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We love to sit quietly on the deck, rocking gently on our chairs, enjoying what sunlight filters through the breeze.  We argue playfully over which bird belongs to which song, and try to prove our point by flipping through a bird book or tossing around the
AmitandNatalie · 29 days ago

It is so nice to be spending time outside again.  Some of my favorite moments are spending time in our front yard coloring with chalk on the driveway, digging in the dirt with a bulldozer and watching Evan ride his bike.  We have also been making the round
PeteandSarah · 30 days ago

Steve and I love music. Last night we went to piano lounge. It is so much fun listening to live music and singing along. Our house is always filled with music. We look forward to sharing our love of music with a child one day.
micheleandsteven · 30 days ago

We just returned from a trip to Delray Beach, Florida. We stayed at a beautiful property and Graham lived in the pool or in the ocean. It was beautiful to spend relaxing time as a family. We went to see sharks at a local habitat, ate fabulous food and enjo
carol_adopts · 30 days ago

We love the area that we live in because of the numerous parks and playgrounds around town. A new one just opened recently so we decided to check it out today.      
CoryandCarrie · 33 days ago

Both Steve and I love to read. I recently found this list of children’s and adoption. We look forward to sharing story time with a child. These books will be a wonderful way to learn about adoption and what makes them so special.  
micheleandsteven · 34 days ago

Happy 16th Birthday to our dog Jupiter!  She has been our only "child" for 15 1/2 years and we love her every day.  She has been a blessing to us as a wonderful companion, snuggling when we are sad, playing when we are happy, sleeping on the bed with us wh
PeterandCarol · 35 days ago

We recently took a roadtrip back to Colorado to visit family. The trip out there was very fun, it was really nice to get some one on one time! Once in Colorado, far from one on one, we were constantly on the move visiting all of our friends and family. We
nickandnikki · 36 days ago

Our recent visit to the Lego Store. This is a place where your imagination can run wild. We'd love to help nourish a child's imagination.  
micheleandsteven · 36 days ago

As Spring has approached and the weather is warming up, We continue to await your arrival with such expectation and excitement. The Seasons continue to come and go, but we hold steadfast to the idea that you will be coming when the timing is right.
JoshuaandAlicia · 39 days ago

Over the weekend we went to Rockefeller Center to watch the ice skaters. Probably one of the last weekends to do this before they close it for the season. Ellie and Zach loved watching the skaters. Would love to take a child of our own one day to not only
micheleandsteven · 39 days ago

Took my mom to church and spent Easter with our families.   Love Easter & everything it represents, but the Easter Bunny brings way too much candy!!
phillipandmary · 42 days ago

We had such a fun afternoon at the park on Sunday!  Warm and sunny, it was the perfect spring day.  A rousing game of hide-and-seek in the pine trees made all three of us laugh almost uncontrollably.  I am really looking forward to more park-weather days!
PeteandSarah · 43 days ago

This is the last day of my vacation time with my sister and her family. Everyone had a great time especially the kids. They really loved NYC from the Statue of Liberty to FAO Schwartz to Central Park they really enjoyed the city. We also got to see the Roc
micheleandsteven · 44 days ago

We just got back from taking the kids to Disney World their first time. We had such a wonderful time! We enjoyed a character breakfast, met a few princesses, rode a lot of rides (Dumbo being the kids favorite), and watched a fantastic parade and fireworks
CoryandCarrie · 44 days ago

We celebrated Easter with an indoor Easter Egg Hunt (it was rainy outside) and a basket from the Easter Bunny with some candy and toys. The night before we colored the eggs together......only a few broke in the process! While I was travelling for work last
carol_adopts · 44 days ago

Today was a big day for Evan.  We took down his baby swing and replaced it with a trapeze bar.  He was so excited!  It was a beautiful day out and all three of us enjoyed sunshine and fresh air.  ~Pete & Sarah
PeteandSarah · 45 days ago

           We are headed to Nebraska today to watch the Huskers first practice.  You know that you're a true fan when you pay good money to watch a practice. We are surrounded by friends and family and are excited to enjoy this beautiful day!            As
skinner622 · 46 days ago

Easter weekend was full of fun decorating crazy eggs and sugar cookies.  We threw Confetti Eggs and had an Egg Hunt with the cousins.  It is a favorite event as seen on their faces!  
micheleandvance · 46 days ago

Evan had his first dental cleaning this week.  We visited the dentist six months ago, but he just learned about the chair and had a quick check of his teeth.  This week he got the full treatment, including polishing and flossing.  His favorite part?  Choco
PeteandSarah · 47 days ago

