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We had such a blast picking out our Christmas tree this year. The winter snow began to fall as we were leaving. Best of all, sitting on Santa Claus' lap was a big success! 
JohnandLaura · 110 days ago

One of our favorite hobbies is cooking and baking.  Thanksgiving is always special because we break out the old family recipes! This year we enjoyed having Terry's grandmother and mother make their signature dishes - what a special time we had together. We
TerryandGinger · 111 days ago

Today, after visiting Santa, we put our Christmas tree up and began decorating the inside of our home.  Evan even wore reindeer antlers to get into the spirit.  ~Sarah
PeteandSarah · 111 days ago

Last night, the three of us went to our town's Christmas tree lighting ceremony. We had a great time enjoying the lights, the horse-drawn wagon ride, and the hot chocolate and cookies. We love these family events! 
ChrisandLaura · 113 days ago

We got together with Chad's family for dinner to finish out our wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Even though we only live a few miles away from each other it seems we can never spend too much time together:)! We enjoyed talking, laughing and eating together
ChadandGabrielle · 115 days ago

We won't let this cold Michigan weather keep us inside. Today we bundled up for a bike ride, some driveway tennis, and kickball on the hill. ~Sarah
PeteandSarah · 115 days ago

We had a such a good time on Thanksgiving. Our house was full of friends and family and tons of food! Shane loved playing with his grandparents, aunt, and uncle. Holidays are such a fun time for us, and we hope they are for you too. Wishing you a wonderful
ChrisandLaura · 115 days ago

For over 25 years Sarah's sister and her husband have invited Thanksgiving guests to paint ornaments for their Christmas tree.  This was Evan's third Thanksgiving, and his third set of ornaments.  Thanksgiving in Texas is memorable for so many reasons!  ~P
PeteandSarah · 116 days ago

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Spent time with both of our families and many friends.  One of my favorite parts of the thanksgiving weekend is getting up early on Friday and going out to get our Christmas tree.  This year we picked the largest t
ElizabethandJeffrey · 116 days ago

We watched the Polar Express for the first time this past weekend.  I enjoyed the overall message of BELIEVE.  Miles of course loved the trains. Believe in yourself today, tomorrow and forever...    
laura603 · 117 days ago

Alan and I look forward to the holidays every year.  Thanksgiving kicks off the season with traditional family gatherings on both sides of the family.  Right after Thanksgiving, every room in the house is transformed into a Christmas wonderland with santas
AlanandJennifer · 117 days ago

We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and was able to spend it with their families! We actually got to have 3 different ones…way too much food! got to see a lot of family that we don't normally get to see. Looking forward to this up coming weekend
JosephandJennifer · 117 days ago

We had the pleasure of celebrating a second Thanksgiving with some of our dearest friends on Saturday night. 
jasonandkenny · 118 days ago

This past weekend was a very relaxing one.  Brandon is getting over a cold so we just stayed home and had Beth's parents over for hamburgers and homemade onion rings.  This week Beth will be attending an 8th grade band concert for one of the youth group gi
bvanstrien · 118 days ago

Here is our tree!
ChadandGabrielle · 119 days ago

The holiday season is here! During Thanksgiving week there were many activities and traditions that our family had. Thanksgiving started out with making date squares. This is one of Gabe's mom's favorite recipes. Since we have started dating we have spend
ChadandGabrielle · 119 days ago

Gabe's aunt from California is back in town for the holidays!!! A huge tradition in her family is to go to the wonderful city of Frankenmuth. Last weekend we all got together, headed to Frankenmuth, and had a huge chicken dinner! We visited Bronner's to le
ChadandGabrielle · 119 days ago

We feel thanful to be part of such an outstanding extended family.  Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and the evening felt festive and cozy.  We feel blessed. 
JohnandLaura · 121 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today we have reflected on the journey to adoption.  We are so thankful that Evan became our son through adoption.  Today as we celebrate with our family we sincerely hope his birthfamily is also surrounded by love and support!  ~ Pete
PeteandSarah · 121 days ago

This week Beth enjoyed volunteerIng at the local middle school for a debate with the eight graders. This was the second year that she has volunteered.   We also had the opportunity to welcome Brandon's grandparents home by picking them up from the airport
bvanstrien · 121 days ago

