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I'm sitting in the morning quiet of Josh's parents house. Right now Isaiah is playing with his grandpa on the computer and everyone else is asleep. I'm looking out the window at their lovely pool set into a rocky hill, though now closed up for the winter.
KimberlyandJosh · 662 days ago

The Fourth of July! I love this holiday!  As a 1st generation American,  i love proudly displaying the flag, putting out the flag bunting on the railings and wearing red, white, and blue... and FIREWORKS!  Living close to DC gives us a pretty unique opp
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 803 days ago

Though our birthdays may make us a few years older than other families on this wonderful website, please take a moment to reflect on this journal post. There are many wonderful benefits of being alittle bit older such as we have more patience now than in o
· 858 days ago

Our home study is complete and we are ready to adopt!
PattyandJim · 641 days ago

This evening we started decorating our Christmas Tree. This was quite the experience this year because Christina isn't old enough to remember last Christmas, and this year she is walking and exploring. We aren't sure if you can tell from the photo, but the
smlbdl · 657 days ago

When we arrived home late last night, there was snow on the ground. When snow falls, I'm still a little kid, happily caught up in the magic. We're probably a couple of weeks from true snow, but just the little taste got me over my melancholy that the trees
KimberlyandJosh · 658 days ago

My first journal entry on parentfinder. I'm excited to share my thoughts about this adoption and our life as we wait.   Even though our new baby hasn't found us yet, we're moving along with our preparations. Isaiah turned seven and decided he was too big
KimberlyandJosh · 670 days ago

  Building a relationship with our birth-mother*:  The key would be for as much communication as possible.  Of course this starts with that first phone call from an expectant mother… it is thrilling for us, but we’re sure is pretty nerve-wracking for an ex
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 711 days ago

Today was a quiet day for me which was so nice.  I even found time to take a was so good. The city we live in is know for their great garage sales and has them going on this weekend...I am a little bummed that I won't have time to go to them.  I h
NickandKristina · 724 days ago

So yesterday we got to spend the day with our niece Kaylin who is 2 years old.  We had so much fun we took Kino(our dog) for a walk, read books, picked tomatoes out of our garden, baked some muffins, played with barrel of monkeys, pick up walnuts, and play
NickandKristina · 725 days ago

We promise to be the best parents we can be to your child.  We promise to love your child unconditionally, forever and always. We promise to be open and honest with you always. We promise to make sure your child knows you and your love unconditionally, al
westonregina · 727 days ago

So yesterday we thought that we would take a bike ride on some trails.  It was such a beautiful day.  So we got up went to church, had lunch, watched football and then went for our bike ride....needless to say I think I need to learn how to ride a bike aga
NickandKristina · 729 days ago

Dear Birthmother, You may have noticed that we haven't written any journal entries in quite a while.  Around the middle of August, we met with an absolutely wonderful young lady who was due with a little girl in a few months.  We were beyond impressed with
etstone · 732 days ago

I heard this song on the radio this morning and it never gets old. It always hits me to the very core. Praying each and everyday for the little one God has for us and for the mom.  No matter what we are going through, God has a plan for you and I and it is
jmangum · 733 days ago

We have finished painting the nursery. It's a beautiful blue. It will be a pretty and soothing color for boy or a girl. Kelly plans to paint a Jenny Lind baby bed next. It will be a sunny yellow. The nursery colors are going to be blue, yellow and sage. It
JoshKelly · 736 days ago

We went for a walk in our favorite park this afternoon. We fed the ducks and geese. The weather was beautiful.
JoshKelly · 737 days ago

We're painting the nursery tomorrow. Decorating the nursery will keep us busy as we wait to adopt.
JoshKelly · 744 days ago

Recently, I came across a poem that really moved me and really sums up the love we have for a child that we hope will be ours very soon . . .   We didn't give you the gift of life, but in our hearts we know,  the love we feel is deep and real, as if it had
etstone · 765 days ago

Sometimes, I don't know what to write on this blog. Part of me doesn't want to reveal too much so that whoever is reading this won't think I'm crazy :). But I think I'm just going to be myself and start posting everyday-life stuff....because that's me. So
JenniferTom · 838 days ago

We have welcomed and adopted our new son Miles.  He was born on May 10 in Tucson.  He is amazing and beautiful.  He grows and changes every day. Parenthood is already an amazing journey.  We get less sleep and eat in shifts but enjoy every precious second.
MattandJenny · 840 days ago

We are one day into our family Memorial Day celebration. Sally's grandparents' house in small-town Virginia is becoming a wonderful central location for family gatherings. Mostly, we sit on a fantastic screened-in porch, looking at the countryside and ca
sallyjoe · 843 days ago