We are having so much fun with our niece and nephew visiting us. The other day we got so run around our local park. They had so much fun playing tag with Uncle Steven, watching the dogs play in the as well as ride their scooters. We so look forward to brin
micheleandsteven · 48 days ago

If there is any holiday that rivals Christmas around here, it is Easter!  We're talking two major egg hunts, visits from the Easter bunny, family parties, and way too much candy!  This year we were fortunate to have beautiful sunny, and not too chilly weat
JasonandAmy · 51 days ago

We had a wonderful time last weekend celebrating a family birthday! We always take advantage of all the niece and nephew time! Here are just a few pics from the evening! We are blessed to have all our family live so close by. We are looking forward to East
JasonandHeidi · 54 days ago

Easter is coming and with that it brings us new hope in all areas of our life. The Easter season has given me renewed faith and hope that the son or daughter I have been waiting for will join my family hopefully sooner rather than later.  In the meantime I
laura603 · 54 days ago

The family dinner we hosted this weekend was a success. Everyone thought the short ribs Steve and I made were delicious. It was so good no left overs to send home to our nephews. Next time we'll just have to double up. We had such fun realized I forgot to
micheleandsteven · 58 days ago

Evan has fallen in love with bounce houses and indoor play centers.  He wants to go to McDonald's for the playland more than the french fries!  This weekend we checked out a new place, and Evan was so brave.  It was really fun that this one is open on the
PeteandSarah · 58 days ago

We went to see a play, which was a comedy, with my mom.  It was really funny about family, growing up and included some Easter traditions, which we could all relate to when we were children and adults. Hopefully Easter weather will be warmer and Spring wi
phillipandmary · 58 days ago

This week we celebrated Pete's birthday. Evan bought Pete a front loader so they could play in the dirt together, and painted his portrait. I was super practical and replaced our broken weed eater. Since winter hasn't quite let go yet, Evan and I visited t
PeteandSarah · 60 days ago

We have been getting into family puzzle time lately. Its fun and Graham is pretty good at it. Until the weather gets better and we can be outside, its educational and mind-stimulating for all of us. We like activities we can do as a family and can't wait t
carol_adopts · 60 days ago

Sarah's parents live "out in the country" and Evan loves it there.  This weekend we spent time there while Sarah visited with her grandma.  Evan rode his bike up and down their long gravel driveway and dug in the dirt and rocks with his trucks.  We love ha
PeteandSarah · 62 days ago

Went to our cousins for supper today.  Tomorrow we will go to the children's museum and to a pizza restaurant similiar to Chuck E Cheese.  Then an egg hunt is planned for the weekend.
micheleandvance · 63 days ago

Yesterday we hosted a yummy family brunch. Good times, yummy food and lots of family. Next week we are hosting a family dinner. Now on to creating the menu for that. We love hosting dinners for both family and friends and look forward to more wonderful tim
micheleandsteven · 64 days ago

We made a trip to Legoland during Graham's Spring Break! It was amazaing and creative and exhausting fun! We went with his friend from school, Jack, and met Batman and Darth Vader too! We have so much fun with Lego at home it was super interesting seeing t
carol_adopts · 65 days ago

We had a fun date night out this weekend.  Went to see the movie "Cinderella" and then went out to dinner.  What girl does not love Cinderella?!
phillipandmary · 65 days ago

Well, after all the snow this winter, I think Spring has finally Sprung!!!  It's been a beautiful weekend.  Yesterday Jay, Cooper and I spent the majority of the afternoon outside.  Jay helped me cut down old plants from last year and bag them up along wit
ShannonandJay · 65 days ago

We had a great time at a friend's wedding last night. The day turned out to be beautiful, but a little chilly. Here are some pictures.  
kevinandjillyn · 66 days ago

We headed up to Kearney, Nebraska, the sandhill crane capital of the world, to spend a couple of days on Spring Break. Our favorite part was standing on a footbridge one evening, waiting for the cranes to come down to the river for the night. It was so qui
Lecuyer10 · 68 days ago

The kids wore green to school today in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.  
CoryandCarrie · 70 days ago

It was an honor to be asked to be Baby Leah's Godparents.  Kevin and I are overjoyed.  Leah had a little onsie on that read "Will you be my Godparents? XOXOX".  Of course we said "Yes"!
kevinandjillyn · 71 days ago

