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Larry's beloved Aunt Esther died today.  She was his surrogate mom and played a role in shaping his life that can never be replaced.  Please join us in celebrating the life of this beautiful lady. MB and Lar
MBANDLARRY · 319 days ago

Our foster puppy, Fred, has been adopted!  He learned so much while he was with us--everything from house training, to sit and stay and get on your bed, to, best of all, running around with us and our other dog just for the joy of it.  We know he's found t
MBANDLARRY · 319 days ago

We had a great Christmas week of activities.  Saturday night we went to our nieces' and nephews' Christmas program at church.  Sunday afternoon was our Sunday School Christmas program.  Monday enjoyed a day off work and had just a couple last minute gifts
ChristinaEthan · 331 days ago

Hi, folks, Here's the latest addition...just home from the shelter!  Happy Christmas!  MB and Larry
MBANDLARRY · 334 days ago

Hi, friends, Larry and I are LOVING all the extra time we're getting with family and friends as we share the news about our adoption hopes.  Home Study is almost done--just in time for Christmas, which we take to be a good sign! For fun, we're baking cooki
MBANDLARRY · 338 days ago

I love Instagram.  In browsing my feed I see this: It reminds me of being in Massachusetts, but it also reminds me how many great kids books are out there and what works of art they are.  I've always loved kids books.  I
keirnmayfield · 345 days ago

It's basketball season.  Friday night we went to our nephew's game.  Tonight we're going to our niece's game.  Go Panthers!
ChristinaEthan · 347 days ago

Fall is our favourite time of year. The color of the leaves, the excitement of Thanksgiving and then Christmas, right around the corner and of course, very, very happy memories of our autumn wedding! We’re always looking for new fun things to do and spec
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 350 days ago

Getting everything ready for my church's Happy Birthday Jesus event Saturday.  Right now I have 50 children signed up.  That's more than the past few years, so that's great to see!
ChristinaEthan · 354 days ago

Enjoyed the annual Holiday Craft Fair with my mom and sisters last night.  A little bit of Christmas gift shopping done!
ChristinaEthan · 365 days ago

Today is our 11 year anniversary.  It does not feel like 11 years.  It's gone by so quickly.  But we love each other and are best friends.  We have a great life together.  
alexandann · 371 days ago

What do you do for the holidays? We will be visiting family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It's wonderful to be able to spend time with siblings, parents, neices and nephews.  
alexandann · 372 days ago

I used to take for granted the little things in life that were fun. Didn't place A lot of importance on them. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE amusement parks and Can ride the spinning rides forever! I always loved playing with my little cousins Growing up. I
meljoemike · 375 days ago

My family spent Sunday afternoon moving out my mom's living room furniture so she could get new carpet this week.  The kids had a fun time playing in the open space and my oldest nephew said to just leave it the way it was because it was more fun without t
ChristinaEthan · 382 days ago

We had two special trick-or-treaters make a stop at our house last night - our two year old twin niece and nephew as a giraffe and a puppy. 
ChristinaEthan · 386 days ago

We had our annual hayride with Jon's family this past weekend.  As always, we had so much fun!  Great weather, lots of family and good food.  We're already looking forward to next year!
JonDebbie · 388 days ago

Hard to believe another holiday season is quickly approaching.  Starting to plan our church's Happy Birthday Jesus childrens event for early December.
ChristinaEthan · 388 days ago

We've been keeping busy this fall.  We have been celebrating birthdays, decorating for the holidays and spending lots of time together as a family.  We've been traveling and working hard getting ready to build our family.  We'd love to know how you are and
alexandann · 391 days ago

Sam has played soccer for the first time this Fall.  He has loved it!  It has been a great experience and he has played with some sweet friends.  Only two games left . . .
JonDebbie · 396 days ago

Saturday we went to "Walter's Pumpkin Patch" with my best friend and my old college roomie and their families.  This pumpkin patch was amazing so many fun things for the kids to do.  I cannot wait to go again next year and make it a family tradition. 
StevenSara · 404 days ago

This past weekend Bodie got his pictures in his halloween costume.  Since he loves bananas and can eat 3 a day if we let him, we thought it fitting that he be a monkey this year.  My mom got him a book of animals so we have been working on animal sounds. 
StevenSara · 410 days ago

