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792 days ago 0 comments From: pauljennifer Categories: Adoption Services  Tags: video — Palu and Jennifer's Video —   Looking to Adopt? Adoption is a complex process, legally and emotionally. Regulations vary by state, and for international adoptions by country. In addition there are Federal Laws that also impact adoption. We are here to help you thoroughly understand the different options you have. Find an agency now. All adoptions require a home study which is an assessment of the adoptive parents. This includes background checks (fingerprints, child abuse clearances and in some states drivers license records), current medical reports, financial records (tax returns and current pay stubs), personal references, a series of interviews at the agency and a home visit , on-going adoption education and an assessment of the applicants parenting skills and capabilities. The goal is to assist the family in identifying the type of child to be adopted (medical background, special needs, age, race, ethnicity, sibling groups) and the type of adoption best suited for their family- domestic, international or foster care. Our member agencies are well prepared to conduct the home study and provide adoption education. We can also assist you through referrals for domestic, international and foster care placements. Getting started- call your local Catholic Charities Agency today or visit our Site Map for Catholic Charities Adoption Agencies in your state.         Pregnant?     Coping with an unintended pregnancy begins with knowing your options and finding support as you face difficult decisions. Catholic Charities Are Here to Help The issues surrounding pregnancy and adoption can sometimes be confusing, and that’s why Catholic Charities are here to help. At Catholic Charities we truly care about expectant mothers, couples, and their families. During your pregnancy you experience many emotions. You may feel frightened and alone, intense sorrow and pain. Perhaps you feel anger toward family members and friends who don’t understand or support you. These are all normal feelings, but overwhelming emotions can result in sleeplessness, pain, stress and even panic. It is important to realize that these feelings are all part of the process, and that there will come a time when you will feel better. "Giving my little angel for adoption was the hardest thing I've ever done. But knowing that the family will let me be a part of their lives has made it easier to move on." - Erica    
976 days ago 0 comments From: ddeutch Categories: Adoption Services  Tags: our agency — Here is our agency,  Feel free to look at the other couples.
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1268 days ago 0 comments From: admin Categories: Adoption Services Adoption Support Services Domestic Adoption Foster Care Legal  Tags: adoption resources — Resources on all aspects of domestic and intercountry adoption, including adoption from foster care. Includes information for prospective and adoptive parents; information about searching for birth relatives; and resources for professionals on recruiting adoptive families, preparing children and youth, supporting birth parents, and providing postadoption services.
1306 days ago 0 comments From: admin Categories: Adoption Services  Tags: florida adoptions —  Gift of Life Adoptions is a private, interdenominational adoption agency designed to help create families through adoption. Gift of Life Adoptions is located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and provides complete adoption services to adoptive parents and birth parents. The agency offers compassionate and caring assistance to both birth parents who are considering placement of their child for adoption and prospective adoptive couples who wish to grow their families through the adoption process. Birth parents, as well as adoptive parents, create their own adoption plan. Gift of Life Adoptions offers open, semi-open and closed adoptions, based upon the level of openness that both sides request. We invite you to explore our agency among these pages. If you have additional questions or would like to speak to one of our counselors, please do not hesitate to call us. —  About MAPS Worldwide At MAPS Worldwide, a multi-service, non-profit organization, we believe that every child needs and deserves a stable, permanent family, and our mission has been built on this conviction for over thirty years. We create opportunities at home and around the world through innovative services that promote permanency for children by building and strengthening families here in the US and around the world: AdoptionSince 1977, we have placed over 4,400 children into loving, permanent adoptive homes. Our experienced, compassionate adoption staff assists families with nationwide domestic infant adoptions as well as international placements. Stepping Stones Family ServicesOur residential programs, located throughout Maine, promote permanency for children through infant mental health residential programs for children and their families and safe short-term and transitional housing programs. US and International AidOur worldwide aid projects promote child welfare and family stability by helping women, families and children through foster care and orphanage partnerships, family stability programs, and collaborative medical initiatives. Our goal is to ensure that our work can continue to meet needs here at home and around the globe by developing an endowment program.Post-Adoption ServicesWe recognize that adoption doesn’t end when a family brings their new child home. As adoptive families evolve and mature, we can offer support, education, referral and consultation to help children and parents grow and learn together. International Child Welfare Consultation and TrainingMAPS Worldwide has been recognized as an innovator in international child welfare training and consultation, working with partnering countries to develop programs promoting stability and permanency for their orphaned and abandoned children. —   "We've been there, now we're here for you."   Welcome to Hands Across The Water (HATW). HATW provides a full range of services for both those interested in building a family through adoption as well as those who are pregnant and exploring all options available. We have adoption programs around the world and in the U.S. We provide pregnancy counseling and support to help you decide which option works best for you. HATW is a COA Hague Accredited, fully licensed adoption and social service agency. Founded in 1999, we are celebrating our 10th year of helping families. Our staff has been personally touched by adoption. We are here to help you navigate your own personal journey to make your dreams come true.
