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Happy Thanksgiving!  Today we have reflected on the journey to adoption.  We are so thankful that Evan became our son through adoption.  Today as we celebrate with our family we sincerely hope his birthfamily is also surrounded by love and support!  ~ Pete
PeteandSarah · 22 days ago

It's National Adoption Day!  We are celebrating by heading into our little town for their annual "Taste of" day!  FREE food at 10 different business.  Plus a Christmas market AND tree lighting AND SANTA!!!   We love our small town!!
DavidandCarmen · 28 days ago

Here are our smilies in honor of World Adoption Day. Adoption has touched our lives and families in so many ways. Rich was adopted as a baby and we anxiously wait to be connected with the little one we will welcome into our family, hearts and home. #WorldA
RichandGretchen · 40 days ago

Hello! We are new to Parent Finder and are excited to see where this road takes us!
mikeandkelli · 67 days ago

Living in the Washington DC area is awesome, there's just so much to do.  So many things we can't wait to share with our little ones.  Recently we decided that now the weather was getting warm, it was the perfect time to check out the Nation's past-time
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 603 days ago

While on this adoption journey Tim and I have had countless curious people ask us about every aspect of adoption! From: Q: Why are we adopting; to what do we hope for? A. To build our precious family, of course! Q: What do we fear? A. Well it might be sil
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 614 days ago

A quick little post to say “Happy Easter” and Happy Spring!  Although today was a wet and gray kind of day, the bright little daffodils nodding their heads in the breeze made it more cheery.  That, and the chocolate that the Easter bunny left. Tim and i
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 629 days ago

Hi there!  Today I thought I’d share a little bit more about the fun we’ve had decorating the nursery. (Check out the first blog about decorating the nursery, if you haven’t read it already!) It’s been a work in progress as we’re slowly adding little touc
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 648 days ago

        One of the benefits of living right on the river is all the wildlife that surrounds us.  We know that we'll be spending many happy family outings down at the River Walk feeding the birds. It had been a rainy few days so when we got to the water
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 673 days ago

 While on this adoption journey Tim and I have had countless curious people ask us about every aspect of adoption! From why are we adopting; to what do we hope for?; what do we fear?;  and how do we stay so optimistic and positive while on this rollercoa
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 701 days ago

Well, we had a super blessed Christmas. I just love the holidays. Every year holds a different Christmas feel to it and this year was super magical. I can't quite say any one thing made it magical, but rather it was a combination of many wonderful moments.
RandyCrystal · 715 days ago

I am sure that being pregnant people have said some pretty ignorant things to you. I know they often mean well, but there are days when I feel like screaming “did you think about that before it came out of your mouth?” Insensitivity around a very sensitive
AndyandKristin · 716 days ago

We received word from our agency that we need to “re-up” our paperwork. So that you know, this includes: new physicals for both of us, DMV records, meeting with the social worker, etc, etc, etc. I would say that all of this has been frustrating for no reas
AndyandKristin · 716 days ago

Happy New Year!! Us at Mount Vernon Happy New Year! Well the rushing around of the holidays is almost behind us and so we’ll take a moment to reflect upon some of the fun things we did for Christmas 2012. One of the best things about being close to DC
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 716 days ago

I think I have been going about this in the wrong way. . .trying to tell you about us. . about our lives. .when, to be perfectly honest, our lives are about to change completely. Who we are as soon as we are selected to be parents will be changing complete
AndyandKristin · 734 days ago

Last March, after years of trying we found out that we are unable to biologically have children. I guess if you are birth parents reading this. . .you don't know what that feels like. Just like I have no idea what it feels like to be you.  After all of tho
AndyandKristin · 734 days ago

Last March, after years of trying we found out that we are unable to biologically have children. I guess if you are birth parents reading this. . .you don't know what that feels like. Just like I have no idea what it feels like to be you.  After all of tho
AndyandKristin · 734 days ago

