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You never know how your little one will react to fireworks, but Bodie loved celebrating the 4th of July. Instead of fireworks, he calls them "showerworks". Anything loud he called them "pop its". We went to my cousins who has a big annual party every ye
StevenSara · 100 days ago

Ali spent the weekend with a friend from college whose in-laws have a lake house. The girls spent plenty of time gabbing and soaking up some sun. It's so nice to have those friends with whom you can always pick right back up where you left off, no matter h
Lecuyer10 · 101 days ago

Chris built a raised garden bed in the backyard this year so Ali could plant a salsa garden with just some tomatoes, peppers, and onions.  We've had so much rain and nice weather that the plants have really thrived.  The tomato plants smell so great, sweet
Lecuyer10 · 106 days ago

We are excited to be on this journey and look forward to getting to know the people who will be our child's birth family!  This process has encouraged us to to think a lot about the responsibility of being parents and how we will raise our child.  We look
brianandcarrievogel · 109 days ago

Happy 4th! This is a favorite holiday at our house, especially for Adam. He loves shooting off fireworks! :) We are enjoying the nice weather and working around the house today, and tonight we will go celebrate with good friends. These are three other fami
revjenlynn · 110 days ago

Last night we were playing a round at the local golf course, and we had a visitor. This doe came wandering over to the edge of the fairway at the 9th hole and started munching on grass as we were about to tee off. It was about 40 yards ahead of us and to t
Lecuyer10 · 115 days ago

Chris and I went over to his sister's house to help take out some trees tonight. Instead of hot, dirty work, I got to hang out with these pretty little ladies while Chris and their daddies worked. There is nothing like spending the evening with giggly litt
Lecuyer10 · 117 days ago

Indoor summer project #1 is cleaning out and organizing all the closets, and we've run across some real treasures. In the closet of the future nursery we were keeping our individual boxes of pictures and keepsakes from our childhoods. It brings both smiles
Lecuyer10 · 120 days ago

Hi, Friends, We want to share news about our vacation plans this year.  We'll be heading to New England, visiting parts of that beautiful coast that we have not seen before.  We're lucky to be taking MB's mom along for the ride.  As we approach the anniver
MBANDLARRY · 124 days ago

Pancake breakfast and fishing with friends!
MBANDLARRY · 126 days ago

Chris' birthday is tomorrow, and we like to find special ways to celebrate birthdays.  We're packing up and taking off for a weekend in Kansas City!  Chris has some rounds of golf planned with friends and family, Ali is going to visit some friends, and we'
Lecuyer10 · 126 days ago

Teaching Bodie manners is very important to me.  Children learn by example for sure so I stared out with the simple, please and thank you.  Just this week he has learned "bless you" when someone sneezes and "you are welcome" when someone says "Thank you" j
StevenSara · 126 days ago

Boys will be boys and Bodie is all boy!  He is in a phase were he love to "Ride Em'"  In one day he accomplished riding 4 things and thought it fitting to put the pictures in a collage.
StevenSara · 135 days ago

It's pretty accurate to say that Bodie and I go to the Zoo at least once a week.  He of course loves to feed the animals.  This weekend we had the pleasure of going to a very interactive Zoo with Steven's company family day.  Bodie got to feed, giraffes, r
StevenSara · 135 days ago

We are finally moving into our new home this weekend-yah! Trying to learn a new city is hard but we've only been lost a dozen times or so :). We have attended Mass at a new church and met a few homeschooling families already, so we are starting to feel mo
Natasha · 148 days ago

Doug, Ellie and I joined several family members in a day of sunshine at a local winery.  Ellie loves their rootbeer so she was excited to go too.  It was so nice to sit in the sunshine and listen to the music.  There was a charity raffle that we entered. 
JenniandDoug · 157 days ago

Hi, friends, Want to share our latest culinary successes with you!  Morning visit to the Farmer's Market yielded beautiful kale, raw milk and pasture raised eggs.  Celebrated with a GREAT Lemon Merangue Pie.  No cane sugar, so super healthy with just lemon
MBANDLARRY · 157 days ago

We have a garden!  Doug worked very hard this spring and doubled the size of our garden.  We will have basically the same number of plants but they will be spaced out much more.  We added potatoes and zucchini to the mix this year.  Ellie LOVES to dig in t
JenniandDoug · 160 days ago

We are on our vacation in St Louis at the arch and museum today. Tomorrow we head on towards Kentucky, then to North Carolina, our new home with a new job! Between the mountains and the coast, what a place to live!
Natasha · 163 days ago

