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Last week we decided to go on a little vacation.  Normally at this time of the year we head out to Mackinac Island, but this year we decided to do something different, and instead we drove off to Traverse City, because it was highly recommended by all of o
marcinandkasia · 79 days ago

This past weekend Paul and I had our family on Cape Cod for some beach time and fun! Friday we spent the day at the beach as it was warm and bright sunshine. After dinner we headed into town to see the town band play in the common where there are sing alon
ClaudiaandPaul · 80 days ago

We are just back home from a week long vacation in Tennesee!  We spent the week Ina beautiful cabin with Teresa's side of the family.  Lia loved playing with her cousins every day and we all enjoyed spending time together relaxing. We spent some time hikin
richandteresa · 81 days ago

We welcomed our first eggs from our chickens.  It was exciting to go outside and see two eggs that the chickens left for us.  We at them this past Saturday and they were amazing.  We are patiently waiting for many more eggs to come.  Check out our pictures
bvanstrien · 81 days ago

We just returned from a family trip to San Diego ----- Graham wanted to see the Big Legoland so off we went! Everything was so fun from meeting Emmett and Wild Style, to seeing all the characters in full size made of Lego (see pics of Dath Vader!) and the
carol_adopts · 81 days ago

We love summer! The kids have been enjoying long days spent at the pool, bike rides, trips to see the grandparents, visits to the library and local children's museums. Hannah has also been having a ton of fun at morning camps that include ballet, violin, s
CoryandCarrie · 82 days ago

Hanging by the east river. So relaxing dreaming of one day bringing a child to enjoy the local park near by.
micheleandsteven · 82 days ago

Hanging poolside watching the kids having fun splashing around. We imagine next summer bringing a child of our own to enjoy the pool.
micheleandsteven · 84 days ago

Welcome to our blog!!
richandteresa · 86 days ago

Central Park NYC carnival fun for children of all ages imagine taking a child of our own one day after we #adopt www. MicheleandStevenadCentral Park NYC carnival fun for children of all ages imagine taking a child of our own one day after we #adopt www. Mi
micheleandsteven · 87 days ago

Emily's sister Julie got married over the weekend to her husband Russell! It was very hot and humid out  for this July wedding but the wedding was very beautiful! In September Julie & Russell will also welcome a new baby! 
matthewandemily · 87 days ago

  Biking around Randall’s island NYC lots to do from BBQ, miniature golf, horseback riding and visiting a farm. Dreaming of taking a child here after we #adopt and explore the island. 
micheleandsteven · 89 days ago

  We have been busy planting, planting, and more planting! Heidi's dad made the nice planter boxes for our deck.  We will be adding a hummingbird feeder to that hook, to attract more wildlife to our backyard! We just recently added an awning over our de
JasonandHeidi · 91 days ago

We just had the opportunity of celebrating the Fourth of July.  We started out Saturday going with Beth's parents and our neighbors to the local parade, we followed that with spending the day at Brandon's uncle and aunts house in their pool with lots of fr
bvanstrien · 92 days ago

  love this! Children are so special best feeling when our nieces and nephews wrap their arms around us and give us hugs. We imagine giving lots of hugs to our child.
micheleandsteven · 93 days ago

Saturday, June 13th  The family gathered at my aunt and uncles house to celebrate my parents wedding anniversary.  We had lunch and a cake for them and celebrated their special day together as a family.
Matt_Laura4 · 93 days ago

Friday, June 12th   I enjoyed spending the time with my mom and going out to lunch with her today. After lunch we spent time at the botanical garden and enjoyed looking at all the pretty flowers.
Matt_Laura4 · 93 days ago

Sunday, May 31st   We were invited over my aunt and uncle's house to celebrate my cousin's birthday.  They had lunch and a cake and we all had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday.
Matt_Laura4 · 93 days ago

Sunday, May 24th It was a wonderful day to go for a drive to Pennsylvania. We stopped on the way for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel and then visited Bushkill Falls for the day. We hiked around by the falls, which were beautiful. We lucked out and had grea
Matt_Laura4 · 93 days ago

This past Saturday, Marcin and I decided to stay home. Since the weather was nice, we ended up having a barbecue. We decided to spend the whole day outside. Once we got everything ready for the grill, we reflected on how great it is to eat dinner out on ou
marcinandkasia · 94 days ago