Tim and I both love this time of year!  The Christmas lights sparkling in the night make the whole neighborhood look so jolly.  The doors all decorated with evergreen wreaths and big red bows.  We love picking the fresh Christmas tree and how the whole
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 744 days ago

We were lucky enough this Thanksgiving to have the entire family together.  When you count us, my parents, my brother's family, my sister's family, and some of my aunts, uncles, and cousins, there were twenty of us for dinner.  I feel fortunate that every
etstone · 745 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving!  Getting ready to put a French toast casserole in the oven and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!  Watching the parade has been a tradition ever since I was a little girl.  We will be going to visit extended family later this aft
etstone · 758 days ago

What an emotional 24 hours it has been.  I am on an email listing for an adoption attorney in Florida.  I got an email last night about a baby girl that was born yesterday who's mom was going to be choosing a family for her today.  It seemed like the "perf
SamandJennifer · 760 days ago

What would we say to you, if you're considering making an adoption plan? First, anyone considering making a plan for adoption is extremely brave.  To make such an unselfish and absolutely loving decision is amazing.  We can’t even begin to imagine how d
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 764 days ago

In my first blog post about decorating the nursery (posted Oct 25), I mentioned how a rug inspired our decorations for the nursery. Yup! A trip to Kohl’s department store and I spied a super-cute alphabet rug. I loved the bright colors and the animal
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 771 days ago

It is so cold!  I think I like summer better than winter.  I can't stand to be cold!  It seems we have skipped fall and gone straight into winter!  Although the trees are soooo pretty right now.  I love looking out our windows into the backyard.  It looks
SamandJennifer · 772 days ago

Today I subbed in Makenzie's class at school.  I was a little nervous about it at first, but it ended up being a great day.  I am so glad we are able to send her to the school she attends.  We truly are blessed to be able to send her there.  I was very imp
SamandJennifer · 773 days ago

What a wonderful day!  We got to sleep in an extra hour-woo hoo!!  After getting up we had breakfast and then got ready for the two hour trip to Cleveland for Sam's grandmother's surprise 80th birthday party.  The leaves are so pretty this time of year.  I
SamandJennifer · 776 days ago

One of my hobbies is that I like to bake.  My newest fascination/cooking gadget is my cake pop maker.  This started when Colby saw one advertised on TV.  "Hey Mom, you should get one of those," he told me.  Well, that 's about all it took and shortly there
etstone · 779 days ago

How is it possible it already is November!!??  Time gets faster and faster!  Today was warmer so that was really nice.  It's been really cold the last few days!  It makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning!  Tomorrow I will be going to Makenzie's sch
SamandJennifer · 779 days ago

Tim and i recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.   Check out photos from our anniversary adventure here!   OMG! Ten years?  Yup!  It just feels like yesterday that we strolled down that aisle arm in arm as newly weds.  And it was such a great da
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 779 days ago

No strep!!  That is always good news!  I took Makenzie in to the doctor this morning because she kept telling me she thought she had strep throat.  Luckily the strep test came back negative.  I think Makenzie was looking forward to a day off school   Then
SamandJennifer · 781 days ago

Thankfully, we never lost power and our house is in one piece after Hurricane Sandy rolled through yesterday and last night.  We did get another day out of school today as a precaution.  Over the weekend, I had bought plenty of canned goods and water just
etstone · 781 days ago

What a COLD, WINDY fall day!!  It is so cold we are having our first fire of the season tonight.  We love having fires!  The dogs love sleeping near it while we are all tucked under our blankets in the living room  I guess I will be taking Makenzie back to
SamandJennifer · 782 days ago

A Christmas craft fair, dinner out with my mom, and a slice of Reese's and a slice of Oreo cheesecake to take home - what could be better!  It was great to get out yesterday and spend some time with my mom.  It helped me get my mind off of waiting  and the
etstone · 783 days ago

Dear Birthmother, Today I heard that some adoptive parents met and held their baby girl for the first time.  The agency person writing the post commented on what a wonderful gift the birthparents were giving to these adoptive parents, not to mention the ba
etstone · 784 days ago

