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Baking pumpkin pies right now and as the smell of sweetness fills the air, I wanted to take a short break to reflect on how much we have to be thankful for this year. We are so blessed and the holidays are a special time as this is the time we welcomed our
TimoandJessica · 5 hours ago

It was a wonderful day celebrating our annual Friendsgiving! 
mattandtricia · 18 hours ago

Supporting the children at a local charity event. An amazing night which helped raise money to fund research for children. 
micheleandsteven · 20 hours ago

Our first snow day was a blast! Sophie painted the snow with food coloring and made a snowman!  We had a blast!!
JohnandLaura · Yesterday

Halloween is not something us Dutchies traditionally celebrate. But every year halloween gets bigger and bigger and we intend to pick up this tradition as well as each year we see more and more “scary” dressed up children going to halloween parties. Trick
lennartandsaskia · Yesterday

Hello   This weekend was a sad one, as we said goodbye to my parents for the winter.  They own a couple of homes out of the country, and prefer to escape every year before the snow hits.  I suppose I can't blame them, these midwest winters are not for ever
AmitandNatalie · 2 days ago

We are so blessed to be with our Texas family. Evan has said "I love you" about fifty times to his cousins, and we've only been here two days. It is so special to watch their relationships grow. Today we took it easy and played outside a bunch, we love Tex
PeteandSarah · 2 days ago

To celebrate Saskia’s parents wedding anniversary, they invited us and their other daughters including husbands and children for a week holiday in Morocco. It was great to be in this sunny beautiful country,especially spending time with our 6 nieces en nep
lennartandsaskia · 2 days ago

We put our tree up... and it is not Thanksgiving yet. Usually not our MO because we want to make sure that we truly take the time during the Thanksgiving season to have gratitude. However, our schedules are filled in December so we wanted to make sure that
nathananderin · 2 days ago

It's hard to believe that time has passed so quickly since we finalized our home study.  We headed into summer thinking that it would be a laid back, stay at home type of summer.  It was NOT.  We went camping with family for a week (the day school got out)
TimandTiffany · 3 days ago

Mike and I are big believers of celebrating Thanksgiving before decorating for Christmas. Today we did get our totes of lights down from the attic so Mike can test the lights before we spend our traditional black Friday putting up the Christmas decorations
MichaelandKristi · 3 days ago

Had a great day enjoying our first snow by having a snowball war, cup of hot chocolate and playing our favorite family games:  statue, Zingo and Chutes and Ladders:)  
JasonandAnn · 3 days ago

With it snowing all day yesterday it was a great day to put the tree up and decorate, go outside and play in the snow and then come in and have a fire, some hot chocolate and watch Star Wars!
PeteandMary · 3 days ago

One of my hobbies is collecting purses. I have a lot of them. When I go inside a store I can't leave without looking at purses. Now I have my favorite store. The name of that store is Charming Charlie.  I already bought a lot of different purses in that st
marcinandkasia · 3 days ago

Flying is such an adventure!  We have arrived in Texas after a long and playful flight, thank goodness for Dollar Tree trrasures (new mini cars) and a episode of Paw Patrol to keep it fun!  We left just as a snow storm blew in, and I will admit I am sorry
PeteandSarah · 4 days ago

  Seeing the king and I with friends. Love NY so many great things to do can’t wait to share everything with a child one day. Www.micheleandstevenadopt.info  
micheleandsteven · 4 days ago

Hello again. After adopting our son in December of 2014, we decided to grow our family yet again! We are enjoying decorating our home for Christmas and having a little one around to spoil this holiday season!
jasonandkenny · 5 days ago

As we approach the holiday season we look forward to what the Lord has in store for us and our family.  We do not have many parties to attend this year as it is only immediate family parties.  It is always a joyful time as we sit back and relish what the L
bvanstrien · 6 days ago

Took Hayden to his first Red Wings game last.  An exptra special treat since it was a school night.  Got a free Red Wings Carhartt giveaway hat, won the free slice of pizzea toss and toured the Olympia Room.  Not too shabby for a first timer!  
PeteandMary · 6 days ago