Some really hard stuff has come across my radar lately. Little children in schools so full of rage that they can't go A day without punching someone....Families divided and Unable to reconcile for various reasons. It seems it's really About pain. No 7 yr
meljoemike · 413 days ago

To all our Parentfinder visitors, we have started an adoption journal at our adoptimist website found here: Please read our posts there! Thanks! Eric & Z
ericandzerxes · 424 days ago

We spent part of this rainy day working on kitchen renovations. After twelve years of marriage, we work well together. We argue very little over little things that don't matter. Neither of us likes the drama that arguing creates. I'm proud we know how to c
JoshKelly · 427 days ago

The other day we had a few thunderstorms roll in.  There is nothing more calming than waking up to rain drops falling on the roof with the gentle rumble of thunder miles away.   Now on the other hand, our dog Larsen feels like this.....  
alan_breanne · 430 days ago

About a year after beginning our adoption journey, we finally decided that it was time to start on a nursery. It finally seemed like the right time and we were at a place in our journey where we could walk by the room and feel hopeful that one day a son
alan_breanne · 430 days ago

It's already mid-September!  I can hardly believe it.  Here's an update...   Clara is now in 2nd grade and still at St. Dominic's School.  She's loving her 2nd grade teacher, who is very good at helping Clara be successful in school.  Clara's favorite thin
nathanandtammy · 430 days ago

No one wants to be rejected. It feels bad. Every time I log on and see that one more person has looked at our page and we haven't been contacted I'm blasted with the realization that once again we haven't been chosen- we've been rejected..... Again. Everyo
RandyCrystal · 437 days ago

Bodie attended the state fair with his birthmom and her family on Saturday, I think he enjoyed people watching and eating a corndog. They said he was quite the flirt with other girls in strollers.  Steven went to Manhattan for the Kstate football game so I
StevenSara · 439 days ago

There is nothing better than a cool crisp fall day.  We love fall.  We are decorating our house and enjoying the great weather.  Hope you're enjoying it too!  
alexandann · 440 days ago

We are in Denver this week to look at apartments. For the past 14 years we've been without real roots. We knew we were only in a location for a short time. First for undergraduate, then graduate school, then jobs in a city we weren't fond of. We knew, howe
JackieAndCarrie · 445 days ago

I always look forward to holidays and a day off work to spend with my little boy.  Friday we had some friends over for pizza and to cheer on K-State.  Even though they lost it was fun for the kids to play.  Saturday we were invited to a BBQ so Bodie got to
StevenSara · 445 days ago

Bodie has mastered meal time prayer, sometimes he is patiently waiting for us instead of us asking him if he is ready.  It is such a proud moment when you ask him to pray and he folds his little hands together in excitement in front of friends and family. 
StevenSara · 445 days ago

Hello! We thought we would start using the journal just to tell you all what we have been up to lately! Kylie just started a new job on a Mother/Baby unit. She is really liking it so far- although it is taking some getting used to as it is quite different
davidandkylie · 446 days ago

Our twelth anniversary was Sunday. I think we are happier each year. I know we get closer with each year, and that makes us both happy.
JoshKelly · 446 days ago

Josh has worked for universities for about eleven years. This year, he made a career move to a major SEC school. I have always loved living in college towns for several reasons. But what is new to us in our new neighborhood is hearing the faint sound of th
JoshKelly · 448 days ago

Jacob turns 2 years old today!  The time is going by so fast!
AnneSteve · 453 days ago

8-22-13 Wow!!! Time flies when you're having fun!?  Or when you're starting a new job and are trying to figure out what you're doing:)  As Payton and I have gone back to school and we're rushing around between school, soccer practice, what to make for supp
AaronandLynettee · 457 days ago

Teething is not so fun.  Bodie got his first 6 teeth no problem but tooth #7 has not been so friendly.  It is finally here and lets pray #8 is a little nicer!  I hope when he gets older that brushing his teeth is still a highlight of his day.
StevenSara · 458 days ago

To watch your child learn and grow warms my heart.  I love when Bodie learns new things, he obviously learns by example.  It is apparent he has seen me cook a few times as he went to the kitchen drawer to get out my over mitt, slips it on his little hand a
StevenSara · 459 days ago