We were close to being matched...very very close.  The birthmom decided to parent.  While we were waiting to hear, I prayed for the birthmom...'cause I can only imagine her anguish in making a decision.  I feel in my heart that she will be a GREAT parent,
chrisandkevin · 855 days ago

MIke is a great instructor looking for baby boy to adopt   We are hoping to adopt a baby soon typre
MikeandMary · 860 days ago

Micah and I love to celebrate every holiday we can think of. If there is a day to celebrate, you better believe that Micah and I will have friends and family over to share in the festivities. Festivities which ALWAYS involves yummy food! Both Micah and I l
MicahandJenn · 862 days ago

Since we have become "waiting" parents, we have been praying for the baby that we will have the privilege of loving and raising.  There are several verses from the Bible that inspire our prayers.  One is, "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares th
sallyjoe · 868 days ago

Networking in the adoption community can give you a sense of support and, for those who are hopeful adoptive parents, can make you feel like you are "doing something" while you wait...and wait.  Technology helps so much in our ability to connect- I've met
· 875 days ago

My best friend sent this book to me and urged me to read it. Her daughter was stillborn last year. It was devastating for her and her husband. They are doing better now and hoping to be pregnant again soon. This book helped her through the process. it cert
· 884 days ago

Hello to anyone reading this.  This is the Kate of Todd and Kate.  I tend to be the writer in the family, so I will probably be posting the most.  But, I'm sure Todd will post an entry here and there.  Our adoption journey is a long one.  We got married i
KateTodd · 887 days ago

We are so blessed to be matched with such a wonderful expectant mother.  We are lucky she let us to go a doctor's appointment recently we saw and heard our child's heart beating and got to tour the hospital she will deliver at.  We also got to share her bi
MattandJenny · 893 days ago

Some people don't believe in true love. I do.   Tom and I met in college, and I thought he was the coolest guy. We were friends for 3 years before I even realized he liked me because I thought "He's too cool to like a nerdy girl like me." We dated for a ye
JenniferTom · 903 days ago

Hi, my name is Mary. I am Nate's mother and grandmother to his nieces and nephews. Do I have my hair in a bun? Do I bake cookies and teach my granddaughters how to make doll clothes? MAYBE WHEN I GET OLD!!! For now, I am a laughing, smiling, playful grandm
SarahandNate · 903 days ago

We met with our assessor this afternoon and our homestudy is nearly complete. They are just waiting on a couple of our references to make it official. The waiting on our references is not really a hold up if we are chosen by a birthparent. We went out a
heatherjeremy · 926 days ago

We are off to IHOP to celebrate.  Instead of a birthday cake we are having birthday pancakes for dinner!!!  
MattandJenny · 930 days ago

Five Ways to Not Go Insane While Adopting is the new article/blog at the adoption goddess.  She encouraged us to share our own ways of dealing.   1)  Talking about it.  I think at first we were embarrassed by our infertility and worried about how other wou
MattandJenny · 932 days ago

Birth Mother Seeking Family for Adoption The above text is a header1 type. This will help you be found via search engines. Using heading1, heading 2 or heading 3 with key words like adoption, adopting or approved family for adoption TO use headings use the
MikeandMary · 979 days ago

     Well, it seems it has been awhile since I have written anything.  Why?  One simple word: summer.  I'm sure most people see teacher and summer and think it's just been relaxing and being lazy.  I won't lie - I had a couple days of that.  But, I tend to
KateTodd · 778 days ago

Happy Mother's Day to anyone reading this who is a Mother.  And to those who, like me, are waiting to become mothers, Happy Mother-to-Be day! In the past, Mother's Day has been so tough on me.  I have spent it moping around the house, being miserable.  But
KateTodd · 855 days ago

We both strongly agree in equality and respect as well as appreciate another's race, religion, and/or creed. There is so much beauty in different cultures. From the language to the food we can learn and experience so much. Our childhoods were spent wit
· 890 days ago

I love our Friday nights. Unless we're out with friends or away, we sit down to a nice dinner, light candles, and say prayers, and then go around the table saying one thing we really love about each other. It's such a nice ritual. Of course it's great to h
KimberlyandJosh · 667 days ago

So, we announced at church that we had passed our home study and were officially in the "waiting pool" to adopt.  That was awhile ago.  Ever since, it seems that I get at least one sweet "church lady" asks, "So, when is the baby coming?"  And I smile and s
KateTodd · 873 days ago