Hi, friends, We're off tonight to see a film about the use of Genetically Modified Organisims (GMSs) in our food supply,  It's an event hosted by our farmers market.  We're big supporters of the Farmers Market, and are becomming connoiseurs of food.  We've
MBANDLARRY · 177 days ago

Good morning, friends, We had a great Easter weekend.  We got started planting vegetables, getting in some greens as well as strawberries.  We were fortunate to take advantage of the spring temperatures and our gorgeous area with a hike through the Indian
MBANDLARRY · 184 days ago

Wes and I went to Easter Vigil tonight. It started at 8:30 and went until 11. Being in choir, we sang through the whole thing and are now exhausted!!! Wonderful service though and we enjoyed singing!
Natasha · 186 days ago

Hello, everyone! It's been a busy two weeks for us.  We celebrated Larry's birthday with a trip to the wetland preserve (in New Mexico called the bosque), which was fabulous.  We just missed seeing the two dozen bald eagles that had been nesting there over
MBANDLARRY · 189 days ago

We met tummy mommy K. the other day for lunch. She is our adopted son's (Dothan's) mom and that is what we have always called her.
Natasha · 191 days ago

Went to the MCC Sale at the KS State Fair Grounds Saturday with college roommate Jenny and her kids.
Natasha · 192 days ago

Time flys when your having fun.  It is amazing watching Bodie grow and learn new things.  This weekend we will celebrate his 2nd Birthday with family complete with a "Cat in the Hat" theme. 
StevenSara · 195 days ago

Natasha's mom and dad came to visit from CO. Dothan, our truck lover, first asked when he woke up "What car or truck did they bring?" I told him that they had brought their large one with trailer and he was thrilled. He is now laying RIGHT in front of t
Natasha · 198 days ago

We went down to the Oklahoma Science Museum last weekend and had a blast.  It has the tallest twisting slide in the country for kids.  Dothan enjoyed the 3 dimensional maze and Wes liked the Segway.
Natasha · 203 days ago

Hello, friends, It's another beautiful spring here at the "ranch."  The roses and fruit trees are budding; the grass is that sweet green that we only see in the first days of spring; and the air is so soft and warm that it's just pulling you outside.  We'r
MBANDLARRY · 203 days ago

We've been keeping busy working around the pendulum of spring temps - warm one day, cool the next.Recently, when the weather turned cool, we rented the movie Frozen and snuggled together on the couch to watch it as a family.  We all enjoyed it! This past w
jmorahan · 205 days ago

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend with friends.  Our best friends traveled accross the state to spend a couple days at our home.  They have one precious daughter through adoption and are currently matched and in the process of adopting a second daughter. 
ChristinaEthan · 213 days ago

Entry by Gwen I am just getting back home to Dodge City after spending a week visitng family in North East Kansas. Lots going on up North! Spent a lot of time helping family as they just purchased a new business and I also got to spend lots of time with
WesandGwen · 215 days ago

We are blessed with so many things in life, from our lasting relationship together, the ability to adopt a precious child, family, friends, to all of the small details in life, including the fact that we live in the State of Florida. Over the past several
TroyandMargaret · 219 days ago

We have been taking advantage of the warm weather these past few days.  Ellie has been begging to get her pink scooter out.  We live about a block and a half from a walking/biking trail and we use it quite a bit when the weather is warm.  We also got our g
JenniandDoug · 220 days ago

"Bluebirds fly.  And the dreams that you dream of really do come true!"This is our favorite lullaby to sing to Hayley each night.   Speaking of Hayley...We are one month away from Hayley's 3rd birthday.  We can't believe how fast the time has flown.  We're
jmorahan · 222 days ago

Friday night we watched our 2 year old twin niece and nephew.  It's the second time we've watched them for the evening in the past few weeks.  It was fun for the most part (not as fun... the extra poopy diaper and a couple cries of missing mommy).  It's gr
ChristinaEthan · 227 days ago

Mother Nature dumped 7 inches of snow on us yesterday.  It was our usual heavy, wet March snow.  Thankfully, Ernest made it home from work a little early safe and sound before the roads got too bad.  We stayed in, sunuggled by the fire, and watched the mov
jmorahan · 228 days ago

Today we had a beautiful spring day!  Such a blessing after a week of freezing rain.  We love snow but are delighted to have a warm sunny day. The children have been enjoying time outside after being inside so much.  They have played tee ball, gone on a pr
SteveandTracy · 228 days ago