MarkLetty · 7 days ago

MarkLetty · 8 days ago

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and that means Christmas is not far off.  We love this time of year!  Looking forward to the time we will spend with our family during Thanksgiving and Christmas has brought an element of excitement to our house.  Gettin
jamieandkristy · 8 days ago

Hayden was asked to write down 3 cool facts about himself to share with his class this week.  He chose to share that he was adopted.  He stood in front of his class and told them that he was adopted, that it happened when he was a baby and that we are a fo
PeteandMary · 8 days ago

Started the weekend with a half day of school on Friday.  Of course what better way to spend a snowy afternoon than out to lunch and then off to visit Santa! Had lots of hockey and other activites this weekend but still managed to squeeze in a trip to the
PeteandMary · 9 days ago

My husband and I just completed our profile video. Please, if you are a birth mom and you are reading this and our video is already published do not judge us on that video. LOL! Though, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to get to know us better.   
nathananderin · 9 days ago

We're very excited that our flipbook is now online!  Take a look by clicking this link and please feel free to reach out with any questions!
toddandtracy · 9 days ago

What a fun week we've had!  Swimming, ice skating, a new roof (boy was that loud) and Pete finished his student pilot hours with a two hour flight today.  We are moving right from Halloween to Christmas around here, because next week we are headed to Texas
PeteandSarah · 11 days ago

Tomorrow Dave turns 34 years old, hard to believe when we married he was 28!  We are looking forward to having a good dinner with family and celebrating this old mans birth...I like to tease him about being old!  It's going to be a great weekend because we
daveandkristal · 12 days ago

God has a plan.  God always has a plan.  This year, we do not have a plan.  We always have a very good plan for the holidays - where we will be, who we will be with, and of course, what we will be eating.  Right now there are many options.  We usually host
PeterandCarol · 12 days ago

Dear Expectant Mom & Dad, We hope that taking advantage of this blog feature will help you to get to know us a little better.  Eventhough you will be able to see our photos, flip book and some text - which are all worth reading - we liked this informa
timandamy · 13 days ago

Today marks the anniversary of the end of World War I.  This day is observed as Remembrance Day in Canada which is similar to Veterans Day in the USA.  We both had tears running down our faces as we watched today's Remembrance Day ceremony.  We remember th
gregandpam · 14 days ago

Two weeks to go till we leave for our family thanksgiving out west. We are so psyched to see everyone especially our niece and nephew. Can't wait to play with them and spoil them. Precious moments hope next year to bring a child of our own.
micheleandsteven · 14 days ago

This weekend we went to North Carolina to visit Sarah's family. We had a great time playing with our nephew and catching up with Sarah's sisters and parents. Of course the topic of "any news" was brought up each time we saw one of them as they couldn't be
justinandsarah · 16 days ago

Tom and I are enjoying November so far.  This past weekend we went to a Rend Collective and Chris Tomlin concert, which we really enjoyed.  Rend Collective is one of Tom's favorite bands - when he randomly bursts into song it is often a Rend Collective son
thomasandjodi · 16 days ago

Made it thru the busy weekend and enjoyed a great visit with Hayden's biological father and his parents yesterday.   Start of a new week and today is my first time volunteering in the computer room for Hayden's class.  Looking forward to working with the k
PeteandMary · 16 days ago

This weekend we took Evan for his first Home Depot Kids Workshop. It was so fun to help him build and paint a jet!  (It took all day for the paint to dry.)  We also went to see the Peanuts Movie, Evan's first trip to a theater. He decided that he did like
PeteandSarah · 17 days ago

  Great ideas for unique creative toys for children. Let their imagination run wild. Can’t wait to pick these up one day. http://www.kveller.com/tired-of-boring-toys-try-these-ikea-toys-designed-by-children/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=fb&utm_con
micheleandsteven · 17 days ago

Every year we decorate for Halloween, so this year wasn’t going to be any different.  My wife Kasia loves to decorate, so for her any holiday with some type of decorations is a good excuse to head on out to Michael’s to buy some new trinkets that she can h
marcinandkasia · 17 days ago

It was an emotional week.. we had a funeral, for someone who was too young, and a baby shower. The circle of life yes, but it doesn't make it any easier.   Today we are going to meet with Hayden's biological father.  Looking forward to seeing him and shari
PeteandMary · 17 days ago

