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Last night we attended a Waiting Family event at our agency.  We had a great time connecting with other waiting adoptive couples. We look forward to more meetings in the future!   This picture is from Sunday night when we watched the movie Courageous.  On
DavidandCarmen · 5 days ago

We were lucky enough to enjoy the holidays with our family, reminding us how much hope we have for this new year.  There are so many things to be thankful for every day, especially each other.  This year will hopefully be a complete change in our lives and
PeterandCarol · 21 days ago

Merry Christmas!  Today we celebrated with Sarah's parents. We enjoyed the excitement and the quiet of the day, all getting to play with our new toys. Evan helped pass out gifts at the nursing home where Sarah's Grandma Eloise lives, and boy did he love th
PeteandSarah · 32 days ago

We have been really busy with family Christmas' this year already.  Typically our family Christmas' start the second weekend in December and go until Christmas day.  The thing we love most about this time of year, is the amount of time we are able to spend
DanandLaurel · 35 days ago

Today Evan and I are headed out to visit with my sister and her kids.  Then we're going to meet up with Pete and spend the night with Grandma & Papa.  I made gifts for my Gramma's (Evan'a great-grandma) caregivers, so we are going to wrap and deliver t
PeteandSarah · 45 days ago

Today, after visiting Santa, we put our Christmas tree up and began decorating the inside of our home.  Evan even wore reindeer antlers to get into the spirit.  ~Sarah
PeteandSarah · 50 days ago

For over 25 years Sarah's sister and her husband have invited Thanksgiving guests to paint ornaments for their Christmas tree.  This was Evan's third Thanksgiving, and his third set of ornaments.  Thanksgiving in Texas is memorable for so many reasons!  ~P
PeteandSarah · 54 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today we have reflected on the journey to adoption.  We are so thankful that Evan became our son through adoption.  Today as we celebrate with our family we sincerely hope his birthfamily is also surrounded by love and support!  ~ Pete
PeteandSarah · 60 days ago

We are having such a fantastic Thanksgiving week!  Smooth flight, basketball games for the cousins, bowling and pizza... and tomorrow the real festivities begin. ~Sarah
PeteandSarah · 61 days ago

We were at the mall last night and it was Santa's first night so all of the kids were invited to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what they wanted for Chirstmas.  Hayden was very excited about talking to Santa and reminded us that "last year he asked for a
PeteandMary · 68 days ago

We have a week until Thanksgiving, but we have already been counting our blessings around here!  We put together this blessing jar which holds several strips of paper with writing prompts, a pen, and tape.  We keep it on the kitchen counter so whenever one
JonandAmber · 68 days ago

Brr!  This cold-cold weekend we put up our Christmas lights and wreath then finished some much needed yard work.  Now winter can really get going.  We celebrated a job-done with a cup of cocoa, it was Evan's first "hot" drink - and he loved it!  I have bee
PeteandSarah · 70 days ago

One of our favorite things about the fall season is all the yummy food and baking!  We had fun today as a family whipping up a batch of home made pumkin bread.  Josiah and Ainsleigh had fun taking turns pouring ingredients and stirring the batter.  Yummy!
JonandAmber · 76 days ago

We are fortunate to have a local park that sponsors many family friendly activities.  We attended the fall festival with some of our nieghbors and enjoyed a hay ride, pumpkin painting and roasting hot dogs and s'mores at the bonfire!
PeteandMary · 79 days ago

We picked a beautiful Michigan fall day to go to the local pumpkin patch!  There are so many fun things to do!  You can pose with various tractors and vehicles.  There are giant kids characters built out of straw.  They even have a launch of the giant pump
JonandAmber · 80 days ago

The weather on Halloween this year was a little more like Christmas, but we didn't let that stop the fun!  We braved the elements with some friends of ours and showed off our costumes.  This year Josiah chose to go as a Storm Trooper from Star Wars and som
JonandAmber · 83 days ago

We went to the Annual Zoo Boo and had a great time.  All of the kids look so cute in their costumes.  It is a great family event that we enjoy attending every year.
PeteandMary · 88 days ago