As a child we always did fireworks in our own backyard.  The neighbors would come over and my  father would set them off.  It was one of my favorite nights of the year.  All the kids would be running around playing, catching lightening bugs and staying up
laura603 · 95 days ago

One thing to know about us is that Carmen is a planner and David just goes along for the ride!  This works well for us for the most part. Our last post was about pudgy pies.  We went camping over the fourth of July and Carmen planned the whole weekend's me
DavidandCarmen · 96 days ago

We had such a fun Fourth of July weekend!  Sarah's sister and niece were in town for an overnight visit with her parents, so she and Evan started the weekend early.  I joined them on Friday afternoon and we enjoyed nightly campfires, lots of outside playti
PeteandSarah · 96 days ago

We had the best time in Orlando this 4th of July weekend.   Discovery Cove was the most amazing experience, we both completely disconnected from the rest of the world and really enjoyed snorkeling next to our favorite fish and stringrays.   Jeff and I both
jeffandaudrey · 96 days ago

Hope you had a great 4th. What better way to celebrate the 4th of July then watching the Macy’s fireworks practically in our own backyard. We imagine bringing a child one day and watch their eyes light up as they watch the fireworks.
micheleandsteven · 97 days ago

While in Central Park we ran into a friend to everybody Big Bird. A baby will be so excited to meet him and take part in all the wonderful activities of the park when we bring them here.
micheleandsteven · 98 days ago

This past Sunday Marcin and I went to the festival to see some fireworks. It was our city's 65th birthday celebration. This is just one of many events that happens in our city, which is very near our home.  We decided to leave the house in the evening.  It
marcinandkasia · 99 days ago

We are soo excited for a three day weekend filled with fun and friends celebrating the freedom of this great country. Up first tonight, a baseball game!!  We are so lucky to have a top notch minor league team close to home for some good family fun. Tomorro
joshandamber · 99 days ago

We are planning a camping trip very soon.  Carmen is in full planning mode while David just sits back and says, "yes, dear".  Carmen has been researching "pudgy pies" or also knwon as "hobo pies".  There are way too many delicious flavors to choose from!  
DavidandCarmen · 99 days ago

Yesterday my sweet love surprised me with preparing a chicken and rice dinner. It was yummy. Preparing meals together for our child will be s much fun.
micheleandsteven · 100 days ago

Love Michael Buble. Someone posted these words about their adoption journey and really express how we feel. Can't wait to meet you.   
micheleandsteven · 101 days ago

Here is a photo from last weekend's Crossfit Competition.  Kara and a couple of her friends competed as a team.  Kara is below (wearing black) lifting the barbell.  They had a great time working together and rooting for one another and I was there to cheer
donaldandkara · 101 days ago

The weather this weekend was amazing, so we packed up and went for a hike. Our jobs keep us at the house for most of the week, so we relish the chance to get outside and appreciate all the natural beauty in our area on the weekends. I mean, just look at th
leighannandkevin · 101 days ago

Sophie and John went out fishing! Soph caught her first fish!  
JohnandLaura · 103 days ago

Hanging out good friends talking, laughing and eating. They happily talk about the future good times of birthdays, graduations, and other milestones.
micheleandsteven · 103 days ago

Gorgeous day in the park. Lots of kids playing and moms with their babies. We imagine the times when our child will play in the park with their friends with us watching to make sure they are safe.     
micheleandsteven · 105 days ago

Wow!  We have been horrible about updating this journal!  We are try to update our social media accounts everyday but have not been very good about updating here.  So sorry about that!   Last week brought on the first day of summer!  We have been enjoying
DavidandCarmen · 105 days ago

Hi everyone!   Another Father's Day has come and gone, and I'm pretty sure I managed to find the perfect gift for Amit.  You see, we have a pretty fantastic garden gnome collection (we have them hidden in funny places all over our yard, which is almost thr
AmitandNatalie · 106 days ago

What a whirlwind of travel we've had the last two months!  Chicago, Texas, Sarah's hometown and then Michigan's U.P.  We've celebrated a college graduation, two high school graduations and a wedding.  It is so fun to travel with Evan, he loves time with hi
PeteandSarah · 107 days ago

  Great article we found. Being a parent is the biggest responsibility as well as soul fulfilling. We are ready for all the joys and responsibilities that parenting will bring when a wonderful birth mother or couple places baby with us http://www.scarymomm
micheleandsteven · 107 days ago