We have been on the adoption waiting list for about 7 months now. Praying that God gives us strength during this waiting period. We would love to be parents and share our love with a child. We know that God has a plan but sometimes the waiting is so hard.
JoeyAnn · 829 days ago

So my mom (Oma) likes to forward me emails. She rarely writes her own message—we save our chats for our frequent Skype talks—but forwards these feel good, have a great laugh, just for fun mails so that I know she’s thinking about me. Most are sweet, and I
· 964 days ago

We made some new friends today.  Paul and I went over to a fellow ParentFinder couple who were just placed with their baby.  They welcomed us into their home, it felt like we have been friends for a long time.  Matt's parents and sister were visiting, we f
pauljennifer · 836 days ago

Colby and I had an opportunity to have a mommy/son date tonight.  We went to get ice cream at one of our favorite places - Bruster's.  After talking about various random things, out of the blue, Colby asked why we were still waiting so long for a little br
etstone · 843 days ago

I am so proud to say that Joey and I have been together 17 years today! We have such a special love and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life. We are so looking forward to adding to our family.
JoeyAnn · 817 days ago

Thank you to all of our military for the freedom we have in the USA. My father was in the Vietnam War and I am so thankful for all the military that put their lives on the line for us to have freedom. We have enjoyed a wonderful Memorial day weekend with f
JoeyAnn · 841 days ago

Today is a wonderful day! It is my husband's 36th birthday and the day our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified so we could have eternal life. I am so thankful for today. Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. I am so thankful to have such a caring and loving
JoeyAnn · 893 days ago

This weekend was Joey's little sisters birthday. Lauren turned 12 years old this year  . Lauren has decided for the last two years to have her birthday parties at our home. We did Smurfs theme this year, so cute! I am so glad that she loves coming over wit
JoeyAnn · 915 days ago

We are so looking forward to a wonderful 2012! Looking back 2011 I believe we have been so blessed in life. I have to say the good far out ways the bad. We experienced a lot in 2011. Brief view at our last year. We made several new friends and welcomed a n
JoeyAnn · 977 days ago

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I believe this has to be one of the best Christmas times we have had so far. We started a new tradition with my family. My entire family came over Christmas Eve and spent the night with us. We went to church, ate lo
JoeyAnn · 995 days ago

Heading out to the lake for some fun in the sun. Looking forward to skiing and wakeboarding with family. Grilling out this afternoon and then going to our friends home to see the fireworks. We took our boat out for dinner last night with our sweet niece to
JoeyAnn · 804 days ago

As I make plans to honor my own mother and mother-in-law by cooking a brunch for Mother's Day this Sunday, I have to stop and think about how lucky I am to be able to celebrate Mother's Day myself.  I think about Colby's birthmother often, but especially a
etstone · 858 days ago

Happy Easter to everyone. So thankful for today that our lord and savior Jesus Christ rose from the dead to live so that we may have eternal life. We are saying a special prayer for everyone on parentfinder today. I know that we are all on the same path in
JoeyAnn · 891 days ago

The other night after bedtime prayers, Jack said "everyone in my class has either a brudder or a sister. It's not fair." Then we got into a long conversation about life and fairness and God's plan for us. I thought to myself "many times I feel like Jack
chrisandkevin · 900 days ago

New things are on the horizon... We are getting ready to move to Florida this summer! Jerry and I have decided to move to be closer to Kiley's family; and the warmer weather. We are excited about the move, but a little worried too. Looking for a job is nev
JerryandKiley · 902 days ago

We have been getting a few opportunities to put our profile out there to meet possible new additions to our family. It is exciting and nerve racking at the same time. It is hard to have your heart on your sleeve and yet the only way someone can see into yo
bobnme · 904 days ago

It's just 2 days before Spring Break, so Jack's teacher asked the parents if we all wanted to go see The Lorax as a class. Jack asked Kevin and me if we could ALL go, so we did! Jack was so happy, 'cause he was with his friends, his teacher and his paren
chrisandkevin · 922 days ago

I’ve often been told that I shouldn’t openly gush about our puppies. Not unless the one I’m gushing to has their own pup to gush about as well. I never really listened to this advise and from what I’ve observed, Francesco hasn’t either. The fact is our pup
· 922 days ago

OK, so this might be a little of the bookseller in me, but I can't possibly let this day, the anniversary of Theodore Seuss Geisel's birth date, go by without a shout!   Who hasn't been influenced by this man and his work?? Obviously not many because his b
· 928 days ago

We are so exicted to say that are best friends are expecting a baby in September. Our friends have one child who will start school in August of this year. After 6 pregnancy test and a doctor's visit it is offical baby Brown will be here soon . I am so than
JoeyAnn · 938 days ago