I'm noticing more and more that it is the "little things" about my child that bring me joy. Michael HATES bandaids - absolutely despises them!  Not exactly typical for a little kid, but I guess that is what makes it special.  Today I had a bandaid covering
meljoemike · 464 days ago

The end of summer is near and I am getting into full school gear! Planning new lessons, going in to set up my classroom next week with some of my students that volunteered to help me from last year's class (LOVE THEM!), and getting anxious about all of it!
BryanandDeb · 465 days ago

We went on our 20th annual family vacation this year!  There were 32 family members that attended!  What a great way to celebrate family!  We camped at Echo Lake near Idaho Springs, Colorado!  We had fabulous weather for most of the trip and enjoyed a few
BenAmanda · 467 days ago

This weekend we are making a quick trip to Ohio to see our families, and Tracy will get to see some old friends as well.  During the summers of 1997 and 2000, Tracy worked as a counselor at a sleepaway camp for children with special needs, which inspired h
paskoff · 470 days ago

Just finished painting the spare bedroom a warm yellow. Want it to feel like sunshine to a baby - plus it's appropriate for a girl or boy:). It's exciting to be preparing. I feel so hopeful. Yesterday I even picked up a sweet little hat for a girl (just i
meljoemike · 471 days ago

The rain unfortunately has kept us indoors this past week.  Bodie had his 15 month check up and was pleased to hear he is exceeding his development goals as he has passed the 18 month test.  Also glad he is back on the heighth chart coming in at the 4 perc
StevenSara · 474 days ago

Another beautiful day on Long Island....this weekend we decided to take a long drive out East and have a picnic lunch at a beautiful winery and then do some local small town shopping......followed by some outlet shopping (which can get overwhelming).  It w
BryanandDeb · 475 days ago

One of our favorite summer activities is Theatre in the Park.  Shawnee Mission Park has a wonderful outdoor community theatre that puts on shows each weekend.  Tim and I love to attend the theatre and the outdoor, laid-back, family atmosphere can't be beat
timamber · 477 days ago

We are excited to spend the weekend with old family friends from Ohio.  It has been fun to hang out this summer with the "little girl" who I babysat in college starting when she was 6--who is now 21 and all grown up, completing a summer internship in DC
paskoff · 478 days ago

60 degrees in Kansas and its July crazy!!  We took advantage of this beautiful weather and went to the zoo on Saturday.  Bodie's favorite part of the zoo is the farm were he can brush the goats.  I think he would give them a kiss if we would let him.  The
StevenSara · 481 days ago

Last night we had a great time at a Bon Jovi concert! Bryan was the only guy with 7 women! He is always up for anything and always good company. The women we went with have been friends of mine since middle/high school and we have been going to Bon Jovi co
BryanandDeb · 482 days ago

Enjoyed the birthday party of my two year old niece and nephew.  We all had fun even though it did not feel like summer outside this weekend.
ChristinaEthan · 482 days ago

We are finally in our new home. Whew! So much to unpack. Hopefully we can post before and after photos in a few weeks.
JoshKelly · 484 days ago

Once a year I take my Godchild(Megan) and her 1st cousin, my 2nd(Paige) for a girls day.  They came up with the name "Munchkin Day" as this was started 7 years ago and they are now 11.  So today marked the 7th annual.  We started the day with lunch at Appl
StevenSara · 484 days ago

Tomorrow we move into our new home that we have been renovating for about six weeks. I can't wait. We've done a lot of work, but there's still more to do.
JoshKelly · 485 days ago

The heatwave is over, but it is still a rather warm summer.  Just wondering if anyone even reads my blog posts.  Whether you are a PAP or a potential expecant mom browsing, inquiring minds want to know.  If you read this how about dropping me a note in the
ReneeandScott · 486 days ago

7-24-13  Payton and I just spent a week in Winfield/Wichita visiting family, shopping, and for Payton, attending church camp with Grandpa.  It was a tiring and fun week!  I found some fun stuff to decorate my classroom, and Payton got some school clothes a
AaronandLynettee · 486 days ago