Today was such a fun day!!  Makenzie had a field trip to a local pumpkin patch.  We got there around 9:00 am and stayed until about 1:00.  Her two friends, Cara and Izabella, came home with us for a couple of hours before their swim meet.  They played whil
SamandJennifer · 785 days ago

Feathering the Nest - Getting the Nursery Ready Until recently i thought that getting the nursery ready before we had a strong connection with an expectant mom (who we adored and who thought we were the bees knees and who knew Tim and I were THE perfec
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 786 days ago

After waking up today with the birth mom heavy on my heart, I continued to pray for her all day.  She's obviously on Makenzie's heart too because she's been talking about her a lot lately.  Today was our busy day.  Thankfully Makenzie didn't have a lot of
SamandJennifer · 786 days ago

Today I woke up praying for our birth mom.  I know she is out there somewhere.  I can only imagine how hard this must be for her.  I pray that she feels my prayers and knows that she isn't alone.  I pray that she has family and friends that are supportive.
SamandJennifer · 787 days ago

Today has been a good day.  After picking Makenzie up from school we went to get our hair cut.  Nothing new, just a trim for both of us   Thursday we start our first session with the adoption counselor via SKYPE.  I'm excited to get this started.  I believ
SamandJennifer · 789 days ago

It is true that we have a lot of pictures on our profile.  I spent some time this morning trying to figure out if I could edit these down in any way, and honestly, I was not able to do so.  Every single picture we have placed on our profile shows how impor
etstone · 790 days ago

We had a great day today!  We were able to sleep in-always a good thing   Up until it was time to get ready to go to the "Screen on the Green" at Makenzie's school, we really didn't do a whole lote.  Well, that's not exactly true!!  I did a lot!!  I had to
SamandJennifer · 790 days ago

"Never, ever go to Kohl's without a coupon!"  I told Erik as we headed out the door for Kohl's late this afternoon.  He needed some more shirts for work.  So, we quickly printed off a coupon and away we went!  He got his shirts while Colby and I looked aro
etstone · 791 days ago

I came across this photo and saying today.  I absolutely love it!  It is so true!  Anything worth having is worth the wait.  Although it took us 7 years to get pregnant with Makenzie, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  She is so worth all the tears and hea
SamandJennifer · 792 days ago

Hi!  Today has been a good day. Not a lot to talk about, just our normal weekday routine.  This weekend will be fun though.  We are going to Makenzie's school Saturday evening.  Her drama club is having a fundraiser.  They are having a "Screen on the Green
SamandJennifer · 792 days ago

It's been a few days since I've written.  Not a whole lot has gone on.  We are just in the school/work routine.  Makenzie did get her report card today-all A's!  So proud of that girl!  She works hard.  Swim will be wrapping up at the end of the month.  As
SamandJennifer · 793 days ago

I have really got hooked on Pinterest lately!  Maybe you like looking at Pinterest, too?  I love to cook, so my favorite thing to look at is the recipe boards, especially desserts.  Do you like cooking as well?  I am trying really hard to actually follow t
etstone · 796 days ago

We went to Belvedere Plantation today to get our pumpkins!  We have been here several times over the years.  We did the corn maze, watched some pig races, rode zip lines, fed sheep, and took a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins.  Colby,
etstone · 797 days ago

Today we celebrated my mom's birthday with my sister and her family.  Everyone came over and we all had such a great time.  Tonight is my nephew's homecoming dance. Since they had to leave from here to go to his girlfriend's house we were able to get some
SamandJennifer · 798 days ago

Today has been a good day.  It started off like usual.  I got Sam and Makenzie off to school and work.  About 20 minutes after they left Sam called and said they'd forgotten Makenzie's lunch.  He said he would take an early lunch and come home to pick it u
SamandJennifer · 799 days ago

R&R at the Beach What is the most relaxing thing on the planet? Sinking your toes into the sand, feeling the warm sun and hearing the waves crash onto shore. After many years of talking about getting a beach house, we finally did it. And boy,
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 799 days ago