We had such a fun weekend with Sarah's parents.  They came on Friday and Grandma went to the aquarium with Sarah & Evan.  On Saturday, Papa took Evan to the hardware store with Pete.  We spent a lot of time outside in the melting snow and sunshine.  On
PeteandSarah · 71 days ago

Today good friends of ours came into the city with their son Jake who is four years old. We went to lunch then just hung out. Have to say he is too funny. He is so mesmerized with trains, buses and the street names of the city. He wanted to hang out with u
micheleandsteven · 72 days ago

We are happy to announce we've had a week of spring-like weather!  It has been so lovely, and with the time change we've really enjoyed time outside as a family.  We finally got our Christmas lights off the house, and we exchanged winter boots for rain boo
PeteandSarah · 75 days ago

Started the month with a fun Birthday party with our cousins.  Michele had a Choir and recorder concert at school.  Kyle and Michele are going to enjoy a school musical, "Princess and the Pea" this week.  We had a great time at the  St. Patrick's Day party
micheleandvance · 76 days ago

Anxiously awaiting the appearance of our video on this site.  It sounds like it should be soon!
micheleandvance · 76 days ago

Vance and Kyle had an adventure to the cabin the first weekend in the month.  Then we enjoyed our Valentine date night at "Crazy for You".  Michele helped some students prepare for a band competition and everyone recieved a high rating!  All throughout the
micheleandvance · 76 days ago

This weekend we got to spend time with our nephews Aaron and Henry. We ate lots of yummy Italian food and played games all night. They love playing with the iPads but also love the old fashion games like connect four. Needless to say they beat us at connec
micheleandsteven · 78 days ago

Hannah had her first soccer game today. We were so proud of her as we cheered her on from the sideline.  
CoryandCarrie · 78 days ago

This past month has been difficult, as Peter's dad passed away unexpectedly.  As sad a time as it is, we know that he will be with us always and a guardian angel to our new little bundle of joy.  He was so excited to find out we were adopting a child and c
PeterandCarol · 80 days ago

There has been a lot of snow in Central Kentucky in the last couple weeks- 2 rounds of double digit snows!  Last year, Cooper didn't know what to do in the snow, but this year- watch out!  From King of the Mountain, to sledding down hills, it's been a blas
ShannonandJay · 81 days ago

Over the weekend Steve and I went to the Museum of Natural History, lots of fun and informative. I remember when we went with my nephew Zach he had so much fun running around and looking at all the dinosaurs. Would love to one day bring a child of our own
micheleandsteven · 82 days ago

Boy are we ready for spring!  Today's "warm" temperature (34'ish) gave us plenty of time to be outside. We were able to be outside before lunch and again after mom-and-tot class. We even dug out our sidewalk chalk because the driveway is clear and dry. Spr
PeteandSarah · 83 days ago

The kids have really enjoyed the snow days that we have had this winter. Though we will miss the fun those days bring we are now ready for Spring to arrive!
CoryandCarrie · 84 days ago

We just set up our online profile and hope that you like it. It's very exciting to think that now the parents of our future baby could see us.
IngaAndMarkus · 84 days ago

Last night we had our weekly dinner at grandma's house. We had yummy lasagna. Steve and I are going to join in on the tradition and host family dinner at our place every other week. Now I just have to dig through my recipes for next week’s dinner. Loving t
micheleandsteven · 85 days ago

The MLB playoffs were quite a thrill this year, and when our beloved Royals made it to the World Series, we knew we had to be there for one of their games.  We were able to get tickets to Game 2, and it was one of the most thrilling experiences of our live
Lecuyer10 · 86 days ago

Yesterday my wonderful husband surprised me with tickets to honeymoon in Vegas with Tony Danza of who’s the boss fame. The show was great. Steve really is a wonderful husband and can’t wait to see him as a daddy.
micheleandsteven · 88 days ago

We had a great time on our annual Florida Trip.  The weather was a little chilly at first but then became BEAUTIFUL!  We saw so many alligators at "Gatorland", we went horseback riding in southern Flordia, swam in many pools, had delicious food and enjoyed
kevinandjillyn · 89 days ago

One of our favorite moments of 2014 was celebrating 4th of July. We took the kids to their first baseball game and fireworks show. The kids were enchanted by the fireworks. It was the perfect evening!  
CoryandCarrie · 89 days ago

Well, we're still frozen here!  These last two weeks have been brutally cold (with two "warm" days that reached 30)!  We took advantage of the warmest days to play outside, Evan even enjoyed a bike ride.   Last week we headed to a local library for a conc
PeteandSarah · 91 days ago