What to do on a cold and wet Saturday?  Go to Lowes!  Evan was so excited to see all the holiday decorations!  Christmas trees, sparkling lights, Santa statues.  He was pretty disappointed we were there to pick up light bulbs and weather stripping.  No wor
PeteandSarah · 100 days ago

I was driving home from work today reflecting back on time spent with my husband and our family this past weekend. We celebrated 3 birthdays at my parents home. It was nice to see my brother and his girlfriend along with thier little one. No matter the bir
mikeandkelli · 103 days ago

We've been keeping busy working around the pendulum of spring temps - warm one day, cool the next.Recently, when the weather turned cool, we rented the movie Frozen and snuggled together on the couch to watch it as a family.  We all enjoyed it! This past w
jmorahan · 301 days ago

Entry by Gwen I am just getting back home to Dodge City after spending a week visitng family in North East Kansas. Lots going on up North! Spent a lot of time helping family as they just purchased a new business and I also got to spend lots of time with
WesandGwen · 311 days ago

"Bluebirds fly.  And the dreams that you dream of really do come true!"This is our favorite lullaby to sing to Hayley each night.   Speaking of Hayley...We are one month away from Hayley's 3rd birthday.  We can't believe how fast the time has flown.  We're
jmorahan · 318 days ago

Mother Nature dumped 7 inches of snow on us yesterday.  It was our usual heavy, wet March snow.  Thankfully, Ernest made it home from work a little early safe and sound before the roads got too bad.  We stayed in, sunuggled by the fire, and watched the mov
jmorahan · 324 days ago

Well, February went by in a blur.     Hayley and Julie traveled up to Gillette, WY (a 5 plus hour drive) with Julie's mom to visit with Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Jim for a weekend, while Ernest stayed home to work on some minor things around the house on the h
jmorahan · 329 days ago

Fall is our favourite time of year. The color of the leaves, the excitement of Thanksgiving and then Christmas, right around the corner and of course, very, very happy memories of our autumn wedding! We’re always looking for new fun things to do and spec
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 415 days ago

This weekend we are making a quick trip to Ohio to see our families, and Tracy will get to see some old friends as well.  During the summers of 1997 and 2000, Tracy worked as a counselor at a sleepaway camp for children with special needs, which inspired h
paskoff · 535 days ago

One of our favorite summer activities is Theatre in the Park.  Shawnee Mission Park has a wonderful outdoor community theatre that puts on shows each weekend.  Tim and I love to attend the theatre and the outdoor, laid-back, family atmosphere can't be beat
timamber · 542 days ago

We are excited to spend the weekend with old family friends from Ohio.  It has been fun to hang out this summer with the "little girl" who I babysat in college starting when she was 6--who is now 21 and all grown up, completing a summer internship in DC
paskoff · 543 days ago

What an exciting week it has been for us!   Thursday was the Fourth of July and this year Tim and I celebrated by attending a friend's party in the evening.  There was so much food, much of which was wrapped in bacon.  Tim was in heaven.  There were bacon
timamber · 568 days ago

After a long break, I made time at the beginning of this year to start running and cycling again.  I have some really active co-workers who have encouraged me and gone out with me for runs and rides over the lunch hour.  I have had a great time and am real
timamber · 586 days ago

This weekend is going to be amazing! It's the first day of summer break! My cousin just had a baby girl and my other cousin graduated from high school. I got to hold McKenzie for the first time last night. She is so tiny and so different from her sister Ky
TimShana · 611 days ago

Recently we attended our first opening day of baseball.  We are big fans of the Kansas City Royals and each year we try to attend several games. Opening Day is special, and this year was amazing.  The weather was beautiful, the game was exciting, and atmos
timamber · 648 days ago

We had such a great time Sunday visiting the zoo with our family! Tim and I love animals and some of my favorite childhood memories are of visiting the zoo in Memphis with my grandparents, mom, dad, brother and aunts. Nashville has an awesome zoo now, so w
TimShana · 653 days ago