We got to have our niece, Josie, and nephew, Anthony, for the weekend (Matthew's sister Carrie's children). We were very excited they came in from SC to spend time with us! We had dinner and a show at a Hibatchi grill on Friday night. Saturday we went to v
matthewandemily · 107 days ago

Our profile went active this week, which is super exciting! We have started working on the nursery so that we are ready when the time comes to welcome a little one into our home. The walls have been painted and we have new, really soft carpet. Bob put toge
bobandarielle · 107 days ago

We love to spend time out doors, a couple of weekends ago after spending a wonderful day at the beach, Chef Jeff cooked us a wonderful meal on the grill. Best day ever, thanks for spending time with us Yeliz , Hacer and Ismail         
jeffandaudrey · 107 days ago

Well, we've had a whirlwind couple of months!  Mom and Lexi went to Africa for nearly three weeks while dad managed to hold things together back home.  While it was a working trip for mom, Lexi came along to get an appreciation for African culture, to see
davidandheidi · 108 days ago

I love every Saturday and Sunday, because Marcin and I always have a lot of time to ourselves. Every weekend starts out with the two of us making breakfast, which is wonderful. Last Saturday and Sunday was very sunny so we got to spend a lot of time outsid
marcinandkasia · 108 days ago

Another great weekend in northern Indiana.  We went to a free event at a local Bison Ranch with friends.  Miles had his face painted, fed a baby buffalo and camel.  Afterwards we ate lunch and hit the pool.  I hope the weather keeps getting better.  I reme
laura603 · 108 days ago

Had a blast with our nieces and nephews. They are the real superstars of the family. They can’t wait to have a baby cousin to join in. They speak about how they will sing nursery rhymes and learn baby games.
micheleandsteven · 109 days ago

A week went by and I still can't get over the excitement of last week's event. Marcin and I drove out to Brooklyn, MI to see the NASCAR race. The event started very early since we had passes to the hospitality village. We got to see Joey Logano, Danica Pat
marcinandkasia · 110 days ago

Uncle Steven dancing with our niece. She was really having a blast doing cartwheels all over the dance floor. We ook forward to dancing through life with a baby.  
micheleandsteven · 113 days ago

Every Thursday I take our 2 year old son to the local bakery for a muffin (which he pronounces mussin).  Today while we were munching on the sweets a woman came in pushing a baby in a stoller.  "Look Imma (he calls me Imma)" he said, "A cute baby!  Where i
davidandcari · 113 days ago

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary! The years have just flown by. We have been so blessed but pray for a child to add to our family and love.    
shanaandsamadopt · 115 days ago

I'll admit it.  The night before Sloane's second birthday I found it hard to sleep.  I was full of excitement for the festivities we had planned the next day.  There would be play time at the children's museum, the carousel, the splash-pad, maybe even some
JasonandAmy · 115 days ago

Having a great time with our relatives at a family celebration. Our baby will grow to have fun times with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.
micheleandsteven · 115 days ago

Headed back east from a fun filled weekend of family good times
micheleandsteven · 117 days ago

We took a trip home to New York for a family wedding and Graham got to meet some family for the first time! My nephew got married and we were able to travel and share in the weekend's festivities. My mom and I got to visit were we lived (and I grew up) and
carol_adopts · 118 days ago

For our last big Preschool Hurrah we went to the petting zoo. We got to feed the goats and the birds. Rebecca loved it! This is a picture after the big hay ride. 
BobandKarin · 120 days ago

It's been a fun filled last couple of days. Rebecca had her very first dance recital. She loved dancing but didn't much like the clapping that came at the end of a song. She'll tell you that her favorite part was getting gummies as a treat afterwards. This
BobandKarin · 120 days ago

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our new nephew, Hayden Alexander!! He is the son of Emily's sister Amy who lives in Virginia. We were lucky enough to go and meet him in the hospital on the day he was born. We look forward to many exciting days
matthewandemily · 120 days ago

This month I celebrated my 40th birthday! My best friend & Steven surprised me with a slumber party with all of my girlfriends! We had a full day of fun filled with pedicures, shopping, dinner and a scavenger hunt! I couldn't have asked for anything el
annandsteve · 121 days ago