We are having such a fantastic Thanksgiving week!  Smooth flight, basketball games for the cousins, bowling and pizza... and tomorrow the real festivities begin. ~Sarah
PeteandSarah · 122 days ago

Last weekend Gabrielle went on her annual girls weekend trip to Traverse City. Every year she gets together with her girlfriends and goes shopping in Traverse City. This year the weekend started out with a lot of snow but with warmer temperatures the snow
ChadandGabrielle · 123 days ago

Just had one of the best weekends! I went to Minnesota with my stepmom and got to spend the weekend with my sister and family. I don't get to see her very often (maybe once a year) so getting to see her is always so much fun!! The best part is that we can
JosephandJennifer · 124 days ago

We spent the day at the Airzoo in Kalamazoo with Ginger's family - if you have never gone before it is a must see!  Very fun for the entire family!
TerryandGinger · 124 days ago

We enjoyed the weekend decorating for Christmas. One tree up, 3 to go! We also enjoyed a holiday party with friends. We hope that yours was as much fun as ours!
jasonandkenny · 125 days ago

Yesterday we went to our community's Christmas Carnival.  Among the many attractions were snow cones, cookie decorating, games, a train ride, and MEETING SANTA!  While Sloane approached him with caution, Jason and I are always happy to say hello to our goo
JasonandAmy · 126 days ago

It's National Adoption Day!  We are celebrating by heading into our little town for their annual "Taste of" day!  FREE food at 10 different business.  Plus a Christmas market AND tree lighting AND SANTA!!!   We love our small town!!
DavidandCarmen · 127 days ago

With the holidays quickly approaching, I think a lot about family and what it means to me. We are so fortunate to live close to family, especially my sister, brother-in-law and niece. I'm very close to my sister and I am just happy that we are able to spen
TimoandJessica · 129 days ago

We woke up to about four inches of new snow this morning!  At 7:30 we all headed outside to clear the driveway and sidewalks.  (I helped by taking pictures).  Evan was very excited to see the hill covered in snow, he remembers sledding! 
PeteandSarah · 129 days ago

We were at the mall last night and it was Santa's first night so all of the kids were invited to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what they wanted for Chirstmas.  Hayden was very excited about talking to Santa and reminded us that "last year he asked for a
PeteandMary · 130 days ago

We have a week until Thanksgiving, but we have already been counting our blessings around here!  We put together this blessing jar which holds several strips of paper with writing prompts, a pen, and tape.  We keep it on the kitchen counter so whenever one
JonandAmber · 130 days ago

We had a great trip to Cleveland! We did a lot of swimming in the pool, which was Sophie's favorite! We also visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Aquarium. Sophie and John fed the stingrays, which was pretty cool.  
JohnandLaura · 131 days ago

Hello! This past weekend we went on our annual trip to Cleveland to watch the Browns play football! We have been going each year for almost 10 years! We watch a game and do some sort of fun activity in the city to explore the great things Cleveland has to
ChadandGabrielle · 132 days ago

Jason's cousin and her husband visited this weekend. We enjoyed a fun night out on the town at one of our favorite restaurants and then on to coffee and dessert. We had a really fun time! 
jasonandkenny · 132 days ago

Brr!  This cold-cold weekend we put up our Christmas lights and wreath then finished some much needed yard work.  Now winter can really get going.  We celebrated a job-done with a cup of cocoa, it was Evan's first "hot" drink - and he loved it!  I have bee
PeteandSarah · 132 days ago

Yesterday we celebrated Brandon's birthday.  We did not do to much as he had to work.  He was able to also celebrate with the youth group and had a memoriable time.  We experienced our first snow fall for the year today.  Bosco went outside and was kind of
bvanstrien · 136 days ago

We celebrated our Goddaughter, Anna's first birthday! She shares a birthday with John's Uncle Mike.  It was a great night celebrating with family!
JohnandLaura · 136 days ago

I am spending nap-time these days learning more about the Montessori Method.  We think this approach to early learning will be good for Evan.  I am excited to see what Montessori materials Santa brings *me* for Christmas!  ~Sarah
PeteandSarah · 136 days ago

One of our favorite things about the fall season is all the yummy food and baking!  We had fun today as a family whipping up a batch of home made pumkin bread.  Josiah and Ainsleigh had fun taking turns pouring ingredients and stirring the batter.  Yummy!
JonandAmber · 138 days ago