Who doesn't love to jump in the leaves? What a better way to celebrate a fall Saturday afternoon than a day outside in the leaves! We played soccer, kicked the leaves, piled them up and jumped right in. Even our dog, Maggie loves to play in the leaves!
JohnandLaura · 17 days ago

We had such a fun time giving out candy to all the trick or treaters that came to our house!  Gary got really into the Halloween spirit, and greeted all the kids with a scary mask.  We had so many kids visit our house, but we can't wait to one day take our
garyandandrea · 18 days ago

We had such a fun time giving out candy to all the trick or treaters that came to our house!  Gary got really into the Halloween spirit, and greeted all the kids with a scary mask.  We had so many kids visit our house, but we can't wait to one day take our
garyandandrea · 18 days ago

Now that we're officially in our agencies infant adoption program, it's time to spread the word that we're more ready than ever to be dads.  We signed up with Parent Finder for help getting information about us out online so we could ready as many people a
johnanddane · 19 days ago

Sophie and mommy went to the zoo this week! We had beautiful weather and had a chance to see a ton of animals!  Sophie loves the monkeys right now so we spent a good amount of time investigating them!  
JohnandLaura · 19 days ago

Spending time with family is one of our favorite things to do. This year for Halloween we took a trip to visit Natasha's sister and brother-in-law . We spend time at a local orchard exploring and picking pumpkins. Then it was off to carve! Click here to se
dougandnatasha · 20 days ago

We celebrated A's birthday last night with family. What a JOY to watch that sweet guy grow and develop. We are excited to think about him taking on a new role as older brother. 
davidandnicole · 20 days ago

Here we go, our first blog entry.  We are sitting in the Tampa International Airport, waiting to board our flight to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for a nice relaxing trip to see my sister Jennifer, and our nieces and nephew.  So excited to visit with the
travisanddavid · 21 days ago

Happy Halloween!  We had such a fun weekend celebrating with Sarah's parents.  They arrived on Halloween to pass out candy while we took Evan (as Ryder from "Paw Patrol") trick-or-treating through our neighborhood.  He was so excited to see friends and nei
PeteandSarah · 22 days ago

We had a blast during our family trip to Northern Michigan!  Everyone enjoyed relaxing together by the fire. The kids carved pumpkins, took nature walks and enjoyed the slumber parties! It was chilly, but we all bundled up and had a blast together.  
JohnandLaura · 22 days ago

It's hard to believe Halloween is over and it's November already!  As I sit down to look at our calendar for the week, I see invitations to Christmas parties, Christmas concerts and holiday gatherings!   I guess it is that time of year.  Time to shop, cook
PeteandMary · 23 days ago

Halloween is always such a blast for our family. We all participate in the fun by dressing up, even Cory and I. This year's theme was pirates. We enjoyed a neighborhood block party, trick or treating, and passing out candy.
CoryandCarrie · 24 days ago

PeteandMary · 24 days ago

We had so much fun celebrating Halloween with family! The kids loved carving the pumpkin and then we all went Trick-or-Treating together!  It rained a little bit at the end, but they made out with a ton of candy.  What fun!
JohnandLaura · 24 days ago

We had a lot of trick or treaters stop by our house this evening, including this cute little ladybug - our niece Fiona. Happy Halloween!      
gregandpam · 25 days ago

  Getting ready for all the little ghosts and goblins. Look forward to one day going trick or treating with a child after we adopt
micheleandsteven · 25 days ago

Who doesn't love Halloween!  Especially being a kid and getting to dress up knowing you are going to get a bucket full of treats.   The only thing not exciting in our house is carving the pumpkins.  Hayden gets all excited to carve them and then the minute
PeteandMary · 25 days ago

Kara and I were going through some photos last night and thought it would be nice to share some family photos we came across.  There wasn't alot of room in our flipbook to share everything, so here is a glimpse into some family photos we ran across. Here's
donaldandkara · 26 days ago

Today is the Halloween party at school.  Hayden was so excited that he woke up at 6am and put his Luke Skywalker costume on.   I am going to be one of the parent volunteers at his party and this will be the first time I have volunteered in his classroom th
PeteandMary · 26 days ago

