our church and wrapped gifts for some families in need. Gabe's sister, her husband, and her two kids were also able to join us! Most of the kids got to lend a hand picking out wrapping paper or helping to tape up gifts :-). Prior t
ChadandGabrielle · 135 days ago

Christmas preparations at our home. Its a wonderful time of old and new traditions. So much fun!!!
carol_adopts · 136 days ago

Beautiful sea view  
MarkLetty · 139 days ago

Yesterday Evan and I made candies to share with friends and neighbors.  It is fun to have a partner in this holiday season's baking and making!  Today we took a small jar with us to our playdate with new friends we met at our mom-and-tot class.  The boys h
PeteandSarah · 140 days ago

We took Shane to see Santa! Chris and I love these family outings. Needless to say, Shane was fascinated by Santa. He even tried to get Santa to play peek-a-boo with him!
ChrisandLaura · 140 days ago

Hello! Last weekend we had two wonderful Christmas celebrations with people we love! On Friday night we got together with Chad's family. We had a visit from Santa Claus, opened gifts and made cookies. Jonas and Maisy love the books they got and the mats th
ChadandGabrielle · 141 days ago

Patience is never easy.  Although we have been married for 15 years, we have always known how much we wanted a family of our own.  It will be possible in God's own time.  We know that, but it is never easy to just sit and wait.  So we began our journey to
PeterandCarol · 142 days ago

Just taught my last day of class before our Holiday break.  We made Christmas ornaments!  It was so much fun.  I am definitly looking forward to our Christmas break.  I am ready to clean out the guestroom and start decorating it to be a babies room.  The C
carrieandrichard · 142 days ago

Happy Holidays! We are frantically getting everything wrapped and packed for our long (14 hour) trip to North Dakota for Christmas. Luci will be staying at the "spa with her friends" aka the vet for boarding. She does NOT like the snow and so the trip woul
karigarett · 142 days ago

I just love the excitement and beauty of Christmastime!  Had such an enjoyable evening together- we wrapped all the presents we bought for an under-privileged young boy in our community.  Jackson was excited and proud to be able to help wrap the presents..
ElizabethandJeffrey · 145 days ago

Today Evan and I are headed out to visit with my sister and her kids.  Then we're going to meet up with Pete and spend the night with Grandma & Papa.  I made gifts for my Gramma's (Evan'a great-grandma) caregivers, so we are going to wrap and deliver t
PeteandSarah · 145 days ago

This past week was not very fun.  Beth is now recovering from the upper respitory flu and Brandon did a good job being a supportive husband.  Beth did have the opportunity to attend a band concert for one of the youth group girls and she did a good job.  T
bvanstrien · 147 days ago

We have been celebrating Advent with Evan, and he loves hearing about "Baby Jesus" who was born in a barn with animals!  Sarah made a felt nativity set for Evan to play with as we celebrate during this special season.  ~Pete & Sarah
PeteandSarah · 148 days ago

We had such a blast picking out our Christmas tree this year. The winter snow began to fall as we were leaving. Best of all, sitting on Santa Claus' lap was a big success! 
JohnandLaura · 148 days ago

One of our favorite hobbies is cooking and baking.  Thanksgiving is always special because we break out the old family recipes! This year we enjoyed having Terry's grandmother and mother make their signature dishes - what a special time we had together. We
TerryandGinger · 149 days ago

Today, after visiting Santa, we put our Christmas tree up and began decorating the inside of our home.  Evan even wore reindeer antlers to get into the spirit.  ~Sarah
PeteandSarah · 150 days ago

Last night, the three of us went to our town's Christmas tree lighting ceremony. We had a great time enjoying the lights, the horse-drawn wagon ride, and the hot chocolate and cookies. We love these family events! 
ChrisandLaura · 151 days ago

We got together with Chad's family for dinner to finish out our wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Even though we only live a few miles away from each other it seems we can never spend too much time together:)! We enjoyed talking, laughing and eating together
ChadandGabrielle · 153 days ago

We won't let this cold Michigan weather keep us inside. Today we bundled up for a bike ride, some driveway tennis, and kickball on the hill. ~Sarah
PeteandSarah · 153 days ago

We had a such a good time on Thanksgiving. Our house was full of friends and family and tons of food! Shane loved playing with his grandparents, aunt, and uncle. Holidays are such a fun time for us, and we hope they are for you too. Wishing you a wonderful
ChrisandLaura · 153 days ago

For over 25 years Sarah's sister and her husband have invited Thanksgiving guests to paint ornaments for their Christmas tree.  This was Evan's third Thanksgiving, and his third set of ornaments.  Thanksgiving in Texas is memorable for so many reasons!  ~P
PeteandSarah · 154 days ago

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Spent time with both of our families and many friends.  One of my favorite parts of the thanksgiving weekend is getting up early on Friday and going out to get our Christmas tree.  This year we picked the largest t
ElizabethandJeffrey · 155 days ago