We said goodbye to our pumpkins today. They are filled with yummy treats for the deer to munch on this winter.    
JohnandLaura · 138 days ago

This past weekend we met with our adoption play group! This group is a huge part of our life and we are so blessed to know these families! We try to get together monthly to do some sort of kid friendly activity. This time we went to our local mall and play
ChadandGabrielle · 138 days ago

We love watching Food Network, so as a birthday gift to Jason's mom we went to see the Barefoot Contessa live! We hope these new cookbooks will brings lots of new ideas to our kitchen. Raspberry Baked French Toast anyone?
jasonandkenny · 139 days ago

We woke up to snow on Saturday!  Time to get the garage organized and the deck furniture put away.  Evan was a great helper, and especially enjoyed climbing up on the step ladder.  ~Sarah
PeteandSarah · 139 days ago

Here are our smilies in honor of World Adoption Day. Adoption has touched our lives and families in so many ways. Rich was adopted as a baby and we anxiously wait to be connected with the little one we will welcome into our family, hearts and home. #WorldA
RichandGretchen · 139 days ago

October, 2014: What a whirlwind of a month!  In the midst of working and doing regular life, we started out the month with a trip to visit Carl's parents in St. Louis - we always have a relaxing fun weekend when we go out to visit.   The next weekend we ca
CarlandKarin · 140 days ago

Last night we went to an awards ceremony for our regional Chamber of Commerce. Gabrielle was nominated for an educator of the year award! All our family came out to support her and had a great time listening to stories of inspirational leaders and being a
ChadandGabrielle · 141 days ago

We are fortunate to have a local park that sponsors many family friendly activities.  We attended the fall festival with some of our nieghbors and enjoyed a hay ride, pumpkin painting and roasting hot dogs and s'mores at the bonfire!
PeteandMary · 141 days ago

We picked a beautiful Michigan fall day to go to the local pumpkin patch!  There are so many fun things to do!  You can pose with various tractors and vehicles.  There are giant kids characters built out of straw.  They even have a launch of the giant pump
JonandAmber · 142 days ago

It was the perfect cool and rainy day for a trip to Ikea.  And a trip to Ikea means a chance to build something together.  Evan and I got his new toy storage drawers assembled, and then Pete adjusted them to make them open & close smoother.  Evan loves
PeteandSarah · 143 days ago

We had a really good time at our hayride for the youth group.  Beth made 267 glazed doughnuts with the help of three other leaders and we had 46 kids come.  After it was all said and done there was not one single doughnut left.  The kids really enjoyed the
bvanstrien · 144 days ago

Hello!   This past Saturday we celebrated Gabe's grandpa's birthday!  As we mentioned in our profile birthday celebrations are BIG deal in our family:)! This one was no different!  Gabe's aunt from California even flew in for the special day! We handed out
ChadandGabrielle · 145 days ago

Quotes, Bible Verse and Song Lyrics speak to me... Here are a few of my favorites from the past few weeks: *A child born to another woman calls me mommy; the magnitude of that tragedy and the depth of that privilege are not lost on me. *Don't miss out on a
EricandMichelle · 145 days ago

The weather on Halloween this year was a little more like Christmas, but we didn't let that stop the fun!  We braved the elements with some friends of ours and showed off our costumes.  This year Josiah chose to go as a Storm Trooper from Star Wars and som
JonandAmber · 145 days ago

TerryandGinger · 146 days ago

What a nice fall day to make some applesauce and jump in the leaves!!  
JohnandLaura · 146 days ago

Halloween was a lot of fun this year, it was snowing but that didn't stop us!  Evan wasn't too sure about the process, but the first house was our neighbors so he did it.  The second house was a little easier.  At the third house he said "Thank you," very
PeteandSarah · 147 days ago

This was a Halloween to remember. We went Trick-or-Treating in the snow!  All the layers and mittens were worth it though, it was a blast!
JohnandLaura · 147 days ago

Click this link or the image below to view our full printable profile. Thankgiving 2013 Open adoption is not about the loss of a child, but about gaining a family.    
RichandGretchen · 148 days ago