Today was a beautiful Easter Sunday.  We traveled to our hometown to spend the day with Amber's family at her parents.  We attended church with mother in the morning and the service was beautiful.  It was truly a wonderful reminder of what Easter is all ab
timamber · 666 days ago

I had over the other day 5 out of my 6 nieces and nephews.  I love how they all get along even though they only see each other at my house since they are not technically related. 
ReneeandScott · 668 days ago

        One of the benefits of living right on the river is all the wildlife that surrounds us.  We know that we'll be spending many happy family outings down at the River Walk feeding the birds. It had been a rainy few days so when we got to the water
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 710 days ago

Tim recently celebrated his 30th birthday.  Thirty seems like such a big milestone.  We remember when thirty seemed so old! We travelled back to Manhattan, KS for a Kansas State University (our alma mater) basketball game and a weekend spent with friends a
timamber · 725 days ago

Happy New Year!! Us at Mount Vernon Happy New Year! Well the rushing around of the holidays is almost behind us and so we’ll take a moment to reflect upon some of the fun things we did for Christmas 2012. One of the best things about being close to DC
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 754 days ago

We just had our holiday work party.  It was fun to hang out for a bit with colleagues and not be working.  We had a contest for the ugliest wrapped gift and I (Cindy) won; very unexpected.  After work, Meg and I are going to go for a little swim at the Y a
MegandCindy · 769 days ago

We have had a full weekend already and it's only half over!  Last night we went with some close friends to Callaway Gardens to see their Fantasy In Lights show.  It was awesome!!!  After riding the trolley through the light show we had a funnel cake and ho
SamandJennifer · 772 days ago

Wow!  My first marathon is finished...one more goal to check off my list.  It was great fun...My sister traveled a few hours to watch and Meg was, of course, there.  One of the best parts of the race was seeing my family on the route cheering for me.  The
MegandCindy · 776 days ago

Tim and I both love this time of year!  The Christmas lights sparkling in the night make the whole neighborhood look so jolly.  The doors all decorated with evergreen wreaths and big red bows.  We love picking the fresh Christmas tree and how the whole
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 781 days ago

I (Cindy) has a marathon event coming up on the weekend and hopefully the weahter will be great.  I seem to focus a lot on the weather, but I think that is because I love being outside, even in the winter.  The interesting thing about running is engaging i
MegandCindy · 781 days ago

This is a rare Saturday that we have home!  Usually we are gone doing something with one of our families.  Today Makenzie was in the local Christmas Parade with the Drama Club from school.  Years past, we've always ridden on the float with her.  This year
SamandJennifer · 786 days ago

Looks like lots going on this weekend.   The first activity, after running, will be a parade.  Lots of floats, families, food, and fun! 
MegandCindy · 787 days ago

This is our graduation picture...Bailey graduated from puppy school where he learned to sit, come (sort of), down, and wait.  He is now into adolescence and has seemed to forgotten some of what he learned in puppy school, but it is all good!  
MegandCindy · 790 days ago

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family.  We always have so.much.fun!!  There are tons of people there-most of which are under the age of 20!  I am very fortunate to have the family I do.  We all are very close and have great relationships.  We are
SamandJennifer · 793 days ago

I love Thanksgiving! We should always be thankful for everything we have in our lives, but this is a day to: stop reflect, and praise God. It's a day to remember all your trials and blessings and be thankful for all of it. This Thanksgiving as we prayed
RandyCrystal · 793 days ago

This is our very first entry so we had to start with a special photo to reflect Christina's personality.  We did our annual Thanksgiving celebration yesterday with a family dinner.  Lots of food and fun!  We had two birthdays to celebrate too.  Christina l
smlbdl · 793 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving!  Getting ready to put a French toast casserole in the oven and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!  Watching the parade has been a tradition ever since I was a little girl.  We will be going to visit extended family later this aft
etstone · 795 days ago

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days.  My dad was released from the hospital Friday night.  Makenzie and I were there to help get him and my mom home and settled.  He has to follow up with a urologist this week.  So thankful that he is home.  What is craz
SamandJennifer · 799 days ago