Headed to California tomorrow for some family and relaxing time. Look forward to bringing a baby meet everyone after we adopt. If your thinking of an adoption plan we would love to hear from you. Thanks Michele and Steven
micheleandsteven · 121 days ago

Time seems just like yesterday that I was bringing Miles home fromt he hospital and now he is a preschool graduate.  Tears streamed down my face as I proudly watched him walk across the stage to receive his certificate of completion.  Where did
laura603 · 121 days ago

These are my fabulous peonies! In the garden at the house we have hundreds of them and they are my favorite. This year they grew particularly HUGE in size. Graham has been watching them from bud to flower and updates me on their progress until the full blo
carol_adopts · 122 days ago

So much fun at Henry’s Bday party. He was such a ham with Loony Louie. Can’t wait to plan one of these parties one day.  
micheleandsteven · 124 days ago

06/07/2015 Hi everyone We just celebrated Brayden's 11th birthday, and I am sitting here wondering where the time has gone.  It feels like just yesterday I held him for the first time, this wrinkly, wiggly little guy with the cute little whimper that stol
AmitandNatalie · 124 days ago

We will be first time parents when we adopt. Found this great way to help comfort a baby. We also get advice from our friends and family.
micheleandsteven · 128 days ago

In 3 days we will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary! Most people would say that it doesn't feel like they have been married that long. For us, we feel like we have been together forever. You don't go through all that we have in our life and build
nickandnikki · 129 days ago

We had a great Memorial Day.  We had the priviledge of again hosting the Memorial Day Parade in our local town.  We did not have a great turnout this year as the weather was not the best but we still had a good time.  Brandon pulled the float for our churc
bvanstrien · 129 days ago

We realize we need to learn how to know what our child is feeling to help him or her out. We wonder if this article will help us  
micheleandsteven · 130 days ago

A new summer activity for our family is T-Ball.  Miles had his first game last week.  He enjoys hitting the ball but could care less about playing in the outfield.  He always so dirty at the end of a game.  I asked him "Miles why are you so dirty, baseball
laura603 · 130 days ago

When we are selected by an expectant mother or birth couple we’ll buy this fantastic adoption book. We’ll  fill it with precious memories about baby’s birth family and through the years about how we kept in touch with each other.  Also, about baby’s milest
micheleandsteven · 134 days ago

We had a family filled Memorial/Birthday weekend.   Weather held out and Miles was able to play with his cousin, Stella.  We took her Miles old "big bike" and showed her how to use it.   Celebrated another birthday surrounded with family.  Kids sang happy
laura603 · 135 days ago

In Montreal we listened to jazz music. Pictured with us is one of the amazing singers. We look forward to sharing our love of music when we grow our family through adoption.  
micheleandsteven · 136 days ago

Today I was thinking about Sloane's birthday.  She will be two years old in a couple of weeks.  Her birthmother selected us to be her parents just two weeks before she was born.  The day we recieved the call from our agency was life changing!  I was going
JasonandAmy · 138 days ago

Last night’s dinner is homemade Chines food. Family dinners will be great when our child  can enjoy trying new foods we’ll prepare.    
micheleandsteven · 141 days ago

It is a little like waiting in line at a store. You know you are going to get your turn if you are just patient. Patience is a little hard for us considering what is at the end of this line. We are just too excited! Due to the fact that the line takes as l
nickandnikki · 141 days ago

Good morning! I know it's late, but I wanted to take a minute to talk about what a wonderful mother's day I had.  I got the perfect gift this year.  It's that thing that every nurse on the night shift needs and loves...sleep!!  Amit was off, so he worked r
AmitandNatalie · 141 days ago

Hi, this is Cari.  I am a planner by nature.  I love to know what is coming so the adoption process would seem like it might be really hard for me since we don't know who the child will be.  But actually, what has happened is that I've already started feel
davidandcari · 141 days ago

With Memorial day approaching, we decided to post about Mary's mom, Carolyn. She passed away in September of 2000 in a car accident. She was a fun, loving and nurturing mother. She enjoyed making people laugh and spending time with her family.
codyandmary · 142 days ago

I read a quote today "You never stand so tall as when you stoop to help a child.”  Love this quote we look forward adopting a child so we can stand tall with them.
micheleandsteven · 143 days ago

Sunday we were able to celebrate sweet Leah Marie's Baptism.  Kevin and I are honored to be her Godparents.   We are so excited to be apart of her life and see her grow!  :-)
kevinandjillyn · 143 days ago