We watched the Polar Express for the first time this past weekend.  I enjoyed the overall message of BELIEVE.  Miles of course loved the trains. Believe in yourself today, tomorrow and forever...    
laura603 · 155 days ago

Alan and I look forward to the holidays every year.  Thanksgiving kicks off the season with traditional family gatherings on both sides of the family.  Right after Thanksgiving, every room in the house is transformed into a Christmas wonderland with santas
AlanandJennifer · 155 days ago

We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and was able to spend it with their families! We actually got to have 3 different ones…way too much food! got to see a lot of family that we don't normally get to see. Looking forward to this up coming weekend
JosephandJennifer · 156 days ago

We had the pleasure of celebrating a second Thanksgiving with some of our dearest friends on Saturday night. 
jasonandkenny · 156 days ago

This past weekend was a very relaxing one.  Brandon is getting over a cold so we just stayed home and had Beth's parents over for hamburgers and homemade onion rings.  This week Beth will be attending an 8th grade band concert for one of the youth group gi
bvanstrien · 156 days ago

Here is our tree!
ChadandGabrielle · 157 days ago

The holiday season is here! During Thanksgiving week there were many activities and traditions that our family had. Thanksgiving started out with making date squares. This is one of Gabe's mom's favorite recipes. Since we have started dating we have spend
ChadandGabrielle · 157 days ago

Gabe's aunt from California is back in town for the holidays!!! A huge tradition in her family is to go to the wonderful city of Frankenmuth. Last weekend we all got together, headed to Frankenmuth, and had a huge chicken dinner! We visited Bronner's to le
ChadandGabrielle · 157 days ago

We feel thanful to be part of such an outstanding extended family.  Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and the evening felt festive and cozy.  We feel blessed. 
JohnandLaura · 159 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today we have reflected on the journey to adoption.  We are so thankful that Evan became our son through adoption.  Today as we celebrate with our family we sincerely hope his birthfamily is also surrounded by love and support!  ~ Pete
PeteandSarah · 160 days ago

This week Beth enjoyed volunteerIng at the local middle school for a debate with the eight graders. This was the second year that she has volunteered.   We also had the opportunity to welcome Brandon's grandparents home by picking them up from the airport
bvanstrien · 160 days ago

We are having such a fantastic Thanksgiving week!  Smooth flight, basketball games for the cousins, bowling and pizza... and tomorrow the real festivities begin. ~Sarah
PeteandSarah · 161 days ago

Last weekend Gabrielle went on her annual girls weekend trip to Traverse City. Every year she gets together with her girlfriends and goes shopping in Traverse City. This year the weekend started out with a lot of snow but with warmer temperatures the snow
ChadandGabrielle · 161 days ago

Just had one of the best weekends! I went to Minnesota with my stepmom and got to spend the weekend with my sister and family. I don't get to see her very often (maybe once a year) so getting to see her is always so much fun!! The best part is that we can
JosephandJennifer · 163 days ago

We spent the day at the Airzoo in Kalamazoo with Ginger's family - if you have never gone before it is a must see!  Very fun for the entire family!
TerryandGinger · 163 days ago

We enjoyed the weekend decorating for Christmas. One tree up, 3 to go! We also enjoyed a holiday party with friends. We hope that yours was as much fun as ours!
jasonandkenny · 163 days ago

Yesterday we went to our community's Christmas Carnival.  Among the many attractions were snow cones, cookie decorating, games, a train ride, and MEETING SANTA!  While Sloane approached him with caution, Jason and I are always happy to say hello to our goo
JasonandAmy · 164 days ago

It's National Adoption Day!  We are celebrating by heading into our little town for their annual "Taste of" day!  FREE food at 10 different business.  Plus a Christmas market AND tree lighting AND SANTA!!!   We love our small town!!
DavidandCarmen · 165 days ago

With the holidays quickly approaching, I think a lot about family and what it means to me. We are so fortunate to live close to family, especially my sister, brother-in-law and niece. I'm very close to my sister and I am just happy that we are able to spen
TimoandJessica · 167 days ago

We woke up to about four inches of new snow this morning!  At 7:30 we all headed outside to clear the driveway and sidewalks.  (I helped by taking pictures).  Evan was very excited to see the hill covered in snow, he remembers sledding! 
PeteandSarah · 167 days ago

We were at the mall last night and it was Santa's first night so all of the kids were invited to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what they wanted for Chirstmas.  Hayden was very excited about talking to Santa and reminded us that "last year he asked for a
PeteandMary · 168 days ago

We have a week until Thanksgiving, but we have already been counting our blessings around here!  We put together this blessing jar which holds several strips of paper with writing prompts, a pen, and tape.  We keep it on the kitchen counter so whenever one
JonandAmber · 168 days ago

We had a great trip to Cleveland! We did a lot of swimming in the pool, which was Sophie's favorite! We also visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Aquarium. Sophie and John fed the stingrays, which was pretty cool.  
JohnandLaura · 169 days ago