Today, I went down to the department of motor vehicles to register our new mini-van for license plates.  If you would have told me in my teens that I'd be driving a mini-van in my 30s with a "Respect Life" license plate, I would have laughed.  Life sure ha
jmorahan · 231 days ago

Well, February went by in a blur.     Hayley and Julie traveled up to Gillette, WY (a 5 plus hour drive) with Julie's mom to visit with Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Jim for a weekend, while Ernest stayed home to work on some minor things around the house on the h
jmorahan · 233 days ago

Today's a big day!  For months we've been helping a friend run for political office, and tomorrow's the election.   Wish us luck!!  MB and Larry
MBANDLARRY · 233 days ago

Hi, Friends! February's been quite the month!  We're running like crazy with two puppies at home, and feel like we're in training to be parents--learning to be calm and patient! If you've seen our posts you'll remember that Larry's Aunt Esther died last mo
MBANDLARRY · 235 days ago

Yesterday was Ethan's birthday.  We both took off work and were able to enjoy going out for breakfast and realxing at home with a movie.
ChristinaEthan · 239 days ago

Saturday morning I got to stand in for my sister at the twins swimming lesson.  There needed to be one adult for each child and she got called in to work.  So I got to be my nephew's swimming partner.
ChristinaEthan · 239 days ago

Greetings, We are asking for your prayers for two expectant moms.  Both have decisions to make and could use your help now.  Start the prayer wheel with us! MB and Larry
MBANDLARRY · 239 days ago

    Oh, it has been a busy last few weeks, but yesterday we slowed down and relaxed to enjoy the beauty of a local State Park.  We walked approximately six miles, and did so with our beloved puppy, Laci.  Today, Troy is off with his buddies to enjoy a day
TroyandMargaret · 242 days ago

I am not a blogger.  I am not the kind of person who posts a lot of stuff online.  But, I did want anyone who is checking out our profile to know that I look on here every single day, hoping and praying for something, anything.  I love seeing hits fr
SteveandSheila · 245 days ago

There are 6 birthdays in my family in February.  This year we celebrated with a family weekend trip to an indoor waterpark resort.  The nieces and nephews had a great time.  The wave pool was the favorite part for most of them.
ChristinaEthan · 248 days ago

We love snow days!  They are some of our favorite days of the year.  We don't get them too often, so we try to soak up every minute of fun.  We make sure the kids have good snow gear for when they play and a cup of hot chocolate ready when they come in.  T
SteveandTracy · 253 days ago

Hello, friends and family, Much to our surprise, over the weekend a lost wounded kitty found its way to our door.  This kitty is so full of love and desperately in need of a family.  She was a champ with our dogs, including the puppy, who just wanted to ea
MBANDLARRY · 253 days ago

The weekends allow for special face to face time with loved ones with little to no time constraints. This weekend was no different - we started our weekend on Friday evening entertaining family at our home. We thoroughly enjoyed my brother and his family,
TroyandMargaret · 256 days ago

Hi, Friends, We've had some encouraging signs on a couple of fronts, so please keep us in your prayers! MB and Larry
MBANDLARRY · 260 days ago

Hello, friends, For those of you who are following our adoption process, here's an update.  We have completed home study and are pursuing private adoption.  Hope to hear from you if you have news to share or want to talk further: MB a
MBANDLARRY · 265 days ago

Good morning, friends, Our fostering efforts have paid off, and we are happy to welcome home our little pup, Essie.  She's a marvel of feistiness and fun mixed with a sweet spirit, and she's changed all of our lives already.  The big guy, our two-year old
MBANDLARRY · 266 days ago

We had a nice quite weekend with each other, and I closed my weekend with a three hour painting class.  I find it fun to paint, to be free, and to utilize the creative side of my brain.  I look forward to sharing creative moments with a child, just as my m
TroyandMargaret · 269 days ago

Wow, January is upon us once again, which means a celebration of Troy’s birthday is in order.  We enjoyed a birthday dinner on Friday evening over Mom and Dad’s with Troy’s favorite meal, King Crab and Ribeye Steak – oh what a scrumptious treat.  Of course
TroyandMargaret · 275 days ago

Larry's beloved Aunt Esther died today.  She was his surrogate mom and played a role in shaping his life that can never be replaced.  Please join us in celebrating the life of this beautiful lady. MB and Lar
MBANDLARRY · 288 days ago

Our foster puppy, Fred, has been adopted!  He learned so much while he was with us--everything from house training, to sit and stay and get on your bed, to, best of all, running around with us and our other dog just for the joy of it.  We know he's found t
MBANDLARRY · 288 days ago