Sundays are a favorite day in our home.  We enjoy sleeping in just a bit, and then we get up and head to Sunday school and church.  Nothing energizes us for the week ahead like participating in worship!  Afterward, we enjoy a good lunch and then spend the
revjenlynn · Yesterday

Sundays are a favorite day in our home.  We enjoy sleeping in just a bit, and then we get up and head to Sunday school and church.  Nothing energizes us for the week ahead like participating in worship!  Afterward, we enjoy a good lunch and then spend the
revjenlynn · Yesterday

A tradition on Ali's side of the family is an annual trip to the State Fair.  We always have to go see all the latest and greatest displays and vendors, what the butter sculpture is this year, the pig races, the 4H exhibits, and so much more.  There's also
Lecuyer10 · 2 days ago

Last week was very busy at work, but also very rewarding.  On Labor Day we had an opening morning dove hunt for new and beginning hunters.  The birds cooperated and gave the kids plenty of hunting action.  All but 1 of the 16 kids managed to get at least 1
Lecuyer10 · 5 days ago

testapsept09 · 6 days ago

Once upon  a time there lived a farmer and his wife. The farmer grew vegetables and wife sold them in the market.  sdfsd cv dv s s  
testapsept09 · 7 days ago

Wow is it September already!! I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.  It is crazy how fast time goes by. I read something the other day that said Christmas is only 16 Friday's away. I wish is were feeling a little cooler outside. It has been so hot. I l
SteveandJessica · 13 days ago

Apparently yesterday was National Dog Day!  I loved seeing pictures of everyone's puppies online but it made us sad because both Brian and I miss having dogs around.   We both grew up with dogs in the house and think that it's a great experience for kids t
brianandcarrievogel · 20 days ago

Seems like only yesterday we were filling out forms and going through background checks to start our adoption process. Now here we are a year later doing the same thing to renew. Steve and I are blessed to have such a great surrounding of family and friend
SteveandJessica · 26 days ago

Every year, Chris does a program called the Creature Feature at a couple of the area fairs for kids (and adults!) to learn about some of the local wildlife.  During the week leading up to the event, he will start looking out for some live animals to catch
Lecuyer10 · 30 days ago

It's August, and the peaceful, quiet halls at classrooms at the school are starting to liven up a bit!  Ali has gone back to start working in her classroom, turning the blank walls and pile of furniture into an inviting learning space for her first graders
Lecuyer10 · 30 days ago

We just came back from our vacation and took a road trip to Canada.  We visited Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  We had a very nice time and enjoyed seeing the beautiful countryside.
Matt_Laura4 · 33 days ago

We are so excited to share that we have a new nephew!  Carrie's brother (also named Brian) and his wife Michelle, had a baby last week!  We are excited to have a nephew who lives near us (they live near San Frnacisco) and look forward to vsiting often!  An
brianandcarrievogel · 36 days ago

What an amazing vacation!! Returning this week from our Northern Michigan trip, we are feeling so blessed to have spent time with our family with a week away! We spent our time kayaking the very peaceful Fox River, a day on Lake Superior on the pontoon tou
Sigleradoption · 40 days ago

We planted a small salsa garden this spring, and it has become a jungle of tomatoes! We've been sharing fresh tomatoes with our friends and neighbors as well as some of the five or so gallons of salsa Ali has made so far. We're also saving and freezing som
Lecuyer10 · 42 days ago

It's still the middle of summer, but starting to get excited that the fall hunting season will be starting in just 4 weeks! That means it's also time for me and the dogs to start getting ourselves in better shape for an early season bird hunting trip out t
Lecuyer10 · 45 days ago

Every summer, Ali's parents take us to Kansas City for a fun weekend, and we have just returned from this year's trip. It was a nearly perfect weekend! Friday we drove up and got checked into our hotel then headed out for the Royals game. There was a great
Lecuyer10 · 50 days ago

Ali drove down to Dodge City this week to visit another of her college roommates. The girls spent the day with her two daughters going to the zoo, getting slushes, playing Barbie, and just talking. It was a beautiful day in every way. There were lots of te
Lecuyer10 · 54 days ago

We are preparing to leave tomorrow for our annual Northern Michigan adventure with our best friends, which also happen to be our cousins. For the past several years, Chuck and I, Scott and Ali, along with their two children make the journey to the Upper Pe
Sigleradoption · 54 days ago

Hi!! We are Chuck and Sheena and we live in a small rural community close to both of our families. Some people love the city life, but we would not trade our small, close knit community and being minutes away from our family and friends for anything! We
Sigleradoption · 55 days ago