  Building a relationship with our birth-mother*:  The key would be for as much communication as possible.  Of course this starts with that first phone call from an expectant mother… it is thrilling for us, but we’re sure is pretty nerve-wracking for an ex
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 806 days ago

I came across a great quote today: “There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.” The National Adoption Center This is so true!  There are so many families out there that want a child.  It's just a matter of finding the right family for that chil
SamandJennifer · 809 days ago

            Last week, two dear friends of ours adopted their first child.  It's brought great joy to us to know that their family has grown and they now get to experience the joy of being parents.  The mother and I talked from time to time over the past c
BradleyErica · 815 days ago

Tired!!!  I'm so tired!!  I don't really have a good excuse for being so tired except that I drove for several hours today back and forth to the doctor's office.  I seriously feel like I could go to bed now and it is only 6:33!  I am leaving in a few minut
SamandJennifer · 816 days ago

Yay!!  Makenzie is home!!  I know she loves being with family and friends but we miss her so much when she is gone!  I worked a little this morning and then drove to pick her up at my parent's house.  She and my mom have such a close relationship!  I am so
SamandJennifer · 817 days ago

Today has been a beautiful day.  It has been so nice having the windows open all day.  What an awesome start to fall!  We are missing Makenzie!  Just one more sleep until I go pick her up!  We got up and went to church. After church Sam and I went to Apple
SamandJennifer · 818 days ago

Today was such fun!  We went to my sister's house to celebrate my nephew's 14th birthday.  I can't believe he is 14!  It seems like just yesterday I was blessed to be allowed to be in the room when he was born.   He is such a good kid.  We enjoyed being wi
SamandJennifer · 819 days ago

Believe it or not, it turns out Makenzie has strep!  I would have never guessed!  The rash she has is caused by the strep.  You would never know she is sick though.  She is constantly doing handstands and cartwheels! No fever, tiny bit of sore throat!  The
SamandJennifer · 820 days ago

How has your experience in the world of adoption mirrored or changed your expectation of adoption?* Well, we knew it would take time.    We’ve been really fortunate to have a lot of cheerleaders (family, friends, and total strangers!) who’re there to en
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 820 days ago

Today was a regular day.  Sam and Makenzie left at 7:30 for school and work.  I went to work also (here at home!!).  I got a phone call from Makenzie's school around 11 saying she wasn't feeling well.  I went and picked her up from school.  Other than bein
SamandJennifer · 820 days ago

Today we went to the Zoo with Makenzie's class.  We had beautiful weather.  It was not too hot and not too cold!  We all had a great time!  Once we got done with the zoo we headed back to the school to take a couple of Makenzie's classmates back then we he
SamandJennifer · 822 days ago

Rain, rain, rain!!  It has rained all day long!!  Makenzie was supposed to have a field trip to the Zoo today but since it was forcasted a 100% chance of rain it was rescheduled to tomorrow.  She is beyond excited about going.  I will take her to school in
SamandJennifer · 823 days ago

Dear Birthmother, You may have noticed that we haven't written any journal entries in quite a while.  Around the middle of August, we met with an absolutely wonderful young lady who was due with a little girl in a few months.  We were beyond impressed with
etstone · 827 days ago

Traditions!   Do you have any current family traditions that you celebrate as a family? If so, how did these traditions begin?* Well there are lots of traditions that we both bring from our families but with just the two of us, we created some new ones: F
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 827 days ago

Recently we were asked*:  How did you meet your spouse?  How long did you both date before you decided to get married?  How long have you been married?  Oh i love telling the story of how we met!  Yes this is similar to the Story of Us on the website, w
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 833 days ago

An awesome blogger who's also a birthmom profiled us on her Dear Sweetheart blog: http://bit.ly/MPGn9l How cool is that? We're so grateful to her for the opportunity. We're glad to have connected because her blog is full of thoughtful and great insights
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 833 days ago