We enjoyed a nice day off work to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. 
ChristinaEthan · 487 days ago

We have been trying to get this to work and I finally tried it with Firefox as the browser instead of explorer and it works.
koprivafamily · 488 days ago

What an amazing weekend we had!  We are so blessed to live so close to Bodie's grandparents as we were able to see all of them this weekend.  Bodie loved to chase Steven's dad's dog with the water hose, I love to hear him giggle.  I think my mom has more t
StevenSara · 488 days ago

We celebrated our 14th anniversary this past week.  We had a very nice and leisurely dinner at a new restaurant.  Jacob stayed home with Nana... it felt strange not having him there with us!  But we enjoyed the time alone.
AnneSteve · 490 days ago

Tonight Bryan and discussed having our place painted and although I have not set up a nursery (trust me I have a ton of ideas saved to my computer) we did discuss painting the room that will become the nursery.  I don't want to lock into any one "baby colo
BryanandDeb · 491 days ago

Well it is still pretty hot around here and I am hoping to get to the beach today.  We are having a heatwave and I've noticed that I really just don't enjoy the SUPER hot days unless I can be by the water or in the air conditioning. Our summer started off
BryanandDeb · 493 days ago

So last night Bryan and I had the best night out! We started with going to see my asst. principal get married (just the ceremony) which was beautiful. Then we drove into the city and walked around crazy midtown (you can literally stand there for hours just
BryanandDeb · 496 days ago

Jacob recently had his first opportunity to play on a beach.  And here he thought the bathtub was fun... he had no idea how much fun he could have with water!
AnneSteve · 497 days ago

Last week, Amanda and I went up to the UP (upper peninsula) of Michigan for vacation.  Amanda's grandmother grew up in the area which was a major logging center, and Amanda's great grandfather was a lumberjack.  So every year, there is a family reunion, an
AndrewAmanda · 499 days ago

The past few days I have been thinking about how amazing it will be to have a little one around here.  I try to stop myself from getting excited because of all we have already been through trying to start our family....I just don't want any more heartbreak
BryanandDeb · 501 days ago

Amanda and I adopted our new puppy a little over a month ago now, so I wanted to talk a little more about that! Hurley is our third adopted dog.  Our first, Braxton (a black cockapoo) - we loved very much.  We adopted him at 4 years old but he developed se
AndrewAmanda · 501 days ago

Waiting to be matched is hard.  You pray that you put your best foot forward and you try to let go and wait patiently.  It's hard to let birth parents know how much love you have to give when all they see is a few pictures and a few words.  People tell me
LauraandDamien · 501 days ago

Our new puppy, Hurley!
AndrewAmanda · 502 days ago

Enjoyed a four-day weekend.  It was sweet to see my nieces and nephews together.  My oldest niece did a good job sharing and helping out with her youngest cousins.  My 4 year old nephew snuck at least two hugs in with his little cousin.  I know they will b
ChristinaEthan · 502 days ago

I should have kept the thought about all the rain to myself! It went from rainy to SUPER HOT around here! I did get to enjoy a great day at the beach which always puts a smile on my face, but the heat the past few days has been brutal! Coming to the end of
BryanandDeb · 503 days ago

What an exciting week it has been for us!   Thursday was the Fourth of July and this year Tim and I celebrated by attending a friend's party in the evening.  There was so much food, much of which was wrapped in bacon.  Tim was in heaven.  There were bacon
timamber · 503 days ago

Not much of a blogger.  Not sure how much information to write- what is enough? What is too much? Here it goes  I became a scrapbooker before my son was born. I wanted to document the process for him. I wanted to make sure he knew how much he was loved fro
LauraandDamien · 505 days ago

I grew up outside a small town. We always went to a neighboring town called Clintonville for fireworks. Everyone sat around the baseball field and the fireworks were shot from the middle. These were some up close fireworks which required you to keep an eye
JackieAndCarrie · 505 days ago

Happy Fourth of July! It's rainy cats and dogs here in Alabama, so no fireworks. We have had a great day spending time with family.
JoshKelly · 506 days ago

We have had a great holiday so far.  We had pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  Spend time with members of our church at a cookout and Miles took part in a bike race.   Now we're just relaxing and watching cheesy sci fi movies.  Hope your day was great!
alexandann · 506 days ago