1351 days ago 0 comments From: admin Categories: Adoption Services Foster Care Homestudy Domestic Adoption  Tags: florida adoption — Mission: To foster a supportive environment—based on love, mutual respect, encouragement, compassion, and ethics—that facilitates the adoption process for our birth parents and adoptive parents. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, A Chosen Child, Inc., is a Central Florida adoption agency providing safe and loving homes for babies and older children, including sibling groups. A Chosen Child, Inc., brings together birth mothers and families who are interested in adopting children through domestic adoption programs, including open adoptions. For the sake of the child and the birth mother, A Chosen Child, Inc., thoroughly screens adoptive parents before accepting them into any of our Central Florida adoption programs. A Chosen Child, Inc., can also work with any birth parent or adoptive parent, even if you live outside of the state of Florida. We are experienced and fully trained in interstate adoptions. A Chosen Child, Inc., is a member and past president of the Florida Adoption Council, and the Executive Director Patricia L. Strowbridge, Esq., is a member of the prestigious American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. A Chosen Child, Inc., not only strives to assist adoptive children, birth mothers and adoptive parents through domestic adoption programs, but also to improve the quality of life for children all over the world through humanitarian aid. Adopting a child is a precious experience for both adoptive parents and birth parents who work with A Chosen Child, Inc. Birth MothersAre you pregnant and trying to decide on placing your baby for adoption? Adoption is a positive alternative to abortion, and A Chosen Child, Inc., can help. Placing your child for adoption is a loving and courageous choice. The adoption process is completely confidential. A Chosen Child, Inc., is committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy of the baby you are placing for adoption. Birth mothers can set the criteria for the type of family they would prefer for their child. As a birth parent, you can choose the family environment you want for your child, and if you would like to, you can even meet the family you select. Adoption brings special joy to parents who cannot have children or who want to expand their families through adoption. If a birthmother is experiencing financial difficulties associated with her unplanned pregnancy, she may be entitled to assistance with living expenses in addition to securing private medical care and counseling. At A Chosen Child, Inc., an unplanned pregnancy is eased by the confidence and assurance provided to birth mothers, giving her control in decision-making and purpose for this difficult period of her life. Placing your baby for adoption is a difficult decision, but our loving staff will be there for you all the way through. Adoptive ParentsAdopting a child is a special moment in a family’s life. A Chosen Child, Inc., encourages adoptive parents to prepare and research the adoption process as much as possible. Although A Chosen Child, Inc., is a licensed Central Florida adoption agency, assistance and information is offered nationwide for domestic adoptions. Adopting a child is a very important step that A Chosen Child, Inc., takes very seriously, for the benefit of the child, birth mother and adoptive families. We look forward to helping you achieve your family goals. A Chosen Child, Inc., is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, Florida licensed child placement agency. Established and guided by Christian principles, A Chosen Child, Inc., is devoted to the creation and preservation of families, securing loving, stable homes for infants and children, and providing a supportive environment for birth parents.  
1352 days ago 0 comments From: admin Categories: Adoption Services  Tags: colorado adoption —  Welcome to Adoption Dreams Come True Adoption Dreams Come True works to make happy, healthy and lifelong families through the process of adoption. Adoption Dreams Come True is a private, non profit 501(c) 3 adoption agency licensed by the State of Colorado. The agency offers an Adoptive Parent Program, Birth Parent Program and Volunteer Opportunities. The main office is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, with a staff of trained counselors who work throughout the state. The agency offers free options and relinquishment counseling to all birth parents. For adoptive parents, the agency offers a sliding fee scale. Thank you for visiting our web site. If you would like more information about our agency, services or programs, please email us at or phone us at (800) 281-6690 or locally at (970) 493-2557. We will be happy to help you.

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