It has been a couple of days since I posted.  My dad is still in the hospital.  They told him this morning he was going to be released, but shortly after that they came back in and said a culture had come back positive (for what I don't know) and he would
SamandJennifer · 803 days ago

Well Saturday while we were at Sam's dad's house I got a call that they were taking my dad to the ER because he had a fever of 104.3.  After being in the ER for several hours, they determined he had a SEVERE uti.  His white blood cell count was over 17,000
SamandJennifer · 805 days ago

Today we went up to Grandpa's and Grandma's house to celebrate Grandma's birthday.  Makenzie invited Ava to go with us.  We all had a great time.  Grandpa grilled ribs and corn on the cob and we also had mac and cheese.  It was very yummy!  After singing h
SamandJennifer · 807 days ago

Today I subbed in Makenzie's class at school.  I was a little nervous about it at first, but it ended up being a great day.  I am so glad we are able to send her to the school she attends.  We truly are blessed to be able to send her there.  I was very imp
SamandJennifer · 811 days ago

What a wonderful day!  We got to sleep in an extra hour-woo hoo!!  After getting up we had breakfast and then got ready for the two hour trip to Cleveland for Sam's grandmother's surprise 80th birthday party.  The leaves are so pretty this time of year.  I
SamandJennifer · 813 days ago

One of my hobbies is that I like to bake.  My newest fascination/cooking gadget is my cake pop maker.  This started when Colby saw one advertised on TV.  "Hey Mom, you should get one of those," he told me.  Well, that 's about all it took and shortly there
etstone · 816 days ago

Last night, we went trick-or-treating as our usual big group!  It's so much fun to be in a neighborhood full of kids.  Colby wasn't sure if he really wanted to go trick-or-treating or not, but decided to when he found out all of his buddies were going.  He
etstone · 816 days ago

How is it possible it already is November!!??  Time gets faster and faster!  Today was warmer so that was really nice.  It's been really cold the last few days!  It makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning!  Tomorrow I will be going to Makenzie's sch
SamandJennifer · 816 days ago

Phew!  I am TIRED!  We have had a busy but fun day!  After school Makenzie had swim.  It was her end of season party and awards.  I think for Makenzie's first time swimming competitively she did awesome!!  She ended up getting a reward for Heat Winner, 2 2
SamandJennifer · 817 days ago

No strep!!  That is always good news!  I took Makenzie in to the doctor this morning because she kept telling me she thought she had strep throat.  Luckily the strep test came back negative.  I think Makenzie was looking forward to a day off school   Then
SamandJennifer · 818 days ago

Hope anyone reading this in any of the mid-Atlantic is able to stay safe this afternoon and through tomorrow!  We are in Virginia and just have a light rain at the moment, but it is supposed to get much worse this afternoon.  Schools are closed today.  Yes
etstone · 819 days ago

A Christmas craft fair, dinner out with my mom, and a slice of Reese's and a slice of Oreo cheesecake to take home - what could be better!  It was great to get out yesterday and spend some time with my mom.  It helped me get my mind off of waiting  and the
etstone · 820 days ago

Love Saturdays!  We all slept in and then cleaned house!  Around 2:00 my parents came over for a visit.  We went out to eat at Tokyo (a really good Japanese steakhouse).  We came back to watch the GA game and to carve our pumpkin while the game was on.  I'
SamandJennifer · 821 days ago

Dear Birthmother, Today I heard that some adoptive parents met and held their baby girl for the first time.  The agency person writing the post commented on what a wonderful gift the birthparents were giving to these adoptive parents, not to mention the ba
etstone · 822 days ago

Today was such a fun day!!  Makenzie had a field trip to a local pumpkin patch.  We got there around 9:00 am and stayed until about 1:00.  Her two friends, Cara and Izabella, came home with us for a couple of hours before their swim meet.  They played whil
SamandJennifer · 822 days ago

After waking up today with the birth mom heavy on my heart, I continued to pray for her all day.  She's obviously on Makenzie's heart too because she's been talking about her a lot lately.  Today was our busy day.  Thankfully Makenzie didn't have a lot of
SamandJennifer · 824 days ago