The summer is well under way, yet the weather is NOT cooperating around here! As much as I am missing my outdoor activities, I have to say I have been pretty productive with getting things done around the house and also with getting work done for school in
BryanandDeb · 507 days ago

Well the school year has just been over for about a week and a half and although I LOVE summer, I miss my wonderful class of students! I loved my class and was sad to say goodbye. We had a great year filled with fun! They worked so hard this year.  Thankfu
BryanandDeb · 507 days ago

Test Post
ginacrotts · 507 days ago

We were full-time aunt and uncle this weekend as we watched our 23 month old twin niece and nephew.  It was a fun time, but they were glad to see mom and dad get back from their trip.
ChristinaEthan · 509 days ago

Should we go to the zoo, the aquarium or the beach today?
alexandann · 511 days ago

My parents are visiting for a few days.  Miles LOVES his grandparents.  We're going to have lots of fun!
alexandann · 513 days ago

Carrie and I have been married, legally, for 9 years. In all of those years we've never been recognized as married in our own country. A country I served honorably in the Marine Corps. Our home. Today the Supreme Court ruled the federal Defense of Marriage
JackieAndCarrie · 514 days ago

Summer feels like it is here now.  Our nieces and nephews all enjoyed a weekend afternoon at the local pool.  Looking forward to having our son or daughter enjoy the fun with their cousins.
ChristinaEthan · 516 days ago

Ahhhh, finally, the weekend.  Time for family and fun.
alexandann · 519 days ago

At this point in time we have one name for each gender, but recognize the need to adjust if the name just doesn't match the actual child when it arrives.   Girl: Melody Rayne (with the potential for a second middle name) Boy: Finn Alexander Rayne   Rayne i
JackieAndCarrie · 520 days ago

After a long break, I made time at the beginning of this year to start running and cycling again.  I have some really active co-workers who have encouraged me and gone out with me for runs and rides over the lunch hour.  I have had a great time and am real
timamber · 520 days ago

Alex is making Swedish Pancakes this morning.  Not too shabby! 
alexandann · 521 days ago

I think we're going to spend time at the beach this weekend.  Maybe go to the children's museum too. 
alexandann · 521 days ago

We are having the hardwood floors refinished in our new home this week. The floors are looking beautiful. We are planning to move in on July 25th. The next big task is the kitchen renovation.
JoshKelly · 522 days ago

I read two articles today on the problem of sibling bullying, along with what can be done. You can read them at the links.
JackieAndCarrie · 523 days ago

Want to contact our caseworker?   Ashley Groesbeck LDS Family Services 217 East 87th Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10128 212-876-7427   LDS Family Services help birth parents with everything from single parenting to adoption.     We are happy to answer an
alexandann · 524 days ago

You can chat with us live!   Yahoo messanger:  alexannadopt AOL messanger:  bionic227    
alexandann · 524 days ago

We worked for 12 hours yesterday and more today on our new garden.  It's in the front of our house and we're going to grow lettuce, tomatoes, squash, herbs, peppers and whatever else we can find.  
alexandann · 524 days ago

We have been working on our new home a lot lately. We have scheduled several contractors to do work over the next few weeks. The floors are being refinished starting Monday. We can't wait to have a true home in our new community. We move in July 25th. We c
JoshKelly · 527 days ago

My eldest nephew graduated from HS this past week.  He won the Headmaster Award. What a proud moment for my family!  Way to go Brad! Where have the years gone.  He was such a cute toddler.  
ReneeandScott · 529 days ago

As part of the adoption process the courts require letters of reference. One of our dearest friends wrote a letter for each of us. Since they were hand written I'm posting them as images here. The letters are done separately, as requested by the social wor
JackieAndCarrie · 529 days ago

We jsut closed on our new home today. It's an older home, built in the 1960s, in a nice, well established neighborhood with beautiful tree-lined streets. The house needs quite a bit of fixing up. We will be remodeling for the next seven weeks before finall
JoshKelly · 533 days ago

We watched our twin niece and nephew Saturday night.  It was nice to have time with little ones.
ChristinaEthan · 536 days ago

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