February has been full of fun for the Wiltse household! Carter ran in his first Pancake Day race and almost got second place but stopped right before the finish line to wait for his friends ;). Garett has been busy finishing his 6th quarter of graduate sch
karigarett · 92 days ago

We just returned from a family vacation in the Florida Keys. We had so much fun as we watched R. explore seashells, sand and even crabs on the beach. We went down with my mom and step-dad, sister, brother-in-law and niece. I feel so thankful that we are cl
TimoandJessica · 92 days ago

This weekend was filled with family and friends. My sister was in town and we also celebrated my mother-in law and cousin’s birthday with a family brunch. It was great to see everyone we got to also play games with our nephew’s. We look forward to one day
micheleandsteven · 93 days ago

Jason & I went to a college hockey game on Friday night.  My cousin's son plays for the #1 ranked University of North Dakota and whenever he plays near us we go.  Jason & I drove to Kalamazoo, Michigan and watched a night of exciting college hockey
anneandjason · 93 days ago

Quick winter trip for me to Florida.......I missed Graham the whole time but next trip he comes with me!!! Looking at Disney World for April.
carol_adopts · 93 days ago

We went to Brown County State Park for the President's Day weekend.  The park has a really nice indoor water park so we all enjoyed lots of swim time.  It ended up being really cold, so we didn't do much hiking, but we did get out a bit.  Overall, it was j
PaulandCheryl · 95 days ago

Love Dr. Seuss and all his great stories and wonderful quotes. A person can really learn a lot from him. Great life lessons for children of all ages. It is important to embrace your uniqueness because no one is a special as you are.  
micheleandsteven · 95 days ago

I was talking with my friend Melanie who adopted two siblings from Columbia a couple years ago.  She said that to remember that God will help you find your children and them to find you.  I love the idea that you are meant to be with children and you will
EricandSaundra · 98 days ago

Hi!  We are excited for our future!  Our family has started getting the nursery ready just so that everything is in place when we get the call!  We have Eric's bassinett that we are fixing up- I just had to repaint it!  Eric used it 40 years ago when he wa
EricandSaundra · 99 days ago

We just got back from warm Florida and are regretting coming home to sub zero temperatures. While there we were able to enjoy almost 70 degree weather with lots of sun.  We were also able to spend lots of time with Brandon's grandparents.  We were able to
bvanstrien · 99 days ago

We are spending this frozen Valentine's Day weekend inside!  Valentine's Day is a time when we feel very reflective on the love that has shaped our family.  The unconditional love of our family, the love and kindness of friends, the unselfish love of Evan'
PeteandSarah · 101 days ago

Some inspiration for today. It is important to live for now what will be will be. Everything has a way of working out.
micheleandsteven · 102 days ago

We cannot wait until we jump on the plane and head south for our annual Florida trip.  Both Moms and Dads are eagerly waiting for our arrival!  We have some really fun activities planned as well as some very relaxing, sun-soaking days :-)    Here is a list
kevinandjillyn · 105 days ago

Sometimes it is important to just share our typical day.  It started with breakfast together and then waving goodbye to Pete from the window.  I wanted to do a little sewing before storytime, so Evan and I headed to the basement.  He loves to sit up at my
PeteandSarah · 105 days ago

Gabe got together with the two people she teaches with and had a painting night!  We had an artist on hand to lead 20 women through painting a picture but we all got to add our special touches! Gabe's is for the new baby's nursery!  The theme is elephants
ChadandGabrielle · 106 days ago

One of the students in Gabe's class wanted to build the world's tallest snowman!  We got together on a Saturday afternoon and attempted to do just that!  While the snowman was not the world's tallest, as far as research goes we think it is the tallest in o
ChadandGabrielle · 106 days ago

We had the honor to go to the Auto Show Charity Event!  It was so nice because not only did we get to get all gussied up, but we also go to hang out with our family and check out cool cars!
ChadandGabrielle · 106 days ago

We made our own pizza tonight for dinner!  Sophie liked spreading the sauce and the cheese! 
JohnandLaura · 106 days ago

Over the weekend Steve and I went to a Mediterranean restaurant. We love to try all sorts of food and NYC is a great place for that. We look forward to exposing our child to food from all over the world. It is a great way to learn about all different cultu
micheleandsteven · 106 days ago

Today we spent an hour in the pool and Evan is swimming like a fish!  He loves jumping in and kicks like crazy to get up to the surface. He still needs help, but he's making big strides. We are so lucky to have an awesome community pool just around the cor
PeteandSarah · 108 days ago