The Toys R Us Christmas catalog came today.  Hayden has his pen out and is furiously circling the items he wants.  Oh to be a kid again!
PeteandMary · 27 days ago


Man how time sure does fly.  Over the past month we had an adult Sunday School class and our youth group over for an annual hayride.  We had a lot of fun.  For the youth group all of the leaders got together and made over 300 homemade doughnuts along with
bvanstrien · 27 days ago

How can it be Halloween is this weekend!  Last weekend we had a Trunk or Treat event to attend.  We all dressed as Star Wars characers.  I was pricness Leia however, Hayden had my lightsaber and pendant within the first 10 minutes!  Tomorrow is the Hallowe
PeteandMary · 27 days ago

Gary ran his first marathon this past weekend...26.2 miles!  He decided he wanted to run the marathon back in March.  Ever since then he has been diligently training for it.  I'm so proud of him! Such determination! -Andrea
garyandandrea · 28 days ago

I think fall may be my favorite season (at least my favorite season right now).  The colors and the sunny (but cool) weather are just perfect.  Today Evan and I made cookies for our neighbors, and even they were fall'ed up with pumpkin spice chips.  ~Sarah
PeteandSarah · 30 days ago

Over the weekend we took a trip out of town to meet Dave's side of the family and have photos taken!  It was so nice to get together and be goof balls, it doesn't seem like we are able to do that often enough. Unfortunatley a few of our nephews werent able
daveandkristal · 30 days ago

We love Fall - the weather, watching the leaves change, and most of all pumpkin picking. Grandma and Papa joined us on our fun trip to the pumpkin farm.
CoryandCarrie · 30 days ago

We just love using Facebook as a way to let expectant moms know more about us!! We have a page dedicated just to adoption.  Feel Free to visit it and check out all the pictures and updates that we post about! We even have a video about us!  Here is the lin
JasonandHeidi · 30 days ago

Mike and I had a great weekend with our niece and nephew. Saturday we went to the cider mill, picked out pumpkins, went out to dinner, played glow golf, carved our pumpkins and ended the evening playing pictionary on the Wii. It w definitely a fun filled w
MichaelandKristi · 31 days ago

Love this idea would love to make this one day as a memory to treasure. Www.micheleandstevenadopt.info Micheleandstevenadopt@gmail Txt or call 646-650-8634 love to hear from you 
micheleandsteven · 31 days ago

Hi all!   I know it has been a while since I've written, but I have a good excuse!  We just returned from an amazing family vacation.  We spent two days in Orlando, then about a week aboard the Disney Fantasy to celebrate "Halloween on the High Seas".  It
AmitandNatalie · 31 days ago


We had a great time in New York City this weekend!  We went to see a concert at Madison Square Garden, where the band played a song we danced to at our wedding.  It was a fun time and we look forward to introducing a child to our love of travel and music.
toddandtracy · 32 days ago

We have had a very fun fall kick off!  We visited our favorite pumpkin farm (on a very cold and wet Saturday), picked apples at an orchard and started our weekly skating and swimming lessons.  It has been such a delight to watch Evan brave the ice - a comp
PeteandSarah · 33 days ago

This past weekend we took a long weekend and headed up north for what was the final camping trip of 2015. It was a cold one! We camped in a beautiful park and there was lots to do. We did a color tour, and lots of biking, fires, and games. Travis' parents
travisandlaurelin · 36 days ago

  I love autumn! I always felt a little homesick in fall when I lived in California.  The season is just not the same out there. Now that we are back in Michigan I try to take advantage of this season as much as possible. So for my birthday I asked Andy fo
andrewandandrea · 36 days ago

A few weeks ago we spent time at Artprize with each of our nephews. The experiences were very different. We rode our bikes all over the city with our thirteen year old nephew who is willing to discuss and wonder about the art with us. He has lots of cool a
andrewandandrea · 36 days ago

We both love fall and all the coziness it brings with it!  I love decorating our house with fall and Halloween decorations.  I spent this past weekend decorating, and it always gets us both super excited about fall!  
garyandandrea · 37 days ago