Hi, Friends, Larry's brother and sister-in-law have been visiting.  We had four fast-paced days of music--including the comic opera Don Pasquale--good food and lots and lots of family gab.  Took a trip to the local Indian reservation, where we had a guided
MBANDLARRY · 56 days ago

Hi, friends, It's been a busy summer.  We've had some great days in the mountains (check out this beautiful stormy day), and are looking forward to more camping in August. MB and Larry
MBANDLARRY · 56 days ago

You never know how your little one will react to fireworks, but Bodie loved celebrating the 4th of July. Instead of fireworks, he calls them "showerworks". Anything loud he called them "pop its". We went to my cousins who has a big annual party every ye
StevenSara · 64 days ago

Ali spent the weekend with a friend from college whose in-laws have a lake house. The girls spent plenty of time gabbing and soaking up some sun. It's so nice to have those friends with whom you can always pick right back up where you left off, no matter h
Lecuyer10 · 64 days ago

Chris built a raised garden bed in the backyard this year so Ali could plant a salsa garden with just some tomatoes, peppers, and onions.  We've had so much rain and nice weather that the plants have really thrived.  The tomato plants smell so great, sweet
Lecuyer10 · 70 days ago

We are excited to be on this journey and look forward to getting to know the people who will be our child's birth family!  This process has encouraged us to to think a lot about the responsibility of being parents and how we will raise our child.  We look
brianandcarrievogel · 73 days ago

Happy 4th! This is a favorite holiday at our house, especially for Adam. He loves shooting off fireworks! :) We are enjoying the nice weather and working around the house today, and tonight we will go celebrate with good friends. These are three other fami
revjenlynn · 74 days ago

Last night we were playing a round at the local golf course, and we had a visitor. This doe came wandering over to the edge of the fairway at the 9th hole and started munching on grass as we were about to tee off. It was about 40 yards ahead of us and to t
Lecuyer10 · 78 days ago

Chris and I went over to his sister's house to help take out some trees tonight. Instead of hot, dirty work, I got to hang out with these pretty little ladies while Chris and their daddies worked. There is nothing like spending the evening with giggly litt
Lecuyer10 · 80 days ago

Indoor summer project #1 is cleaning out and organizing all the closets, and we've run across some real treasures. In the closet of the future nursery we were keeping our individual boxes of pictures and keepsakes from our childhoods. It brings both smiles
Lecuyer10 · 84 days ago

Hi, Friends, We want to share news about our vacation plans this year.  We'll be heading to New England, visiting parts of that beautiful coast that we have not seen before.  We're lucky to be taking MB's mom along for the ride.  As we approach the anniver
MBANDLARRY · 88 days ago

Pancake breakfast and fishing with friends!
MBANDLARRY · 89 days ago

Chris' birthday is tomorrow, and we like to find special ways to celebrate birthdays.  We're packing up and taking off for a weekend in Kansas City!  Chris has some rounds of golf planned with friends and family, Ali is going to visit some friends, and we'
Lecuyer10 · 89 days ago

Teaching Bodie manners is very important to me.  Children learn by example for sure so I stared out with the simple, please and thank you.  Just this week he has learned "bless you" when someone sneezes and "you are welcome" when someone says "Thank you" j
StevenSara · 90 days ago

Boys will be boys and Bodie is all boy!  He is in a phase were he love to "Ride Em'"  In one day he accomplished riding 4 things and thought it fitting to put the pictures in a collage.
StevenSara · 99 days ago

It's pretty accurate to say that Bodie and I go to the Zoo at least once a week.  He of course loves to feed the animals.  This weekend we had the pleasure of going to a very interactive Zoo with Steven's company family day.  Bodie got to feed, giraffes, r
StevenSara · 99 days ago

We are finally moving into our new home this weekend-yah! Trying to learn a new city is hard but we've only been lost a dozen times or so :). We have attended Mass at a new church and met a few homeschooling families already, so we are starting to feel mo
Natasha · 112 days ago

Doug, Ellie and I joined several family members in a day of sunshine at a local winery.  Ellie loves their rootbeer so she was excited to go too.  It was so nice to sit in the sunshine and listen to the music.  There was a charity raffle that we entered. 
JenniandDoug · 120 days ago

Hi, friends, Want to share our latest culinary successes with you!  Morning visit to the Farmer's Market yielded beautiful kale, raw milk and pasture raised eggs.  Celebrated with a GREAT Lemon Merangue Pie.  No cane sugar, so super healthy with just lemon
MBANDLARRY · 121 days ago

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