Happy Halloween (1 day late) and Happy November! Today I get to watch my husband bowl in a tournament - hope he does well!! Later on we are celebrating our two nieces and nephews birthdays with the family....and I guess mine too! Not really liking the chan
JosephandJennifer · 148 days ago

So nice to arrive home to my sweet husband and beautiful daughter.  Today, we are just hanging out inside, reading books, doing puzzles and coloring.  The cooler weather called for chilli, so the house smells yummy:)  Love these simple, quiet days at home.
JasonandAnn · 150 days ago

We went to the Annual Zoo Boo and had a great time.  All of the kids look so cute in their costumes.  It is a great family event that we enjoy attending every year.
PeteandMary · 150 days ago

Well, we just got home from our first family trip to Disney World and it was better than we could have ever imagined. From the minute we told Hayden we were going on vacation all he wanted to know is if we were staying in a hotel and if it had a pool, an e
PeteandMary · 151 days ago

We have really great neighbors!  They are helpful and funny, they love Evan to death.  Evan has called them by their last name since he first started talking.  Even their dogs are friendly and so gentle.  So Evan and I made them some cookies.  Evan loved c
PeteandSarah · 151 days ago

Mimi and Papa came to visit this weekend!  Sophie, Laura and I had such a great time with them. Couldn't have asked for better weather.  We went to a couple different cider mills and carved a couple different pumpkins.  Sophie is really grasping the whole
JohnandLaura · 153 days ago

We are new to parent finder and are very excited to a part of it! My husband and I can not wait to have a little one join our family and start are own traditions....especially with all the up coming holidays.
JosephandJennifer · 153 days ago

Kelli and I had a great time at two Halloween Parties this past weekend. We really enjoyed dressing up as a Flapper Girl and Gangster. It had been a while since the both of us had dressed up. I really enjoyed trick or treating as a child. I enjoyed being t
mikeandkelli · 153 days ago

We had a great time this past weekend with the hayride.  We had about nine adult couples here and Brandon drove the tractor for about 45 minutes taking them on a color tour.  This week we are looking forward to having our youth group come over on Saturday
bvanstrien · 153 days ago

Today we carved two pumpkins!  What fun.  Evan didn't really like getting his hands slimy, but he did great.  He even drew his own pumpkin face for Pete to carve.  We found really neat flickering lights that make it look like there's a candle inside, but i
PeteandSarah · 155 days ago

This week we are looking forward to hosting a fall hayride for one of the adult Sunday school classes at our church.  Brandon will be driving our neighbors tractor through the neighbors field along with a local farmers field.  We enjoy hosting people at ou
bvanstrien · 157 days ago

  Dear Baby, It is a Saturday evening in October. I’m sitting here listening to some soothing music while I write this. The house is otherwise quiet. Outside my office window I can see leaves on the bushes next door changing from green to oranges and yello
MarkandSarah · 159 days ago

What a fun visit with my parents!  On Sunday the weather perked up enough for time on the swing set and a bike ride around the block. We watched some football together, then Evan shared his two favorite (this week) books with them both. Today Grandma joine
PeteandSarah · 159 days ago

What to do on a cold and wet Saturday?  Go to Lowes!  Evan was so excited to see all the holiday decorations!  Christmas trees, sparkling lights, Santa statues.  He was pretty disappointed we were there to pick up light bulbs and weather stripping.  No wor
PeteandSarah · 162 days ago

I was driving home from work today reflecting back on time spent with my husband and our family this past weekend. We celebrated 3 birthdays at my parents home. It was nice to see my brother and his girlfriend along with thier little one. No matter the bir
mikeandkelli · 164 days ago

It is getting colder and colder in the mornings here in Liberal. The positive side being that my little Carter is much more apt to cuddle in the mornings over cartoons for him and Facebook news for me. Last night after I picked him up from daycare, we came
karigarett · 166 days ago

Hello! We are new to Parent Finder and are excited to see where this road takes us!
mikeandkelli · 166 days ago

Okay so I blinked and now we are in October. This year is moving faster as we approach the new year. I always like the Fall, the changing of the leaves and all the beautiful colors. There is so much to be thankful for.  I mentioned before that my husband a
SteveandJessica · 172 days ago

We do most of our growing on the farm, but we like having herbs and flowers around the house as well.  This week we planted tulip bulbs, which (if the deer don't eat them) will bloom in the spring. 
Kerriann_and_Tamara · 175 days ago