Today has been a good day.  After picking Makenzie up from school we went to get our hair cut.  Nothing new, just a trim for both of us   Thursday we start our first session with the adoption counselor via SKYPE.  I'm excited to get this started.  I believ
SamandJennifer · 826 days ago

It is true that we have a lot of pictures on our profile.  I spent some time this morning trying to figure out if I could edit these down in any way, and honestly, I was not able to do so.  Every single picture we have placed on our profile shows how impor
etstone · 827 days ago

We had a great day today!  We were able to sleep in-always a good thing   Up until it was time to get ready to go to the "Screen on the Green" at Makenzie's school, we really didn't do a whole lote.  Well, that's not exactly true!!  I did a lot!!  I had to
SamandJennifer · 828 days ago

"Never, ever go to Kohl's without a coupon!"  I told Erik as we headed out the door for Kohl's late this afternoon.  He needed some more shirts for work.  So, we quickly printed off a coupon and away we went!  He got his shirts while Colby and I looked aro
etstone · 828 days ago

I came across this photo and saying today.  I absolutely love it!  It is so true!  Anything worth having is worth the wait.  Although it took us 7 years to get pregnant with Makenzie, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  She is so worth all the tears and hea
SamandJennifer · 829 days ago

Hi!  Today has been a good day. Not a lot to talk about, just our normal weekday routine.  This weekend will be fun though.  We are going to Makenzie's school Saturday evening.  Her drama club is having a fundraiser.  They are having a "Screen on the Green
SamandJennifer · 830 days ago

It's been a few days since I've written.  Not a whole lot has gone on.  We are just in the school/work routine.  Makenzie did get her report card today-all A's!  So proud of that girl!  She works hard.  Swim will be wrapping up at the end of the month.  As
SamandJennifer · 831 days ago

I have really got hooked on Pinterest lately!  Maybe you like looking at Pinterest, too?  I love to cook, so my favorite thing to look at is the recipe boards, especially desserts.  Do you like cooking as well?  I am trying really hard to actually follow t
etstone · 833 days ago

We went to Belvedere Plantation today to get our pumpkins!  We have been here several times over the years.  We did the corn maze, watched some pig races, rode zip lines, fed sheep, and took a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins.  Colby,
etstone · 835 days ago

Today we celebrated my mom's birthday with my sister and her family.  Everyone came over and we all had such a great time.  Tonight is my nephew's homecoming dance. Since they had to leave from here to go to his girlfriend's house we were able to get some
SamandJennifer · 835 days ago

R&R at the Beach What is the most relaxing thing on the planet? Sinking your toes into the sand, feeling the warm sun and hearing the waves crash onto shore. After many years of talking about getting a beach house, we finally did it. And boy,
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 836 days ago

Ever since Sunday my sister says that every morning Kaylin asks if she can go to Aunties house today?  I love, love, love, this/her so much.  So finally today she got to answer her yes! you get to go to Auntie's house today.  We had so much fun....We went
NickandKristina · 837 days ago

Today started with Makenzie coming into my room early this morning telling me she was sure she had strep throat   I had her get in the bed with me and Sam until it was time to get up.  Instead of her going to school we headed for the doctor's office.  Luck
SamandJennifer · 839 days ago

Today was such an awesome day!!!  My dad drives the church bus for the kids.  If the kids attended church for 4 out of 5 weeks they were able to go to Monkey Joe's for an outing.  My dad also bought tickets for Makenzie and my niece Kendall.  Monkey Joe's
SamandJennifer · 842 days ago

Here lately Fridays are almost as busy as Wednesdays!  After school Makenzie had swim practice.  She was so excited because she was allowed to move up a lane.  Her coach told her she was passing most everyone in the lane she was in so she was able to move
SamandJennifer · 843 days ago

The weather lately has been so nice :)  Makenzie had school as usual and Sam and I worked.  Around 10:00am I got a call from Makenzie's teacher saying she didn't have a lunch   I knew I'd packed one for her this morning.  I looked in the kitchen and it was
SamandJennifer · 844 days ago