Hello! This past weekend we went on our annual trip to Cleveland to watch the Browns play football! We have been going each year for almost 10 years! We watch a game and do some sort of fun activity in the city to explore the great things Cleveland has to
ChadandGabrielle · 170 days ago

Jason's cousin and her husband visited this weekend. We enjoyed a fun night out on the town at one of our favorite restaurants and then on to coffee and dessert. We had a really fun time! 
jasonandkenny · 170 days ago

Brr!  This cold-cold weekend we put up our Christmas lights and wreath then finished some much needed yard work.  Now winter can really get going.  We celebrated a job-done with a cup of cocoa, it was Evan's first "hot" drink - and he loved it!  I have bee
PeteandSarah · 170 days ago

Yesterday we celebrated Brandon's birthday.  We did not do to much as he had to work.  He was able to also celebrate with the youth group and had a memoriable time.  We experienced our first snow fall for the year today.  Bosco went outside and was kind of
bvanstrien · 174 days ago

We celebrated our Goddaughter, Anna's first birthday! She shares a birthday with John's Uncle Mike.  It was a great night celebrating with family!
JohnandLaura · 175 days ago

I am spending nap-time these days learning more about the Montessori Method.  We think this approach to early learning will be good for Evan.  I am excited to see what Montessori materials Santa brings *me* for Christmas!  ~Sarah
PeteandSarah · 175 days ago

One of our favorite things about the fall season is all the yummy food and baking!  We had fun today as a family whipping up a batch of home made pumkin bread.  Josiah and Ainsleigh had fun taking turns pouring ingredients and stirring the batter.  Yummy!
JonandAmber · 176 days ago

We said goodbye to our pumpkins today. They are filled with yummy treats for the deer to munch on this winter.    
JohnandLaura · 176 days ago

This past weekend we met with our adoption play group! This group is a huge part of our life and we are so blessed to know these families! We try to get together monthly to do some sort of kid friendly activity. This time we went to our local mall and play
ChadandGabrielle · 176 days ago

We love watching Food Network, so as a birthday gift to Jason's mom we went to see the Barefoot Contessa live! We hope these new cookbooks will brings lots of new ideas to our kitchen. Raspberry Baked French Toast anyone?
jasonandkenny · 177 days ago

We woke up to snow on Saturday!  Time to get the garage organized and the deck furniture put away.  Evan was a great helper, and especially enjoyed climbing up on the step ladder.  ~Sarah
PeteandSarah · 177 days ago

Here are our smilies in honor of World Adoption Day. Adoption has touched our lives and families in so many ways. Rich was adopted as a baby and we anxiously wait to be connected with the little one we will welcome into our family, hearts and home. #WorldA
RichandGretchen · 178 days ago

October, 2014: What a whirlwind of a month!  In the midst of working and doing regular life, we started out the month with a trip to visit Carl's parents in St. Louis - we always have a relaxing fun weekend when we go out to visit.   The next weekend we ca
CarlandKarin · 178 days ago

Last night we went to an awards ceremony for our regional Chamber of Commerce. Gabrielle was nominated for an educator of the year award! All our family came out to support her and had a great time listening to stories of inspirational leaders and being a
ChadandGabrielle · 179 days ago

We are fortunate to have a local park that sponsors many family friendly activities.  We attended the fall festival with some of our nieghbors and enjoyed a hay ride, pumpkin painting and roasting hot dogs and s'mores at the bonfire!
PeteandMary · 179 days ago

We picked a beautiful Michigan fall day to go to the local pumpkin patch!  There are so many fun things to do!  You can pose with various tractors and vehicles.  There are giant kids characters built out of straw.  They even have a launch of the giant pump
JonandAmber · 180 days ago

It was the perfect cool and rainy day for a trip to Ikea.  And a trip to Ikea means a chance to build something together.  Evan and I got his new toy storage drawers assembled, and then Pete adjusted them to make them open & close smoother.  Evan loves
PeteandSarah · 181 days ago

We had a really good time at our hayride for the youth group.  Beth made 267 glazed doughnuts with the help of three other leaders and we had 46 kids come.  After it was all said and done there was not one single doughnut left.  The kids really enjoyed the
bvanstrien · 182 days ago

Hello!   This past Saturday we celebrated Gabe's grandpa's birthday!  As we mentioned in our profile birthday celebrations are BIG deal in our family:)! This one was no different!  Gabe's aunt from California even flew in for the special day! We handed out
ChadandGabrielle · 183 days ago

Quotes, Bible Verse and Song Lyrics speak to me... Here are a few of my favorites from the past few weeks: *A child born to another woman calls me mommy; the magnitude of that tragedy and the depth of that privilege are not lost on me. *Don't miss out on a
EricandMichelle · 183 days ago

The weather on Halloween this year was a little more like Christmas, but we didn't let that stop the fun!  We braved the elements with some friends of ours and showed off our costumes.  This year Josiah chose to go as a Storm Trooper from Star Wars and som
JonandAmber · 183 days ago

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