Every Saturday morning, we harvest vegatables to sell at the farmers market on Sundays.  We love spending that time outdoors in the sunshine together, and we can't wait until we have little ones there with us enjoying our weekly ritual. 
Kerriann_and_Tamara · 176 days ago

We have been trying our best to take more photographs of ourselves, so that we can provide a clearer picture of who we are and the kind of parents we will be.  This photo was taken at a concert hall in Washington, DC, right before a show by one of our favo
Kerriann_and_Tamara · 176 days ago

Happy Fall! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Matt and I decided to go pumpkin picking. The weather was just wonderful.  There is nothing like 80 Degree weather in the fall.  We had a lot of fun and cannot wait to have a child to be able to share these fun
Matt_Laura4 · 181 days ago

We just got home from Adam's football game. They lost but they played hard and we, and both sets of our parents, had a great time cheering him on. He always has a big cheering section at his games.  It's funny that before I became a parent to Isaac and Ada
revjenlynn · 185 days ago

August 27th - Usually we have nights at home, watching TV during the week and don't normally go out. But we decided to get tickets to see a show that we had seen advertised and my husband and I had a date night together. The show was funny and we had a gre
Matt_Laura4 · 187 days ago

August 26th- My mom and I got together to pick out decorations for my step-fathers surprise birthday party. 
Matt_Laura4 · 187 days ago

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testcoupleuser · 188 days ago

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testcoupleuser · 188 days ago

We had a wonderful weekend -- we took our 99 year old Grandma out for a drive to her hometown and took her to see her old church and the cemetery where so many of her relatives are buried and we got to hear some of her memories of growing up there... After
revjenlynn · 189 days ago

Laura met her mother for lunch today to dicuss plans her step-fathers surprise party. The place was selected and we ordered the invitations today.   
Matt_Laura4 · 189 days ago

Sundays are a favorite day in our home.  We enjoy sleeping in just a bit, and then we get up and head to Sunday school and church.  Nothing energizes us for the week ahead like participating in worship!  Afterward, we enjoy a good lunch and then spend the
revjenlynn · 196 days ago

Sundays are a favorite day in our home.  We enjoy sleeping in just a bit, and then we get up and head to Sunday school and church.  Nothing energizes us for the week ahead like participating in worship!  Afterward, we enjoy a good lunch and then spend the
revjenlynn · 196 days ago

A tradition on Ali's side of the family is an annual trip to the State Fair.  We always have to go see all the latest and greatest displays and vendors, what the butter sculpture is this year, the pig races, the 4H exhibits, and so much more.  There's also
Lecuyer10 · 196 days ago

Last week was very busy at work, but also very rewarding.  On Labor Day we had an opening morning dove hunt for new and beginning hunters.  The birds cooperated and gave the kids plenty of hunting action.  All but 1 of the 16 kids managed to get at least 1
Lecuyer10 · 199 days ago

testapsept09 · 200 days ago

Once upon  a time there lived a farmer and his wife. The farmer grew vegetables and wife sold them in the market.  sdfsd cv dv s s  
testapsept09 · 201 days ago

Wow is it September already!! I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.  It is crazy how fast time goes by. I read something the other day that said Christmas is only 16 Friday's away. I wish is were feeling a little cooler outside. It has been so hot. I l
SteveandJessica · 207 days ago

Apparently yesterday was National Dog Day!  I loved seeing pictures of everyone's puppies online but it made us sad because both Brian and I miss having dogs around.   We both grew up with dogs in the house and think that it's a great experience for kids t
brianandcarrievogel · 214 days ago

Seems like only yesterday we were filling out forms and going through background checks to start our adoption process. Now here we are a year later doing the same thing to renew. Steve and I are blessed to have such a great surrounding of family and friend
SteveandJessica · 220 days ago

Every year, Chris does a program called the Creature Feature at a couple of the area fairs for kids (and adults!) to learn about some of the local wildlife.  During the week leading up to the event, he will start looking out for some live animals to catch
Lecuyer10 · 224 days ago

It's August, and the peaceful, quiet halls at classrooms at the school are starting to liven up a bit!  Ali has gone back to start working in her classroom, turning the blank walls and pile of furniture into an inviting learning space for her first graders
Lecuyer10 · 224 days ago

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