Nothing too exciting to report today.  I took Makenzie to school because she had to have some blood work done because she's been having stomach pains for a while.  She was a complete nervous wreck!  She really got herself worked up before anything happened
SamandJennifer · 845 days ago

Today has been tons of fun!  We all slept in-love the room darkening curtains condos/hotels have .  After getting up we were able to watch dolphins and a sting ray from the balcony of our condo-very cool!  We had a great time at the beach.  I'm telling you
SamandJennifer · 850 days ago

Woo hoo!!  Spur of the moment trip to the beach!  We are leaving this afternoon and will come home Sunday!  So excited!  Can't wait to get my toes in the sand!  Ahhhh!!
SamandJennifer · 851 days ago

Yesterday, we had a crab feast/potluck dinner at our neighborhood pool.  Once a month, our neighborhood pool does a late night swim on a Saturday night.  All of the kids had great fun playing in the pool with the lights on underwater.  All, or I should say
etstone · 897 days ago

  Yes, it's true, i do love the weekend!  I think Tim does too....and what might be a highlight of the weekend? Well, of course, if we're off for a stroll in the neighbourhood nature reserve that's awesome. Seeing the ospreys and eagles and herons that fly
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 906 days ago

One of my (and Colby's) favorite bedtime stories is "Guess How Much I Love You?"  As the mama hare and baby hare tell each other how much they love each other, one of the lines in the story is "I love you to the moon and back."  For a long time, I have tol
etstone · 923 days ago

Check out our profile page to see Erik's list of favorites!  Hoping this let's you see another side of us!  :)
etstone · 923 days ago

Did you know that both Nick and I practically grew up at Disney World? Growing up in Florida meant that we were almost always at the theme parks. Read all about it here: http://www.nickandtinaadopt.com/post/25898118712/growing-up-disney  
Tina_Nick · 924 days ago

Eighteen years ago today, I walked down the aisle on my dad's arm at the University of Maryland chapel where we both went to school.  Standing at the altar was Erik, the love of my life.  As my dad kissed me and handed me off to Erik, he whispered to Erik,
etstone · 924 days ago

Check out our profile for a new block that I have added - Tracy's favorites.  A list of Erik's favorites is coming soon!  Maybe this will give you more of an "inside scoop" that we might not be able to cover in our letter or a journal post!  Maybe we'll ha
etstone · 924 days ago

Wow!  It's been busy around here!  Check out our latest pictures to see what we've been up to!   We had a really fun Fourth of July!  We had a neighborhood potluck/cookout up at our pool.  Everyone brought a side dish and their own meat to grill.  We ate a
etstone · 930 days ago

The Fourth of July! I love this holiday!  As a 1st generation American,  i love proudly displaying the flag, putting out the flag bunting on the railings and wearing red, white, and blue... and FIREWORKS!  Living close to DC gives us a pretty unique opp
Melissa_and_Tim_Adopt · 935 days ago

Tonight, we had a swim meet.  Tomorrow, we are leaving for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the weekend! Colby did the 25 meter freestyle as well as backstroke.  He is still working on being able to do the breast stroke in a meet.  This is his fourth summe
etstone · 943 days ago

Ferris wheel, bumper cars, swings, arcade, Boardwalk fries . . .  Today, Colby and I went to King's Dominion, an amusement park that is about forty minutes from our house.  Usually, we buy season tickets each summer.  We will usually spend one visit on the
etstone · 944 days ago

As I write this, Colby and his best buddy are downstairs playing chess.  After playing video games for the better part of the afternoon, they cooked up a plan to have a sleepover.  Each of them went and told their mothers until basically, we caved.  At lea
etstone · 951 days ago

On Sunday, we had a going away party for my 23-year-old niece who is moving to Florida to begin her first full time job as an activities manager at a resort near Disney.  We celebrated Father's Day also, but it was mostly a party for my niece.  I am very c
etstone · 951 days ago

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