Recently, I came across a poem that really moved me and really sums up the love we have for a child that we hope will be ours very soon . . .   We didn't give you the gift of life, but in our hearts we know,  the love we feel is deep and real, as if it had
etstone · 860 days ago

Yesterday, we had a crab feast/potluck dinner at our neighborhood pool.  Once a month, our neighborhood pool does a late night swim on a Saturday night.  All of the kids had great fun playing in the pool with the lights on underwater.  All, or I should say
etstone · 860 days ago

We are very excited about our upcoming adoption education workshops! We have four excited couples registered and still have room for a few more! We feel honored to begin the adoption journey with the couples in our program. You can view our Adoption Worksh
CatholicSocialService · 864 days ago

  Yes, it's true, i do love the weekend!  I think Tim does too....and what might be a highlight of the weekend? Well, of course, if we're off for a stroll in the neighbourhood nature reserve that's awesome. Seeing the ospreys and eagles and herons that fly
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 869 days ago

One of my (and Colby's) favorite bedtime stories is "Guess How Much I Love You?"  As the mama hare and baby hare tell each other how much they love each other, one of the lines in the story is "I love you to the moon and back."  For a long time, I have tol
etstone · 886 days ago

Check out our profile page to see Erik's list of favorites!  Hoping this let's you see another side of us!  :)
etstone · 886 days ago

Eighteen years ago today, I walked down the aisle on my dad's arm at the University of Maryland chapel where we both went to school.  Standing at the altar was Erik, the love of my life.  As my dad kissed me and handed me off to Erik, he whispered to Erik,
etstone · 887 days ago

Check out our profile for a new block that I have added - Tracy's favorites.  A list of Erik's favorites is coming soon!  Maybe this will give you more of an "inside scoop" that we might not be able to cover in our letter or a journal post!  Maybe we'll ha
etstone · 887 days ago

Wow, what warm weekend. We did manage to get in some biking on the trail near our house. We love bike riding especially in the morning. That was Saturday. On Sunday we when to the Brewers baseball game with friends. We had a blast! Not to mention the Brewe
Mattandveronica · 888 days ago

Wow!  It's been busy around here!  Check out our latest pictures to see what we've been up to!   We had a really fun Fourth of July!  We had a neighborhood potluck/cookout up at our pool.  Everyone brought a side dish and their own meat to grill.  We ate a
etstone · 893 days ago

The Fourth of July! I love this holiday!  As a 1st generation American,  i love proudly displaying the flag, putting out the flag bunting on the railings and wearing red, white, and blue... and FIREWORKS!  Living close to DC gives us a pretty unique opp
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 898 days ago

I occasionally travel for work. Ever since we started this adoption journey I don't view them so much as business trips, but opportunities to spread the word about our wishes to adopt. We (really Melissa. Thank you!) have made business cards that have i
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 904 days ago

Tonight, we had a swim meet.  Tomorrow, we are leaving for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the weekend! Colby did the 25 meter freestyle as well as backstroke.  He is still working on being able to do the breast stroke in a meet.  This is his fourth summe
etstone · 905 days ago

Ferris wheel, bumper cars, swings, arcade, Boardwalk fries . . .  Today, Colby and I went to King's Dominion, an amusement park that is about forty minutes from our house.  Usually, we buy season tickets each summer.  We will usually spend one visit on the
etstone · 906 days ago

As I write this, Colby and his best buddy are downstairs playing chess.  After playing video games for the better part of the afternoon, they cooked up a plan to have a sleepover.  Each of them went and told their mothers until basically, we caved.  At lea
etstone · 914 days ago

On Sunday, we had a going away party for my 23-year-old niece who is moving to Florida to begin her first full time job as an activities manager at a resort near Disney.  We celebrated Father's Day also, but it was mostly a party for my niece.  I am very c
etstone · 914 days ago