We had a great Christmas week of activities.  Saturday night we went to our nieces' and nephews' Christmas program at church.  Sunday afternoon was our Sunday School Christmas program.  Monday enjoyed a day off work and had just a couple last minute gifts
ChristinaEthan · 301 days ago

Hi, folks, Here's the latest addition...just home from the shelter!  Happy Christmas!  MB and Larry
MBANDLARRY · 303 days ago

Hi, friends, Larry and I are LOVING all the extra time we're getting with family and friends as we share the news about our adoption hopes.  Home Study is almost done--just in time for Christmas, which we take to be a good sign! For fun, we're baking cooki
MBANDLARRY · 307 days ago

I love Instagram.  In browsing my feed I see this: It reminds me of being in Massachusetts, but it also reminds me how many great kids books are out there and what works of art they are.  I've always loved kids books.  I
keirnmayfield · 314 days ago

It's basketball season.  Friday night we went to our nephew's game.  Tonight we're going to our niece's game.  Go Panthers!
ChristinaEthan · 316 days ago

Fall is our favourite time of year. The color of the leaves, the excitement of Thanksgiving and then Christmas, right around the corner and of course, very, very happy memories of our autumn wedding! We’re always looking for new fun things to do and spec
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 319 days ago

Getting everything ready for my church's Happy Birthday Jesus event Saturday.  Right now I have 50 children signed up.  That's more than the past few years, so that's great to see!
ChristinaEthan · 324 days ago

Enjoyed the annual Holiday Craft Fair with my mom and sisters last night.  A little bit of Christmas gift shopping done!
ChristinaEthan · 335 days ago

Today is our 11 year anniversary.  It does not feel like 11 years.  It's gone by so quickly.  But we love each other and are best friends.  We have a great life together.  
alexandann · 341 days ago

What do you do for the holidays? We will be visiting family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It's wonderful to be able to spend time with siblings, parents, neices and nephews.  
alexandann · 341 days ago

I used to take for granted the little things in life that were fun. Didn't place A lot of importance on them. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE amusement parks and Can ride the spinning rides forever! I always loved playing with my little cousins Growing up. I
meljoemike · 345 days ago

My family spent Sunday afternoon moving out my mom's living room furniture so she could get new carpet this week.  The kids had a fun time playing in the open space and my oldest nephew said to just leave it the way it was because it was more fun without t
ChristinaEthan · 352 days ago

We had two special trick-or-treaters make a stop at our house last night - our two year old twin niece and nephew as a giraffe and a puppy. 
ChristinaEthan · 356 days ago

We had our annual hayride with Jon's family this past weekend.  As always, we had so much fun!  Great weather, lots of family and good food.  We're already looking forward to next year!
JonDebbie · 357 days ago

Hard to believe another holiday season is quickly approaching.  Starting to plan our church's Happy Birthday Jesus childrens event for early December.
ChristinaEthan · 358 days ago

We've been keeping busy this fall.  We have been celebrating birthdays, decorating for the holidays and spending lots of time together as a family.  We've been traveling and working hard getting ready to build our family.  We'd love to know how you are and
alexandann · 360 days ago

Sam has played soccer for the first time this Fall.  He has loved it!  It has been a great experience and he has played with some sweet friends.  Only two games left . . .
JonDebbie · 365 days ago

Saturday we went to "Walter's Pumpkin Patch" with my best friend and my old college roomie and their families.  This pumpkin patch was amazing so many fun things for the kids to do.  I cannot wait to go again next year and make it a family tradition. 
StevenSara · 374 days ago

This past weekend Bodie got his pictures in his halloween costume.  Since he loves bananas and can eat 3 a day if we let him, we thought it fitting that he be a monkey this year.  My mom got him a book of animals so we have been working on animal sounds. 
StevenSara · 380 days ago

Some really hard stuff has come across my radar lately. Little children in schools so full of rage that they can't go A day without punching someone....Families divided and Unable to reconcile for various reasons. It seems it's really About pain. No 7 yr
meljoemike · 382 days ago

To all our Parentfinder visitors, we have started an adoption journal at our adoptimist website found here: Please read our posts there! Thanks! Eric & Z
ericandzerxes · 393 days ago

We spent part of this rainy day working on kitchen renovations. After twelve years of marriage, we work well together. We argue very little over little things that don't matter. Neither of us likes the drama that arguing creates. I'm proud we know how to c
JoshKelly · 396 days ago