Summer is our favorite time of year! One of our favorite ways to spend time together is sitting on our front porch in the evenings. Last night, we had the chance to do that right after a rain storm. We were lucky enough to see a beautiful rainbow! We love
mkrkid · 143 days ago

Here we are at our favorite summertime activity. There is nothing better than bubbles and my good friend figured out how to make them really, really big!!!! 
BobandKarin · 143 days ago

We had a great time visiting with Wyatt and Sadie (two of Sophie's cousins that live up north)! John pulled the kids around on a blanket for at least an hour!
JohnandLaura · 144 days ago

This year Graham made me a poster and gave me a plant for Mother's Day. I had to work on the actual day, so he sent a smal bouquet of flowers to the ER for me. Because its me, my mom and Graham (and soon the new baby) Mother's Day has such meaning for all
carol_adopts · 144 days ago

Today we went to my college alumni networking event. It was great to meet new people as well as connect with some old friends. The best part was it was held at this old castle. It was so beautiful and right on the water. We love finding special hidden plac
micheleandsteven · 145 days ago

Look what hatched in our yard! Baby Robins! We enjoy many adventures in our yard that we can't wait to share with a child! It's so cute watching mama robin feed her babies, while daddy robin stands guard. Nature is beautiful!  
JasonandHeidi · 145 days ago

It is so much fun to spend a night out on the town just the two of us! 
JohnandLaura · 146 days ago

This last weekend was truly a welcome to spring! We woke up early on Saturday and went to walk around the Tridge, which happens to also be where the farmers market is. We love the famers market! The fresh flavors, beautiful plants and of course shopping ou
nickandnikki · 150 days ago

We headed to Kansas City this weekend to attend a graduation party, see Chris' sister, and catch up with some friends. When we go, we usually alternate staying with Chris' sister and these wonderful people. They have been close to Chris for many years and
Lecuyer10 · 150 days ago

We have been busy these past couple of weeks.  Beth was able to finish a t-shirt quilt for Brandon's cousin for her high school graduation (we would post a picture of it but we don't want her to see it yet).  We have also had the joy of watching all of our
bvanstrien · 151 days ago

Spending Mother's Day in Central Park with Family.Grandma Linda, Marcy and I just hanging out and relaxing watching the boys play soft ball.What a  spectacular day.  
micheleandsteven · 152 days ago

Tonight we took our two dogs, Tank and Roxy, for a walk on one of our local trails. Tank swam and played in the river and Roxy just enjoyed the warm weather. It was a great spent!
codyandmary · 156 days ago

Last night Steve and I went out to dinner to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We ate some yummy Mexican food and listened to a Mariachi band. We look forward to exposing a child to all sorts of foods and cultures.  
micheleandsteven · 157 days ago

Spring is a time of new beginnings and an awakening of the soul as the days get longer and the weather becomes more pleasant. We were already been lucky enough to enjoy a day at the Zoo and this weekend we will be traveling to the Great Lakes. It's just a
TimoandJessica · 157 days ago

Hi everyone!   Things have been so very busy here over the last week...but a good kind of busy!  Great things are happening, and we are feeling optimistic that soon we will have another little one in our home to share this wonderful life.   Several months
AmitandNatalie · 157 days ago

I participate in a Mommy Preschool with two friends. We all take a week and do preschool for the kids. It's such a fun way to explore together and to be very active in Rebecca's education. Last week we learned about the letter W and the solar system. Rebec
BobandKarin · 158 days ago

This last weekend we took a small 4 day trip to southwest Virginia. We had some lovely stops as we visited a nature reserve, Appomattox Courthouse where they ended the civil war, Natural Bridge and the Shennandoah Caverns. It was so fun to get out of the s
BobandKarin · 158 days ago

The weather this weekend was perfect and in the high 70s! We planted some more flowers in front of our house today and we also decided to plant some apple trees! 
codyandmary · 159 days ago

Last summer a violent wind storm put a giant crack down the middle of our beloved Hackberry tree in the front yard. That tree and its cute little tree house were part of the reason we fell in love with our house. Sadly, it became a danger and we had to let
Lecuyer10 · 160 days ago

It's finally warming up and looking green around here after a boring, brown winter! We love to start working outside in the spring to make our house look bright and cheerful again.
Lecuyer10 · 160 days ago

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