Last night Steve and I took our nephews Aaron and Jared to the Barclays Center to see the Nets vs. Knicks. It was very exciting up until the last minute. Both of the boys were excited as they love to play basketball. We look forward to one day taking our o
micheleandsteven · 109 days ago

What a busy winter, January just flew by! Evan loves our snowy neighborhood; sledding with friends has become his passion.  We've been busy each week with playdates, storytime at the library, mom-and-tot preschool and playing outside.  Swimming lessons sta
PeteandSarah · 111 days ago

I found this cartoon and wanted to share it. I really think it describes adoption. You don’t have to look alike to be party of a family – it takes love.  We can’t wait to share our conditional love with a child.  
micheleandsteven · 111 days ago

This past weekend we watched the Super Bowl. For us, we enjoy watching football, mainly rooting for the Detroit Lions or for Michigan State, but we enjoy watching the Super Bowl for its funny ads and it’s a great excuse to make some snacks we don’t usually
PatrickandKatherine · 112 days ago

Snow storm Linus dropped 15" of snow at our house when sweeping through the region this past weekend. My son Miles and I had a great time getting out and playing in the thick of it. His favorite part is sliding down the hills of snow that were created by t
laura603 · 112 days ago

We did get alot of snow!One more view!!  
kevinandjillyn · 114 days ago

Last night I won tickets to go see On the Town. This is one of my favorite classic moves. It was such a nice surprise to go to see Broadway show at the last minute. It did not disappoint. Truly was an amazing show and we both left the show smiling and sing
micheleandsteven · 116 days ago

We watched our 3 neices for a little bit the other day.  The girls took turns trying on my running shoes and Uncle Matt was giving the best laundry basket airplane rides!  I just wish my phone took better pictures!
emilyandmatthew · 118 days ago

What a fun time last weekend .... watching Disney characters fly around the ice on skates!
PaulandCheryl · 118 days ago

January 2014:     Carl had a business trip to California this month.  I went out to join him for a long weekend. It was 65 and sunny and a welcome change from the 5 degree temps. here.  We went whale watching on Friday and we actually saw 3 grey whales!  I
CarlandKarin · 118 days ago

    We celebrated Nana's birthday with a dinner out with our friends and cake at home.... a lot of winter birthday celebrations here!
carol_adopts · 118 days ago

It's winter here in Michigan but it doesn't seem like it's already been five months since we had summer weather. Up North summer nights with Kate's extended family always included several fires on the beach to roast s'mores. Kate's mom, aunt or grandmom wo
PatrickandKatherine · 120 days ago

Steve’s birthday celebration was great. We really enjoyed the restaurant and it was only two blocks away from where we live. That is what we love about living in the city everything is so convenient.  Saturday night the celebration continued at Steve’s mom
micheleandsteven · 120 days ago

We celebrated Graham's 5th Birthday last weekend. He had two parties with a theme of The Octonauts. Cookies and cake were shared with friends and yummy! We love cake here! We had so much fun.  
carol_adopts · 121 days ago

Today is Steven’s birthday and can’t wait for tonight’s celebration. I am taking him to this new restaurant we have been meaning to try and have a nice gift for him. I think he will enjoy it. Also this weekend we have a baby shower for a family friend.  Lo
micheleandsteven · 123 days ago

Sophie got a guitar lesson from her Uncle Jack this week! She prefers to put the guitar down on the ground and just make noise, but it was cute to watch the two of them play. 
JohnandLaura · 124 days ago

Last night we attended a Waiting Family event at our agency.  We had a great time connecting with other waiting adoptive couples. We look forward to more meetings in the future!   This picture is from Sunday night when we watched the movie Courageous.  On
DavidandCarmen · 125 days ago

The holiday season is over and so far 2015 has been great!  It sure was a busy house over the holidays but what fun to see Hannah, Fred and Steven up from Florida (Emily's sister Hannah , brother-in-law Fred and nephew Steven).  Here's Fred and Steven play
emilyandmatthew · 126 days ago

Every year, we go ice skating for Kerriann's birthday.  Kerriann has been teaching Tamara to skate, and we both can't wait until this tradition includes our whole family!
Kerriann_and_Tamara · 127 days ago

Swim class was a big success! This little goldfish is learning to put her face into the water! She loves to swim and is learning how to get out of the pool by herself. 
JohnandLaura · 127 days ago

Swim class was a big success! This little goldfish is learning to put her face into the water! She loves to swim and is learning how to get out of the pool by herself. 
JohnandLaura · 127 days ago

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