Sophie and Laura had a blast at Sophie's first field trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch!  Sophie picked a pumpkin and got a bag full of apples. Afterwards, we made deliciuos applesauce!  
JohnandLaura · 37 days ago

This weekend we traveled to Tallahassee to watch our Noles defeat Louisville. As we sat in our friend's box we looked around and saw how blessed we are to be surrounded by such great friends and thier families. We both expressed our excitment in bringing o
justinandsarah · 37 days ago

  Watched the playoffs and are so excited for the Mets.  Hope to one day share our love of baseball with a child one day
micheleandsteven · 37 days ago

  We had a great time with friends at the Head of the Charles this weekend!  We'd love to bring a child to watch the races next year - it's such a fun and family-friendly event.
toddandtracy · 38 days ago

We had another busy, fun-filled weekend! On Friday night after Jeremy got off work we headed down to my Dad & Step-mom's house in Kansas City. They just bought a new house and this was our first time staying with them since the big move! We got Chinese
JeremyandLiz · 38 days ago

Today Mike and I took our traditional trip to the cider mill. We always get our pumpkins, cider, donuts, hay bales and mums. Today was a beautiful sunny day to pick out pumpkins.   
MichaelandKristi · 38 days ago

Someone recently asked us about our views on education.  It really got us thinking about how important education is not only through formal schooling but through life experiences, such as travel and recreation. We find that everyday experiences offer unlim
theresamark · 38 days ago

We took our niece to a Harvest Festival today.  They had a bounce house, face painting, firetrucks, a band, lots of food and arts & crafts.  Everyone got a big kick out of the "live" scarecrow on stilts.  He was pretty cool.  
theresamark · 38 days ago

Well, the days are getting shorter and our tree-lined street is ablaze with color...it's certainly fall. The past few months seem to be a blur--- both being teachers, August through October are a flury of activity! We've been enjoying what the season has t
davidandnicole · 38 days ago

Hayden had his real first hockey game last weekend!  Uniforms, opposing team everything but refs - very exciting!  #gowings
PeteandMary · 40 days ago

The fall is one of our favorite times of year!  We love visiting the local orchards for horse-drawn hayrides, apple cider, donuts, and lots of other fun farm activities.  We enjoy all of the activities that summer brings, but fall gives us a chance to slow
richandteresa · 40 days ago

  Great tips to use for potty training when we become parents through adoption http://www.kveller.com/seven-steps-to-potty-train-your-toddler-in-a-weekend/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=fb&utm_content=kveller&utm_campaign=seven-step-potty-train
micheleandsteven · 41 days ago

This past weekend was a busy one! It was full of family, friends, & football! 3 of our favorite things! It all started on Saturday when Jeremy's friend and former boss, Arnie, and his two children, Rose & Guy, flew in from Arizona. Rose is audition
JeremyandLiz · 42 days ago

John's cousin's wedding was a beautiful reason to get all dressed up and have a date night!  We had a great time celebrating a wonderful couple!
JohnandLaura · 42 days ago

Check out our Facebook page which is named... Cody and Mary AdoptWe post updates and picutres on our page frequently.Thank you. https://www.facebook.com/cody.andmary
codyandmary · 43 days ago

We were so excited to find out that our profile went live THIS past Friday. We thought it wasn't going to be until NEXT Friday. A pleasant surprise to say the least. This is our second adoption journey and we are eager to grow our family. However, in life
nathananderin · 44 days ago

Had a blast at our nephews birthday celebration this weekend. Uncle Steven parting it up with our little nephew henry.
micheleandsteven · 44 days ago

One of the things Mike and I enjoy is going to Greenfield Village for Halloween Nights trick or treating. This year we went with good friends of our and their kids. It was beautiful weather and we had a great time.         
MichaelandKristi · 45 days ago

The Halloween light are up on the house!  
MichaelandKristi · 45 days ago

Good evening   My job keeps me incredibly busy.  It's fast-paced, and the stress involved is almost palpable at times.  But at the end of the day, I get to be the guy who goes home to another of Natalie's culinary suprises.  Tonight we got fresh-baked brea
AmitandNatalie · 45 days ago

                                We celebrated Mark's birthday with a trip to Philadelphia.  We had a great time sightseeing and ate lots of great food!
theresamark · 45 days ago

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