The other day we had a few thunderstorms roll in.  There is nothing more calming than waking up to rain drops falling on the roof with the gentle rumble of thunder miles away.   Now on the other hand, our dog Larsen feels like this.....  
alan_breanne · 399 days ago

About a year after beginning our adoption journey, we finally decided that it was time to start on a nursery. It finally seemed like the right time and we were at a place in our journey where we could walk by the room and feel hopeful that one day a son
alan_breanne · 399 days ago

It's already mid-September!  I can hardly believe it.  Here's an update...   Clara is now in 2nd grade and still at St. Dominic's School.  She's loving her 2nd grade teacher, who is very good at helping Clara be successful in school.  Clara's favorite thin
nathanandtammy · 399 days ago

No one wants to be rejected. It feels bad. Every time I log on and see that one more person has looked at our page and we haven't been contacted I'm blasted with the realization that once again we haven't been chosen- we've been rejected..... Again. Everyo
RandyCrystal · 406 days ago

Bodie attended the state fair with his birthmom and her family on Saturday, I think he enjoyed people watching and eating a corndog. They said he was quite the flirt with other girls in strollers.  Steven went to Manhattan for the Kstate football game so I
StevenSara · 409 days ago

There is nothing better than a cool crisp fall day.  We love fall.  We are decorating our house and enjoying the great weather.  Hope you're enjoying it too!  
alexandann · 409 days ago

We are in Denver this week to look at apartments. For the past 14 years we've been without real roots. We knew we were only in a location for a short time. First for undergraduate, then graduate school, then jobs in a city we weren't fond of. We knew, howe
JackieAndCarrie · 414 days ago

I always look forward to holidays and a day off work to spend with my little boy.  Friday we had some friends over for pizza and to cheer on K-State.  Even though they lost it was fun for the kids to play.  Saturday we were invited to a BBQ so Bodie got to
StevenSara · 414 days ago

Bodie has mastered meal time prayer, sometimes he is patiently waiting for us instead of us asking him if he is ready.  It is such a proud moment when you ask him to pray and he folds his little hands together in excitement in front of friends and family. 
StevenSara · 414 days ago

Hello! We thought we would start using the journal just to tell you all what we have been up to lately! Kylie just started a new job on a Mother/Baby unit. She is really liking it so far- although it is taking some getting used to as it is quite different
davidandkylie · 415 days ago

Our twelth anniversary was Sunday. I think we are happier each year. I know we get closer with each year, and that makes us both happy.
JoshKelly · 415 days ago

Josh has worked for universities for about eleven years. This year, he made a career move to a major SEC school. I have always loved living in college towns for several reasons. But what is new to us in our new neighborhood is hearing the faint sound of th
JoshKelly · 417 days ago

Jacob turns 2 years old today!  The time is going by so fast!
AnneSteve · 422 days ago

8-22-13 Wow!!! Time flies when you're having fun!?  Or when you're starting a new job and are trying to figure out what you're doing:)  As Payton and I have gone back to school and we're rushing around between school, soccer practice, what to make for supp
AaronandLynettee · 426 days ago

Teething is not so fun.  Bodie got his first 6 teeth no problem but tooth #7 has not been so friendly.  It is finally here and lets pray #8 is a little nicer!  I hope when he gets older that brushing his teeth is still a highlight of his day.
StevenSara · 428 days ago

To watch your child learn and grow warms my heart.  I love when Bodie learns new things, he obviously learns by example.  It is apparent he has seen me cook a few times as he went to the kitchen drawer to get out my over mitt, slips it on his little hand a
StevenSara · 428 days ago

I'm noticing more and more that it is the "little things" about my child that bring me joy. Michael HATES bandaids - absolutely despises them!  Not exactly typical for a little kid, but I guess that is what makes it special.  Today I had a bandaid covering
meljoemike · 433 days ago

The end of summer is near and I am getting into full school gear! Planning new lessons, going in to set up my classroom next week with some of my students that volunteered to help me from last year's class (LOVE THEM!), and getting anxious about all of it!
BryanandDeb · 434 days ago

We went on our 20th annual family vacation this year!  There were 32 family members that attended!  What a great way to celebrate family!  We camped at Echo Lake near Idaho Springs, Colorado!  We had fabulous weather for most of the trip and enjoyed a few
BenAmanda · 436 days ago

This weekend we are making a quick trip to Ohio to see our families, and Tracy will get to see some old friends as well.  During the summers of 1997 and 2000, Tracy worked as a counselor at a sleepaway camp for children with special needs, which inspired h
paskoff · 439 days ago

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