It is wonderful to hear the sound of laughter once again in the basement!  Now that school is out, we have settled into a routine, but a laid back one.  We get up for daily swim team practice and go to the pool. While Colby swims, I walk the sidewalk/woode
etstone · 920 days ago

Today was the last day of school - hooray!   This was the first time in nineteen years of teaching that I actually teared up a little as I told my class of third graders goodbye.  I had a great class ths year, and while I had to fuss at a few up until the
etstone · 925 days ago

Only four more days until the last day of school!  As a teacher, I am often worse than the kids when it comes to counting down until the last day of school!  Not that I don't love teaching third grade, but I love being a summertime stay-at-home mom with Co
etstone · 928 days ago

We are ready to adopt a child, we hope you review our profile and contact us. We have alot of love to share
Chillbrill123 · 930 days ago

Colby and I spent the afternoon at the neighborhood pool.  He found a classmate to keep him company while I chatted with neighbors and did a little reading on my Kindle.  Part of the time, I found myself daydreaming about when Colby was a baby.  Our pool h
etstone · 936 days ago

Colby and I had an opportunity to have a mommy/son date tonight.  We went to get ice cream at one of our favorite places - Bruster's.  After talking about various random things, out of the blue, Colby asked why we were still waiting so long for a little br
etstone · 938 days ago

TGIF and hooray for a long weekend!  Already, there are a bunch of kids playing in our yard with Colby.  I will probably let our dog, Cocoa, out to run with the kids shortly since she loves to do that!   We had field day at school today, followed by the mo
etstone · 939 days ago

  Tim and i have gotten very good at "The Speech" - that's where we tell everyone about our desire to adopt.  Since we're hoping to adopt via independent (aka private) adoption, we have to get the word out!   Tim is so cute, he's completely gotten over bei
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 940 days ago

What a great Saturday we all had yesterday!  We started out our day with Colby's play-off soccer game. Unfortunately, they lost, but they played hard against an undefeated team that practically creamed us earlier in the season.  After the game, we had a la
etstone · 944 days ago

As I make plans to honor my own mother and mother-in-law by cooking a brunch for Mother's Day this Sunday, I have to stop and think about how lucky I am to be able to celebrate Mother's Day myself.  I think about Colby's birthmother often, but especially a
etstone · 953 days ago

MIke is a great instructor looking for baby boy to adopt   We are hoping to adopt a baby soon typre
MikeandMary · 955 days ago

Micah and I have had many friends and family members who have wanted to show their excitement and support in our adoption journey. One of the ways many friends have showed their excitement is through jewelry. Purchasing jewelry to be specific! About 3 mont
MicahandJenn · 963 days ago

We have a somewhat worn wood and metal park bench that sits against the treeline of our backyard.  I love this rickety bench for many reasons.  As heavy as it is, we have moved it from our townhouse to another house to the house we live in now.  When Erik
etstone · 966 days ago

Yesterday was my birthday.  We went out to dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants, Bravo, with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law.  I am a big fan of ice cream cakes, so Erik got me a chocolate and peanut butter cup ice cream cake from Cold S
etstone · 966 days ago

Today, being the eve of my birthday, I took a much-needed mental health day as a present to myself.  It was great to stay in my pajamas and linger over my coffee while watching the Today Show.  I am proud to say that I didn't do any chores other than to lo
etstone · 968 days ago

For the next challenge we've faced, I'll write about Colby's ADD diagnosis.  Colby has struggled with handwriting and fine motor coordination since Kindergarten.  Being a teacher myself, I have always known that something wasn't right with his writing and
etstone · 970 days ago

Things happen for a reason.  This is a statement that I truly believe.  My very wise older sister has always reminded me of this statement when times get tough.  Throughout our previous journal entries, I have tried to paint a picture for you of the kind o
etstone · 973 days ago

This year my parents weren't in town for Easter. (They got a couple of tickets to see the Master's Tournament, which isn't too far from my grandparents' house.) We couldn't go since we both work at church and Easter is a pretty big holiday there. :) But, w
DavidElizabeth · 981 days ago

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